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Haplogroup I  -The I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central Europe. Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago or longer. Lineages not in branches I1a, I1b or I1c are found distributed at low frequency throughout Europe  Group White Oak

Purple is my Cousin Joe Matlock’s Research

Maroon is connecting of Johnson surname researcher to A. Euell Johnson

Haplogroup I  -The I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central Europe. Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago or longer. Lineages not in branches I1a, I1b or I1c are found distributed at low frequency throughout Europe Group Sessile Oak


Olive is the DNA LINE of Leonard Johnson and Todd Johnson

Haplogroup I2A -This subgroup of Haplogroup I is found within the Balkans countries at it's greatest frequency and diversity. These countries probably harbored this subset of Haplogroup I as a refuge during the Last Glacial Maximum. Group Norway Spruce


Lime is the Color assigned to this DNA GROUP OF JOHNSON RESEARCHERS and will be added to Current Files of Johnson and Allied Families in Faquier Co. Va. Halifax Co. Va. Pittsylvania Co. Granville Co. NC


Haplogroup R1b1   -Haplogroup R1b is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re-colonized after the last glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroup containing the Atlantic modal haplotype . Group Elm


Julian Bentley Johnson Jerry Johnson <> James Granville Johnson <> Judy: For William Thomas Johnson  <>Floyd Junior Johnson: Ronald K. Johnson<>



Gold is the Color for descendants of Colonel Richard Johnson


Turquoise is the DNA of Jeffery Michael Johnson

Haplogroup E3a - Haplogroup E3a is an Africa lineage. It is currently hypothesized that this haplogroup dispersed south from northern Africa within the last 3,000 years, by the Bantu agricultural expansion. E3a is also the most common lineage among African Americans


My Notes On This Group: The Roman Empire was the first to use troops all over the world they left blood groups ever where they went from Countries of Africa to England: The Roman Empire was one of the VAST spreading Empires in the World to first use troops of other Countries it conquered. The use of using other troops from Conquered Countries spread with each developing Empire.


Red is the County lines and Parish Lines: These lines can and will change people in a County or in a Parish. This is to serve as a Time line to show changes, in lines or in changes where families moved to from this area.


Teal is being used for Quaker dates, these are not the same as the Julian Calender for all the other information, these need to be transcribed to be used in a Julian Calender.


Quaker dates have not been translated Before the 1752 calendar change, the first month of the year was March. From: Mary E. Stewart  


In 1752 the new year began to be counted from Jan 1. Before that it ran from March 26-March 25, Julian Calender changed. So a date in July 1750 would be earlier in the same "year" as one in Feb 1750 (which once 1752 rolled around, would be thought of as the next year). From: Barbara Schenck


Rose Color is for Haplogroup R1b1   -Haplogroup R1b is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re-colonized after the last glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroup containing the Atlantic modal haplotype . Researchers matching this DNA ARE; James Russell Johnson, Samuel Frank Johnson, C. Thomas Johnson and Stephen Alexander Johnson

Haplogroup E3b1a -  This lineage is estimated to have originated in north-eastern Africa about 23,000 years ago. Some of its branches exited Africa during the Paleolithic, and today it can be found in Europe, the Middle East, and north and east Africa: DNA Of Researcher Brett Johnson


Haplogroup R1bi is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded throughout Europe as humans re colonized after the last glaciail maximum 10-13 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroups containing the Atlantic modal haplotype: Group is Aspen; Color is Light Orange Researchers are Jane Johnson Williams, James Johnson born Ca 1718 died 1785 Brunswick Co. Va.


Haplo groups R1b-R1b1C is the most common haplogroup in European populations. It is believed to have expanded through out Europes as humans re colonized after the las glacial maximum 10-12 thousand years ago. This lineage is also the haplogroups containing the Atlantic modal haplotype. Group is Black Oak: Color is Brown: Researcher is Dean Johnston: Thomas Johnson reside Pits.Co Va 1776 moved to Washington Co.


These files come from numerous Johnson-Johnston-Johnstone-Jonson-Jonston researchers and Sent to Tony L. Johnson who compiled the information” Please share with Other researchers”


Report made by Tony L. Johnson a descendant of Hudson Johnson and Agness Johnson of Bartons Creek, Dickson Co. Tn, Big Creek Hawkins Co Tn and Buffalo Creek of Henry Co. Va.




Unk time era::: Dabney Johnson married to Elizabeth Burnett son of Micah Johnson, daughter of Jeremiah Burnet ( 1761-1848) his first wife is Effariah Effie Crowley: Dabneys Son Rev. John Johnson married Susan Nash in Jackson Co. Mo. Roots Web Message Board Patrick CO. Va.

1781 James Johnson :: Names of those who had been in Service before the Body of Troops left in March 1781:: taken from History of Patrick and Henry Counties off Micro fish at LDS Library

March 1781 Capt James Cowden's Company is one John Robertson, Thomas Watson, William Hodges, Jesse Hall::

Capt Brice Martin Lived on Leatherwood Creek in his unit is one Archibald Hatcher, John Cox, Abraham Moore, John Rea, Michael Rowland, :::

In Capt John Renfro's Company is Thomas Bell, Samuel Fox and Thomas Harris:::

IN Capt Owen Rubles Company is Phillip Massey:: Richard Copeland::::

IN Capt. Lanier's Company is Noble Johnson, David Mays, Fisher Allen, Joseph Anglin, John Richardson::John Bowling::

Capt James DIllards Company John Depriest, Morris Humphreys, Augustine Sims, Jesse Witt:::

Captain Thomas HAILES Company is Joseph COATES on Turkey Cocke and Snow Creek: Joseph Haile and Joseph Richardson::

In Captain Peter Hairstons Company is Jarrat Martin, Joseph Bowling:

in Capt. James Tarrants Company is James Cox, William Elkins and Joseph Gravely::::

In Capt. Thomas Henderson's Co. is James Crawley, Joseph Hurt:::IN Capt. Elephas Sheltons CO. is Jacob Arnold, Jacob Adams, Thomas Hudson and Mathew Simms

INSERT NOTES:: 1750 Lunenburg Co. will of Robert Nobles:: David Mays :: deed May 4 1787 on Marrowbone Creek::::: John Bolling ( Bowling) on first tithable for Pittsylvania Co. in 1767

