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Purple is Cousin Joe Matlock Research

Maroon is connecting of Johnson surname researcher to A. Euell Johnson

Red is the County lines and Parish Lines: These lines can and will change the people in a County or in a Parish . This is to serve as a Time line to show changes, in lines or in changes where families moved to from this area.



Henry County Va. created in 1776 from Pitsylvania Co. Va.

Note Pittsylvania Co Va formed from Camden Parish, the first tithables in 1767 show no Johnson-Johnston's on it.

Please note the TIME ERA for Buffalo Creek first deeds located are in Aug 1745 to 1748 Deeds are in Brunswick Co

1748 Jan until 1771 deeds are in Lunenburg Co

1771 Deeds are in Charlotte Co

1773 in Lunenburg County

1774 Deeds are in Halifax County

1780 Deeds are in Pittsylvnia County

1782 and 1783 in Henry County:

1783 in Bedford County

1784 deeds are in Bedford and Henry County then in

1789 Deeds are in Henry County and Campbell County:

1791 in Henry County, in

1803 Deeds are in Patrick County:

Then some time this Buffalo Creek goes into Campbell County

1779 May 24 Henry County Inhabitants ask for the addition of a part of Henry County INTO BEDFORD COUNTY: Library of Virginia Petitions

1779 May 27 Henry County Inhabitants protest the division of the County:: Library of Virginia Government Petitions

1779 Nov 2    Henry County Inhabitants ask for a division of the County, includes maps:: Library of Virginia Government Petitions.

History of Goblintown Creek and where it got its name::: Briefly:: From a Colony of German immigrants that settled there and moved on. There is still a Primitive Baptist Church on the meeting site.

Note do we have an Oath of allegiance for Henry Co.:: or would they be in Lunenburg/ Pittsylvania Co./ Halifax Co. ? Yes on Lunenburg List

RESEARCH NOTE: Parts of Henry Co. are from Halifax Co. Va.

1738 Brunswick County James and Joseph Terry were granted 20,000 acres on Turkey Cock Creek :::Chapter 3 Clement abbreviated Pittsylvania County History. Note: Terry Surname is again connected to the Off Spring of Michael Johnson who died in 1718 Tuckahoe Creek, Henrico Co. Va.

1745 Mathew Talbot Signed a deed for Christopher Irvine in Brunswick Co. Va. and Rice Price of Same for 16 pounds 223 acres on Flat Creek adjoining James Johnson upper line Deed Book 3 pg 104

Now in Deed Book 3 page 102 is the Following is First Ref. I have to a Samuel Johnson indenture between Timothy Johnson of Brunswick Co. and Rice Price of Same 40 pounds for 200 acres on North side of Otter River above mouth of Flat creek signed Timothy Johnson (BHM), Allen Johnson:: Witness Samuel Johnson, John Price, Mark Hays and Rice Price Jr. NOTE run all these folks for deeds and Locations

RESEARCH NOTES: THIS Mathew Talbot is in 1750 Amelia Co. then in 1753 is in Bedford Co. Va. where he died ?? when ::

Interesting in May 12 1759 Albermarle Co. Deed James Johnson 400 acres on both side Callaways Rd, near the head of Beaver Creek crossing Otter River Road near the FOrk of the Road.

THis Otter RIver is in Brunswick Co.?? year.

Research Note: 1751 April 3 O.S. Page 395 Lunenburg Co. Historical Virginia Roads: Ordered that a rroad be open and cleared the best and most Convenient way from the foot of Johnsons Mountian ( laying on the south side of Otter River) into Callaways road and RIchard Callaway is appointed Surveyor.

1752-1817:: Vestry Book of Antrim Parish, Halifax County Va Clarkston Press Author Rt 2 Box 251:: Pursuant to an Order of the Court of Halifax ,17th day July last, past for this Vestry to Appoint Processioners and according to Law where upon it is ordered that Leonard Shockley, and William Adkins do procession the bounds of every particular persons lands from the Mouth of Sycamore Creek to the Mouth of Pigg River, and up the river to Snow Creek and up the said creek to Turkey Cocke creek and all the lands between the said Sycamore and Turkey Cock up the ridge and it is further Ordered that the Processioners aforesaid do begin their work on the first Monday in January next and returned to the Vestry on or before the last day of March next ensuing an Account of every persons land they shall so process and of the person present at the same and what lands in their Precincts they shall fail to procession and the particular reason of such failure:

 Note this makes it Clear Turkey Cock Crk , in Halifax County and the records of Antrim Parish when Halifax is formed. Note: James Johnson and John Branch in 1752 Halifax Co. sue a ?? Shockley any relationship here to Leonard Shockley

Research Note: 1746 Sept. 1 Old Style, page 52 Lunenburg Co. (Historical Virginia Roads) on the Petition of Timothy Dalton and others it is ordered that a road be cleared from Otter River at the Fish Dam Ford to snow Creek the best and most convenient way, and the said Timothy Dalton is appointed.

1747: John Scott has a cabin on Turkey Cocke Creek : The History of Pittsylvania County. research note is this the John Scott who reoresented John Johnson in Brunswick CO. in 1740 May 16

1750 List of Tithable taken by William Caldwell ( See this report Ref. to David Caldwell and William signing will of James Johnson died 1761 in Lunenburg Co.Va.::There is a Jos. Johnston overseer of Benskin/ Martsin

1760 John Talbot Pittsylvania County deed for Leatherwood Creek::  son of Mathew Talbot above. Research Note: William Williams is appointed surveyor of the road from SMiths River to Leatherwood and it is ordered that he together with the male labouring tithables persons convenient therefor do forth with clear and keep the same in repair to. law:: Lunenburg Co. 1751 Oct 1 : O.S. page 464 (Historical Virginia Roads)

1767 Mar 19:: Pittsylvania Co. Wm . Muncus 400 acres on Goblin Town Creek beg. at an ash ( so Wm. Muncus owns land on Goblintown Creek He also owned lands by Sylvester Adam s . see 1764 and on Sandy Creek:: see

April 4 1769 Deed Book 1 pg 219 Pittsylvania Co From Floyd B,Smith to Elisha Eastes of Pittsylvania Co. Va. sells to Harmon Cook for 80 pounds 260 acres on both sides of Turkey Cocke Creek. Note: Turkey Cocke Creek goes into Henry Co. in 1777 then into Patrick Co. in 1791

1768 May 16 Halifax County Entry Book: John Salmon 400 acres Between Big Creek and Little Turkey Cocke Creek.

1772 May 27 Pittsylvania County Va. deed of trust (Note Henry CO formed 1777) contained a Reference to a wagon made by Samuel Johnson::Nancy's Note: Whether this is Sr. or Jr. is not known ( research of Nancy D. Breidenthal)

1773 May 29 Pittsylvania Co. Va Samuel Johnston Jr. witnessed the sale of a horse in Pittsylvania Co. that had formerly belonged to CALEB JOHNSON:: research of Nancy D. Breidenthal Note:: Similar names in Halifax Co. in 1785 and 1794 records.

1775 Born 1821 Death 2. Zedekiah ( Zadoc ) Combs - Born 1775 Grayson Va. Died Aug, 1821 Grayson Va. M- Elizabeth Johnson; Zedekiah lived on Pauls Creek and Crooked Creek on April 25, 1807. Had 50 acres then. 1815 tax list says on a farm on Back Creek 32 acres valued at $15, a Tract of 50 acres on Pauls Creek unimproved $10 Sighted by mark . Was $0.42 for one horse and 7 head Of cattle, one white male over 16 in household. In August of 1821, tax the Carrol Co. Combs lived on Top of a mountain at Pipers Gap. Sold 15 acres to Moses Rody Nov..10, 1810 for $220, head of Pauls Creek on east side of sugarloaf. He had a partner in this Sale John Scudders was on deed but got no money yet. Proven Aug. 1817 Grayson Co. Va.

Notes Grayson  County was not formed yet and in 1775 Pauls Creek is in Henry Co. Va.

1776 Francis Gilley Sr. is on Tithables of Lunenburg County::This area in 1776 becomes Henry Co. VA:

1776- 1783 Era 1762 Born Amelia County: THOMAS HUDSON, Giles County Tn, Private, Virginia Line, $30.00 Annual Allowance, $75.00 Amount Rec'd, May 14, 1833 Pension Started, Age 72 (1835 Rolls) A Thomas HUDSON, age 82, pensioner, is on the 1840 Giles County, Tennessee Census, p. 159, in the household of John SANDUSKY. Thomas HUDSON, aged 70 in Jan 1832, applied for his pension on 26 Nov 1832, Giles County, Tennessee, declaring that he had lived in Henry County, Virginia at enlistment and for 20 years thereafter, then moved to Stokes County, North Carolina, for 3-4 years, then to Greenville District, South Carolina for 4-5 years, then to Franklin County, Georgia, then to Elbert County, Georgia, then to Lincoln County, Tennessee, then to Giles County, Tennessee,. He also declared that he was born 12 Jan 1762 in Amelia County, Virginia (Rev War Pension File S2330). He was not on the 1812 Giles County Tax List (other census years not yet checked).

1776-1783 ERA: WILLIAM HUTCHESON According to his Revolutionary War pension file, William HUTCHESON, was born in 1760 in Amelia County, Virginia, lived in Henry County, Virginia at enlistment and after the War, then moved to Hawkins County, Tennessee for 10 to 12 yrs, thence to Bledsoe for 10 yrs more, thence to Warren County Tennessee, then to Wilson County, Tennessee for 1 yr, and then to Giles County, Tennessee where he applied on 26 May 1834. (Revolutionary War Pension File R5543, abstracted by Mrs. Sarah Smith). A William HUTCHESON was on the 1812 Giles County, Tennessee Tax List, but none is on either the 1835 Pension Rolls or as an 1840 Giles pensioner (no HUTCHESONS are on the 1840 Giles census). According to Tennesseans in the Revolutionary War, Rejected Pensions, Part II, William HUTCHESON'S pension application was rejected at some point prior to 1852 for "further proof and specification."

1777 - Isham MATLOCK? - Henry Co. Va. - COOPER VS. MATLOCK/Judgment 28, 9.9

1777 Oaths of Alliance Pittsylvania Co Va. Per George Carters List Jeffery Johnson, a William Ingram, Matthew Cox, Elisha Dodson, George Dodson, Lazarus Dodson, Rolly Dodson, THos.Dodson, Joshua Hardy, William Hardy, Elisha King

Capt. Hawkins List Samuel Johnson and William Johnson

James Morton's List is Daniel Johnston, Thomas Johnston, James King

Charles Kennons List Benj. Burgess, Edward Burgess, David Dodson, Fortunas Dodson, George Dodson,Greenham Dodson, Hightower Dodson,

Capt. Jas. Roberts List is Noble Johnson ( who is on 1779 Henry Co. Tithables and on 1781 March to Aide General Green) See above,

Pittsylvania Co, for some notes on where these folks lived and owned property

Note of Interest: Mary Morton married Daniel Johnson son of William Johnson and Elizabeth Hutchenson. ( Michael Johnson DNA) and Daniel Johnson is an orphan in 1767 when his father died. where did Elizabeth Johnson go to ? William Johnson died in Charlotte Co.  Va

Also Daniel Johnson does have a brother named Thomas Johnson

RESEARCH NOTE:: VERY INTERESTING AS ANN JOHNSON born 1770 VA -1853 TN: IS AUNT TO ? DODSON in 1850 Humphreys Co. Tn Census and she has a Martha BURGESS LIVING WITH HER

 ON April 28 1789 FORTUNAS DODSON pd his taxes in Pitsylvania Co. with a John Johnson

NOTE OF INTEREST Elizabeth Montague, b 1699 ( connected to the Lines of Montague- Cocke and Doodes Minor) married on 10-24-1717 Middlesex one John Pace b. 1696 Middlesex Co.Va. son of John Pace and Elizabeth Newsome.This also connects into the Burgess Families of Halifax and Henry Co. Va

RESEARCH NOTE:: Joseph Pace son of John PACE:: he died 1765 on Little Byrd Creek in Goochland Co. Va. born Lagrange Creek Middlesex CO. Va.

Notes Byrd Creek is the ancestorial home of reverend Thomas Murrell of Lunenburg Co. Va, to Henry Co. Va to Washington County Tn now Hawkins Co. Tn to Williamson Co. Tn to  Dickson Co. Tn.

