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History Old Liberty Church Cleburne CO., AL..

Old Liberty Church Cleburne County, Alabama. Some old maps call it Old Salem Church.
Old Liberty was dissolved in 1908 and letters of dismission were granted through the "presbytery" of G.B. Boman, 
J.A. Brown and L.B. Champion (Maybe Lonie Barton Champion b. 26 Apr. 1886 d. 5 Mar. 1933)
Found in the bottom of the trunk of Della Nora Pirkle York Pesnell was the minutes. Her son, Fred Alton Pesnell 
had been pastor there in the area and he lived in her old house near AI.
Fred Alton Pesnell son of William Thomas Pesnell and Della Nora Pirkle York. Della Nora Pirlke first married 
Reaves Arthur York b. 1872 d.1901.    They had one child, Reaves Altus York. Old Liberty is located about 5 miles south of 
Edwardsville. The church ledger dates its formation to about 1840. The places it in the time frame of old Benton 
County for the starting date. 

The Pastors
Samuel Moore 1840,1841, 1842, 1843, and 1844. five years 5 years.
Wm. R. Harris 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848, 1849, 1850, and 1851. seven years.
R. H. Thackerson 1854. one year.
T. W. Burton 1853.
M. H.Hill 1854, one year.
W. W. Anderson 1855, one year.
J. C. Morris 1856,1857,1858,1859, 1860
Samuel Moore 5 years including 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, five years.
Wm. R. Harris 7 years including 1845, 1846, 1847,1848, 1849, 1850 and 1851.
R H. Thackerson one year 1852.
T. W. Burton one year, part of 1853.
M. H.Hill one year, part 1854.
W.W. Anderson part of year 1855. .
J. C. Morris five years 1.856,1857,1858,1859,1860.
Wm. C. Witt a part of 1861 and part of 1862.
William Barker apart of 1863, 1864,
John Scott 1865, 1866
Constituted in to a Baptist Church
State of Alabama
Benton County
We Samuel MOORE and Jefferson FALKNER regular ordained Ministers of the baptist Church
of Christ having agreeable to a request of the Scattered Brethren the Neighborhood of Liberty
Meeting house having met with them on the 17th day of July 1840 at said meeting house
whereupon the following named brethren and Sisters requested to be Constituted in to a baptist
Church on the articles of Faith, Constitution, and Rules of decorum above when on Examination
the following held Letters of dismission from other Churches to wit John BARKER, William P.
AMORINE, Agness BARKER, Ophelia G.. BARKER and Margaret N. BARKER and the
following produced vouchers of their stand as Christians but they had been unfellowshiped by
Cane Creek Church and consequently considered themselves excluded by that Church who on
examination it was found that the same was on account of their being in favour of benevolent
institutions and being found otherwise orthodox and orderly they were also admitted in to the
constitution names as follows John C. BARKER, Francess BARKER, Robert DOWDY,
Catharine DOWDY, lzabelah WALKER, Rachal, WALKER, John DOWDY, Joseph
DEFREESE, Elizabeth DEFREESE when upon they were added to those that held Letters and set
apart as a Baptist Church of Christ by the name of Liberty.
Jefferson FALKNER
Samuel MOORE
Departed Members of Liberty Church
30th day of April 1847 John BARKER 
14th day of February 1848, Mary HARDEN 
21st. day of March 1848 Ann KILPATRICK
10th day of August 1848 Sarah SMITH 
14th day of August 1849 Robert DOWDY 
27th day of September 1849 Agness BARKER
13th day of May 1851 James P. PESNELL
Eleventh day of May 1852 Elizabeth DEFREESE 
Catherine DOWDY No date shown
1st day of September 1853 Margaret PRUIIT
E.G. BARKER August 1862 ,church clerk .
Matthew PIRKLE, a deacon of Liberty Church, 6th day of March, 1863.
4th of August 1867 Cyntha BROCK
Member List Liberty Church
List of members
1864-- 65
1 John BARKER dead
2 Agness BARKER dead
3 Robert DOWDY dead
4.Catherine DOWDY dead
5. JohnC. BARKER