Notes of Interest Robert Hairston married in 1749 Ruth Stovall ( Stovall's connect to Hatcher-Burton_Elam's and Farmers)::: Susan Martin daughter of General Joseph Martin married George W. King son of George King and Mary Niblet:::John Degraffenreid married Tabby King:: the 4 brothers Jacob, Nicholas, Joseph and Peter Koger where from the Palitinate on the Rhine they came into Pennsylvania then into Augusta CO.Va. in 1762 Settled in what became Henry Co. Va. ( Note check Lunenburg and Halifax County ) Kogers , John are near William Johnson in 1782 tithables.:::General Joseph Martin attempted to settle in the Powell's Valley on the Cumberland Gap the settlement was abandoned. IN 1774 another attempt was made with 16 other men from Henry Co. Va. one is Richard Henderson and they went into the Holston Valley to the Kentucky River,They made the Transylvania Purchase with the Indian s in Powell's Valley.General Martin settled on Leatherwood Creek where he spent the years with his wife Susanna Graves.:::: Stovall Family: Bartholomew Stovall married Anne Burton in 1693:: is the Grandparents of Ruth Stovall who married Robert Hairston in 1748 ( one of the Founders of what became Patrick - Henry Co. ) also owned the Iron mines and Furnace at Goblintown Creek.::::Archibald Stuart a Presbyterian from one of the Great clan in lowlands Scotland landed in Pa in 1746 went into Augusta Co. Va then into what becomes Henry and Patrick Co.Va

RESEARCH NOTE Batholomew Stovall deeds of Goochland Co. Va. tie into Deeds of 1728 to 1739 on Licking Hole Creek and Little Byrd Creek along with Joseph Ballenger, Jonas Lawson, William Matlock and Mayo Deeds.

RESEARCH NOTE: July 20 1736 John GRAVES 400 acres on both sides of Ballengers Creek of the N. SIde of Rivann Riv. adj. William Matlock; Cav and Pioneers Vol. 4 pg 114 by Nell Marion Nugent Vol 4 pg 114 Patent Bk 15 page 123

1791 Nov 15; Patrick County: Parry Green Johnson married Mary Sanders:  email me at FRMRNYR@AOL.COM for a copy

1791 Tax List Patrick County

1795 Dec 3: Patrick Co: Benjamin Johnson married Sally Franklin: surety Roderick Shelton  email me at FRMRNYR@AOL.COM for a copy

1798-1860 Patrick Co. Va; Charity CHurch minute books includes lists of new members, References mad to neighborinig churches of Jack's Creek and GOBLINTOWN CREEK. Membersip lists appear on pages 2-4, 25, 142-145 and 148. ibrary of VIrginia Archives. and Manuscripts.

Jacob Johnston ( One on 1788 Franklin Co. List)::::: Lewis Johnson ( on 1790 Henry Co. List) and Philip Johnson:: Sent by Miss Laura Edwards her e-mails is ( this was a look up request thru USGENWEB at Patrick Co. Site) Thank You !

1801 Deed Samuel Harris to Peter HAILE:::: Patrick County Va DB 2 page 47 ( Note HAILE SURNAME for us Haile Researchers) this deed was signed by one ::: Patrick Johnson, Shadrack Stone, John Stone and John Huff::::: again Message Board Patrick CO.Va.

Note of Interest:: 1748 & 1752 Lunenburg Tithables Patrick Johnson on list of John Phelps. Note a Patrick Johnson also tied into Miss Bonnie Flythes research of Charles Johnson of Tuckahoe Creek as a descendant.

1791 Places in Patrick County Virginia USGS report of WOOLWINE and CHARITY on Drainage of Buffalo Creek

Samuel Allen:

Martin Amoss

Archer and Lucy Barnard

Samuel Henry

Daniel Howell

Thomas Huff

Beverage and Robert Hughes or Hews

William Isham

John Kendrick

John Lackey

Samuel Layne

Henry McGuffy

Benjamin Morris

Dandridge Slaughter

Jno. P Stegall

Benjamin Stenett

John Ward

John Wilson


NOTE ON 1791 on Buffalo Creek:

Samuel Allen and Josiah Allen are in Amherst Couny

Sept 1780 Henry County: Samuel Allen 107 acres on both sides of N. Fork of Jack's Creek

Jan 26 1784 Henry County: Samuel Allen  112 Acres on N. Fork of Jacks Creek

Dec 2 1785: Henry County Samuel Allen 174 acres on waters of Goblintown Creek adjoining Luke Folies land

Martin Amoss

Pgs 236-237 Henry County Deeds  1790 Dec 6: proved 25 April 1791: Robert Hughes of Henry Co to Martin Amos of the same for the sum of 60 pounds selss land on Both Sides of Buffalow Creek with lines of John Kindrick and a small branch of the Smith River containing 240 acres possession taken this day: Witn: John Henderson, Elisha Harbour,Moses Harbour (bhm) signed Robert Hughes. ( research Note a William Amos 1749 Sept 5 on Little Byrd Creek)

Daniel Howell:

1785 Dec 2: Henry County: Grantee 118 acres on Smiths River adjoining John Henderson and Thomas Henderson: Land Office Grants X 1785pg 483 Library of Virginia Archives Section


1780 July 7: Pittsylvania County : See John Kendrick Deed below


NOTES: From Michael Ison on Roots File name Ison-Isham: William Isham of Henry Co Va. Was born abt 1750 died abt 1815 in Washington Co.KY: His lands went into Patrick County when this county formed from Henry County: he is reported to be the son of a James Isham born abt 1710 William Isham has one son identified as William Isham Jr; b 1776 in Henry Co. Va. He married Nancy Peter daughter of Samuel Peter and Mary Taylor she died in Boyle County KY:: WilliamIsham sister Ursala Isham b abt 1738 in Amherst Co. Va. Married Benjamin H. Stinnet abt 1763 in Williamsburg, Amherst County Va.

John Kendrick : 1780 July 8: Pittslyvania County Va: 393 Acres on Bufaaloe Creek adjoining Thomas Huff: Source Land Office Grants A 1779-1780 pg 265 reel 42: Library of Virginia Archives Section

John Kendrick: Henry County: 1782 June 1: 348 acres on Smiths River adjoining Capt. Wards land: Land Office Grants G 1782-1783 pg 213 Library of Virginia Archives Setion.

SUB NOTES: of Namomi Emmich on File Name Emmich: report John Kendrick born abt 1750 in HENRY COUNTY ( My NOTE HENRY COUNTY FORMED 1776) he died 1812 in Washington CO. Va: father is John Kendrick and Elizabeth Preston he was married to Virginia Elizabeth Summers 1804 inWashington Co.Va.

