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Ancestors have been traced from England, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany and Holland, mainly to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey (with New Hampshire and Connecticut along the way).

This genealogy was assembled with information provided by the friends and family of
William D. Johnson, Jr.  It is dedicated to the memory of all those who went before and especially to William D. Johnson, Jr. whose efforts were its initial impetus.


For an excellent explanation of early calendar dating see A Parker Family History - note on dates

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March 31, 2005:  Updated Schmidt Research as result of visit to Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Maspeth, Queens, NY
October 27, 2004:  Updates to Mulford and Johnson - resulting from a visit to Cumberland Co., NJ last May, including a photograph of the gravestone of Benjamin Mulford from the Old Cohansey Baptist Cemetery in Greenwich Township; also additional photographs of the gravestones of Daniel Hawkins Sr. and Thankful (Bennett) Hawkins, courtesy of Mark Dionne
September 12, 2004:  Addition of two new surnames via Krohle - Hackemer and Schneider
June 3, 2004: Following a visit to Ashuelot NH (where Gene & Dianne Piurkowksi were our gracious guides), updates to Hawkins, Miles and Parker
April 27, 2004: Additional information on Dawson
April 26, 2004: Addition of White, A. via Willard
April 20, 2004: Updates to a number of branches, including photographs of Nieder-Saulheim, Germany (origin of the Krohles) and additions via Pratt for Bartlett, Dunster and Waite and via Cooke for Mahieu

See Contact Us to send additions, corrections, queries, etc.  Also, family members, if you have documents or photos please let us know so we can keep a record for future reference (we'll be listing the information, documents and photos we have currently: see Johnson Artifacts for an example of what we're hoping to do).  We'll also attempt to footnote everything as to its origin.

Last updated September 12, 2004

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