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The Merriman family originated in Witney, Oxfordshire and moved to Marlborough, Wiltshire in the 17th Century.  They were prominent in Marlborough as maltsters, brewers, cheese makers and solicitors.  A number of them were also surgeons of various degrees of eminence.

Thomas Merriman de Wyttneye (1510-1559)

Married Joan (1501-).  The first reliably documented Merriman.  He lived in Witney, hence his name.  A weaver.   Left a will which was proved in 1559 by his three sons, Gregory, John and James (Jamys). My 11 x great grandfather. 

Their children were

· Joan (Abt. 1530-),

· Alice (1534-),

· Gregorii (Abt. 1535-1596),

· Jamys (Abt. 1535-),

· John (Abt. 1536-)

· Marie (Abt. 1541-)


Jamys Merriman (abt. 1535-)

Lived in Witney and owned land in Greenham. 

His children were

· Henry,

· Thomas (1571-1640)

· Marjery (1579-).


Thomas Merriman (1571-1640)

Married Alis Russel.  An innkeeper  Lived in Newbury. 

Their children were

· Thomas,

· Alice,

· John (below),

· Dorothy (1622-)

· Mary (1625-)


John Merriman (1618-1670)

Married Mary Gough, daughter of Colonel William Gough, one of Cromwell’s Major Generals and whose name was on the death warrant of Charles I.  A Major in Col. Riche’s Regiment of Horse in the parliamentary army, he had custody of Charles I during the transfer of the king from Carisbrooke Castle to Hurst Castle and on to London in 1648.  Matriculated from Oxford 2nd May 1634.  He fled to America and died in 1679. 

Their children were

· Thomas (1640-),

· John (1641-Abt. 1644),

· Thomas (1642-),

· Mary (1644-),

· William (1645-),

· John (1646-),

· Sarah (1647-),

· Cecily (1648-),

· Ann (1650-),

· Joseph (1650-),

· Benjamin (1654-),

· Henry (1656-)

· Nathaniel (below).


Nathaniel Merriman (1660-1743)

Married Mary Hunt (-1714), daughter of Thomas, 14 Jun 1688 in Mildenhall.  They had 11 children  Brought up by his aunt Dorothy, following th edeath of his father when he was about ten.  Apprenticed to his uncle Nathaniel Bayly.  A grocer and brewer of Marlborough, buried in St Peter’s Marlborough. Will.

Their children were

· Henry (-1708),

· Benjamin (-1763),

· Unknown,

· Martha,

· Ann (-1709),

· Margaret (-1712),

· Mary,

· Elizabeth,

· Sarah (-After 1741),

· Unknown,

· Nathaniel (below).


Nathaniel Merriman (1696-1781)

Married Elizabeth Hawkes (Abt. 1682-1750), daughter of Samuel (Abt. 1657-1725), 12 Apr 1720 in Preshute.  Also a grocer and brewer of Marlborough, he succeeded to the family business in 1720.  He owned land in the parishes of Mildenhall and Ramsbury.  Will.

Their children were

· Benjamin (1722-1787, below),

· Mary (1723-1791),

· Elizabeth (1725-1746),

· Martha (1728-1794),

· Samuel (1731-1818, below),

· Nathaniel (1735-1811)

· Ann (1738-1738).


Benjamin Merriman(1722-1787)

Married Mary Hawkes (1730-1801), daughter of William Hawkes (Abt. 1694-1742) and Hannah Foster (1694-1768), 7 Feb 1769 in Marlborough..  A brewer and author on political economy. 