Jno P. Stegall NOTES A George Stegall of Amelia County 1742 Feb 12 owns 400 acres on the lower side of Wests Creek of Deep Creek: Land Office Patents # 21 1742-1743 pg 173 on reel 19: Library of Virginia Archives Section

Benjamin Stennett : 1786 Oct 1 Henry Co Deeds pgs 294-295: Benjamin Stennet of MONTGOMERY COUNTY Va to William Isam of Henry County for 50 pounds sells lands in Henry Co by estimate 100 acres more or less. It being the upper part of the survey of the land that formerly John Hendricks (? Kendricks)  to a dividing Line between John Henricks (? Kendricks)  and Stennet on Buffalow Creek that the said Stennet purchased from John Hendrick.. Line, still Branch: WiTN: Adam Lackey: Samuel Allen, David Harbour Sr. proved 9 April 1787.

SUB NOTES: BENJAMIN Stennet Brother in Law to a William Isham above: Also 1750 June 1 Albemarle Co: a Benjamin Stennet Gratee 400 acres near the Tobacco Row Mountian on the north branches of Huff's Cree; also a James Stennet 1750 June 1 Albemarle County 227 acres on the branches of Huffs Creek:

John Ward: 1789 March 11: Henry Co Deeds pg 495-496: John WARD OF CAMPBELL COUNTY to Robert Hughes of Henry Co. for and in consideration of 90 pounds sells and conveys land on both side of Buffalow Creek joins John Kendrick: Witn: Benjamin Buterworth, Thomas Murrell, Martin Lawrance proved 30 Mar 1789 Signed John Ward

John Ward: 1789 March 11 Deed pg 500 Henry Co: John Ward of Campbell Co. to Beveridge Hughes of Henry County for the sum of 100 pounds Sell land on both sides of Buffalow Creek being 89 acres : Witn: Thomas Murrell, Benjamin Butterworth, Martin Laurence: Proved 30 March 1789 signed John Ward.

Please note the  TIME ERA for Buffalo Creek first deeds located are in Aug 1745 to 1748 Deeds are in Brunswick Co:::: 1748 Jan until 1771 deeds are in Lunenburg Co::: 1771 Deeds are in Charlotte Co:: 1773 in Lunenburg County:: 1774 Deeds are in Halifax County:::1780 Deeds are in Pittsylvnia County:: 1782 and 1783 in Henry County:: 1783 in Bedford County:: 1784 deeds are in Bedford and Henry County then in 1789 Deeds are in Henry County and Campbell County:: 1791 in Henry County, in 1803 Deeds are in Patrick County::: Then some time this Buffalo Creek goes into Campbell County:::: 2004 Buffalo Creek , a stream is in Campbell County Virginia, In Quadrangle "LYNCH STATION" see Geospatial & Statistical Data Center at…

Buffalo Creek is at Latitude 37.23583 longtitiude -79.32639


1791 Nov 15 Perry Green Johnson to Mary Sanders

1791 Nov 15 Perry Green Johnson Mary Sanders Patrick County dad Benjamin Sanders email me at FRMRNYR@AOLCOM for a copy

1791-1801 Places named in Patrick Co. is SANDY CREEK

1795 Dec 3 Benjamin Johnson to sally Franklin

1796 August 1, - Patrick County  James Dickinson received patent for 137 acres on the north branches of Johnson's Creek.

James Dickinson

Johnson's Creek

1797 Aug 1: Patrick Co: Joseph Jackson 58 acres on the head waters of Loving Creek adjoining Joseph R. Johnson: Land Office Grants # 39 1797-1798 pg 487 on reel 105: Library of Virginia Archives Section

1797 Aug 3: Patrick Co: Joseph Johnson: 159 acres on Pauls Creek Adjoining his own lands. Ladn Office Grants # 39, 1797-1798 pg 498 on reel 105: Library of Virginia Archives Section.

Notes: 1821 Death 2. Zedekiah ( Zadoc ) Combs - Born 1775 Grayson Va. Died Aug, 1821 Grayson Va. M- Elizabeth Johnson Zedekiah lived on Pauls Creek and Crooked Creek on April 25, 1807. Had 50 acres then. 1815 tax list says on a farm on Back Creek 32 acres valued at $15, a Tract of 50 acres on Pauls Creek unimproved $10 Sighted by mark . Was $0.42 for one horse and 7 head Of cattle, one white male over 16 in household. In August of 1821, tax the Carrol Co. Combs lived on Top of a mountain at Pipers Gap. Sold 15 acres to Moses Rody Nov..10, 1810 for $220, head of Pauls Creek on east side of sugarloaf. He had a partner in this Sale John Scudders was on deed but got no money yet. Proven Aug. 1817 Grayson Co. Va.

1798 Jan 15 Deed Book * pg 104-105 Phillip Bond to William Collier:: both of Charlotte Co.Va: William Collier buys 150 acres on Sandy Creek bounded by Matthew Hutcherson Miles Bottom, Isaac Brixendine dec'd:

William Collier was a son of John Collier, William married Elizabeth Williams in Charlotte Co. on 3 Mar 1794. She was daughter of Thomas Williams who left his will in Charlotte Co. June 6 1803:

Note does this connect to Collier Families of Humphreys Co. Va:: that is married to Curtis and Hatcher lines. Note: Does this connect to Colliers of Dickson and Humphreys Co.Tn again connected to Hatcher and Curtis Lines??

1798 August 20, - Patrick County  Martin Dickinson patented 200 acres on the north waters of Johnson's Creek and  adjoining James Dickinson's.

Martin Dickinson

1799 March 19: Patrick Co: John Johnson: 70 acres on Lovins Creek and its waters adjoining his own lands. Land Office Grants # 41 1798-1799 pg 122 on reel 107: Library of Virginia Archives Section.

1799 March 20: Jacob Johnson: Patrick Co.: 68 acres on the east side of Lovins Creek adjoining his own lands. Land Office Grants # 42 1798-1799 pg 267 on reel 108: Library of Virginia Archives Section

1800 Feb 27:Patrick Co. Court: Present Joshua Rentfro, Charles Foster, John Hughes, Charles Thomas, Edward Tatum, Brett Stovall. Deed Martin Talley and wife and Joseph Johnson and wife to Isaac Branscum. Abstracts of Order Book "O" Patrick Co. Va June 1791-1800 by Lela C. Adams Pg 228


1800 Feb 27: Patrick Co. Court Augustine Thomas (Foreman) Jesse Corn, John Spencer, James Innis, John Adams, George Penn Sr, James L. Gains, Isham Cradock, Richard Pilson, Peter Frans, Abram Hawks, Joseph Johnson, David Taylor, Humphrey Smith, William Sublett, are to serve as a Grand Jury: A rec. from Obadiah Burnett to Joseph Reynolds Abstracts of Order Book "O" Patrick Co. Va June 1791-1800 by Lela C. Adams Pg 229

1800 March 24: Patrick Co: Joseph Johnson 126 acres on Pauls Creek and its waters beginning where Charles Burgess's old line crosses said Creek: Land Office Grants # 45 1799-1800 pg 277 on reel 111: Library of Virginia Archives Section

1800 March 25: Patrick Co: Isaac Johnson, 36 acres on waters of Pauls Creek: Land Office Grants # 43, 1799-1800 pg 521 on reel 109: Library of Virginia Archives Section.

