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-  Birth Certificate for Reuben Henry Johnson
-  No record found of will of E. Elmer Johnson in Cumberland County [maybe Ephraim E. Johnson or Johnston would turn something up?]
- [Based on the available information, Ephraim and Sarah may have been married in 1848]
-  No birth record for Letitia R. Dawson in NJ (Division of Archives & Records Management)--New Jersey has no state records before 1848

Salem County, NJ
-  Friesburg Lutheran Cemetery, visited by Rand, Sharon, Tim & Wm. D. Johnson Jr.; only Johnsons were:   Andrew, Henry and Frank all in 1800's; Peter who died 25apr1790, aged 58 years
-  Deerfield Presbyterian Cemetery, established 1737:  James S. Johnson

Cumberland County, NJ
In May 2004, Rand & Sharon Johnson visited a number cemeteries in Cumberland County NJ seeking the burial place of Nathaniel Johnson and Ephraim Elmer Johnson. Unfortunately, neither one was discovered.

Cemeteries Visited:
Old Broad Street Presbyterian, Broad & Lawrence, Bridgeton - est. 1727/1744
Old Cohansey Baptist, Cemetery Road, Greenwich Township - est. 1714 and replaced 1800 by Cohansey Baptist
Cohansey Baptist, 714 Roadstown Road, Roadstown - est. 1801
Greenwich Presbyterian, 630 Ye Greate Street, Greenwich Township - est. 1707
Greenwich Baptist, 928 Ye Greate Street, Greenwich Township - est. 1811

 CENSUS RECORDS - Cumberland County NJ
Ananias Johnston
William Johnson**
Flora Johnson
Kimbell Johnson
Benjamin Johnston
Josiah Johnson**
Nathan Johnson
Samuel Johnson
John Johnston
Samuel Johnson
Simmiss Johnson
Nathan Johnson*
John Johnson
David Johnson
David Johnson
James Johnson
John Johnson, Jr.
Elpeth Johnson
David Johnson
Nicholas Johnson*
James Johnson
Enos Johnson
Henry S. Johnson
Peter Johnson
Daniel Johnson
George Johnson
Noah Johnson
Nathaniel Johnson
Nicholas Johnson
Perry Johnson
William Johnson
Prudence S. Johnson
William Johnson
William G. Johnston
James Johnson
John Johnston
John Johnson
Nathan Johnson
John Johnston
Elizabeth Johnson
Abel Johnston
David Johnston
Joseph Johnston
Naham? Johnston
Ephraim Johnston
Ephraim E. Johnston
Reuben Johnston
Bridge Town
Othial/Othniel Johnson**
Reuben Johnston
Enos Johnson**
William Johnson**
Jacob Johnson
Benjamin Johnston
Sarah Johnson
Hugh Johnston
Lewis Mulford
Jacob Johnston
John Johnston
* Prob. sons of Nicholas Johnson Jr. (altho the Nicholas Johnson here may also be Nicholas Johnson Jr. rather than III)
** Prob. great grandchildren of Nicholas Johnson Sr.
Nathan Johnson (of Hopewell, 1773 cenus) is eliminated
Ananias and Benjamin Johnston of Greenwich 1773 are unlikely progenitors
Reuben Johnston in the 1850 and 1860 census records is probably the brother of Ephraim (at Cohansey and BridgeTown respectively)
The most promising progenitor of our Nathaniel Johnson is the Nathaniel Johnson listed in the 1793 Militia Census for Hopewell [He may be descended from Nicholas Johnson Sr., an original "founder" of "Fairfield", via the youngest son Nathaniel]
No Nathaniel Johnson/Johnston in Cumberland Co. in 1830 census

-  No birth certificate for Harry D. Johnson in the NJ State Library Archives
-  NY Public Library, Genealogical Section
Cumberland County Marriages
"Greenwich Presbyterian Church Records"
     Nathaniel Johnson married Phebe Smith on 12/4/1782 by Rev. George Faitout
"Sayre Family Genealogy"
     Robert Johnson married Margaret (Butcher) Sayre (widow of Joseph) in 1717
Where The Trees Grow Tall, Part 2 "The Villages"
"East Millstone in the 1880's had some 90 dwellings...was known as Johnsonville until 1855..." (p.138); population of 3,599 in 1860 (p.151)
History of the Counties of Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland, New Jersey published 1883