1777 June 26 Samuel Johnston married Elizabeth Ballinger in Pittsylvania Co. Va. ( info from Nancy D Breidenthal )

note in 1777 Pittsylvania Oaths of Alliance Capt. Hawkins list is Samuel Johnson, William Johnson,

in James Morton's List is a Daniel Johnson ( note Mary Morton surname to A descendant of Michael Johnson), Thomas Johnston, James King::

On Capt Roberts list is Noble Johnson ( in 1779 Henry Co. Tithes and in 1781 is Marching to Guilford Courthouse) gone in 1782 Tithable-tax List ::

 Believe his Lands are near the Border as Leatherwood Creek is a Boundary Line ( on and Off )

1777 June 26 Samuel Johnston married Elizabeth Ballinger in Pittsylvania Co. Va. ( info from Nancy D Breidenthal )

Samuel Johnston

note in 1777 Pittsylvania Oaths of Alliance Capt. Hawkins list is Samuel Johnson, William Johnson,

Haplogroup I  -The I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central Europe. Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago or longer. Lineages not in branches I1a, I1b or I1c are found distributed at low frequency throughout Europe Group Sessile Oak researchers in this  Group below

Mickey Johnson  Johnny Johnson Anderson John Raines Johnson Richard Johnson Avin Euell Johnson Michael Lee Johnson  William Jefferson Johnston Oliver Renaud Johnston Robert Hugh Johnston, Jr. Lorne Alvin Johnston Clifford Alexander Johnston George Edward Johnston Clifford Alexander Johnston George Edward Johnston  Richard Johnston, contact Florence Jester Joseph Daunt Johnston  Christopher Johnston Christopher Johnston,VII, C/o Christopher Johnston David  Johnston, contact Christopher Johnston E. D. L. Johnston, contact Christopher Johnston Robert Edward Johnston  Frank Marion Johnston


1777 James Morton's List is a Daniel Johnson (note Mary Morton surname to A descendant of Michael Johnson), Thomas Johnston, James King::

On 1777 Capt Roberts list is Noble Johnson ( in 1779 Henry Co. Tithes and in 1781 is Marching to Guilford Courthouse) gone in 1782 Tithable-tax List ::

I Believe his Lands are near the Border as Leatherwood Creek is a Boundary Line ( on and Off )

RESEARCH NOTE : oct 3 1734 Goochland Co. Va; William Matlock 190 acres on N.Side of James River W. SIde of Little Byrd Creek adj. Jospeh Bellenger, Arthur Hopkins and Robert Horsly ::

Note a Charles Johnson on this creek and so is James Johnson the Elder son of Michael Johnson Died 1718 on Tuckahoe Creek. Note Charles Johnson also owns land on Tuckahoe Creek. .

INSERT NOTE:: 1778 Henry Co. is will of Joseph Roberts son is James Roberts

1777 July 2 Henry County: VA Will Book 1 abstract 1779-1799: P 4, Silvanus Webb Inventory appraised by Robert CHANDLER Micajah Pool Nathan Hall: total value 45. includes debts owed estate by Thomas Barksdale, Saml . Johnson, Jules Scruggs, by James Rea Administrator.

( Note Joel Shropshire Sister marred to a William Chandler) 

( note is this the Poole family of Amelia Co. Va. settled in 1730''s)

INSERT NOTE: 1767 Pittsylvania Co. first tithes list is one Robert Chandler and John Koger :: Joel Shropshires Sister is married to a  Thomas or a William Chandler

Nov 26 1777 John Davis of Henry County sold to John Stockton 500 acres in the Commonwealth of Virginai and on Turkey Cock Creek in consideration of 250 pounds"Current money" Pittsylvania County Deds and wills 1767-178 Vol.5 pg 2 Research notes:: MOrton Surname is connected to the off spring off Micheal Johnson (Olen Johnsons lines) John Stockton is married to one Mary Polly Morton who aft 1811 death of her husband moved to CUmberland Co. Ky.

1778- Isham ? MATLOCK - Henry Co. Va. - VS. BARNETT

1778 Tithes of Henry Co ::Note this list is supposed to be an alphabetical list::it is not it is several lists posted together and possible might have one or two people on the list either above or below that is alphabetical:::place possible neighbor by each list.

William Johnson ( area of Goblintown Creek in 1782) John Koger on Goblintown Creek See neighbors under 1782 Henry County Tithables possible on same sheet is John Jamison

RESEARCH NOTE 1779 Thomas Jamison by William Johnson in Henry Co. Tithes

James Johnson: & Hudson Johnson

(Research note this is not the James Johnson of Patty or Nancy's research that comes into Charlotte Co. in 1781 when his father gets the wounded James Johnston that later moved to Henry Co. by 1790. )

Another NOTE OF INTEREST Hudson Johnston's wife Agness is born 1740-1750 per 1830 and 1840 Dickson Co. Census)

Possible on same sheet is Jamey , James ::: Alex Jarvis :: and John Jonakin

RESEARCH NOTE:: 1779 James Jamey is by Hudson Johnson in Henry County Tithes.

RESEARCH NOTE: 1766 Feb 27 James Johnson married Rebekah Martin both of this parish on Page 28 : Douglas Register::

Research of Martha Johns(t)on Patterson posted April 24, 2004 ::: Hudson Johnson followed the widow Rebekah Martin Johnson the Wife of Rev. THomas Murrell into what becomes Hawkins CO. TN then into Dickson CO. TN they follow each other:: Rebekah Johnson had several small children when she married the Rev. Thomas Murrell. So we can conclude some time after Feb 1766 James Johnson left the Parish of Rev. William Douglas.:::

Note: The Douglas Register being a detailed record of Births, Marriage and Deaths together with intersting notes as kept my the Rev. William Douglas from 1750 to 1797: AN Index of Goochland Wills Transcribed and Edited by W. Mac.Jones Director of the Gen.Bureau of Virginia Genealogicial Publishing Co. Inc Baltimore 1985

Samuel Johnson ( lives on Leatherwood Creek) see deeds below / property descriptions below no other possibles

Brice Martin, Joseph Martin, David Matlock, Valentine Mayo: Thomas Murrell: Jeffery Murrell with Richard:::James Martin with Hugh:::John Martin pd by Capt. Woods::: James Morton: John Morton: Names of Interest on 1778 Tithable List ??? which Wood is this As a Wood is married into Micheal Johnson DNA FM

RESERCH NOTE: WOODSON- MORTON-ANDERSON family genealogical notes. 8 leaves: The collection consists of Sequental genealogy charts tracing the line of Descent from Dr. John Woodson ( 1586-1644) To John Morton 1730-1796) then to the latters great grandchildren, children of Mary WATKINS MORTON 1797-1873 and her husband LEONARD WADE WOODSON 1791- 1828; Per Library Of Virginai. ( note all are Tuckahoe Creek Families )

David Lee Matlock who marries Margaret Rice is indeed the brother of Moore Matlock. He also has a grand father with the Moore name and a great uncle. Per Joe Matlock Researcher

::Olen Johnson Jr: : Also on Morton SUrname, I think that this may be Daniel Johnson's father in law ( John Morton) as Daniel's wife was Mary

RESERCH NOTE: WOODSON- MORTON-ANDERSON family genealogical notes. 8 leaves: The collection consists of Sequental genealogy charts tracing the line of Descent from Dr. John Woodson ( 1586-1644) To John Morton 1730-1796) then to the latters great grandchildren, children of Mary WATKINS MORTON 1797-1873 and her husband LEONARD WADE WOODSON 1791- 1828; Per Library Of Virginai. ( note all are Tuckahoe Creek Families )

RESEARCH NOTES:: THIS DAVID MATLOCK is connected to MORE ( Moore) MATLOCK ABOVE and to Jane Matlock his wife see 1785 Halifax Co. David is the brother of Moore Matlock.ALso this Valentine Mayo is in My MAYO LINE: The MORTON Surname is connected to another Michael Johnson DNA : Daniel Johnson of Charlotte Co is married to ? Morton

RESEARCH NOTE:: THESE Matlocks are off The Lines of William Matlock who on Oct 3 1734 Goochland Co. own 190 acres on N Side of James River on the West Side of Little Byrd Creek adj. Joseph Ballinger, Arhtur Hopkins and Robert Horsely:::

Now in 1734 Jan 22 Goochland Co. VA deeds pg 38 Martin King of St. James Parish Goochland Co. Va. to William Medlock of same for 10 pounds 200 acres on North side of North FOrk of James River part of a Patent dated 26 June 1731: Wit. Robt Payne, Jno Webb, James Daniel,: Signed Martin (BHM) King. Mary wife of Martin reliwuished her dower rights. How does Jno. Webb abd Slyvester WEbb connect::

RESEARCH NOTE: Rev. Thomas Murrell, Jeffrey Murrell with Richard are all of the line of Thomas Murrell who lived next to the lands of James Johnson the Elder on Licking Hole Creek along side one Charles Johnson also. in 1733:Deed Book 1 page 396 May 2 1733:: Thomas Dawson of St. James Parish Goochland Co. Va. to Benjn Bradshaw of same for 50 pounds on N. Side of James River 100 acres on Licking hole Creek bounded by Dawson's plantation. Witn Thos. Murrell, William Cain, Signed Thomas Dawson:: See also

RESEARCH NOTE::: THESE MATLOCKS:: William Matlock-MEdlock was baptized July 1 1702 New Kent Co. Va. 1699-1702 St. Peters Church of New Kent Co. Parish Register pg. 374::William Son of Jno. Medlock baptiz. 19 July 1702

in 1734 Jan 22 Goochland CO. Va Deeds pg 38 Martin King of St. James Parish, Goochland Co. to William Medlock of same for 10 pounds 200 acres on North Fork of James River part of a patent dated 26 June 1731. Wit.Robt. Payne,Jno Webb, James Daniel. sig. Martin King (BHM) rec. 22 Jan. 1734 Mary wife of Martin reliquished her dower rights:

Oct 3rd. Goochland Co. Va. WIlliam Matlock 190 acres NL on N.SIde of James River W. Side of the Little Byrd Creek adj. Joseph Bellenger, Arthur Hopkins and Robert Horsely. 3 Oct. 1734 pg 348 Cav. and Pioners by Hodgins Vol. F. pg 70::

Research Note an unk Benjamin Johnson of MD(? On this being from MD) is married into this Matlock Family in 1712?

1779 Henry Co. Tithable

William Johnson ( 1782 area of Goblintown Creek) possible on same sheet is Thomas Jamison, Hezekiah Jordan, and THomas Jones

Hudson Johnson Treb Tax posible on his sheet is James Jamey and John, John Jones Jr, Johns Jones Sr, Kentucky Jones and george Jones,

Samuel Johnson ( Leatherwood Creek ) per 1779-1780 List of Surveys of Henry Co. Va possible on same sheet as Daniel Jackson

James Johnson no other possibles

Noble Johnson :

Research Note: 1781 in Capt. Lanier's Company in March to Guilford Courthouse see above (note 21 year of age would be born bef 1761)

Persons after his name: in 1782 Henry Co. Tithables are William Mitchell::Thomas Green::A.Shallon:: William Wenn::David McGunn:::Christopher Harrington:::James Harrington::Thomas Ray:: ::::::::::::::::::::::Persons before his name::Archibald McGowan::John McCowan::Thomas Hill::Cornelius Carroll::John Royality:::Samuel Kinnon:::Cornelius Keith:::Henry Harrison:: Moses John:: ( Noble Johnson on 1777 Oath of Alliance Capt. James Roberts list in Pittsylvania Co.Va.) Possible on 1779 sheet with William Jones,

INSERT NOTE:: 1791-1801 places named in Patrick Co. Va: William Mitchell owns land on Archies-Archers Creek and on Dan River Gladys Fork of GOBLINTOWN CRK and on South Mayo River on Patrick Springs:::1779 a WM Mitchell owns land on Wards Fork:::July 1792 Wm. Mitchell's is Sheriff of Patrick Co.Va:::JAMES HARRINGTON Patrick Co. 1791-1801 owns land on Lovills- Lovells Creek beside Joseph Rea Johnson, and Joseph Johnson::per 1791-1801 Patrick Co. Thomas Hill owns land on Mt. Fork on North Waters.

Jacob Johnson treb Tax::

 one on 1778 Franklin Co.Va:::One on, 1780 and 1782 Tithables for Henry Co. also a Jacob on 1790 Henry Co. TIthable then Jacob Johnston on 1791 Patrick Co. List ::Possible on 1779 sheet with John Joyce of Pittsylvania Co.

Names of Interest Randolph Lomax, with Harmer & king note find Lomax deed by Samuel Johnson of Leatherwood Creek ; See Pittsylvania Co. 1781 Feb. 1 see this report

1779 May 24 Henry County Inhabitants ask for the addition of a part of Henry County into Bedford Co. Va: Library of Virginia governement petitions

1779 May 27 Henry County Inhabitants protest the division of the county: Library of Virginia government petitions

A Payroll for a Company of Militia under the Command of by Daniel Carlin _________ said into the actual service from the County of Henry Aug. this 27th day
of _ _ _ _ 1779 and discharged the tenth day of Sept. in the same year.