1791-1801: Ararat River USGS Mount Airy North 6, 88, 156, 560, 721
John CREED; John DOUGLASS; William GREEN; John HALL; William/Willison HUDSPETH; Perry JOHNSON; Bethany LETCHER; John MARR; Rhoda, William MOORE; Thomas SUMNER; John YATES: Patrick Co VA Deeds- Places Named in Deed Book I, 1791 - 1801 Compiled by Charles Leon Harris from Abstracts of Virginia Deed Book No. 1, 1791-1801 published by T.L.C. Genealogy
Genealogy From:

1802 May 25: Patrick Co.: John Mankins: 134 acres on the waters of Pauls Creek adjoining lands of Isaac Johnson: Land Office Grants # 50 1802-1803 pg 46 on reel 116: Library of Virginia Archives Section

1803 Patrick Co. Va Order Book 1 March Court

On a Motion of RICHARDSON MAYO ordered that a W. of Adquodamnum issue privileging him to build a Water Grist Mill a cross Bufalow Creek according to Law.

NOTE RICHARDSON AND MAYO are both surnames I descend from

1809 Mar 28 Patrick Co. VA Order Book 1 : William Gaines is appointed surveyor of the road in Place of Aaron BOWMAN from the Forks of the road blow William Gonigs at or near Sandy Creek to the ford of Dan , near Major Carters.

1815 Thomas Johnson and Rachael Beasley married about 1815

Found under Queries for Patrick Co. Va

1819 Jan 16: Patrick Co. Va. Inventory of John Johnston deceased by Thomas Whitlock, Samuel Hanby, Jacob Griggs, Jesse Mankin: Corn, House, furniture, saddle, kitchen utensils, cattle, pigs, sheep, horses: Total $365.17 returned to Court May 1819. Returned 1819 to Nov Court. Abstract of Wills, Inventories, & accounts of Patrick Co. Va 1791-1823 by Lela C. Adams

1819 Nov 5: Patrick CO. Va : An account of the Estate of John Johnson deceased. Charles Lewis and Jane Johnson administrators: Expenditures and credits:

Nathaniel Smith as curator of the said estate for service.

Clcks ticker- Montgomery County

Williamson Smith

Gabriel Penn

Samuel Staples

M. Sandefur

Richard Thomas

Floyed Webb

Jackson Smith

Cash Tatum

Mary Parr

Huball & Strange

Printers in Lynchburg

Horatio  Penn

James D. Garland fee for Tatum and wife

John Smith for his trouble in suit against Tatum and wife.

P.R. Gilmore fee against Beazley

No total

Returned 1819 to Nov Court. Abstract of Wills, Inventories, & accounts of Patrick Co. Va 1791-1823 by Lela C. Adams

1820 Married: JUDAH BURNETT, b. November 15, 1802, Patrick County, Virginia; d. May 04, 1870, Jackson County, Missouri; m. (1) MICHAEL JOHNSON, JR, 1820, Patrick County,

Notes: She is connected to WILLIAM STRONG (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Bef. 1738 in Hanover Co., VA, and died Bef. May 06, 1816 in Clarke Co., GA.  He married FRANCES JOHNSON Bef. 1759, daughter of WILLIAM JOHNSON and SARAH ?.  She died Bef. January 07, 1828 in Clarke Co., GA

1822: Micah Johnson R5648 VA Line: 1756 Aug 14 born in New Kent  Co. Va and he lived there at enlistment and after Revolution he moved to Franklin Co. Va and in 1822 he moved to Patrick Co. Va and in 1828 he moved to Howard Co. Mo. He applied there 1834 Aug. 6 Abstract of Rev. War Pension Files

1822 Michal Johnson comes in from Franklin Co. Tn where he came in 1783 before that he was from New Kent Co. Va

On this 6 day of August 1834 personally appeared before the county court th of the county of Howard in the State of Missouri Micah Johnson a resident of the county and state

aforesaid aged seventy seven years on the 14th day of August last, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit

of the provision made by the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832. That he was living in the County of New Kent in the State of Virginia at the commencement of the Revolutionary war, that

in the year 1775 a company of men then called minute men was raised and organized in the county of New Kent for the defense of the country against the British and placed under the

command of Captain Robert Turner. that this affiant was at the organization of this company drafted into it as a private and served under the same captain during the whole of his military

service. that about the year 1775 (the precise time he cannot recollect) he was called into actual service and marched with his company under the command of Captain Robert Turner to a place

in New Kent County, Virginia, called the “long bridge” across the Chickohomoney [sic: Chickahominy] River for the purpose of defending the country against an expected attack from

the British. that during this tour he was in actual service at least a month & a half. That he afterwards on two different occasions went in the same company under the command of the

same captain to the same place for the purpose of defending the country against attacks of the British troops and was in actual service during these two last mentioned tours first was four

months, but he cannot recollect the precise times at which he rendered these services. Afterwards in the year 1781 when Lord Cornwallis marched into Virginia he was again in actual

service as a drafted militia man in a company commanded by Capt Robert Turner and marched as far as Williamsburgh [sic: Williamsburg] in Virginia and was stationed there during part of the

time that Lord Cornwallis was besieged in Yorktown, and that about ten day before the capture of Cornwallis [on 19 Oct 1781] this affiant was taken sick and permitted by his captain to return

home. that he was in actual service as a private upon this occasion at least two months and a half. This affiant does not recollect that he ever received any written discharge. if he did, he has

long since lost it. he knows of no living witness by whom he can prove his services as a revolutionary soldier and in consequence of his great age and consequent loss of memory he is

unable to give a more circumstantial statement of his services as a soldier of the revolutionary war.
He cannot state with precission the length of his several services in the war but according to the best of his recollection he served not less than the period mentioned below as a

private. For eight months he served upon four several occassions as a drafted militiaman under Capt Robert Turner & for these services he claims a pension.