During 1985/6, Wm. D. Johnson, Jr. corresponded with relations on the Johnson side (mainly the children of Harry Johnson, Sr.'s siblings):
-  Edith Mae Spiller (nee Hardmeyer), daughter of Florence Knox Johnson and Joseph Hardmeyer  (Florence K. Johnson Hardmeyer is the sister of Harry Dickson Johnson, Sr.);
-  Evelyn Bauer (nee Johnson), daughter of Walter Mortimer Johnson, Sr. and Jenny Van Nostrand (Walter M. Johnson is one of the brother's of Harry Dickson Johnson, Sr.);
-  Charles Bauer, Jr., Evelyn's son;
-  Donald Elmer Johnson, son of Elmer Embury Johnson and Laura Bessinger  (Elmer Embury Johnson is one of the brothers of Harry Dickson Johnson, Sr.);
-  Mildred Ethel Schalk (nee Johnson), daughter of Elmer Embury Johnson and Laura Bessinger (and sister of Donald Elmer Johnson)

On February 24, 1986, Rand, Tim, their dad (Wm. D. Johnson Jr.) and Sharon visited the town of Cohansey in search of information about Reuben Henry and his father, Ephraim Elruer.  Cohansey wasn't much of a town--just a four corners.  [After further assessment, it may be that Cohansey was the town of record, but that Bridgeton or Salem might have been a more profitable venture.] Merely as a matter of interest, one of the sons of our Daniel Robbins (Richard Robbins) settled in Cohansey.


Regarding Sarah, wife of Epraim Elmer Johnson:
At GenForum there are a couple of discussions regarding a Sara(h) Beaver Henry (1830-1904) of Gloucester Co., NJ.  This discovery seemed very promising initially since (i) it would explain the use of both B. and H. as a middle initial, (ii) the year of birth is ideal as the 1850 census lists our Sarah as beeing 20 years old, and (iii) Gloucester Co. NJ is near Cumberland Co. NJ.  BUT she's listed as the wife of Dr. Robert Fenwick.  Queries were posted 7/25/2000 to see if anyone knows the date of her marriage to Fenwick and whether it was a second marriage.  UNFORTUNATELY, THIS IS NOT OUR SARAH.  Sarah Beaver Henry married Dr. Robert Fenwick in 1848.

Johnsons of Gloucester Co. NJ:  Re Johnson--New Jersey regarding a Joseph Johnson born 1800, and a reference to Johnsons from County Antrim, Ireland who emigrated in the early- to mid 1800's. Reply posted 1/08/01.

Ephraim Johnson: [from records at LDS]
born ~1824 in Pitts Grove, Salem Co. NJ to William Johnson and Margaret Lambson who were married in Salem Co. NJ on Apr 25, 1810; father:  William Johnson born Oct. 12, 1788 in Pitts Grove, Salem Co. NJ to James Johnson and Christiana Swing who were married Feb. 28,1781 in Pitts Grove, Salem Co. NJ.  James Johnson was born Oct. 31, 1757in Pitts Grove to Jons Johannesson and Jane Suayberry [the pedigree file that makes this connection goes back to Sweden but moves forward via John, not James] [Note: Pitts Grove is NE of Trenton]
marriage of an Ephraim Johnson and Lettice Shoulders in Salem NJ on Jan. 17, 1819
marriage of an Ephraim Johnson and Martha in Salem NJ on Oct. 13, 1856

Reuben H. Johnson: There are two records at LDS for Reuben H. Johnson born Sep. 4,1849, both of which list the parents as E. Elmer Johnson and Sarah D. The only difference between the records is the place of birth--Cohansey, Cumberland Co., NJ versus Salem, Salem Co., NJ. According to our transcription of the returns of births from the NJ Archives, Reuben's birth place was Salem; it also lists "Volume:H2, Page No.16, Town/Township: Cohansey, County:Cumberland" and the record was made May 30,1850.