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Marion Andrew (Mage) Richardson was born on 1/19/1880 he died on 3/28/1970.
Marion Andrew (Mage) Richardson is the son of Andrew Jackson (Jack) Richardson & Angie Spivey.
Marion Married Rosa Carolyn Champion b: 9/13/1875 d: 1/13/1950.
Rosa is the daughter of Thomas Barton Champion b: 7 Jun 1854 d: 5/27/1916 & Hanna Prather b: 1/28/1849 d: 7/9/1945.
Rosa Carolyn Champion & Marion Andrew Richardson are both burried at Pine Grove Cemetery in Cleburne County, Alabama.

Rosa Carolyn Champion & Marion Andrew Richardson had the following children:
1 Luda May Richardson was born on 8/26/1902 she died on 10/18/1978.
   Luda May Richardson married Eston Franklin Johnson they had 1 Living Child.
2 Luna (or Lunie) Argona Richardson was born on 1/8/1905 she died on  5/10/1906.
3 Angie Carolyn Richardson was born on 12/5/1907 she died on 9/5/1985.
   Angie Carolyn Richardson married Orvel Sylvestor Johnson and had 4 Living Children.
4 Edna Lucile Richardson was born on 4/5/1911 she died on Mar. 1969 in a car accident near Bowdon, Ga.
   Edna Lucile Richardson married John Ozie (ode) White on 2/19/33 & had the following children:
            Ref_001 | Ref_002 |  Ref_003 John Ozie White son of Daniel Epp White
            i Edwin Richie White  m: Living Cummings 
            ii Shirley Rose White m: Living Miller on 1/13/56 4 Living children. 
            iii Living Female Whitem m: Living Caldwell on 2/21/59 4 Living children.
            iv Living Male White m: Stephens on 5/6/66 4 Living children 
Ref 001 Brother John
Both My GrandParents Worked as Millers The Ones below he worked at last.
mill_near_claude_kiker_store mill_inside
rosa_carolyn_championRosa Carolyn Champion b: 9/13/1875 d: 1/13/1950.
GrandMother remained sick for some before the 50's.
I was only 5 or 6 years old at this time
Dr. Jubal Watts from Bowdon, Ga. would come by to treat her
Dr. Wright from Heflin came also sometimes.
Aunt Lula Barr lived just above her.
There were many from the Champion Family who lived nearby.
The doctors said she had cancer
I remember folks at the funeral saying "won't be long until they can cure cancer"
There were many flowers at the funeral, me and some of the other kids were playing around them.
I broke out and could not quit scratching, they carried me to Dr Wright in Heflin.
Dr Wright's office was a long narrow office inside the drug store.
He used some kind of cream on me, "it worked".
I also remember the old wood stove she had. Stove wood was edge strips from the sawmill.
Grandaddy stacked em up neat, us kids played with them a lot.
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