To the several questions directed to be propounded by the court the applicant answers
1st. He was born on the 14th of August 1746 in New Kent County in the State of Virginia
2. He has no record of his age
3. He was living in New Kent County, Virginia at the several times when he was called into the service. Since the revolutionary war he removed to Franklin County Virginia, resided there until

the year 1822, then removed to Patrick County in the same State where he resided until the year 1828 when he removed to Howard County in the State of Missouri where he now resides

4. He was drafted each service.
5. He cannot recollect the names of any of the regular officers with whom he served.
6. He does not recollect that he ever received a written discharge
7th. He states that he is known in his present neighbourhood with Reverend William M. Burton and Mr. John De hart and to James Hall (the second of whom has known him twenty and the

latter fifteen years) who can testify as to his character for truth and veracity and their belief of his services a soldier of the revolution.

He knows of no living witness by whom he can prove his services aforesaid.
He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or an annuity except the
present and he declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency in any State.
Micah hisXmark Johnson
Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements
Pension Application of Micah Johnson: R5648
Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris
State of Missouri County of Howard} Sct.

1833 Nov 5 Married: Henderson Johnson was born circa 1804, and his first wife, Amelia Jones, was born about 1810. They were bonded to be married on November 5, 1833 in Surry County. Their bondsman was William Zachary.

Notes: The Johnsons' home, Westfield, was named for the Friends Meeting that was established in that area and overlapped the borders of Surry and Stokes Counties in North Carolina and Patrick County, Virginia. Within it were Hollow Springs, Chestnut Ridge, and Slate Mountain. The Bannertown section of Mount Airy lay just to the west

1834 ERA Robert Johnson in Patrick Co. Va

1803 Feb 19, Martha L. “Patsy” Robinson Johnson was born in Frederick Co. Virginia. Evidence suggests that she was the daughter of William Robinson and Martha Robinson of Orange Co. Va. Martha Robinson married Robert C. Johnson (ca 179801863) the son of Valentin Johnson and Ann Johnson of Orange Co. probably in the late 1820’s. The Johnson’s moved several time during the following 2 decades.


In 1833 they lived in Amherst Court House and at Lynchburg, where Robert Johnson was a merchant.


The next year in 1834 they were living in Patrick Co. Va. Where Robert Johnson was keeper of a Public house and served as master commissioner of the Patrick County superior court. The family was still in Patrick Co. as late as 1839, though Robert Johnson was operating the Red Sulphur Springs tavern that year.


In 1840-41 Robert Johnson was keeping tavern in Danvillle Va, while Martha and his daughters lived in Stanardsville (Greene Co)


The Johnson’s seemed to have settled by 1843 in Carroll Co. Va where Robert Johnson kept a tavern. Evidence in the collection suggests that he also operated a store and served as Hillsville postmaster and commissioner of the revenue. The couple had three daughter Ann Johnson, Martha Johnson and Alverda Johnson.

The Carroll County census for 1860 lists Robert Johnson as Insane. He was hospitalized in the Eastern Lunatic Asylum (Williamsburg Va) later that year and died there around Oct 23, 1860. By 1880 martha Johnson was living with her son in law John Early and his children in Carroll Co. Va. She did 1886 April 15.


Ann Johnson born 1828-1879, oldest daughter of Robert Johnson and Martha Robinson was born in Orange Co. Va. She married John Early born ca 1821 and the couple had several children, including Peter S. Early, Robert J. Early, James L. Erly, William H. Early and Martha Earlye ca 1851-864


Alverda “Buddie” Johnson born 1830-1916 married twice, first to James H. Hounshell in 1849. The couple had one daughter Martha Hounshell 1852-1865. After Hounshell’s death Alverda married Robert Toncrey born ca 1815 a local dentist, in 1863. The couples children included Mary E. Toncrey, Lauara E. Toncrey, and Alverda J. Toncrey.


Martha Loury Johnson born 1832-1916 married William Craig Thornton born 1825 died 1913 in 1848. William thornton worked at times as a tailor, a dry goods merchant and operator of Hillsville’s Thornton Hotel. He also served as justice of the peace. The couple raised a large family including ALverda R. Thornton, Emma R “Sissie” Thornton, Ann Eliza Thornton, Margaret B. Thornton, Martha Elizabeth Thornton, Ida May Thornton, Agnes W. Thornton, Jesse Maud Thornton, Dora N. Thornton, Robert Cave Johnson Thornton, and William Hiram Thornton.

William Lithgrow Robinson, Martha Robinson Johnson’s nephew was born around 1837. He enlisted in the Danville Blues on April 23, 1861, prior to enlistment he had worked as a clerk. In Oct 1861Robinson was hospitalized at Orange Court House, Virginia with periostitis. He returned to duty on Nov 18. He was again admitted to the hospital on March 11 for contusion of the leg and was discharged April 5, 1862. Robinon’s own letters indicate that he was infected with typhoid in 1861, probably resulting from the contaminated water at Manassa, where he wrote “ All the streams and springs were contaminated with putrefying bodies of men and horses. He also mentions being wounded in the leg during hand to hand combat in Oct 1861. By 1863 Robinson was working as deputy clerk of Hastings Courthouse and as Chief of Police in Danville Va. He died March 1 1914 and is buried in Danville’s Green Hill Cemetery.

Creating a sketch of this family proved difficult, Martha Robinson Johnson seems to have been known as “Mother” by both her children and her grandchildren, like wise Ann Johnson Early was referred to as “Sister Ann” by all family members. The prevalent use of nicknames with the correspondence compounds the difficulty in identifying individuals as does the large number of extended family of both Johnson’s and Robinson’s ( among Martha’s siblings mentioned in this collection ar Thomas A. Robinson, William R. Robinson, Norborne Robinson and Richard Robinson, named within the collection as siblings of Robert Johnson are Belfield C. Johnson, Benjamin V. Johnson, George W. Johnson and William B. Johnson, Mildred C. Collins, Lucy Legget, and Sallie AnnDickerson). The sketch above is based on the interpretations of documents and surviving public (especially census) records and therefore likely contain erros.


The collection contains the papers of the family of Martha . Robinson Johnson, 19th century matriarch of Carroll Co. Va.


1840 Seeking information on my grandmother, Virginia BRYANT, born in Patrick Co, Virginia in 1840's. Her husband was Ira Andrew Johnson of Lee Co., Virginia. Have no records of her birth or death. I think her father was William Bryant and her mother's name was Elizabeth (?). Would appreciate any information on Virginia BRYANT and her parents or family. Virginia Bryant

1848 Pension Applications of William Harris S30458 and Lydia Renfro Harris W8893

Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris

State of Kentucky

On the 18th day of February 1833 personally appeared in open court before the Justices of the Court of Barren County now-sitting William Harris a Resident of said County aged 78 years who being first duely sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of an act of Congress passed June 7th 1832. That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated. He was born on James River in Cumberland County Virginia and in May 1776 volunteered in the Virginia Militia under Captain John Bates. At the time he volunteered he lived at Buckingham Court House in Buckingham County. Under Bates he guarded Prisoners, who were taken in the lower part of Virginia, those prisoners he guarded from Buckingham to Ambermarle [Albemarle] where he was discharged & went home, having served at least one month. He recollects no other Officer but Bates. He has lost his discharge, never expecting to have any use for it.