Daniel Carlin Capt.
Thomas Carlin Lieut:
William Ha _ _ _ _ _  Ensighen *** William Hawks
John Hankes    _ _ _gon ** John Hawks (these 2 were
brothers born in Amelia CO VA)***
Isham Webb    _ _ _gon *** so of William Webb and
Mourning Pruitt, married Patsy FARMER in Goochland CO
Thomas Wray
Thomas Hill
_hili_ _ Holt or Halt *** Phillip Holt
Thomas Haind_rick ** Thomas Hardwick***
James Hoalestead **** Holestead?
James Stoveand ** James Stewart
William Stovernd *** William Stewart¨**
Isham Royalty
Richar _achands **** Richard Richards**
John Higonns Junior ( Higgons)
Edward Stawart (Stewart)
John Staweart (Stewart)
Gilbert Tannery (Tanner) *** Gilbert TEARNEY/TURNEY,
married in 1771 Pitts CO VA¨***
John Jones
William Sandcro¨*** William Sanders***
Unreadable as it seems to be scratched out.
Benjamin Johnston
Solomon Holden *** Solomon Holder**
Luis Holden *** Louis Holder***
John Holden *** John Holder**
James Armstrong
William Hamanons ( Hammons)
Robart Head_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (by) ** Robert
John Christon (Christian)
William Le_ _her (Letcher) ** Wm Lecther***
Richard Owins (Owens)
Ely Scua_y ** Eli Scurry**¨?
Reuben Ha_ _ _ _ _ _ _m (or n) **Harrison**
Hugh Rogo_ **** Hugh Rogan***
John Grymens *** John Grymes***
William Roland (Rowland)

 _ _ _ _ _ and Luis _arrrel *** Corenlius Carroll**
Moses In_ _cu_ _ **** Moses Indicutt**

Page 2 Henry County 

 I this day came Capt. Daniel Larkin++ CARLIN before
_ _ _ _
William Maritans*** MITCHELL _ _ _ J.P. for the said County of, made oath that he was ordered on _ _ _ _ by the County _icettearentt in 79 (scratched thru) on July
25 or Sem werin Self and the above Officers and soldiers till Semptem.

Certified under my hand July 27th 1786 William Mitchell.
Teresa Stuart de Rios From: teresa stuart

Hi Tony,
Here is a rare copy of the 1779
Henry CO VA Militia list, Captin Daniel Carlin was the force behind this
Militia and included men who lived in "The Hollow". This was an area which includes present day Patrick
CO VA, Carroll CO VA and Surry CO NC (Northern ares by the VA line). Here is a Benjamin Johnson, I can
not place him. The Stewart´s are all mine, please forward this to Lee Johnston, I cannot find that
email address. Lee is related to me through the Stewart line. If you´d like, forward it to all your Johnson
researchers, myabe they can help. You will aso note that William Letcher served here. He was killed by
Tories in his house in Patrick CO VA in 1780. He is Jeb Stuart´s great grandfather, through his mother´s
line. Jeb grew up and was born on William Letcher´s farm.
Teresa Stuart de Rios From: teresa stuart

1779 Nov 2 Henry County INhabitants ask for a division of the county, includes Map: Library of Virginia government petitions.

1779 Nov 5:: Samuel Johnston by Transfer entry 410 acres of land on the branches of Leatherwood Creek bounded as follows ( towit) beginning at Garrot Birch corner white Oak in Lomax, geo. line thence with Birch & min line N42W86N to a red oak NW424N to a black gum N43E24N to a white oak thence New lines S76W114N to a post oak S41E24N to a ? enter N67W6N to Shorts Corner Spanish oak thence with his line S21W258N to a post oak thence new line N86E39N to a black Gum S65E56N to a post oak at his old corner thence with his old line E109N to his corner S315N to a corner post oak in Delosiars line thence north at E80N to a post oak at Lomax, Geo's line thence with it N10E73N to first station. NOTE Surveyed by John Dickenson :: taken from Henry County Deed and Survey Book of Henry County from LDS Film #0031973

1779 Nov 15 ::Surveyed for Samuel Johnston by transfer from Ralph Elkins 350 acres of land on the grassey fork of the fishing fork of Leatherwood Creek bounded as follows ( towit) Beginning at his own & Garret Birches corner white oak thence new line N20W264N to a chestnut tree N83W176N (?) crossing twa branches to a pine S16W196N to a Black gum S65E to Shorts corner & with his own line the same course 195N (?) crossing the said grassey fork to Thomas Conner Spanish oak of the same course Continued 6N to posifers at his own New line thence with it NWE34N to a post oak S76E111N to the first station. Henry County Deed and Survey Book

1779 June 10 to June 10 1780 ::Henry County list of Surveys By John Dickson and Assoc.

Samuel Johnson Pg 146 3::50 Acres on Leatherwood Creek and 272 acres on Leatherwood Creek:

Moses Johnson page 53 :: Doesn't give a location of the Land

James Johnson Page 114 Witness to ? (whose land and Where)

John Johnson Page 10 witness ? ( whose land and where) also a John on page 83 as a witness

Thomas Johnson Page 135 witness ? ( whose land and where )

The above received from Researcher Mary Holland

NOTE NO THOMAS MURRELL:: as his is paid by Thomas ( Long ) on 1779 TIthable list of Henry Co. Va

1780 Henry County Tithables note alpha list but can be broken apart into separate pages

James Johnson ( gone by 1782 Henry Co. Tithables)

William Johnson with Hudson

(Hudson Johnason has left for Washington Co. Tn and is there in 1783 with Rev. Thomas Murrell and the wife of the late James Johnston one Rebekah or Elizabeth Martin) per 1782 Tithables in area of Goblintown Creek and Buffalo Creek)

Jacob Johnson on sheet possible with John Johns

Thomas Murrell: Thomas (long) & Richard All Henry County Tithable from List by Lela C. Adams

1780 July 5 Lunenburg Co. John Rowland left land on Leatherwood Creek to John Wells, land he original bought from Paul Carrington::: Is this Joyce Wells Parents that married James Johnson ( Militia Major ) in 1790 Pittsylvania CO. as James Johnston owned land on Leatherwood Crk.

See also John Rowland of Henry Co p 37-39 Henry Co. Will Book.

RESEARCH NOTES: Paul CARRINGTON: July 21 1773 Prince Edward County testifies to the will of James Garden of St. Patrick Parish also testifying is a PETER JOHNSON.

Also of Note above is Paul Carrington is the son of George Carrington b 1711 St. Phillips Parish Barbaboes and Anne Mayo:::

Also see who Carringtons are related to John Dudgeon married to Catherine Caldwell daughter of Jane McHhie: Joseph Caldwell is Great Uncle to William and David Caldwell that signed the will of James Johnson who died in 1761 Lunenburg Co.Va. one son is Samuel Johnson.

1780 Mar 30:: Surveyed for Samuel Johnston by entry 272 acres of land on the branches of Leatherwood Creek of bounded as follows (towit) Beginning at his own Corner line on a Spear of a mountain thence with his own line to S83E176 N less joining a Brach to a Chestnut tree S70E11N to Dickenson's corner Chestnut tree thence with his line N38E25N to a red oak N31E42N to a white oak corner in Wells line thence with his line S15W14N Crossing a branch to a Red oak N11E44N to a Red oak n57E42N Crossing a branch to a red oak thence new line N43W40N to a Red oak S68W98 N to a pine on a spur of the said mountain thence along the mountains to the first Station. NOTE Surveyed by John Dickenson::: Henry County Deed and Survey Book

1781 Feb 1 Samuel Johnston ( Johnson and Jonson) 272 acres on waters of Leatherwood Creek adjoining Dickerson & c. Land Office Grants D 178-1781 ( v. 1 & 2 p. 1-930 p 493 ( Reel 45)

1781 Feb 1 Samuel Johnston ( Jonson and Johnson) 350 acres on the Grassy Fork of the FISHING FORK of Leatherwood Creek. Land Office Grants C 1780-1781 p 244 ( reel 44)

1781 Feb 1 Samuel Johnston ( Johnson) 410 acres on the branches of Leatherwood Creek ::Land Office Grants C 1780-1781 p 298 (Reel 44)

1781 Feb 1 Samuel Johnson Pittsylvania Co. deed 90 acres on the waters of Leatherwood Creek adjoining Short, Lomax, c:: Land office Grants D 1780-1781 ( V1 & 2 p 1-930) pg 508 ( reel 45)

note see 1779 Henry Co. Tithable is Randolph Lomax :

Note Check Pittsyl. 1782 Tithes for Lomax.

RESEARCH NOTE: John Lomax born 1674 died 1729 of Essex and Caroline COunties Va is son of Rev. John Lomax of EmanuelCollege Cambridge Enngland and Rector of Wooler Northumberland and North SHields

1781 March: Capt. Laniers Company marched to Guilford Courthouse in NC to AIde Gen. Greene:: Fisher Allen, John ALexander, Joseph Anglin, John Bowling, Charles Denham, John East, Howell Evey, Hans Hambleton, William Hays, NOBLE JOHNSON, Joyce, Sharwick Keziah, David Mays, Ham McCain, James Pratley, John RIchardson.

1781 March 1: Henry County: John Simmons: 638 acres on the Grassey Creek of Smiths River adjoining John Rowland: Land Office Grants D 1780-1781 vol 1 & 2 pg 582 on reel 45: Library of Virginia Archives Sections.

1781 Mar 29:: Surveyed for Samuel Johnston by transfer 265 acres of land on the branches of Leatherwood Creek of Bounded as follows ( towit) Beginning at Hamilton's corner chestnut tree in the Melton's line thence with Hamilton's line S66E100N to a white oak in Lomax, Geo. line thence with that line N36E28N to a white oak N20E334N crosing a branch to Poinders on a branch thence up the same as it meanders to a white oak corner in his own old line thence with it N50W130N to a white oak on Lomax's line thence with that line South166N crossing a branch to a red oak West86N to Poinders in Melton's line thence with that line S4E188 N to Poinders S55W45N to the first station. NOTE Surveyed by John Dickerson ::Henry County Deed and Survey book

1781 April 18: John Johnson from Elexicaus Music of Henry Co and John Johnson of Cumberland Co. 2,000: 97 acres land on Sandy Creek: Col Wynnes, James Collier: Wit. R. Williams, John Cox, John Dickenson, Henry Morgan. DB 6 page 93

1782 Tithable taxes for Henry Co.

Thomas Murrell by William Amos, William Lynch,John Newman,Joseph Newman,Daniel Goleby,Susannah Common,John Randall, and Henry Koger, Jacob Hogan ( all above his name:Below his name is John Hilton, George Mabry, John Fanill,William McAlexander, William Breeding Richard Pilson

Jacob Johnson::Names Above his: Archibald McCowan, John McCowan, Thomas Hill, James Grimes, John ROyality,Samuel Kinno,Cornelius Keith,Henry Harrison,Moses John: Names below his:: William Mitchell, Thomas Green, A. Shallon, William Wenn, David McGunn, Christopher Harrington

Joseph Shoresprice ( Joseph Shropshire ?)

William Johnson ::

See report sent out on Neighbors:: lives in area of Charity and Philpot lake area of Goblintown Creek :

Note he is gone by 1790 Henry County Tithes and not on 1791 Patrick Co. Tithes where his neighbors are:::

Rowland Chiles, we find the will of Henry Chiles of Henry Co. Va. died bef. Sept. 13 1777 as this is an estate sale:::

We find a Henry Chile's sells land to Joseph Byrd in Pittsylvania Co.Va. Book 1 page 70;;;

Note a Henry Chile's is in the 1782 Tithables 4 places from William Johnson::

( note this is the Chiles family of Walter Chiles of 1640 Henrico Co.VA)::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Next Neighbor is Samuel Perry::

on Aug 13 1792 he is a Grand Jury in Patrick Co: We find a Samuel Perry in Patrick Co. on Carr's Branch of Smith River by John Akers, Baker, Richard Tucker Manor, Joseph Miller and Samuel Perry per places named in 1791-1801 Patrick Co. :::

The next neighbor is John Ingram::

In Patrick Co. wills Feb 1 1814::: in 1764 in Cornwall Parish he is listed under Baker Degraffenreid, with 8 tithes and 1 wheel carriage, on this same 1764 list are Andrew Johnson, John Johnson Sr with John Johnson Jr:: Micheal Johnson:: John Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Richard Johnson,John Johnson,Daniel Johnson, Philemon Johnson, James Johnson, Isaac Johnson:::

We also find in Patrick CO. Records a John Ingram has a water grist mill on Head of Middle Fork of South Mayo River::::

Next Neighbor is Thomas Hubbard in Patrick Co. is one Jonathan Hubbard

( see his will below 1836 Henry Co.) In tithables of Pittsylvania County taken by Robert Chandlers names of Interest Lazarus Dodson, and Geo. Dodson taken by David Terry.

 NOTE Joel SHropshires wife is Mary "Polly Johnston: he has a sister who is married to a Chandler.:::

Also See Note on Hubbard surname under 1836 will of Henry Co.Va:::

Next neighbor is Samuel Noe, he lives on Goblintown Creek and also owns property on "PUPPY CREEK" by Henry Chiles per places named n 1791-1801 Patrick CO.Va, July 1792 Samuel Noes Plantation is in Patrick Co. Va. ( History of Patrick Co.):::

Next Neighbor is John Title,

found is one Anthony Title who lived on Goblintown Creek, in Patrick Co. per places named in Patrick Co. 1791-1801::

Next Neighbor is Samuel Allen, who has property on Buffalo Creek near Pole bridge, and on Old Still Branch near Buffalo Creek:::

Next is Blackmore Hughes:

lived on Smith River and Charity & Philpot Lake per 1791-1801 Patrick Co.Deeds :

next is John Newills nothing found re check as Newell::

next is Joseph Sheets this name is found in Co. B 10th Va Inf. Rockingham Co.Va::

next is Andrew Polson::

found in 1767 Pittsylvania Tithes with Lazarus and Geo. Dodson::

next is Anthony Title:: See John Title above::

Next is Peter Saunders

found in Henry CO. Wills 1779-1799: Executor of John Rowland's Estate will dated June 5 1780 who lived on Marrowbone Creek::: 1791-1801 Patrick CO. names a Peter Saunders is on Smith River and Charity and Philpot Lake neighbor is Ignations Simms on widgeon Creek::

NOTE SEE SIMMS / SYMES for Bartlett Simms relationship:::

Next neighbor is Benjamin Hubbard::

1767-1772 Court Records of Pittsylvania Co.Va.::March 1 1807 a Benjamin Hubbard has land on waters of Jacks Creek, a Benjamin Hubbard bought items from Millie Robertson decd. in Patrick CO. in 1820 and in 1774 a Benjamin Hubbard is in Caroline Co.::

:next Neighbor is Silas Ratliff, Order Book 1 Patrick CO. selected entry's::

next neighbor John Cegar

note this is John Koger and he lives on Goblintown Creek per names in 1791-1801 Patrick CO.Va.:::

Next is a William Lewis on 1750 Lunenburg Tithes taken by William Howard:::

For More see my report on Revisiting Henry County Census's for more information :

Note Andrew Johnson Estate (Prince Edward) Col. Samuel Woodson Venerale bought some slaves.

