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Dalinda Cox

Dalinda had custody of her three children: Stacey, Erica, and Jeremy while during her marriage with Lannie.

Vernal VeRoss Jolley

He resided in Idaho where he was reared, educated, and graduated from Salmon High School in Salmon, Idaho.
He joined the U.S. Navy serving in World War II aboard the USS Wasp Aircraft Carrier in the Pacific Theater.
He was employed at Defense Depot Ogden and Hill AFB, retiring in 1979.
He was an active member of the Farr West 3rd Ward of Ogden, Utah. He was a high Priest and had served as financial clerk, executive secretary and counselor in the High Priest Group and in the superintendency of the Sunday School. He was a dedicated home teacher and was involved in the Spanish name extraction program.
He dearly loved music and was extremely talented in piano, accordian and harmonica. He operated his own piano tuning business and served a three-state area.
He loved the outdoors, fishing, hunting, raising flowers, gold panning,, camping, and being with his family.

Dorothy June Ryan

Dorothy loves to make ceramic objects and figurines. She has a very special artistic talent and shares it with everyone she knows and loves. Many of the ceramic pieces she has made have won awards in contests and shows.

Vernal Jolley

Vernal was from a farm family. He was working on a farm when he met Amy in Burely Idaho.
Amy loved horses and was good at horsemanship. She was helping the family drive a herd of horses back East to sell, when Vernal heard she had gone. He rode till he caught up with her in Peterson, Utah where he helped drive the horses to Grand Junction, Colorado. There is where he and Amy were married.

Vernal and Amy lived in approximately 28 different places in 23 years, all between Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. Because it was during the great depression, much of that time they lived with their 6 children in shacks, tents, and once in a chicken coop. Most places had no electricity or outside toilets. They bathed in a washtub. Soap was homemade with lye, lard and wood ashes.
Food was plain and simple. They kept chickens, pigs, and a cow. With no refrigeration, all meat had to be salt-cured or dried. Much of the food was wild meat, such as fish, deer or rabbit. They ate lots of homemade bread, boiled beans, and drank lots of milk. Some days the main meal was just bread and milk. Vernals favorite was buttermilk.
Once, after a delightful "rabbit" supper, Mother Amy informed the children they had just eaten Porcupine!

Vernal loved music and played almost anything, including a musical saw, a violin, and "honkey-tonk piano. On Saturday nights he played for the miners dances at Gibbonsville. One good night, he made $10.00. All in silver coins. His son Vernal VeRoss (Ross) would play the accordian and the harmonica with him.

Places where Vernal lived in cronological order:
1. Tropic, Utah
Vernal lived most of his life here.
2. Basalt, Idaho
In 1910 Vernals family moved here.
3. Burley, Idaho
Amy lived here and met Vermal.
4. Peterson, Utah
Vernal overtook Amy at Peterson, while her family where driving horses to Colorado.
5. Grand Junction, Colorado
Vernal and Amy were married.
6. Onyx, Idaho
Family moved here in 1928
7. Portneuf & Inkom, Idaho
Some places they lived.
8. Tyhee, Idaho
Lived inside Fort Hall Indian Reservation
9. Gibbonsville, Idaho
Vernals dairy job.
10. Ogden, Utah
Harrisville brickyard was the last place Vernal worked and retired in Ogden, Utah
He died of Emphysema.

Amy May Fairchild

Amy loved to start campfires. I guess you could say she was a bit of a "FireBug". Whenever the family would go camping or hunting,, the first thing that Amy would do is build a camp fire.
Amy was afraid of lighting. She had witnessed horses and cattle being killed by lighting bolts, and perosnally knew of people who had been killed with them. When electric storms got close, she would go to bed, taking the kids with her, and cover her head with the blankets to avoid the flashes.

Philip Ryan

The Church of England, All Saints Church.

Arrived in the U.S... June 3, 1912 through Ellis Island, N.Y.
Ship of travel: Stephano
Port of Departure: Saint John's, NF

Elizabeth Moores

Have a certificate of marriage for Philip and Elizabeth in the Church of All Saints, signed by Charles Jeffery has a date of January 2, 1912 but Elizabeth says the marriage was January 2, 1911.
Elizabeth was born a Methodist as alot of the Moores from Pouch Cove were, but later converted to a Baptist.
Came to America in 1913.

Philip Ryan

SSN was 030-07-1926

Donna Verniece Jolley

Phone: 801-375-1470

Crystal Lynnette Jolley

Crystal Jolley was formerly Crystal Rohr from Springs first marriage