The second time he was drafted in the spring of 1777 under the same Captain Bates & Colonel May and marched to old Williamsburgh where he joined several thousand troops where he stayed as a Minute Man to march in service at a Moments Warning. He does not remember his other officers in this tour. At Williamsburgh he received a Discharge after having served at least four months. He can’t tell now what has become of the discharge, it is lost, he never expecting to have use for it.

In March of the year in which Cornwallis capitulated he again volunteered under captain William Jones, the other company officers he does not remember. And was marched to the south. Green [Gen. Nathanael Greene] was his commander. Under him he was at the battle of Guilford [Guilford Courthouse NC] where his captain was killed. After the battle of Guilford he went to Ninety Six], he was at that place under Green all the time he stayed there at which place there were some skirmishes. The Enemy killed about 40 of Green’s men by blowing up a redoubt. He was discharged in South Carolina not far from Camden, between Ninety Six & Charlestown. he can’t tell what has become of his discharge never expecting to have any use for it. On this tour he served at least six months. He has no documentary evidence, nor does he know of any Person whose testimony he can procure who can testify to his service. In answer to the interrogatories presented in the War Department he saith. He was born in Cumberland County Virginia in the year 1755 25th August. He has no record of his age. At the time of entering the service he resided in Buckingham. He afterward lived, after the War in Henry & Patrick Counties, thence he moved to Barren where he has lived ever since. The first time he entered the service he volunteered, the 2nd time drafted & the 3rd volunteered. In answer to the 5th he would name Genl Green, Lieutenant Washington. He can’t remember any Continental & Militia Regiments, his memory is so impaired. He guarded prisoners from Buckingham to Ambermarle Court House, he remained at Williamsburgh at least four months as a minute man, he was at the Battle of Guilford, & was at 96 under Gen. Green. He regularly received discharges from the service, but they are now lost. In answer to the 7th he would name, James Murrell, Elijah Shirley, Thos Shirley, Col. William Anderson, Jos Pedigo.

Sworn and subscribed the day and year aforesaid William hisXmark Harris

We Andrew Nickolas a clergyman residing in the County of Barren and William Anderson, residing in the same hereby certify that we are well acquainted with William Harris, who has subscribed and sworn to the above (and foregoing) Declaration, that we believe him to be 78 years of age; that he is reputed & believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution and that we concur in that opinion.

Sworn and subscribed the day and year aforesaid Andrew Nickolas Wm Anderson

William Logan, Clerk of the court of Barren County









After the Royal Governor Lord Dunmore was forced out of Virginia late in 1775, there was little military activity in Virginia for several years. Harris served his first two tours of duty during this calm period.

“Ambermarle”: Albemarle County VA is the neighboring county southeast of Buckingham. Albemarle Court House is now Charlottesville.

“Cornwallis capitulated” at Yorktown on 19 October 1781.

“Green”: General Nathanael Greene took command of the Southern Department of the Continental Army late in 1780. After Cornwallis pursued Greene’s army from South Carolina to the Dan River near South Boston VA, Greene made a stand at Guilford Courthouse, six miles north of present Greensboro NC, on 15 March 1781. Using a battle plan that had succeeded at the famous patriot victory at Cowpens SC, Greene manned the first line with militia from North Carolina. The Virginia Militia formed the second line in a woods. A third line was manned by Continental soldiers. The first line dropped their still-loaded weapons and fled at the first charge of the British, leaving the brunt of the fighting to the Virginians in the second line. Amid the woods the lines broke up into clusters of men thrusting bayonets. When Cornwallis saw that he was in danger of losing, he ordered grapeshot fired, killing and wounding many on both sides. Although Cornwallis was technically the victor, the battle was so costly that he was forced to march to Wilmington NC to recover before resuming his advance into Virginia. The delay allowed the French naval and land forces, as well as the northern troops under George Washington, to prepare for the fateful siege at Yorktown.

“Ninety Six” was a British outpost in western South Carolina. After Guilford Court House, Greene took his army back south into the Carolinas, and during May and June of 1781 he laid siege to the well-entrenched British. There is no evidence that 40 Americans died when their redoubt was blown up: this is apparently an erroneous recollection of the Patriots’ attempt to tunnel to the British redoubt and blow it up. Upon hearing that British reinforcements were arriving from Charleston, Greene ended the siege with an unsuccessful frontal assault. He then returned with his troops to Camden SC to wait for cooler weather before resuming fighting.

“Lieutenant Washington”: This may be Lt. Col. William Washington, a cousin of George Washington who was also a brilliant commander.

State of Kentucky, Barren County

On this the nineteenth day of November 1839 personally appeared before me James Murrell one of the Commonwealth’s Justices of the Peace in and for the County and State aforesaid Lydia Harris a resident of said County and State aged seventy seven years on the 30th day of August 1839 who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on her oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress pass’d July 7th 1838, entitled “an act granting half pay and pensions to certain Widows” That she is the widow of William Harris who was a soldier in the Army of the Revolution, she further Declared that she was married to the said William Harris on the 23rd day of March in the year 1782 in Henry County State of Virginia and that her husband the aforesaid William Harris died on the 22nd day of April 1838 in the County of Barren and State aforesaid, that her said husband was a Revolutionary Pensioner at the time of his death, that she was not married to her said husband prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to the (1st day of January) year of 1794. To wit on the 23rd day of March in the year 1782 as above stated.

Subscribed and sworn to} Lydia herXmark Harris

before me this 19th day of}

November 1839}

James Murrell JofP

The pension application of a Sgt. William Harris of Augusta County VA then Bourbon County KY is erroneously included in Lydia's file. The answers to interrogatories are also for this other William Harris. This error resulted in Lydia's receiving (after her death, son John Renfro Harris received) the higher pension appropriate for Sgt. William Harris.

John Renfro, Sr., aged 79 and his wife Ester Renfro age 75, testified they had known Lydia Harris over 60 years, and were present at the marriage of Lydia and William Harris. Lydia Harris died 11 May 1848. On Aug. 21, 1848 John R. Harris, administrator, of estate of Lydia Harris applied "for myself and the other children" for her pension from March 4, 1836 to April 22, 1838. Pension of Lydia Harris, began April 22, 1838, certificate issued Feb. 29, 1840

1886 Dec 29: William Henry & Emmazetta McHone Draughn of Claudville, Patrick Co., Va. had a daughter Susan A. born abt 1868, info says in Henry Co., Va. She married John Smith, 29 Dec. 1886 in Patrick Co., Va.