6. Frances BARKER
7. Ophelia G. BARKER
8. Margarett N. BARKER
9. Rachal WALKER exc.
10. Isabella WALKER exc.
11. Joseph DEFREESE dead
12. Elizabeth DEFREESE dead
13. John DOWDY dis. by Letter
14. Wm. P. AMORINE
15. Henry AMORINE exc. then restored
16. E. G. BARKER dead
17. Tabitha BARKER
18. Lucy HARRIS dis. by Letter
19. Timothy Colored dead
20. Silvia a Colored Mem. died
21. Fanney RODDAM dead
22. Hester PRUITT dis. by Letter
23. John AMORINE exc.
24. Anna KILPATRICK dead
25. William R. HARRIS
26. John A. CROMBIE dis. by ltr.
27. Catherine HARRIS by Letter
28. Susan Elvira HARRIS by Letter
29. James a Colored mem. dis. .
30. Hester PRUITT dis. by Letter
31. Sarah SMYTH dead
32. Susanah SMYTH dis. by Letter
33. Edward BROADAWA Y dis. ltr.
34. Elizabeth PRUITT dis. by ltr.
35. Elizabeth BURK dis. by Itr.
36. Cato a man of Color dead.
37. Hannah BROADAWAYdedd
38. Joseph B. PRUITT dis.
39. Phebe PRUITT Letter
40. Mary Ann PRUITT exc.	
41. Elizabeth Ann BROADAWAYdis.
42. Elijah L. SMYTH dis. Letter.
43. Margaret PRUITT dead.
44. Frances C. BROADAWAY dis..
45. Robert JONES dis. by Letter.
46.Polly JONES dis. by Itr..
47. Eliza BROADAWAY.
48. Reuben HARDEN excluded ;.
49. Mary Ann HULL BAXTER.
50. Mary DOWDY Chandler.
5 f. Caroline DOWDY dis..
52. Theodore BLACKSTOCK
53. Michael DOWDY dead.
54. Hannah DOWDY Exc..
55. Arnanda REED.
56. Mariah SINGLETON.
57. Nancy ABERCROMBIE dis. Itr..
58. Daniel EAST dis. Letter.
59. John DOWDY dismissed 
60. Sarah O'HARROW dis.. ltr.
61. Mary Ann PEARCE dis. Letter..
62. Eleanor HARRIS dismissed.
63. James P. BARKER dis.ltr. " ..
64. Melvella C. G. BARKER dis.
65. Aden BRIDWELL dis.
66. Elizabeth J. SINGLETON dismissed.
67. Le- --HALEY dismissed September. 1847.
68. Elizabeth Elvim PEARCE.
69. Caroline a Colored woman. dis..
70. Jane BURTON dismissed.
71. Rebecca SINGLETON dismissed.
72. Martha HARDEN dismissed.
73, Nancy A. BAXTER dis..
74. Margaret PIRKLE Elizabeth.
75. Elisabeth PIRKLE.
76. Isaac ABERCROMBIE dead.
77. James P. PESNELL dead.
78. Jacob F. PIRKLE dis. by Letter.
79. Job dis. Colored member.
80. Peter dis. Colored member
81. Tenah Colored member
82. Margaret Colored member
83. William A BARNE1T exc.
84. Leannah C. BARNETT Ban-ett dis.
85. Wm. DEFREESE dis.
86. Catherine DEFREESE dismissed
87. Isaac PIR.KLE dismissed
88. Wm. R PIRKLE ex.
89. Nancy HARDEN dismissed
90. Elizabeth PESNELL dis.
91. Wm. F. BURKdismissed
92. Mary HARDEN dead
93. Milley a Colored woman
94. Wm. H. PESNELL dis.
95. James M. JOHNSON dis.
96. SamuelW. BROWN gone
97. Juliann BROCK dis. ltr.
98. Independence Jane WALKER dis.
99. Patsey BABER
100 Sarah JOHNSON ltr.
101. Hiliard J. RHODES exc.
102. Nancy RHODES dead
103. Wm. BURKE Senior
104. Matthew PIRKLE dead
105. Rebecca PIRKLE dis.
106. Elizabeth PIRKLE
107. Lucinda HULL
108. Celey BABER dismissed
109. William YORK
110. William BARKER
111. Elizabeth HULL
112. Catharine a Colored girl dis. by ltr.
113. Charles W. DEFREESE dis. ltr.
114. Isabellah PEARCE
115. James G. ABERCROMBIE by Experience
116. William. HARRIS, Sr. excluded
117. William S. LACKEY
118. HemyH.Walkerexc.
119. Sarah Jane LACKEY dismissed
120. Isabellah HULL dismissed
121. MatildaJ. PEARCE
122. Wm. C. BAXTER'dis. by Itr.
123. Elizabeth ROWEL
124. Susan WALKER dis.
125. Elizabeth a'colored woman
126. Francis BRAUDA WAY dead
127. Maryann LACKEY dis.
128. Sarah Jane LACKEY dis.
129/ James P. BARKER dis.
130. Melvella C. G. BARKER dis.
131. Edward BROADAWAY dis.
132. Eliza BROADA WAY dis.
133. Hannah Catherine BROADA WAY
134. Mary PRUlTf dis. by Itr.
135. Hemy AMMERINE Restored
136. Nancy YORK
137. John MOORE dis. by Itr.
138. Thomas SMYlll dis. by Itr.
139 Elias SMYlll dis. by Itr.
140. Reuben HARDEN restored dis.
141. Jane JOHNSON dis. by Itr.
142. A. J. MOODY & wife dis. by Itr.
143. Nancy MOODY dis.
144. Margaret PIRKLE restored
145. Mary CLEMONS by Letter