Research Note William Williams is appointed Surveyor of the road leading from SMITHS RIVER to LEATHERWOOD :: See 1751 Oct 2 :O.S. page 464: Lunenburg Co. ( Historical Virginia Roads)

Research Note:: Who is Baker Degrafenried to Tscharner Degrafenreid mentioned above and in 1751 Oct 2 Lunenburg ( Historical Virginia Roads)

1738 Journal of the Council of Virginia in Executive Session : Petition for Leave to take up his Majesties Land was read and granted to MICHAEL HOLLAND< HENRY CHILES< ALEXANDER TYNSON<, JAMES WALKER and JOSEPH WALKER 10,000 acres in BRUNSWICK County on the head of falling river ( Falling RIver is in present Campbell County) to begin at the said Tynson's Camp in one or more tracts. http://www/

RESEARCH NOTE:1777 Feb 15 : Thomas Hubbard and Rachel his wife sell to John Johnson for 20 pounds right of dower in land, where on James Johnson father of said John Johnson lately dwelled which at his death fell by heirship unto sd. John Johnson and Thomas Hubbard and Rachel his wife. Witness: William M. Crud(?) Joseph Farrar, WIllm Baker (BHM) Rec. Feb 15 1777 DB #12 page 24:: Report of Bone Flythe RESEARCH NOTE: 1777 Nov. Mathew Riddle sells to John Johnson land Mathew Riddle purchased of Thomas Hubbard, 50 acres on waters of Tuckahoe Creek. Bounded by John Johnson, Thomas Ford, John ____________, heirs of WILLIAM JOHNSON: Rec. Feb 15 177 DB #12 pg 72::Found by Bonnie Flythe

RESERCH NOTE: 1764 tithables Lunenburg Co. Cumberland Parish taken by David Garland is Matthew Hubbard son ralph Hubbard also in this list is one William Johnson

RESeARCH NOTE:: 1764 Lunenburg Co. Va St. James Parish by RIch Witten John Hubbard on this list is Phillimon Johnson, James Johnson, Henry Isbell and Isaac Johnson ( note Rebekah Martin married James Johnson Feb 1776 so this isnt the same James Johnson widow that Hudson JOhnson Followed)

RESEARCH NOTE: 1756 Halifax Co. Va Edward Hubbard grantor to James Dillard on Stratestone Creek is this Straightstone Creek?? also of Note is 1756 May 20 Halifax Co. Edward Hubbard grantor to JOSEPH BALLENGER 176 acres on Chiress Creek :: Is this Nancy B. Ballengers???

RESEARCH NOTES: Area of Goblintown/ Gobblingtown deeds are first registered in 1748 by Meschack Turner in Halifax County ::in 1778 area is in Henry Co.Va::in 1791 area is in Patrick Co.Va. ALso Mesheck Turner was married to Rebecca Robertson could Meshack be a sounding name for Mesuix(sic) need to look up this name.

RESEARCH NOTE: Daniel Johnson died 1749 is married to Mary Saunders father is John Saunders how or does Peter Saunders connect who is living by William Johnson

RESEARCH NOTE a Marth Hughes married Benjamin Johnson so of James Johnson the Elder does Blakcmore Hughes have any connections???

Hezekiah Johnson::

above his name: John Smith: Murdock Stewart::Thomas Smith:: Stephen Renfro, George Rowland Sr, John Rea,James Rea, John Rowland, John Richardson,

below his name: William Stephens, John Stephens, John Simmons, Richard Shore, James Sprallen, William Swanson Sr. Josiah Sims, Eli nor Turbin. William Sims:

RESEARCH NOTE: HEzekiah Johnson in Humphreys County Census ?? what year

Samuel Johnston

above his name::Thompson Dickson, Samuel Tarrant, Thomas Hopper, Charles Hardman, Sophia Harkum, Thomas Hay, Thomas Bailey, Elizabeth Webb, below his name:: Larkin Tarrant, William Thomason, John Birch, John Miller, John Booth, John Gravely, Richard Tankersly ,Elizabeth Webb ( widow of Sylvanus Webb above July 1777 )

Nancy's Note:: Samuel Johnson is a farmer, wagon maker and a blacksmith

David Johnson:

Names above his: John Clement, John Craggs, Thomas Eggliston,, Michael Watson, David Watson, William Stevens, names below his, William Acuff, Nicholas Akin, Samuel Walton, Joseph Gravely, Joseph Crouch, Robert Sanford, Robert Pearson,, George Sandford, William Tunstall Esq.

RESEARCH NOTE:: IN 1782 Gone are Hudson Johnson and James Johnson and Noble Johnson from 1780 Tithable lists:::

Hudson Johnson has left with the Rev. Thomas Murrell who has re-married the widow Rebekah or Elizabeth Martin Johnston the wife of a late James Johnston: They go into Carters Valley in 1783, what is known as Washington CO. NC::: this area becomes Sullivan Co. Tn then to Hawkins Co. Tn. We Know that Hudson Johnston per 1790 deed in Hawkins Co. Tn he bought the Land from Stokley Donaldson ( son of Col. John Donelson of Halifax Co and Pittsylvania Co) Hudson Johnston settled between an Ingram ( ? William Ingram) and a Simms ( ? Bartlett Sims) and in 1790 a William Johnson is on the Voters Rolls of Hawkins Co. Tn.

1782 April 15 Surveyed for Moses Johnson by entry on the head fork of Paul's Creek on the North side of the good spur under the mountain of bounded as follows ( towit) beginning at the Chestnut tree on the side of the mountain on the south side of the branch thence new line S67E80N crossing the said creek to a chestnut tree on the North side of the said mountain thence down the side of said mountain 450 poles to a corner white oak thence new line N80W80N to crossing the Creek to a Red Oak thence up the said mountain to the first station ::: Surveyed by Testee John Dickerson :::Henry County Deed and Survey Book

1782 June 8: Henry County INhabitants ask for th formation of a new county from parts of Henry and Bedford.Library of Virginia Government Petitions.

RESAERCH NOTES 1810 Nov 10 Indenture made Zadrick Combs ,this COunty of Grayson State of Va of the one party an Moses Rody of the County Aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that for and in consideration of two hundred and 20 dollars to Said COMBS in hands paid before the delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged that bargained and sold and delivered unto Moses Rody a certain tract of land situate lying and being in the COunty of Grayson and the State of VA on the HEAD OF PAULS CREEK on East side of SUGARLOAF surveyed by ISAAC JOHNSON bounded as followeth to:: more follows: But Deed signed by ZADEKIAH COMBS, JOn SCUDDERS (Seal) WITNESSES: JOSEPH JOHNSON seal, JOHN JOHNSON, Jab Johnson:: NOte what county was PAULS Creek in earlier?? This was one Moses Johnson Henry Co. Surveys on April 15 1782 on Pauls Creek North side and in 1790 also Henry Co. Tithes 1 paid. :::::: Also of Note is Combs ties into Rev. THomas Murrell and to Hudson Johnson, families who died in Dickson CO. Tn.

1783 - William MATLOCK - Henry Co. Va. - Deed from Jos. WEBSTER

1783 Dec 6 Blackmore Hughes in Henry Co. patents 687 acres on Buffalow Creek and branches of Smith River per land grants 1 1783-1784 page 233


Note a Benjamin Johnson in the lines of Michael Johnson is married to a Martha Hughes: Is  there any connection here to Blackmore Hughes?


ReSearch NOTES: BLACKMORE HUGHES: From Darrell Elder on Roots File Name ROUTT:  Blackmore Hughes was born abt 1720 in prob. Amelia County Va died 1786 in Henry Co.Va. he was first married to Elizabeth Roberts born abt 1720 in Va and died aft 1755 in possible Hanover Co. Va.: They had children John Hughes, George Hughes, Mary Hughes, Blackmore Hughes Jr, Elizabeth Hughes, Sarah Hughes and Thomas Hughes possible all born before 1755 in Hanover Co. Va.: Son George Hughes died 1831 in Bedford CO. Va. married an Elizabeth Adams born abt 1764 died aft 1850 in Bedford Co.Va., they had one son identified as Beverage Hughes who died abt 1796 in BEdford Co.Va.::other chidler to George and Eliazabeth are: John Hughes of Bedford Co: Cene or Reaney Hughes of Bedford Co: Sarah Hughes of Bedfrod Co: Samuel Hughes of Bedford Co: amd Mary "Polly" Huges of Bedford Co.

SUBNOTES: Blackmore Hughes buried in Hughes Cemetery in Henry County Va.

RESEARCH NOTES:1782 William Johnson on tithes beside Rowland Chiles and Blackmore Hughes::: IN 1780 Hudson Johnson and William Johnson together on Tithables of Henry County. Rowland Chiles & Blackmore Hughes Live on Buffalo Creek.


Rowland Chiles is the son of Henry Chiles and ? Rowland off the lines of Walter Chiles Ship owner.


1784 - William MEDLOCK, Sr. Henry Co. Va. - Made Sheriff


1784 - Charles MATLOCK - Henry Co. Va. - Bought land


1784 June abstracts of Deeds of Henry County Va. 1784-1792 John Shields of Pittsylvania County to sell lands in Henry Co. to Samuel Johnston on both sides of Turkey Creek for sum 160 lbs. Land in Henry Co. on Both Sides of Turkey Cocke Creek. ( See Nancy's reports) ( also Mary's finds) Note: Turkey Cocke records in 1736 Brunswick Co.Va::Then into Halifax County 1752 Antrim Parish , then 1769 in Pittsylvania Co. Va. in 1777 Henry Co.Va. then in 1791 in Patrick Co.Va.

1784 June 4 Deed pgs 20,21::John Shields of the County of Pittsylvania State of Virginia to Samuel Johnston of Henry Co. Va. for the sum of one hundred sixty pounds sells land in Henry Co. on both sides of Turkey COcke Creek containing by estimate 400 acres with John Cummings and Edwards SMITHS lines: Witnesses: EDWARD SMITH::JOHN CUNNINGHAM::KILLIS BALLINGER: JOSEPH CUNNINGHAM: JOHN SHIELDS:: Proved 26 Aug. 1784 Henry Co. Va court.::LDS FILM # 2055330

1784 Aug 15: Henry County John Kendrick pgs 35-36 Henry Co. Deed Book: John Kendrick of Henry Co. to Nicholas Coger (Koger) of the same for the sum of 20 pounds sells lands on Smith River beginning at Thomas Huff's line crosses Buffalow  Creek to Thomas Harbour's corner on Smith River containing more of less 250 acres Witn None Signed John Kendrick.

SUB NOTES: THOMAS HARBOUR: 1753 130 acres on Irwin River at mouth of Puping Creek in Lunenburg Co. Va: 1753 Halifax Co: 318 acres, South Side of Goblintown Creek:: 1753 Halifax County 140 acres on Both sides of Blackberry Town Creek:: 753 Halifax County 150 acres on Irwin River adjoining lands of Charles White::1753 Halifax County 115 acres on North Fork of Goblin Town Creek::1753 Halifax County: 144 acrres on South side of Sycamore Creek:: 1753 Halifax Co 204 acres on both sides of Sycamore Creek::1753 Halifax Co. 354 acres on both sides of Fall Creek::1745 Goochland Co, 400 acres on North Branches of Herseleys Creek:: 1737 Goochland Co: 1463 ares on both sides of Bellingers Creek:: 1734 Goochland Co. 400 acres on the north side of Rivanna and on both sides of Ballengers Creek::

1785-86 Franklin County Formed from Parts of Henry County and Bedford Co.Va.

1785 - Charles MATLOCK - Henry Co. Va. - Sold Land.

1785 - William MATLOCK - Henry Co. Va. Deed to Jn. PHILPOTT.