I need information on Susan and John. Where did they live and where are they buried? I will share any information. Esther Draughn Johnson: EPDJ@surry.... (View posts)








Daughters of the American Revolution information: #339893, Accepted by the National Baord of Management 10/22/1943.
If you contact DAR they may know his siblings names. They should have all other information on he and his descendents, although no information exists on my copy of DAR documents concerning Reuben, before 1760.

Reuben Harris b. 1760 in VA and d. in Jackson Co. MO in 1842. He had 15 children from two wives. He married Margaret Ann McAllister in 1790 in Jackson Co. VA. Married second wife, Elizabeth Gray in 1830. Reuben was a Revolutionary soldier from Albemarle Co. Va. He served with the Sixtth Virginia Regiment (Refer to #308 309). It is noted in family history that he served as bodyguard for George Washington.

Children of Reuben Harris and Margaret McAllister:
1. Lucy Harris b. 1792 m. Austin Booth 03/1819 in Patrick Co. Virginia
2. Sarah Harris b. 1794 d. m. Larkin Johnson.
3. William Harris b. 1796 d. 1846, m. Rhoda Burnett b.1800. (Her father was Jeremiah Burnett, Revolutionary soldier.)
4. Mahala Harris m. Allen Shlusher
5. Nancy Harris m. William McAlexander
6. Fleming Harris b. 1802 m. Nancy Lyons
7. Margaret Harris m. Creed Taylor
8. Samuel Harris b. 1805 m. Jane Hall
9. Reuben Marshall Harris b. 1807 m. Laura Gristoe 6/23/1833
10. Elizabeth Harris m. Jep Crawford
11. Alexander (Zam) Harris b. 1819 m. Eliza Lutrell
12. John Harris

Children of Reuben Harris and Elizabeth Gray:
1. James Harris b. 1832 m. Caroline Taylor
2. Amanda Harris b. 1834 m. Christopher Mann
3. Joseph Harvey Harris b. 1836 m. Tabitha Silvers

Our lineal descent of deceased Harris family is as follows:
Reuben Harris b. 1760 d. 1842 m. Margaret Ann McAllister in 1790. They were the parents of William Harris b. 1796 d. 03/28/1847, m. 09/10/1815 to Rhoda Burnett b.1800 d. 09/09/1878. They were the parents of William G. Harris b. 04/13/1825 d. 08/18/1898, m. Martha McPherson b. 09/15/1832 d. 08/08/1886. They parents the of Jeremiah Alexander Harris, b. 1850 Blue Springs, MO d.1931 Yuba City, CA. He married Rhoda Vermillion 10/27/1872 in Blue Springs, MO. Rhoda was b. 08/07/1855 d. 10/25/1942, the couple is buried in Sutter Cemetery, Sutter Co. CA. They were the parents of Roy William Harris who m. Ada Wilson, both buried at Sutter Cemetery in Sutter Co, CA.. They were the parents of Evelyn Ellen Harris b. 01/02/1916 d. 09/30/1990, m. Elmer John Davis, in Sacramento, CA, 07/18/1936.Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Sutter Co., CA. They were the parents of Roy Elmer Davis b. 1943, d. 11/16/1989 Sutter Co, buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetary, Sutter Co., CA.  vicki morgan ... (View posts)


I have a lot of different surnames in Virginia.
Zadoc Johnson was referred to by Mr. John Perry Salderman in his book about the early families who settled in the area which is now Carroll County. "Carroll 1765-1815: The Settlements.

Zadoc's son Joseph born Mid 1700's in Patrick CO. VA. died 1825/1826 in Grayson CO. VA. Joseph was married to a Mary--?

Joseph's son Levi Johnson boen 1780 to 1790 in VA. married 6 Mar 1813 to Elizabeth (Betsy) Lewis born 1793.

Levi's son Joseph M.(Madison) Johnson born 1828 married Nancy--? born 1834.

Joseph M. Johnson's son Samuel Huston Johnson born 1857 married Margaret (Maggie) An Riner daughter of George W. Riner born 1824 in Surry City, NC and Jane Pucket or Puckett born 1823 Russell CO. VA.

Joseph's son George Washington Johnson born 30 May 1884 in Lebanon, Russell CO. VA. my grandfather, died in Springfield, Greene CO. MO.

If any of these individuals are related to you, I would like to hear from you.
Thank you for reading this long message.

Diana_Haslip (View posts)


1858, b. ,Raleigh W. Gauldin Franklin Co., Va., was a son of Samuel Gauldin and Catherine Johnson. He md. 1878, Henry Co., Va. to Martha V. Richardson, dau. of Abner Richardson and Nancy Minter of Henry Co., Va. This family was in the Patrick County, Mayo Dist., census records of 1900 and 1910. The known children of Raleigh W. and Martha V. (Richardson) Gauldin as listed in these census records were: i. Samuel A., b. May 1886; ii. Allie M., b. Oct. 1888; Lillie S., b. June 1896; Robert W., b. June 1898; Myrtle, b. ca. 1903, Patrick Co. Wish to exchange information on this family. bruce7911 (View posts)


Looking for information regarding JOHNSON - BURNETT marriage 11 SEP 1813. Specifically any additional information regarding parents, birth dates, occupations. JOHNSON later migrated to Missouri - perhaps with KOGER, HARRIS, LUTTRELL, CORN, SLAUGHTER, BOOTHE families.

Thanks for help! hhamil (View posts)

I am a direct descendant of Dabney Johnson and Elizabeth Burnett. He was son of Micah Johnson and she was dau of Jeremiah Burnett (1761-1848) and first wife, Effariah "Effie" Crowley. Dabney's son Rev. John Johnson married Susan Nash in Jackson Co, Mo. JuneBork75 (View posts)  DABNEY JOHNSON


I am a decendant of the Wood family from Patrick Co. I am looking for some biographical information relating to any of the following:

William Clayborn Wood (1853-1916)
Nancy Ann Hylton (1854-1948)

Isaac Wood (1829-??)
Luvinia Akers(1833-??)

Jeremiah Gabriel Wood (1801-1893)
Sarah Dergan (1809-1869)
Mary Dehart (1804-1889)

Richard "Dickie" Wood (1769-1859)
Rachel Cockran (1774-1823)

John Wood (1745-1816)
Nellie Milly (?-?)

