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Orvel Sylvestor Johnson was the son of James Henry Johnson and Georgia Elizabeth Wells.
Roman Numeral in Capitols = Generations
Orvel Sylvester Johnson Maternal Ancestry Cleburne Co. Al.

My Fathers Side the Grandmothers

I. Webmaster Living Son born 1943 Hopewell, Alabama

II.  Mother: Angie Caroline Richardson b. 5 Dec. 1907 in Bells Mill, AL., d. 5 Sep 1985 in Anniston, Alabama
     She married Orvel Sylvester Johnson on 7 Oct 1928.
     Orvel was the son of James Henry Johnson & Georgia Elizabeth Wells.
     Angie Caroline Richardson & Orvel Sylvester Johnson had the following children:
          i. Jeannine Johnson
          ii. Stellyne Johnson
          iii. Mary Johnson
          iv. Living Son Webmaster

III. Grandmother Georgia Elizabeth Wells b.29 Mar 1882 d. 5 Jan 1967 in Cleburne CO., AL..
     Georgia Elizabeth Wells m. James Henry Johnson 1 Mar 1900 at Shoal Creek, AL..
     Georgia was the daughter of William Henry Well & Mary Jane Smith.
     Georgia Elizabeth Wells & James Henry Johnson  had the following children:
         i Eston Franklin Johnson b.19 Jun 1901 in Edwardsville, AL, d. 25 Jan 1992 in Cleburne CO., AL..
         ii Orvel Sylvestor Johnson b. 5 Dec 1904 d. 25 Jul 25 1989 in Jefferson CO., AL..
         iii Lester Eber Johnson b. 16 Sep 1908 d. 15 May 1962 in Cleburne CO., AL..
.        iv Vesta Oleta Johnson b. 3 Sep 1915  d. Aug 1986 in GA..

IV. Great Grandmother Frances (Frankie) Lovenia Banister b: 26 Nov 1853 d. 2 May 1937 Cleburne CO., AL..
     Frances was the daughter of William Banister b. 1827 in SC and Martha Pendergrass b. 1821
     John Franklin Johnson married Frances (Frankie) Lovenia Banister. 
     John Franklin Johnson & Frances (Frankie) Lovenia Banister had the following children:
            i James Henry Johnson b. 31 May 1877 d. 25 Nov 1962 in Cleburne CO., AL..
            ii Martha Jane Johnson b 5 Jun 1879 d 13 Mar 1971 in Cleburne CO., AL..
            iii. Johnnie Johnson b. Aug 1881 d. 1928 in Cleburne CO., AL..
            iv. Frances L. Johnson b. Jan 1883.
            v. Nancy E. Johnson b. Sep 1886.
            vi. Jesse Johnson b. 25 Apr 1889 d. 27 Mar 1918 Cleburne CO., AL..
                Jesse buried in the Crossroads Cemetery, Cleburne County, Alabama.
                 Frankie & John are buried in the Crossroads Cemetery, Cleburne CO., AL..

V. Great Great Grandmother Martha (Mary) Pendergrass b. 1821 was the daughter of John & Margaret Pendergrass.
    Martha (Mary) Pendergrass married William (Ensley) Banister). 
    Martha and William had the folowing children:
            i. Eveline Banister b. 1852
            ii. Frances (Frankie) Lovenia Banister b. November 26, 1853 d. 2 May 1937 ( see generation IV.).
            iii. John Robert Banister b. (Mar.?) 1856 d. Dec 3, 1930 Edwardsville, Cleburne Co. Al.
            iv. Margret Banister b. 1859
            v. William (Willie) Ensley Banister b: 18 Dec 1861 d: 28 Jan 1940 Calhoun CO., AL..
            vi. Joseph T Banister b: 11 Apr 1864 d: 1961 m: Sallie E Wearthely.
                        Children of Joe Banister:
                        (1) Bessie W Banister b: Sep 1887
                        (2) Sudie Banister b: Oct 1889 m: George Petty
                              Child of Sudie: George Petty Jr b: 30 Nov 1920 m: Mabel Bowling
                        (3) Walter Banister b: Jun 1892
                        (4) Charlie Banister b: Feb 1895
                        (5) Carl Banister b: Feb 1897
                        (6) Worth Banister
                        (7) Vera Banister m: Gus Lake

VI. Great Great Great Grandmother Margaret (*Patsy) Pendergrass 
b. Mar. 1795 Chester CO., SC. d. 1903 "Cherokee Indian". Likely she is buried at Shoal Creek in the Talladega National Forest. Margaret married John Pendergrass b. 1790 Orange County, NC d. Bef. 1860 Calhoun or Randolph County AL. Margaret and John had the following children: i. Martha Pendergrass b. 1821 ii. Enlsey Pendergrass b. 1822 iii. Sarah Sally or Sallie Pendergrass b. 1823 iv. Jane Pendergrass b. 1825 v. John (William) Pendergrass b. 1832 vi. Joseph Pendergrass b. 1836 vii. Margaret Pendergrass b. 1837 Note: The father of John Pendergrass father is thought to be David Pendergrass b. 1751, NC. d. Chester District, SC. David m: on Nov 1777 in Hillsborough, NC to a Susannah (maiden name unknown) b. 1753; d. 22 Nov. 1847 in Chester District,SC David and Susannah had the following children: i. Hezekiah Pendergrass b. abt. 1778 in NC; d. after 1840 in Union Co.,SC; m: Margaret. ii. Jane Pendergrass, b. abt. 1780 in NC; d. after 1836 in SC; m: John Mitchell iii. Elizabeth Pendergrass, b. abt.. 1782; d. after 1838 in SC; m: Israel Hardin iv. Mary Pendergrass, b. abt.. 1784 ; d. after 1839; m: Thomas Mitchell v. John Pendergrass, b. abt. 1790 in NC; Here is the possible LINK, was thought to have moved to Kentucky, I believe moved to Randolph CO., AL. vi. Joseph Pendergrass, b. abt.. 1794, d. by 21 Nov 1835 in SC; m: Margaret vi. William L. Pendergrass, b. abt. 1796; d. by 15 Jul 1836 in SC; m:. Elizabeth White vii.Celia Pendergrass, b. abt.. 1798; d. after 1850 in Sevier Co.,TN; m: William Naughn viii. Pleasant Pendergrass, b. abt.. 1800; d. late 1841 in SC; m: Margaret. ix. David Pendergrass, b. 20 Dec 1802: d. 2 Jul 1880 in Chester District,SC