1785 March 21:: Samuel Johnston sells to Francis Hill of Prince Edward County land on both sides of Baretree Creek of Chestnut Creek.( note this is a creek in Charlotte CO.Va) Nancy's Report note three Samuels one is Henry Co. and one in Charlotte Co. per tithable lists. and one in Halifax Co. deeds in 1785 ( this is a Henry Co. Deed so this must be the Samuel in Henry Co.Va) Nancys report source quoted Abstract of Deeds of Henry Co. Va books 111 & lV Witnesses John Cunningham, Belly (X) Conway: Signed Samuel Johnston, Betty Johnston proved at a court Held for Henry County Va 24 March 1785::: LDS Film 2055330

1785 March 24 Deed pgs 83, 84:: Samuel Johnston of Henry Co. to David WATSON of the same for one hundred pounds containing bt estimate 450 acres on the branches of Leatherwood Creek beginning at GARROT BIRCHES corner and Lomax & co. also part of another tract or parcel of land to make out the 450 acres or less, this is with SHORT"S corner and HOOKER's old line. WItn. none signed Samuel Johnston proved Mar 24 1785 Henry Co.Va.::Abstracts of Henry Co.Va Deeds: LDS Film 2055330 ::No witness signed Samuel Johnston proved 24 March 1785 Henry Co.Va Court.

1785 Mar 24 p 14 Samuel Johnston to Henry Watson for 100 pounds 450 acres on branches of Leatherwood Crk. abstract of Deed of Henry Co. Va books 3 and 4 Aug 1784- June 1792 ( Nancy's research) NOTE How is this Watson connected to Sarah Watson wife of Michael Johnson died 1718 on Tuckahoe Creek and to Watson

1785 March 24 Deed pgs 88,89: Samuel Johnston of Henry Co. to Mathew Wells of the same for twenty five pounds conveys 272 acres by estimate on the branches of Leatherwood Creek with DICKENSON's corner and a spur of Turkey Cock Mountain. WIt. none proved 24 March 1785 Henry Co. Va Court. Abstracts of Henry Co.Va Deed Book LDS Film # 2055330

1785 Sept. 20 Jacob Johnson ( Johnston) 45 acres on both side of Lovings Creek:: Land Office Grants R 1785 p 423 ( reel 58) Library of Virginia Archves Section

1786 Henry County give land to Franklin CO. Va along with lands from Bedford Co.:::

1786 Jan 23 Deed pgs 212,213::Mathew WELLS of Pittsylvania Co. to James HALEY of Henry Co. for 17 pounds sells 140 acres more or less being part of a tract Wells purchased of Samuel Johnston on Leatherwood Creek to Turkeycock Mountain. Witnesses: John Wells, Thomas Dickerson Jr, Nathan Ryan and Barnaba Wells proved 27 April 1786 Henry Co.Va::: LDS Film # 2055330

1786 Oct: 1786 Rutherford County, NC Deed Book E, page 44:
This indenture made the 3rd day of October in the year of our lord 1786 between John Richmond of Henry County and state of Virginia and John Tabor of the county of Rutherford and state of North Carolina : (sold land to Tabor on Beaverdam Creek of Broad river, patented to Richmond 2 March 1775) Witness was James Richmond.

Notes: 1782: (Need to obtain correct source!) William Johnson (of Sandy run) made oath in court that he was a subscribing witness to a certain deed of conveyance from JOHN RICHMOND to (James Hope or Pope?) for 200 acres land lying (on) Beaver Dam Creek, branch of Fisrt (should this be French?) Broad River, and that sd ded was taken and burnt in his presence by Samuel Brown the Robber. Sherman566

1786 Nov 10:::Survey for a Jacob Johnson 45 acres of land on both side of Lovings Creek by warrant dated 20 March 1783 N15119 and bounded as follows (towit) Beginning at a gum on the said creek thence new line SE68E43N to a poplar S76W40N to a white oak East36N on a branch thence sown the same as it meaner to the said creek & down the Creek as it meanders & the cross S4E20N to a Malbury tree thence New line N48W46N to a maple on the creek thence up the same as it meanders to a poplar at the mouth of a branch N47W47N crossing said branch twice to a hickory N73W48N to a post oak N7E48N to a position on the Second fork of said creek thence over the same S51E30N to said Creek thence (?) the same to a cross to the first station.:::: Surveyed by William Wood apprentice to John Dickerson Surveyor. ::Henry County Deed and Survey Book

Henry County 1787 Personal Property Tax Lists

List A

Samuel Johnson - self responsible for tax

visited April 29

1 white male over 16, under 21

1 black over 16

2 blacks under 16

2 horses/mules

15 cattle

& 1 unnamed male over 21

[ ? ] Samuel Johnson responsible for tax

visited 4/29; no taxable data

April 29 - List A _ George Waller, Commissioner for District A

Richard Griffin

John Griggs

John Haley

Samuel Johnson

Peter Jones

John McBride

William McBride

David Johnson - self responsible for tax

visited May 2

0 white males over 16, under 21

0 blacks over 16

0 blacks under 16

2 horses/mules

6 cattle

James Johnson - self responsible for tax

visited May 2

0 white males over 16, under 21

0 blacks over 16

0 blacks under 16

3 horses/mules

0 cattle

May 2 - List A

Barneba Hailey

Ephram Haines

Daniel Jackson

David Johnson

James Johnson

John Mastin

Thomas Mastin

James Melvin

List B

Jacob Johnson - self responsible for tax

visited May 31

1 white male over 16, under 21

0 black over 16

0 black under 16

7 horses/mules

13 cattle

Joseph Ray Johnson - self responsible for tax

visited May 31

0 white males over 16, under 21

0 blacks over 16

0 under 16

3 horses/mules

4 cattle

May 31 - List B _ Edward Tatum, Commissioner for District B

Adraon Anglen

William Higgenbottom

Jacob Johnson

Joseph Ray Johnson

Michael Kelley

Andrew McGown

John McGown

Rodham Moore

Moses Johnson - self responsible for tax

visited June 2

0 white males over 16 under 21

0 blacks over 16

0 black under 16

0 horses/mules

2 cattle

June 2 - List B

Martin Doyall

George Evans

Abraham Hawks

Moses Johnson

Andrew King

David Payne

John Reynes

[Netti Schreiner-Yantis and Florene Speakman Love, "The Personal Property Tax Lists For The Year 1787 For Henry County, Virginia", Genealogical Books In Print, Springfield, VA, 1987, pp. 665, 672, 677, 681]

Tony; The Lists were arranged and dated by or from the tax commissioner's record. Let me know if you'd like some more names.

Bill H.

1787 April a Pole kept for John MARR at an election held for HENRY County Virginia at the Courthouse on Monday 9th day of April 1787::: DAVID JOHNSON ( Disputed) names of interest on this poe are Thomas Bolling, Thomas R.G. Adams, James Bowling (disputed), Charles Cox, James EDWARDS, Joseph Chandler, Benjamin Hubbard, David Watson, Preston Kendrick, William Roberson, David Mays, Isham Edwards, John Oldham Gooding Mays, Shared Mays, Joseph Gravely, Washington Lanier.

RESEARCH NOTES::: I take it that Lewis Lanier, the grandson, b. 1736, was son of Sampson Lanier, b. circa 1712-13, who was the son of a Thomas Lanier, b. circa 1680-90, came to Virginia circa 1709-10, married 1712, Eliza Johnson, the stepdaughter of Col. Joseph Ball, Lancaster Co., Va., and the halfsister of Mary Ball, the mother of Washington, and that the latter was thus the 'aunt' of Sampson and
Lewis Lanier.
As I show in 'Virginia Genealogies' p. 58, and especially in my paper en titled 'Mary Washington', published in the Magazine of American History, July 1893, Col. Joseph Ball had only one child by his second wife, who was Mrs. Mary Johnson, a widow; that child was Mary, the mother of Washington. He had no daughter who could correspond with the wife of Lewis Lanier, b. 1736. His daughter Elizabeth (Mrs. Carnegie), died before 1711. It is known however that he did have a stepdaughter, Eliza Johnson, to whom in 1711 he by will devised 100 acres in Lancaster Co., Va. She was the daughter of Mrs. Mary Johnson, he 2d wife, by a former husband, and thus halfsister to Mary Ball. Mary was born 1708, not as is per-sistently asserted by careless writers - Nov. 30, 1706, a year before her
parents wre married!
Of the history of Eliza Johnson subsequent to Col. Ball's death I have learned nothing definite. There is not a word of evidence that her mother with her children went to England, as is stated by Marian Harland, Hon. Jno. W.Daniel at the monument of Mrs. Washington May, 1894, and others. Mary Ball was probably never in England, certainly was never married there. Col. Ball gave his wife a part of his estate during her natural life, with stock, slaves, etc.; to his daughter Mary, he gave 400 acres in Richmond Co.; to Eliza Johnson,100 acres in Lancaster Co. The Lancaster Co. records could show what disposition she made of this land. She was probably 15 or 18 years old when Col.ball died, born say 1695, and of suitable age to have married Thomas Lanier.
On no other hypothesis can I explain the tradition repeated by Mrs. Bryson that her grandmother called Mrs. Washington 'aunt', and the tradition thus accounted for that a Lanier married a sister of the mother of General Washington,that this. - i.e: Thomas Lanier b. say 1680-90, came to Va. about 1700 to 1710, m. about 1711-12 Eliza or Elizabeth Johnson, halfsister to the mother of Washington, had Sampson Lanier, b. say 1712-13, who had Lewis Lanie b 1736. Eliza and Elizabeth are the same name, and were so used in the 18th century.The close association of rs. Lanier with the Washingtons, through the marriage of her halfsister Mary, will easily account for the introduction of the name
Washington into the herein tradition. I will be glad if any one can corroborateor disprove the above hypothesis." Horance Edwin Hayden.
Historical Notes William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 1. (Jul., 1894), pp. 68-74.

1787 April a Poll taken or a section of Delegates at Henry County Courthouse the 9th day of April for ABRAHAM PENN esq..:: # 58: Samuel Johnson::: notes #57 is John INGRAM::#56 is James INGRUM::#55 Elisha VINSON (disputed):: #53 Samuel CRUTHCER;;#52 James ELKINS:: # 51 Mathew Small:: #50 William ADAMS::#49 VALENTINE MAYO ( note this is one of mine and Pegs MAYO LINES)::# 48 ANTHONY TITLE::: GOING HIGHER ON THE LIST: #59 John Day::#60:: William WITT ( ???? De witt) # 61:: George Waller::#62::John Hayley or Hailey::#63: Daniel Smith:: # 64 Robert Warden::# 65: Joseph Bolling: #66 Phillip ANGLIN: # 67 George DODSON: # 68 Jesse Reynolds: #69: John Hutchens: # 70 Michael Watson

1787 April 9th::A poll taken on the election of Delegates held at the Henry County Courthouse the 9th April 1787 for THOMAS COOPER esquire:: # 31: DAVID JOHNSON (disputed) ::: #30: William Bolling ( disputed):: #29 Richard BOATMAN (disputed) :: #28 William Roberson:: #27 Mathew Raney::# 26 James Edwards:: # 25 William Stephens::#24 Joseph PEDEGO::#22 David Watson going higher on the list # 32 John Homes, #33 John Griggs, # 34 BEVERAGE HUGHES, # 35 JOSHUA DILLINGHAM:: # 36 John BIRD::# 37 Charles Burnett: notes # 79 on this list is Samuel Johnson # 80 is William Witt

RESERCH NOTE:: Martha HUghes married Benjamin Johnson son of James the Elder any connection to Beverage Hughes?? or Blackmore hughes above??

1787 Aug 11 Inquisition taken at the delivery House of John Forsil (?) on Leatherwood to view the body of Charles SPROUSE late of Henry Co. then and there being dead and upon the oaths of John WELLS FOREMAN, SAMUEL JOHNSON, EDWARD SMITH, JAMES MORTON, JOHN BOOTH, JOHN ACUFF, FRANCIS COX, THOMAS LETCH_WORTH, ALEXANDER MCCULLOCK< REUBEN NANCE< JOSIAH DENNIS< JOHN MINTER< THOMAS CHAPMAN< JOHN PHILLIPS<JOHN HALEY< WILLIAM ACUFF< JOHN ACUFF JR.< WILLIAM MITCHELL< THADDEUS SALMON< JOHN OLDHAM< JOSEPH MARTHELY< JAMES BOWLING< HENRY JONES< AND JAMES HALEY, to determine how Charles SPROUSE came by his death. That one J. FORISICE jr. late of Henry County not having GOD before his eyes but being seduced by the instigation of the DEVIL on the 10 August felloniously, vollintary and of his malice of for thought with a gun made of iron of a value of thirty shillings, held in his right hand in and upon the belly of the said CHARLES SPROUSE below the navel shot a brace of lead, of which wound the said CHARLES SPROUSE died instantly. The Jurors do say that the said J.FORSICE at the time of committing the murder had goods and chattels contained in the inventory following Nine negroes< HARRY< KADRICK< KATE< HENRY< WILL< JUDAH< MILDRED< PETER< DINAH ( infirn) 7 horses, 15 head cattle, 12 sheep, 22 hogs, 2 feather beds and furniture, 3 plows, 7 hoes, 3 axes, 10 pewter basins, 9 pewter dishes 18 plates, spoons a crop of corn and tobacco growing a quantity of wheat, rye and oats. recorded 11 Aug. 1787::LDS Film # 2055330

1787 Nov 12 Deed pg 405::JAMES WILLIAMS of Henry Co. Va to William Brown of the same for a sum of money conveys 260 acres on Leatherwood Creek joining HAILE:::Witnesses ROBERT STOCKTON:: SAMUEL JOHNSTON::REUBEN NANCE:: signed James Williams proved 14 April 1788 ""LDS Film # 2055330

1787 NOV 15::DEED pgs 418,419 JAMES WILLIAMS and WILLIAM BROWN of Henry CO. to Francis NORTHCUTT of Charlotte County for the sum of One hundred pounds sell and covey 150 acres on both sides of the west side of a fork on Leatherwood Creek, being part of a tract formerly granted by patent to THOMAS BOLLING of Charlotte Co. adjoins the lines of Robert PEDIGO< John HALEY, and the widow WILLIAMS:: WI: JOHN ACUFF, SAMUEL JOHNSTON<< ROBERT STOCKTON<REUBEN NANCE< NATHAN NORTHCUT. proved 9 June 1788 :: LDS film 2055330

1788 Franklin County Records :: Deed to Edward Cockram from Wm. Edwards, July 18, 1788 for 50 lbs a tract of land of 200 acres. a part of a 400 tract patented by Edwards in 1753 on the deviding ridge between Shooting Creek and Partly in Henry (now Patrick). Part of the line runs with line of Charles Rakes an with the line to Edward Cockram. http://www/ note: Cockram surname where it is first mentioned in this report???