Stephen Wood (1725-1781)
Ann Johnson (1722-?)

John Richard Wood (1700-1777)
Ann Gormain (?-?)

I would appreciate any help you might provide with any of this information. If you can't help; could you direct me to some possible sources of information.

Thank You,

Virgil Ray Wood, Jr.
986 Lynx Loop Ne.
Albuquerque, NM 87122

(505) 856-1371 Ray Wood (View posts)


I am posting this in hopes someone has information about Levi or his wife Mary.

They lived mostly in Patrick, Carroll counties, VA.
Thanks for anything!

Descendants of Levi Edwards

Generation No. 1

1. Levi1 Edwards was born 1802. He married Mary.

Children of Levi Edwards and Mary are:
+ 2 i. William Albert2 Edwards, born 1842 in Patrick County, VA; died July 31, 1911.
3 ii. Thomas Jefferson Edwards, born 1845 in Patrick County, VA; died October 1919. He married Mary Johnson April 15, 1866 in Carroll County Virginia.

Notes for Thomas Jefferson Edwards:
Enlisted in Confederate Army, company E on 11-9-1863 at Blountville, Tennesee. Present all roll calls 4-1864 and 12-1864. died in Carroll 10-1919. previously served in 22nd VA calvary, brother to William Albert Edwards.

4 iii. Sally A. Edwards, born 1847.
5 iv. Isabella Edwards, born 1850 in Carroll County Virginia; died October 18, 1861 in Carroll County Virginia.

Notes for Isabella Edwards:
Died of Consumption

Generation No. 2

2. William Albert2 Edwards (Levi1) was born 1842 in Patrick County, VA, and died July 31, 1911. He married Obedience Coe February 14, 1865 in Surry county, NC, daughter of William Coe and Sarah Bullin.

Notes for William Albert Edwards:
Enlisted in the Confederate Army on 8-6-1861 in Carroll; reenlisted in 4-1862, later wartime constable in Carroll. Died: 7-31-1911 in Carroll County.

Children of William Edwards and Obedience Coe are:
+ 6 i. Arthur Benjamin3 Edwards, died March 07, 1961 in Surry County, NC.
7 ii. Levi Edwards. He married Emma Coe January 30, 1893 in Surry county, NC.
+ 8 iii. Hasten Edwards, died March 12, 1950 in Forsyth County, NC.
9 iv. Jackson Edwards, born May 1880; died July 06, 1883 in Carroll County Virginia.

Notes for Jackson Edwards:
died of fits

10 v. Lytha Edwards, born 1865 in Carroll County, VA; died April 08, 1883 in Carroll County Virginia.

Notes for Lytha Edwards:
died of consumption

11 vi. Thomas Edwards, born August 01, 1872 in carroll County Virginia; died August 11, 1872 in carroll County Virginia.

Notes for Thomas Edwards:
died of croup

+ 12 vii. Thomas Jefferson Edwards, born October 15, 1873 in Carroll County Virginia; died February 21, 1952 in Mount Airy, North Carolina.
+ 13 viii. William Edwards, born April 01, 1884 in Carroll County Virginia; died October 01, 1941 in Surry County, NC.
+ 14 ix. Lummie Edwards, born March 1874 in Carroll County Virginia; died May 27, 1915 in carroll County Virginia.
+ 15 x. Matilda Edwards.

Generation No. 3

6. Arthur Benjamin3 Edwards (William Albert2, Levi1) died March 07, 1961 in Surry County, NC. He married Elizabeth Edwards April 10, 1913 in Carroll County, VA, daughter of William Edwards and Sarah Tate.

Child of Arthur Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards is:
16 i. Delia Fayett4 Edwards, born May 20, 1916.

8. Hasten3 Edwards (William Albert2, Levi1) died March 12, 1950 in Forsyth County, NC. He married Florence Hawks.

Child of Hasten Edwards and Florence Hawks is:
+ 17 i. Alma4 Edwards.

12. Thomas Jefferson3 Edwards (William Albert2, Levi1) was born October 15, 1873 in Carroll County Virginia, and died February 21, 1952 in Mount Airy, North Carolina. He married (1) Maggie Coke. He married (2) Cloah L. Edwards March 11, 1909 in Carroll County Virginia, daughter of William Edwards and Sarah Tate. He married (3) Rebecca Elizabeth Tate December 22, 1916 in Carroll County Virginia, daughter of Alfred Tate and Rachel Ayers.

Children of Thomas Edwards and Rebecca Tate are:
18 i. Paul4 Edwards. He married Cora Lee Tucker.
19 ii. Lottie Edwards. She married Jim Morton.
+ 20 iii. Nannie Edwards, died August 20, 1998 in Surry County, NC.
+ 21 iv. Velma May Edwards, born May 17, 1921; died 1999 in Forsyth Hospital, Winston Salem, NC.
+ 22 v. Violet Edwards, born March 04, 1923; died 1977 in Mt. Airy, NC.
+ 23 vi. Jesse Edwards, born October 05, 1925 in Silvatus, Virginia.
24 vii. Emmitt Edwards, born December 31, 1926 in Surry County, NC; died February 26, 1928 in Surry County, NC.
+ 25 viii. Ellen Edwards, born December 30, 1928.
26 ix. Thomas Edwards Jr., born August 08, 1930; died June 02, 1968 in Surry County, NC.

13. William3 Edwards (William Albert2, Levi1) was born April 01, 1884 in Carroll County Virginia, and died October 01, 1941 in Surry County, NC. He married Mary Woods March 31, 1898 in carroll County Virginia, daughter of Martin Woods and Elizabeth Vaughn.

Child of William Edwards and Mary Woods is:
27 i. Lizzie4 Edwards, born April 26, 1902; died 1912.

14. Lummie3 Edwards (William Albert2, Levi1) was born March 1874 in Carroll County Virginia, and died May 27, 1915 in carroll County Virginia. She married Friel H. Edwards August 30, 1903 in Carroll County Virginia, son of William Edwards and Sarah Tate.

Children of Lummie Edwards and Friel Edwards are:
+ 28 i. Belle4 Edwards.
+ 29 ii. Lythie Edwards.
30 iii. Dexter Edwards.
31 iv. Cora Edwards.
+ 32 v. Bessie Edwards, born May 18, 1906 in Carroll County Virginia; died June 06, 1990 in Winston-salem NC.

15. Matilda3 Edwards (William Albert2, Levi1). She married Sampson Bevill October 08, 1894 in Carroll County, VA, son of M.F. Bevill and Catharine.

Child of Matilda Edwards and Sampson Bevill is:
33 i. Nancy4 Bevill.