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orvel_sylvestor_johnson Orvel Sylvester Johnson
b: Dec. 5, 1904 Edwardsville, AL. d: July 25, 1989 Burial Pine Grove Cemetery Cleburne CO., AL
Picture 1962
Father: James Henry Johnson
Mother: Georgia Elizabeth Wells
m: Angie Carolyn Richardson b: 5 Dec 1907 d: 5 Sep 1985
Angie is the daughter of Marion Andrew Richardson & Rosa Carolyn Champion
Orvel & Angie had 4 children

Angie Carolyn Richardson Born 5 Dec 1907 Died 5 Sep 1985. burial Pine Grove Cleburne CO., AL.
Orvel Sylvestor Johnson & Angie Caroline Richardson had the following children:
       i. Living Female Johnson
                i. Keith Alan Ball  b. Jan 23, 1954 in Honolulu d. Dec. 31, 1954 Grandson of Orvel & Angie
       ii. Living Female Johnson
       iii Living Female Johnson
       iv Living Male Johnson Webmaster
          i. Living Female
                                   ii. Living Male
                                   iii. Living Male
                                   iv. David Scott Johnson b. 26 Jan., 1972 d. 19 Oct., 2013, Grandson of Orvel & Angie

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Picture 1923 and I don't know what kinda car, looks like dad on the left.
Orvel Sylvester Johnson lived in the area between Edwardsville, Al and Crossroads
during his early years. The old road has been replaced by the new paved road (co 66). 
The old road went by the creek in a horseshoe shape, they called it Horseshoe Bend.
There was an old mill site near the Horseshoe on the old dirt road (co 483).
The "OLD HOME PLACE" was between intersection of co 66 and Horseshoe Bend.
Dad and uncle Eston ( Double Kin, Like a Father) Eston would go with us sometimes 
to visit the "OLD HOME PLACE".
The county seat was at Edwardsville at the time of his birth but was moved to Heflin in 1906. 
A fire had destroyed the courthouse in Edwardsville.The county seat was established in 
Edwardsville in 1867. During the fall of 1905 an election was held to move the County Seat
from Edwardsville to Heflin. Results were appealed to the Supreme Court. On July 1, 1906 
it declared that the County Seat of Cleburne County be changed from Edwardsville to Heflin.

The early years of his life i don't know much. I remember when they moved from the old mill.
They set up the sawmill at uncle Eston JOHNSON's home place not far from Pine Grove Church
The Johnson a sons also had a planner mill, me dad and uncle Lester and my granddaddy
JOHNSON ran it later to dress lumber for my house and uncle Lester's house. Later  I
remember him working at Bells Mill sometimes as a mechanic. One customer paid him
for work with an old bridges shotgun. Later on I shot a deer and meat was good. Then  he went
to work for Judge Cook, Gas Service Co. was the name best I recall in Heflin, Al..
Then  he went to work for Calhoun Butane Gas Co. in Heflin. The HOLLEY family owned it and was 
down the JOHNSON family from Elias Earl. They also had an office in Anniston, Al. his boss
was Jewel Holley. The certificate on the left was obtained while working for them.
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Notice when enlarged it is stated Bill Wright, Heflin,Al.. He was the son of Dr Wright who delivered 
me at the old mill place on the Tallapoosa River. Bill's son finished school with me at Heflin CCHS.