The Church Constitution
Constitution of Liberty Church Near Arbacoochee
1st. First We believe that it is the duty of every heaven born soul to become a member of the :,
visible Church to make a public profession of their faith to be legally baptized so as to have right
to and to partake of the Lord's Supper at every legal opportunity during life.
2nd. Second. We believe that the visible Church of Christ is a Congregation of faithful persons
who have joined Christian fellowship with each other and have given themselves up to the Lord,
and to each other and have agreed to keep a Godly discipline agreeable to the rules of the Gospel.
3rd. Third: We believe that Jesus Christ is the great head of his Church and only law giver and the
government is with the body and it is the privilege of each individual and that the discipline of the
Church is intended for the reclaiming of those Christians who may be disorderly either in principle
or practice and must be faithfully kept up in God's glory and the peace and unity of the Church.
4th We believe that good works are the fruits of faith and follow after justification and that they
only justify us in the sight of men and angels and are evidences of our gmcious state.
5th We believe that sinners are justified in the sight of God only by the righteousness of Christ
imputed to them
6th And as for benevolent institutions this Church will not hinder any member from joining them
or Contributing to their Support in any manner whatsoever, nor will she think hard of any member
for not joining or contributing td them, but each member shall be at liberty to act agreeable to their
own free will and conscious feeling without bias or constmint in any manner whatever as it
regards benevolent institutions.

Abstract of Principles
1st. We believe in one only true and living God, the Father, Son and Holly Ghost, and the three
are one.
2nd. We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are the word of God and are
therefore the only rules of faith and practice. 
3rd. We believe in the doctrine of Election and that
God chose his people in Christ before the foundation of the world through sanctification of the
Spirit and belief of the truth.
4th We believe in the doctrine of original sin.
5th We believe in Man's impotency to recover himself from his fallen state he is in by nature by
his own ability.
6th We believe that sinners are justified in the sight of God only by the merits of Christ by
7th We believe the Saints shall persevere by grace and never finally fall away.
8th We believe that baptism and the Lord's Supper are ordinances of Jesus Christ and that true
believers are the subjects, and we believe the true mode of baptism is by immersion.
9th We believe in the resurrection of the dead general ljudgment.
lO W e believe the punishment of the wicked will be everlasting and the joy of the righteous will
be eternal
11 We believe that no person has the right to the administmtion of the ordinances only such as are
regularly baptized, Called, and come under the imposition of hands by a presbytery.
12th We believe that None but baptized Members have a right to commune at the Lord's table.
Rules of Decorum
1st The meeting shal be opened and Closed by prayre
2nd a Moderator and Clerk Shal be Chosen by the Members of the Church present
3rd. The Moderator Shal be deemed judge of order and Shal have a Right to Call to order at any time
4th. any member not satisfied with his decision on any point of order May appeal to the Church on
the same day but at no other time
5th but one person Shal speak at a time and he Shal Rise from his seat and upon obtaining Leave
Proceed to Speak not exceeding fifteen minutes at one time
6th the Moderator when addressed for Leave to speak Shal Signify the Same by Naming them or otherwise
7th No member Shal not be interrupted while speaking unless he depart from the Subject in hand
or use words of personal reflection and every motion moved and seconded Shal Come under the
Consideration of the Church Except it be with drawn by him that made it
8th Every Case taken up by the Church Shal be first decided unless with drawn before another is offered
9th it Shal be the duty of Every Male Member Strictly to Attend their Monthly Conference
Meetings and anyone missing two Meetings in Succession it will be their duty to Render in their
reason for so Missing to the Church on the Church may cite them to attend and Render in the same
10 it Shall be the duty of the Church At every Monthly Conference to Enquire for All Male
Absentees and the cause of their absence.
11 That may and September be the regular times for communion
12 The Decorum Shall be read on Saturday in Conference before communion meeting

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