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HOME johnsonfolkstumlin_tomlin_sm Click to Enlarge Spelling from the old mill book of Orvel S. Johnson
Tomlin May be correct

The Old Tomlin Mill Place

The Old Tumlin was the birth place of all the children of Orvel & Angie Johnson
3 living female, 1 living male the webmaster

This picture dated 1939. As best I recall dad stated they moved from the Old Homeplace 
to the Tomlim Mill Place.The mill site (next pic.down) was reworked. Not sure about weather 
or not previous grist mill machinery was moved from a previous location. Grandfather James 
Henry did have another mill site on Cane Creek. We believe it to have been located near 
the Old Wehoga.
Though to be upstream only a mile or so from the old Bob Norton place.
Reba (Johnson) Norton m: Russell Norton, Russell's father was Mr. Bob Norton. 
This is my birthplace born at 4 PM delivered by Dr Wright. Many people in Cleburne knew him. He started Wright Drug Co from Heflin. Doctors made house calls in those days. I remember his office that was a part of the drug store. I saw him for allergy abt. Jan. 13, 1950. That was when Rosa C. Champion my Grandmother died. His Grandson Pete was in my class in school.

cotton_gin_reworked I was born just about 50 to 100 yards from the lumber pile lower right corner of the picture.
The old mill site dates back to abt. 1875. Located at T 15 S R 11 E section 13 it had a 7 foot head. When dad was there it had a 100 hp turbine. The turbine powered grist mill and cotton gin and sawmill and two generators for electricity. One dc generator was 10kw, another was 1 kw. Units were 110 volt for light etc. One Walkershaw 50 hp industrial engine powered the mill and gin in time of high water. The dam was composed of sap pine.The business was called J. H. Johnson and Sons. Dad once got his overall leg caught in the gears in the waterhouse. Dad could always think quick, (I never beat him at a game of checkers) he just unlatched the galouses. He came back in the ginhouse in his long handles, everyone wondered why. One young boy was killed at the mill. Dad warned the boy not to go near the waterhouse. Another owner Chester Warren was killed ater dad owned it,

Left Pic Old Harmony Church cemetery is across the road. 
Chester Warren b: 24 Nov 1900 d: 4 Aug 1952 buried at 
Old Harmony Chester was a brother of Josia Eva (Warren) 
Johnson b: 13 May 1910 d: 10 Oct 1973 Josia Eva 
(Warren) Johnson she married Robert Virgil Johnson  
b: 8 Dec 1907 d: 7 Oct 1988 both are buried AI Church 
Cemetery. Robert Virgil Johnson is the son of Johnny 
Johnson James Henry Johnson ( My GrandDaddy) 
b: 31 May 1877 d: 25 Nov 1962 is the brother of 
Johnny Johnson b: Aug 1881 d: Abt 1928
These are down the John Franklin Johnson Line
The owner after Chester Warren was Mr. Cliff Hawthorne
Mr. Cliff would sometimes go with me inside the Gin, 
when I went to fix his TV.That TV was in the house 
I was born in. My dad was once contacted by the state 
to set up a historicial site.The owner at the time would 
not agree.

Left picture is the Johnson Folks working at the sawmill.
This one is driven  by steam. Me and dad used the old 
Walkershaw 50 hp industrial engine to cut lumber for my 
house and uncle Lesters house. I do remember seeing 
the mill set up at the river. It was to the side of the gin. 
Ginning cotton was profitable in Ceburne during those 
years. Most of the profit came from the cotton seed. 
They sold them to Southern Cotton Seed Oil Co. in Atlanta Ga. 
It was a long trip no interstates highways.Old US 78 and old 46 
they delivered them to East Point in Atlanta.
Granddaddy James Henry ran the grist mill.