Their children were

· Hannah (1769-1789)

· Samuel M.D. (1771-1852, below)


Samuel Merriman M.D. (1731-1818)

Married Ann Dance (1735-1780), Daughter of William Dance M.D., 6 Dec 1735 in Westminster.  A physician and accoucheur (midwife).  Graduated from Edinburgh, he practiced in Bristol and Andover before going to London in 1757 where he lived in Queen Street, Mayfair.  He attended more than 10 000 laboursWill

His son-in-law Samuel wrote, in a memoir of his father, about his parents’ marriage (Samuel Merriman) Having graduated in June 1753, he returned to his Native Place, and renewed his acquaintance with Miss Dance, one of the Daughters of Mr Thomas Dance, Surgeon, who had been dead several years.  Miss Dance was in consequence of the Death of her Father, and subsequently that of her Sister, the Heiress of her Grandfather, William Dance Esqre, and was left under the Guardianship of Mr Edward Greenfield & Mr Samuel Hawkes.  A Mutual Attachment having grown up between the young Parties, application was made to the Guardians for their Consent to a Marriage, but this being refused, the Lovers on the 3rd December 1753, eloped to London and on the 6th inst: were marriaed at the celebrated Chapel in May Fair, kept by the Revd Alexander Keith.  This Chapel in Mayfair and some others in London were freely open to all who presented themselves to be married, and so glaringly inproper was the facility with which Marriages could be thus instantaneously made, and so many abuses had arisen from it, that legislative Measures were already in progress to put a Stop to them, & on Lady Day 1754, these Chapels were forever closed”. 

Their children were

· Nathaniel (1756-1770),

· Ann (1757-1763),

· Mary (1759-1786),

· Benjamin (1761-1769),

· Elizabeth (1764-1770),

· William (1766-1800),

· Samuel (1770-1771),

· Ann (1772-1775),

· Samuel (1774-),

· Ann (1777-1831, below)

· Martha (1779-1781)


Samuel Merriman M.D. (1771-1852)

Son of Benjamin and Mary (above), married Ann Merriman (1777-1831), daughter of Samuel Merriman and Ann (above), 28 Apr 1799 in London.  Educated at the Marlborough Free School where he was head boy.  A noted doctor and accoucheur with many publications.  He obtained a grant of arms to himself and the descendants of his grandfather Nathaniel.  Lived in Brook Street, London and purchased an estate in Rodborne Cheney, Wiltshire.  He received medals from the Society of Arts and Bath Agricultural Society for inventing various machines.  Will.

Their children were

· Ann (1802-1844, below),

· Mary (Abt. 1811-),

· Hannah Eliza (1811-1887)

· Samuel William John M.D. M.R.C.P.

Census Data

· 1841: Doctor, Brook Street, Mayfair

· 1851: Retired doctor, Lower Brook Street, Mayfair


His publications include `Observations on some late Attempts to Depreciate the Value and Efficacy of Vaccine Inoculation.' 1805; Dissertation on the Retroversion of the Womb, London, 1810; Synopsis of the Various Kinds of Difficult Parturition, London, 1814; The validity of 'Thoughts on Medical Reform', 1833; an edition of Dr M Underwood's Treatise on the Diseases of Children, London, 1827; essays and other papers of his were published in the London Medical Repository, London Medical and Physical Journal, and Medico-Chirurgical Transactions; and articles contributed to Gentleman's Magazine, and Notes and Queries, London Journal of Medicine


Ann Merriman (1802-1844)

Married Rev. John Ward M.A., 9 Jan 1823 at Saint George’s Mayfair.  Details on the Ward page.

Census Data

· 1841: High Street, Great Bedwyn



The first six generations of descendants of Thomas Merriman de Wyttneye can be seen here, or in book form here.

The descendants of Nathaniel Merriman (1660-1742) can be seen here.

The National Archives have some additional information.

The Merrimans had an entry as Ward of Stramshall in Burke’s Landed Gentry.





Samuel Merriman M.D. 1731-1818

Samuel Merriman M.D. 1771-1852

Ann Merriman 1777-1831

Samuel Merriman M.D. 1771-1852

Nathaniel Merriman 1660-1742

Nathaniel Merriman 1660-1742Samuel Merriman 1731-1818

Nathaniel Merriman 1696-1781

Samuel Merriman M.D. 1771-1852

The Merriman arms

The cover of one of Samuel Merriman’s Publications