1788/10/4, William Johnson, Moderator, Beaver Crk, Henry Co VA Statistic of the Mettings of the Strawberry Bapt Asso. of VA Notes on the History of the SBA, Biting, end of book, no p# From Sherrie Boone

1788 Sept. 15 Pittsylvania County Wills abstracts 1767-1820::Archibald Johnston's will proved:: sons identified as James, Wm. Samuel and Obediah Johnston ::D7W 11p 304. NOTE THIS FULL WILL NEEDS TO BE CHECKED as Henry was formed from parts of Pittsylvania County and just the names mentioned.

1789 April Henry Co. Pg 82 pages 508-509 Samuel Johnston to Henry Laurence for 50 pounds sells 100 acres on both sides of Turkey Cocke Creek: Signed Samuel and Betty Johnson ( provided by Nancy D. and Mary H. on different occasions) ( which County is Turkey Cocke in??)

1789 AUg 21 Pgs 65, 66 Deed of Trust between ACHILLIS BALLENGER and CALLAND & SMITH MERCHANTS. said BALLINGER is indebted in the amount of seventy five pounds and conveys a parcel of land being 325 acres more or less, it being the balance of 425 acres which he purchased of JOSEPH MORTON and EDWARD SMITH and recorded in Henry CO.. to include the plantation and all land that lies on the North side of WELL"s Road and one negro wench named LIZA :: Witn: LA TOMKINS Jr. :: SAmuel Johnston::James ISHAM signed Achillis BALLENGER :: LDS Film # 2055330

1789 Nov 28: Adam Turner: Henry County: pgs 51-53 Deeds: Nicholas Cogar ( Kogar) to Adam Turner both of Henry Co. for the sum of 60 pounds sells land on Smith River with lines of Thomas Huff and opposite Thomas Harbours corner on Smith River and crosses Buffalo Creek contianing 250 acres> Signed Nicholas Koger.

1790 Tax List Henry Co

(4) James Southerwood Johnson A-08 Paid may 27 1790
(2) David Johnston A-08 Paid on April 3 1790 Also paying on this date were is James Johnston, John Johnston, Ambrose Jones, Greogery Jones
(2) James Johnston A-08 Paid on April 3 1790 ( Nancy's & Patricia's;; James Johnston on Turkey Cocke Creek Henry Co. )
(2) John Johnston A-08 Paid on April 3 1790
Nelson Johnston A-08 Paid June 18 1790 Note on March 24 1787 a Nelson Johnson is in Charlotte Co. Va Tax's
Samuel Johnston A-08 ( Leatherwood Creek) Paid April 29

(1) Joseph Johnson B-10 paid March 31 ( 2 tithes)
(1) Joseph Rea Johnson B-10 Paid March 31 1790 ( 2 tithes)
Lewis Johnson B-10 (in 1791 He is in Patrick County Tax's) paid in May ? ( 3 tithes)

(3) Terry Johnson paid May 17 1790 1 tithe ? is this Terisha Johnson ( who has left Warren County NC and his lands are pd by ? on Nutbush Creek ) Sims Johnson also Pd.on this date along with Tate Jones and William Jones

Holson Johnston pd June 18 1790 same day as Nelson Johnson

(1) Jacob Johnson pd March 31 ( 2 tithes)
(1) Moses Johnson B-10 Paid March 31 ( 1 tithe)

Notes: John Adams lived in Goblingtown Creek : William Adams lived in Goblintown Creek IN 1790 other names on this List John Holland was on this list with Hall Hudson, Obadiah Hudson, and Thomas Hudson, Daniel Hutcherson, John Hutchinson, John Ingram, ( note a David Hutchinson administered the will of William Johnson who died in Charlotte Co. Va. ) Other names of Interest:: John Burgess::Charles Dodson::George Dodson Jr::George Dodson Sr::Thomas Mayo::::Valentine Mayo Jr. and Valentine Mayo Sr:: ( Mayo's are one of my Blood lines)

MY NOTE the Sylvester Adams that came into Dickson Co Father is John Adams died 1782 in Halifax Co.Va He was married to a Susan WOOD (? Stephen Wood married Anne Johnson a Joseph to Michael Johnson descendant) .Sylvester Adams brother William Adams was born on Black Walnut and die s there in 1839:: Now the Father of John Adams who died 1782 is one William Adams who died 1789 in Charlotte Co.Va . NOTE IS THERE any connection to a Joseph Wood who payed his taxes on APril 28 1789 in Pitsylvania Co. with John Johnson

1790 Aug 23 or 24: Married: James Johnson or James Johnston wife Joice: W7945: BLW #12271-100 & BLW #121-60-55 VA Line: soldier received a pension under act of 1828 May 15 at $15.00 per month, Soldier married Joice or Joyce Wells 189 April 23 or 1790 Aug 24 in Henry Co. Va and he died there 1841 April 30 or 1842 ( all dates shown) widow applied 1845 Feb 7 Henry Co. Va age 77 and she applied for BLW in 1855 Pg 1862: 1855 Abstract of Rev. War Pension Files

1790 Aug 24 James Johnson ( 1790 Tithable List Henry Co. ) is married to Joyce Wells he lives on Turkey Cocke Creek and owns land on Bantree of Chestnut Creek and on Leatherwood Creek )


1790 Nov 17:::Survey for Joseph Johnson 24 acres of land by transfer & part of warrant of 247 acres (/) to Joshua Stone the 7th day of March 1783 WN15,120 on both sides of Lovings Creek and bounded as followith beginning on a white oak on the Southside of said creek thence S24E61N to a poplar N88E25N crossing a branch to a Spanish oak S45E88N to a pine in his old line with the same S87E14N to a beech on he fork of said creek up this and S`8W50N crossing (/) creek to a poplar N--52W82N crossing said creek to a white oak thence the same as it meanders to the first station :: Surveyed For B( meaning signed) Britt Stovall apprentice to Tho. Stovall ::Henry County Deed and Survey Book

1790 Deed

Robert Hughes to Martin Amos:

Indenture made this 6th day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Ninety between Robert Hughes of Henry Co. of one part and Martin Amos of the same County Witnesseth that said Robert Hughes for and in considerations of 60 pounds current money to him in hand paid the receipt whereof forth hereby acknowledge and to him in hand paid the receipt where of he doth acknowledge and himself fully satisfied and paid hath granted bargained and sold, released and confirm unto the said Martin Amos on certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Henry on both sides of Buffalow Creek and bounded as Follows to wit. Beginning at a Chestnut Tree in John Kendrick's line thence new lines South 55 degrees West One hundred and forty six poles to a poplar in Hughes Line thence along said Hughes line as it (?) to a small branch on Smith River > ( partial as all names are mentioned) Witn: John Henderson, Elisha Harbour Hughes and Moses Harbour (BHM)


RESEARCH NOTES: 1785 Dec 2: Henry County: Thomas Henderson: 336 acres on both sides of Smith River adjoining JOHN HENDERSON: Land Grants X 1785, pg 442 on reel 64


RESEARCH NOTES: 1800 March 8 PATRICK COUNTY: David Harbour 50 acres on the South waters of Sycamore Creek adjoining MOSES HARBOUR : Land Office Grants # 43 1799-1800 pg 467 on reel 109


RESEARCH NOTE: Search on the Name John Kendrick:: Deed Book A page 368 Feb 27 1749:: John Kendrick and his wife Marylin to Richard Cole for 30 pounds, 200 acres lying on both sides of the south fork of Contrary Creek as follows: Beginning at John C----- corner. Crossing the south fork of Contrary Creek corner pine of Compton's line:: Witness William Kendrick, BENJAMIN BIBB and JAMES JOHNSON


John Kendrick died 1807 in Mecklenburg Co. Va; Wife is Amy:: Deceased daughter Molly Cunningham her children are Keziah Cunningham, Rebecca Cunningham, George Cunningham, Sally Cunningham, Baird Cunningham with a grandson John Cunningham:  John Kendrick's deceased Daughter is SARAH PATRICK, daughter Keziah STEVENS, son John Kendrick, daughter Obedience DINKINS, daughter Lucy DINKSIN, a Grandson Greenberrry Stephens.


MY NOTES SOME HOW THIS CONNECTS: Possible a Cousin to John Kendrick of Buffalow Creek.  


Notes on John Kendrick Sr. born abt 1729 in Va died 1802 in Washington CO. Va. In 1779 lived on Buffalow Creek in Henry Co. Va.. He is reported to be son of Thomas Kendrick and Elizabeth Preston per info on  


Notes Cunninghams are another Family connected to James randolph Robertsons family


Notes: Tony, the Shropshires (the first to this area) lands were near the Virginia border of Rockingham/Henry County line on Buffalo Creek near Stoneville, NC.  They attended Matrimony Primitive Baptist Church along with the Hill family of who many of them married up with.  Winkfield Shropshire moved on to Georgia then on to Tennessee.  Saint John Shropshire remained in Rockingham County and I believe died here and was connected to a Mary "Polly" Shropshire (who was possibly his daughter).   Polly Shropshire also lived and died here in Rockingham County.  Somehow Saint John obtained his brother's land and then either sold or lost it to Dutton Hill.  Polly Shropshire purchased this land back and Saint John's name remained on the deed as "lands formerly belonging to Saint John Shropshire" for over 70 years on into the early 1900s.  Polly had a daughter named Elizabeth Shropshire who also had children. 


So, the creeks in Rockingham County was "Buffalo Creek" and it forks nearby where his land was located.  Also, this Matrimony Primitive Baptist Church was very close to his lands. 


Hope this has helped.




1791 Mar 24::Surveyed for Lewis Johnson 65 acres of land by part of a warrant of 100 acres of land to Abraham Penn the 24 Oct 1783 by warrant 24,174 (?) on sells spur corner red oak thence new lines N65E95N crossing a branch to a Hickory N25W31N to a Hickory N15E14N to a chestnut N79E32N to a chestnut N32E32N to a popular on Squirrel Creek, thence new line S15W30N to a polar S30E38N to a chestnut S16(?)80W56N to a chestnut oak S63W38N to pointers ( poinders?) in said Order line thence with it S42W60N to the first station:: Surveyed by testee Tho. Stovall:::Henry County Deed and Survey Book

1792 July 3 Pgs 356, 357 Proved July Court 1792 SAMUEL JOHNSON of Henry Co. to Samuel HUGHES of the same for the sum of One hundred fifty pounds sells a tract of land containing 200 acres on Turkey Cock Creek:: Signed Samuel Johnson:: Witnes:: Samuel Calland::BOWKER SMITH:: SAMUEL TOMPKINS Jr.

REEARCH NOTE Martha Hughes mar. Benjamin Johnson son of James Johnson the ELder:: ALso any connection to Blackmore Hughes or Beverage Hughes this report.

1792 July 4 pgs 353-5 Proved July Court 1792:: Deed of Trust SAMUEL HUGHS of Henry Co. to Samuel CALLAND of Pittsylvania Co. in the amount of one Hundred twenty six pounds fifteen shillings a penny and a half penny that the said SAMUEL HUGHES is justly indebted to SAMUEL CALLANDS. Therefore assigns the following, a tract of Land on Turkey Cock Creek containing 200 acres, which the said HUGHES purchased of SAMUEL JOHNSON, 10 head of cattle, 1 bay mare 10 years old, 1 sorrel colt 1 year old, 1 black mare 4 years old, sorrel colt 1 year old, 17 head of sheep, 1 pr. mill stones, his stock of hogs, 2 feather beds and furniture, together with all household and kitchen furniture and all plantation tools, Date due 1 March 1794; Witn Samuel (X) HUGHES, Samuel TOMPKINS Jr, SAMUEL JOHNSON, JOSEPH REYNOLDS, BOWKER SMITH.

1792 dec. 15 Joseph Johnson ( Johnston) 29 acres on both side of Lovings Creek ::Land Office Grants No 28 1792-1793 p 186 ( reel 94) Library of Virginia Archives Section

1792 Dec 17 Joseph Johnson ( jonson and Johnston) 57 acres on both sides of the North fork of Lings Creek adjoining James Harrington Land Office Grants no 28 1792-1793 p 187 ( reel 94) Library of Vrginia Archives Section

1792 July 3 Samuel Johnston sells land to Samuel Hugh's for 150 lbs 200 acres on Turkey Cocke Creek::: abstract of deeds Henry Co. 2784-2792 Nancy's report.and Mary's notes.

