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Margaret (Patsy) Pendergrass

johnsonfolksA society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

Orvel Sylvestor Johnson was the great great grandson of Margaret (Patsy) Pendergrass.
Roman Numeral in Capitols = Generations.
Orvel Sylvester Johnson Maternal Ancestry Cleburne Co. Al.
My Great Great Great Grandmother Margaret (*Patsy) Pendergrass was born March 1795 Chester Co, SC.
She died in about 1903 and is likely buried in an unmarked grave in Shoal Creek Cemetery. 
Oral Record from down the line of great uncle great Johnnie Johnson reports she was pure Cherokee Indian.
Mr William Edwards says he knew where the Pendergrass cabin was located in what is now 
Sweet Water Lake in the Shoal Creek mountians.
 The "Pendergrass Creek" in the Talladega National Forest is named after them.
Notice in the picture the head is covered.
From Patsy down to me is 6 Generations.
Seb-K has appeared on the head down to me.

John Pendergrass (Martha Pendergrass Banister's Father) was living in Randolph County in 1850.
John Pendergrass was born about 1790 in Orange CO., NC, he died before  1860 in AL.. 
He married Margaret- b. 1795 SC Chester CO., d.after 1900 in Calhoun CO.,AL..

Cousin Ollie Walker wrote in in her orginal handwritting as follows:
1. Great, great, grandmother Pendergrass.
Passed away at 107 years of age.
Baptised at at 105 was not satisfied with the first baptism.
                   Their Children
(1) Jennie Pendergrass - never married
(2) Sallie Pendergrass --
        There may have been other children.

The census shows:
Children of John and Margaret (what  we thought was Patsy) 
 i Martha born 1821 m: W. A. Banister b. SC., mother of Frankie Banister
 ii Enlsey b. 1822 m: Sarah A. Coleman 
 iii Sarah (Sally) born 1823 mentioned by Ollie Walker
 iv. Jane b.1825, single in 1880 in Calhoun Co., she died before 1900 Calhoun Co. AL. (Ollie's Jennie)
 v. John b. 1832 m: Linda Amanda Coleman. 
 vi. Joseph born 1836 1860 Calhoun Co., AL., Census.
 vi. Margaret (Peggy) b. 1837, single in 1880 living with her mother is 1880 Calhoun Co. AL., Census.
 vii.  Robert Russell b. 1840 m: Sarah A Simons 
Margret Pendergrass Jennie Pendergrass
Extreme Left Picture is Margret (Patsy) Pendergrass
Sitting in a straight chair with a fan in her hand as cousin Paul said.
Her head is covered, sore like things were on her head, grandaddy called them cancers.
They have shown up in me and  my father, grandfather and uncle. 
My doctor calls them SEB-K. The next picture is aunt Jennie Pendergrass