1793 July 19 Blackmore Hughes in Henry Co. patents 254 acres on the head of Buffalo Creek per Land Office Grants # 28 1792-1793 page 595 on Reel 94, Library of Virginia Archives Section

1793 July 23 :Henry Co.: William Johnson 200 acres on both sided of MILL CREEK adjoining Websters Line: Source Land Grants # 28, 1792-1793 pg 621 on reel 94: Library of virginia Archives Section.

1793 Place John and Anne Johnson deeds here for Sandy Creek Pittsylvania Co. Va.

1809 Aug. Court Henry Co:: Britt Stovall, William Banks Jr. Martin Miller and David Paris of them appointed to view a way for a road from near Wi?? the Henry Line near Gilmers also from the beginning aforesaid Ford on MILL CREEK and make a report thereof to the court.

Notes :Stovalls are a Family line of William Hatcher b 1613

1811 March 15 Martha Johnson eldest daughter of James Johnston ( Major) ( Nancy's and Patricia lines) married Capt John Edwards in Henry Co. Va ( see Nancy's report) she advised source is History of Darden Township, History of St. Charles Mo.::My note interesting is Capt. John Edwards descends from John "Chiles" Edwards. Note Question a Edwards is married into the descendants of Michael Johnson???
Note recheck

1822-23:: Henry Co JAMES JOHNSON

1831 Aug 19: John Henry BURGESS (John, #4); I; born 9/19/1831 at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA; married Susan Ziegler 7/9/1854 at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA; married Elizabeth Davis 1858; married Mary Dalton Foster (see #3), daughter of Abram Penn Foster and Mary Jane Critz, 4/2/1868; died 1/24/1914 at Ridgeway, Henry, VA, at age 82; Newspaper Obituary: Mr. John H. Burgess, one of Henry county's oldest and most respected citizens and one of her most fearless, faithful Confederate soldiers, answered the last "roll call" about 2 o'clock, at his home near Ridgeway, aged eighty-three years. He was a man of great energy and ability, a soldier without fear, a citizen loyal to his country, a friend faithful and true. His long and useful life was lived simply and unostentatiously, but the strength of his convictions and earnestness of purpose made its impress upon all who came within the circle of his acquaintance. He was a zealous, consistent member of the Primitive Baptist church, and one of its most liberal supporters. Mr. Burgess is survived by his wife, who was a Miss Foster of Patrick county and eleven children, Mrs. Bennett, of NC; Miss Elizabeth Burgess and Mrs. H. B. Wharton, of Roanoke, Mr. Foster Burgess, of Clifton Forge; Messrs. Joe, Robert, and Herbert and Miss Posey, of West Virginia; Mrs. Dr. Strong, of Dakota, Mrs. Jas. McDonald, of FL and Mr. John A. Burgess, of Henry County; buried after 1/24/1914 at John H. Burgess Cemetery, Burgess Creek, Henry, VA.

Estate settlement: John H with estate of Othineal Minter balance due of 1776.14 to John H. Burgess by young Mr. Burgess. Used Dr. John H. Burgess in initial sentence on 4/9/1849 at Henry, VA. He was educated circa 1850 at Roanoke, VA; Pre-law at Hollins Colledge then known as Valley Union Seminary. Based on this he consulted with friends and neighbors on legal maters. He had estate inventory recorded 5/10/1853 Burgess Creek, Henry, VA, Lucy Estate (from husband) paid John Burgess $6.00. Mary D with husband William S. Minter deed two tracks of land to John H. Burgess for $293.75. #1 of 37.5 acres lying on Marrowbone Creek bounded by ... John H. Burgess on East. #2 Coalman Wills on S., Tolly Minter on W., the dower land of Lucy Burgess on E. on Marrowbone and Bouldins Creek circa 1855. He began military service circa 1861 Enlisted as a Sergeant 1st Class on 08 June 1861 in Ridgeway in Company A, 42nd Infantry Regiment Virginia. Promoted to Full Lieutenant 1st Class on 15 September 1861. Dropped from the rolls on 21 April 1862. His regiment fought as follows: 11 September 1861 at Mingo Flats, VA; 20 March 1862 at Winchester, VA; 23 March 1862 at Kernstown, VA. Was excused to go home and as a justice of the piece was required to arrest dissenters. Had one close call when he shot 3 and was not killed because one dissenter's gun misfired. When his office as magistrate expired he returned to active duty around Petersburg. Served until Lee surrendered. His final rank was Captain. He was organizer and preacher of a primitive Baptist church until it was well established and could employ a professional minister. His almost religious fanaticism was attributed to his war experience. He ended military service in 1865; At end of Civil War. He lived in 1868 at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA; Later called the Old Home Place. Mary Foster Burgess was postmistress among other duties. Rugulis is family tradition name for the family plantation. Location was on Burgess Creek SE of Martinsville, VA. (Note: Family tradition is that at the end of war he provided all of his freed slaves with an acre of land. His former slave John and his wife remained at the home place for many years. Each family report on visits back to the home place met with John. Supposedly, when young, John went with John Henry to visit a neighboring plantation and John pointed out a female slave that interested him. John Henry then purchased the slave girl who became John's wife. John accompanied John Henry on his Civil war duty. John is seen in a number of family photos. Though we are now very ashamed that our ancestors supported slavery, it is some comfort to have evidence of kind treatment of slaves).

John3 BURGESS III (Davis, #8); born circa 4/7/1800 at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA; married Polly Weaver (see #5), daughter of John Weaver and Mary Weaver, 10/22/1825 at Henry, VA; Witnessed by Benjamin Weaver. Marriage performed by Othniel Minter; died 10/10/1836 at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA; Date defined by will pronouncement. Cherie Shindell documented that he died of a fever, and because of a fear of spreading his disease; the house and all of its contents were burned, including all family records and heirlooms.

Davis Burgess deeded 100 acres N. of Smith River to John Burgess on 6/16/1828 at Henry, VA. He left a will on 1/4/1830 at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA; Dispersal as follows: (1) Cover debts. (2) One-third to wife Polly Burgess during her life. (3) Two-thirds to infant daughters Elizabeth and Mary D and other children divided equally and given at lawful age. (4) On wife's death her part divided equally to children. Executers: Dartelon King and George Harrison. Witnesses: Gideon Crews (?sp.), Benjamin Weaver and James C. Weaver. Estate settlement: John H with estate of Othineal Minter balance due of 1776.14 to John H. Burgess by young Mr. Burgess. Used Dr. John H. Burgess in initial sentence on 4/9/1849 at Henry, VA.

The three known children of John3 Burgess III and Polly Weaver (see #5) all born at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA, were as follows:

Mary D with husband William S. Minter deed two tracks of land to John H. Burgess for $293.75. #1 of 37.5 acres lying on Marrowbone Creek bounded by ... John H. Burgess on East. #2 Coalman Wills on S., Tolly Minter on W., the dower land of Lucy Burgess on E. on Marrowbone and Bouldins Creek circa 1855.

Davis4 BURGESS Sr (John, #16); born 6/27/1765 at Anglican - Kingston Parish, Mathews, VA; married Lucinda (Lucy) Pace (see #9), daughter of Capt John Pace and Elizabeth Nunn, 1/26/1794 at Henry, VA; died 2/27/1828 at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA, at age 62; buried after 2/27/1828 at Graveyard on Burgess Creek, Henry, VA; Buried at top of THE hill that is N-NW of intersection of Burgess Creek and Route 642. Stone inscription "HERE LIES / THE REMAINS OF / DAVIS BURGESS / HE DEPARTED THIS / LIE THE 27 DAY OF / FEBRUARY IN THE / YEAR 1828 / AND WAS BORND / THE 26 OF JUNE / IN THE YEAR 1765."

As of / /1780, he was also known as David Burgess. He lived circa 1790 at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA. He left a will on 2/22/1828 at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA.

The 10 known children of Davis4 Burgess Sr and Lucinda (Lucy) Pace (see #9) all born at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA, were as follows:

(Note: Father's will states "It is my will and desire that my unfortunate son William shall be maintained by his mother ..." This implies that he was handicapped).

As of before / /1828, she was also known as HARRISON.

As of before / /1828, she was also known as Polly POTTS.

9. Lucinda (Lucy)4 PACE (John, #18); born circa 1773 at Henry, VA; married Davis Burgess Sr (see #8), son of John Burgess Sr. and Mary Davis, 1/26/1794 at Henry, VA; died 11/4/1860 at Smith River, Henry, VA.

She had estate inventory recorded 5/10/1853 Burgess Creek, Henry, VA, Lucy Estate (from husband) paid John Burgess $6.00.

16. John5 BURGESS Sr; born 1740 at Gloucester, VA; married Mary Davis (see #17) 6/12/1764 at Anglican - Kingston Parish, Mathews, VA; Kingston Parish Register, Gloucester and Mathews Counties, 1747 - 1827 documents marriage and children births; died 7/28/1806 at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA.

(Note: He is the earliest Burgess found in our line. His earliest record was his marriage to Mary Davis in Kingston Parish VA (Now Mathews County). In that area, records of colonial Gloucester of 1639 list a John Burgis as one of 60 persons transferred by George Minifye(?sp) to North side of Charles River (now York). Another reference is on 7/25/1746 a land record for Humphrey Toy Tabb said that 190 acres were adjacent Mr Burgess line). As of / /1740, he was also known as Burges. He and Mary Davis were members of Anglican - Kingston Parish, Mathews, VA, in 1764. Virginia's Royal Government required "uniformity" to the canons and constitutions of the Church of England. This requirement and practice was broken by the Revolution. He lived circa 1781 at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA.

The five known children of John5 Burgess Sr. and Mary Davis (see #17) all born at Anglican - Kingston Parish, Mathews, VA, were as follows:

(Note: Children: Edward D. Hewlett, Polly M. Hewlett, and Nancy D. Hewlett received 10 pounds in their Grandfather Burgesses' will).

17. Mary5 DAVIS; born circa 1740; married John Burgess Sr. (see #16) 6/12/1764 at Anglican - Kingston Parish, Mathews, VA; Kingston Parish Register, Gloucester and Mathews Counties, 1747 - 1827 documents marriage and children births; died after 7/28/1806 at Burgess Creek, Henry, VA.

(Note: She may have been the daughter of Andrew Davis and Elizabeth Barbee and who was born 9 or 11 Feb 1738 per Christ Church Parish Registry in nearby Middlesex VA (LDS). This family may be linked to Sir John Davis who emigrated to Middlesex in 1699 (Family histories of Middlesex). Another possible link is to John Davis who was clerk of Kingston Parish, Mathews from 1750 to 1783 (Vestry Book 1679-1796)). She and John Burgess Sr. were members of Anglican - Kingston Parish, Mathews, VA, in 1764. Virginia's Royal Government required "uniformity" to the canons and constitutions of the Church of England. This requirement and practice was broken by the Revolution.

18. Capt John5 PACE (William, #30); born 5/28/1751 at Amelia, VA; married Elizabeth Nunn (see #19), daughter of Joseph Nunn and Elizabeth Ingram, 9/10/1772 at York, VA; married Polly Baker after 1796; died 4/11/1822 at Henry, VA, at age 70.



1836 January:::Patrick County will of Jonathan Hubbard. will book 5 page 88:: He leaves to his Grandson Adron Anglin 32 acres known as the :JOHNSON PLACE"

Research Note HUBBARD SURNAME:: Connects to Gideon Johnson and Mary Degraffenreid:::::Early Burtons off William Hatcher :::: and to Wards ??? in my files:::and Gideon Johnson is Mary Holland's Ancestor's that are connected to Edward Johnson and Rachel Watson. Research note:: Adron Anglin is married into the BURGESS family, see 1850 Humphreys Co.Census FM Burgess family living with ? Dodson on property owned by Ann Johnson widow of John Johnson son of Hudson Johnston.

RESEARCH NOTES:: Philpot Reservoir is now a 2,800 acres impoundment near Martinsville, bordering Franklin,Henry and Patrick Counties::

RESEARCH NOTE:: Turkey Cocke Creek is located in the Northernmost part of Patrick County, it is not far from Philpot lake, just west of Fairtystone State Park:

RESEARCH NOTE:: 1738 Turkey COcke Creek is in Brunswick Co. Va:::1753 Halifax County has Goblintown Creek, Leatherwood, Turkey Cocke Creek, Snow Creek, are in Antrim Parish:::abt 1768 some of these Creeks Come into Pittsylvania County, but note on First Pittsylvania Co. tithes 1767 No Johnson-Johnston's :: Strong indication Deeds/ Wills for Johnson-Johnston are in Halifax County.

RESEARCH NOTE: OWNERS OF LAND ON TURKEY COCKE CREEK IN HENRY CO.VA:: John Shields of Pittsylvania Co. in 1784::Samuel Johnston of Henry Co. in 1784::James Johnson of Henry Co. in 1790::Samuel Hugh's (? year) of Henry Co.Va.

RESEARCH NOTES: Provided by Nancy D. Breidenthal:: The DNA Test on Robert Edward Johnston a descendant of Samuel Johnston of Leatherwood Creek:15-23-15-10-15-17-11-13-11-14-12-32 is a Match to two know Johnston researcher File number 15823 to a John JOhnston Jr. born in Washington Co. PA abt 1817 and died in Fayette Co. Iowa 1888::: 2nd match is too a William Johnstone same markers as John JOhnston b 1817 in Washington Co. Pa: this William Johnstone born abt 1788 Probably in Drumfriesshire died Nottinghamshire England. his son THomas Johnstone b 1821 Nottinghamshire died in Utica New York in 1880 The Following is taken from on known persons who came from Pa and died in Henry CO. Va:: Joseph CLoud abt 1710 married to Nancy Moore b abt 1721 parents are Joseph Cloud and Ruth Jervis note of interest is he and Nancy married in Anson County NC also of Note is a Joseph CLoud is one of the founders of Rogerville in Hawkins CO. TN and one of its first settlers. #2: Lucinda Crum b 1710 PA died in HEnry Co. Va was married to Hans Jacob Koger b. Jul 22 1710 in Germany Koger family is in Prominent Families of Henry and Patrick County History:: SEveral Kogers settled in Halifx COunty that became Henry CO. one lives near WIlliam Johnson in 1782 Tax List.# 3 Susannah Fox born 1751 Pa died 1791 in HEnry CO. Va she married William Stephens b 1745 in HEnry Co. Her parents are Abraham Fox b. Oct 1717 in Glastonbury Hartford CO. Connecticut and Eunice Rollo b Aug 1724 in Tolland Co. Conecticut.: #4 Margaret Handley born 1753 Pa died 1842 Lewisburg Va a Prebyterian was married twice John Paulee or Pauley and to Micheal Erskine poss from SE PA or Maryland her parents are William Handley Ca 1710 of Ireland and Margaret Henderson: #5 Elizabeth W. Hauker or Haukering born 1796 in Cumberlan CO.Pa died in Henry Co. Pa husband is John Jacob Hefflefinge b July 1785 in Stouchsburg Berchs Pa.::#6 is a William Heard b abt 1720 in PA died bet. Mar 19 1803 and 1809 in Henry Co. Va, he had a land grant in 1775 in ALbermarle CO. Va lived on Snow and Reedy Creek in Halifax COunty that became Henry CO.Va. his parents area George Heard abt 1700 of Ireland and Elinor Boyd :#7 Jane Hickey listed in her fathers will ( John Hickey) as Jane Heard she was born abt 1757 in Pittylvania Co. PA she was married to Joseh Heard Jr. b abt 1756: # 8 Henry Koger was b. Oct 1742 in Lancaster Pa in Colonial America and died Oct 1831 in HEnry Co.Va. parents are Hans Jacob Koger and Lucinda Crum (See note on Kogers in this paragraph): #9 Philip Pence b 1752 Wrightsville York CO.Va. died 1834 in Pt. Pleasant WV; he was batisted April 15 1755 CHrist Lutheran Church he served in Capt. George Hudsnos Heidelburg Co. and then in Capt. Georeg Nulls 4th Co. of 1st Lancaster Battalion. in 1782 he was in Licolnton NC in 1796 went back to Westmoreland CO.. Pa he died in 1834 in Pt. PLeasant West Va where he contacted cholera.

RESEARCH NOTE COnnections to Johnson PA Marriage prior to 1790 by Martha Johns(t)on and -

RESEARCH NOTE: 1749 May 20 : Lunenburg Co. Va: Peter Hudson: 403 acres on the north side of Stanon River and on both side of BUFFALO CREEK: Source Land Office Patents # 27 1748-1749 pg 169 on reel 25

RESEARCH NOTE: 1754 Lunenburg Co. Va: Peter Hudson 3,280 acres on North side of Stnton River adjoining Ornsby, Ashworth & c. Source Land Office Patents # 32 1752-1756 v. 1& 2 pg 396 on reel 30: Library of Virginia Archives Section.

RESEARCH NOTE: 1760 June 2 :Halifax County Va: Peter Hudson 2,100 acres beginning on the South side of Staunton River. Source Land Office Patents # 34, 1756 1765- pg 494 reel 33-34: Library of Virginia Archives Section

Research NOTES: From files of Warren Forsythe::: A Mosley line of Norfolk Va area-- arrived about autumn 1649:: He lists a William Johnson b abt 1760 in PA or Va as the son of Rev. Thomas Johnston b abt 1720 in Scotland and Sllie Adamson b abt 1730 Prince George Maryland; THis William Johnston was in the Rev. War and was married to Rebecah Mosely b Jul 12 1764 of Buffalo Creek, Lunenburg Co. now in Charlotte Co.Va.: He lists that Rev. Thomas Johnston dided in the Glebe in Charlotte Co. Va. source quoted is the autobiography of Col. Richard Malcolm Johnston 1822-1898 pub. by the Neale Co. in Washington DC and available on line at the UNviresity of NC Library.

NOTE: I'm searching for the ancestors of Sarah Addison Mosely born feb 9 1823 in Farmville Prince Edward Co. Va. Her Fther was William Mosely and her mother was Rebecca JOHNSTON. Rebecca Johnstons father was Capt. William Johnston and her mother was also named Rebecca. posted of by Willanna Griffin on Feb. 20, 2000::::Notes a Thos. Mosely is on 1752 Luneburg Tithes of John Phelps along with Patrick Johnson and James Johnson::: a George Mosely is on 1764 Tithes Lunenburg Co. Cornwall Parish with a William Johnson

RESEARCH NOTE ON Leatherwood Creek are two Prominent Men of there Times ONe is General Joseph Martin married 4 times::::ANother is the Famous Patrick Henry Esq, who in 1763 is in Hanover Tavern in Hanover Co. Va. in 1763 in 1764 he moved to ROundabout Creek in Louisa Co. ( six miles from Hanover COurthouse.) in 1765 he won election to the House of Burgess from Louisa County::: http://www/ ALso of Note is abstract of wills Louisa Co. Will Books 1743-1801 # 3 page 29::: The will of Joseph SHelton TO eldest daughter of Patrick Henry an equal division of his furniture::SHeltons are from Licking Hole Creek and Little Byrd Creek in 1730 era of Goochland Co.

RESEARCH NOTE: Henry COunty Va will book #1 1791-1799 14 leaves Library of Virginia. Book SOurce.

Research Note: Turner Family Genealogy chart: CHart in the Archives Branch Virginia State Library. Richmond: Virginia Sate Library 1983. Descendant of John Turner of Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, and Franklin Counties. : Per Library of Virginia.

RESERCH NOTE: WOODSON- MORTON-ANDERSON family genealogical notes. 8 leaves: The collection consists of Sequental genealogy charts tracing the line of Descent from Dr. John Woodson ( 1586-1644) To John Morton 1730-1796) then to the latters great grandchildren, children of Mary WATKINS MORTON 1797-1873 and her husband LEONARD WADE WOODSON 1791- 1828; Per Library Of Virginai. ( note all are Tuckahoe Creek Families )

RESEARCH NOTE: Goblin Town Creek: Part of an index to land forms water courses, local place names and other terms that are found in Martin's Gazetter, PATRICK COUNTY: martins Gazetter p 257:: Subject :: Joseph Martin: of Charlottesville Va. Indexes. Library of Virginia

1843 march 3: Declaration
In order to obtain the benefits of the act of congress of the 3 of March 1843 granting pensird ons
for one year to certain widows who received pensions under the act of July 7th 1838
State of Virginia S.S.
On this seventh day of February one thousand eight hundred and forty five, personally
appeared before me Jabez Gravely a Justice of the peace for the county of Henry, Joice Johnston
a resident of Turkey Cock in the county of Henry and State of Virginia aged seventy seven years,
who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration in
order to obtain the benefits of the provisions made by the act of Congress passed on the 3rd day
of March 1843. granting pensions to widows of persons who served during the Revolutionary
war. That she is the widow of James Johnston, who was a Sergeant of Dragoons in the Virginia
line of the army of the Revolution, who was a pensioner of the United States, and received a
pension as Sergeant of Dragoons at the rates of fifteen Dollars per month. She further declares
that she was married to the said James Johnston on the 23rd day of April one thousand seven
hundred and eighty nine, That her husband the said James Johnston died on the thirteenth day
of April eighteen hundred and forty one, That she was not married to him prior to his leaving
the service, but the marriage took place previous to the first day of January seventeen hundred
and ninety four, viz. at the time above stated, and she further declares that she is still a widow
Joice herXmark Johnston
The file includes a document from the Treasury Department dated 4 Dec 1828 showing
that James Johnston was entitled to the pay of a Sergeant of Dragoons in the Continental Line.
On 13 April 1855 Joice Johnston, 87, applied for bounty land stating that as Joice Wells
she was married to James Johnston by Carter Torrance, a Baptist minister, in Henry County on
23 April 1789, and that her husband died at home 30 April 1842.
Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements
Pension Application of James Johnston: W7945
Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris

1846 MAY 15, born: Robert Henry JOHNSON, b.  Bassett, Henry Co, VA. Patty Ament

1858, b. Raleigh W. Gauldin Franklin Co., Va., was a son of Samuel Gauldin and Catherine Johnson. He md. 1878, Henry Co., Va. to Martha V. Richardson, dau. of Abner Richardson and Nancy Minter of Henry Co., Va. This family was in the Patrick County, Mayo Dist., census records of 1900 and 1910. The known children of Raleigh W. and Martha V. (Richardson) Gauldin as listed in these census records were: i. Samuel A., b. May 1886; ii. Allie M., b. Oct. 1888; Lillie S., b. June 1896; Robert W., b. June 1898; Myrtle, b. ca. 1903, Patrick Co. Wish to exchange information on this family. bruce7911 (View posts)

1866 Dec 4:  Zackeriah M. Cliff, Age 32, Single, Born/Resides Henry Co., Carpenter, Son of Wm. & Susan Cliff, Married Sarah A. Hairfield, 27, Widowed, Born/Resides Henry Co., Dau. of David & Cassanda Johnson. Ref. Henry Co. Reg. of Marriages No. 1, 1853 - 1893, p. 22, Line 152,

Notes: Sarah Johnson first marriage is in the same book, page 10, line 18, 2 May 1861: Wm. M. Hairfield, 21, Single, Born/Resides Henry Co., Farmer, Son of Wm. R. & Mourning Hairfield, Married Sarah A. Johnson, 22, Single, Born/Resides Henry Co., Dau. of David & Cassandra Johnson.

1880 census David Johnson and Catherine appear in Leatherwood, Henry County but not with thier children who can be found in same place they were in earlier years. So it appears that david and catherine and 2 grandchildren went to leatherwood. Catherine died in 1890, and david is indicated as having died the same year. I need to find proof of that however as so far I have not found his burial. I assume he died in leatherwood and was buried there and that catherine went to live with he kids and died in Franklin co. From: Michelle Erbeck

1868 Born is Veronia Della Johnson: THE DAILY BULLETIN, Martinsville, Va., Fri., Oct. 14, 1938, p. 12, col. 3 [edited]. Bedford. Funeral services for Mrs. Veronia Della Payne, 70, widow fo Robert G. Payne, were held from the Patmos (sic) Baptist Church Wednesday afternoon, and burial was made in the church cemetery. One sister, Mrs. Lockie Arthue (sic) of Leesville, and two brothers, William Johnson and Powhatan Johnson of Leesville, survive.

1886 Dec 29: William Henry & Emmazetta McHone Draughn of Claudville, Patrick Co., Va. had a daughter Susan A. born abt 1868, info says in Henry Co., Va. She married John Smith, 29 Dec. 1886 in Patrick Co., Va.

I need information on Susan and John. Where did they live and where are they buried? I will share any information. Esther Draughn Johnson: EPDJ@surry.... (View posts)

misc informattion on my surnames




    William May was born May 3, 1764, in Essex County Virginia. While residing

in Henry County, Virginia, he enlisted in the fall of 1779 or 1780 in Captain

Hamby's Company, Colonel Abram Penn's Virginia Regiment. Later he enlisted in

Captain Dillard's Company Colonel Penn's Regiment. At the time of the battle of

Guilford Court House he enlisted in Captain Peter Hasting of Hasten's Company.

In 1781 he enlisted in Captain Hiram Crite or Cryte's Company, Colonel Stephens'

Regiment. He was in the Siege of Yorktown. He was discharged October 20, 1781.

About eight years after the War he moved from Henry County, Va., to Union

County, S. C., and six years later he moved to Buncomb County, N. C., and then

to Blount County, Tenn., to a site on the Hiwassee River then in the Cherokee

Nation. He then moved to the Chattahoochee River and later to what became Murray

County, Georgia. He was allowed pension while living in Murray County, Ga.,

August 2, 1833, but his application was executed in McMinn County, Tennessee. He

died March 4, 1844, in Polk County. He married in July 1783 Rhoda ______, her

maiden name not being given in the pension application. She was allowed pension

May 6, 1844, while living in Polk County, Tenn., but in 1849 she was living in

DeKalb County, Ga., for two years. The children of William and Rhoda May were:

Orpha, born May 6, 1784; John, born January 11, 1786; Daniel born April 16,

1788; William May, Jr., born January 11, 1790; Ruth, born October 8, 1792; Mary

Ann, born February 8, 1795  Asa, born October 29, 1797; (in the pension

application lines are drawn through his name and the date of his birth), and

James May, born April 29, 1800.



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