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John Franklin Johnson Born Feb 10,1857 Edwardsville, Al Died Feb 27,1927
John Franklin is the son of Elias Earl Johnson & Rhoda Avery
John Franklin is buried at Crossroads Cemetery, Cleburne County, AL.
John Franklin Johnson married Frances (Frankie) Lovenia Banister on 8/17/1876 b: 11/26 /1853 d: 5/2/1937
Frances is the daughter of William A Banister & Martha Pendergrass

John Franklin Johnson & Frances (Frankie) Lovenia Banister had the following children:
i James Henry Johnson b: 31 May 1877 d: 25 Nov 1962 m: Georgia Elizabeth Wells
ii. Martha Jane Johnson b: 5 Jun 1879d: 13 Mar 1971 m: Wiley Puaski Walker
iii. Frances L. Johnson b: Jan 1883 d. Newnan Ga m: Elige Newborn
iv. Johnnie Johnson b: Aug 1881 d: 1928 m: Nancy Johnson buried Upper Cane Creek.
v. Nancy Evelyn Johnson b: Sep 1886. d. Chatanooga TN. m: Elbert Edwards 
vi. Jesse Johnson b: 25 Apr 1889. d: 27 Mar 1918 m: Edna Newborn 
Jesse buried in the Crossroads Cemetery, Cleburne County, Alabama.
Frankie & John are buried in the Crossroads Cemetery, Cleburne County, Alabama.
4gen1 4 Generations of Johnsonfolks
Picture Before May 1937
Left to Right
Frances (Frankie) Lovenia Banister born 11/26/1853 died 5/2/1937 4th Generation
James Henry Johnson son of Frankie & John Franklin Johnson 3rd Generation
Georgia Elizabeth Wells wife of James Henry Johnson 3rd Generation
Angie Richardson wife of Orvel Sylvestor Johnson 2nd Generation
Orvel Sylvestor Johnson 2nd Generation
Child is the daughter of Orvel Sylvestor Johnson & Angie Richardson 1st Generation
frances_l_banister The Tombstone of Frankie Banister
mrs_f_l_johnson Mrs. F. L. Johnson
4th Generation
This is Bethsadia No. 2 Today
This is the present Location.
Earlier maps show the Church located across the road and called Crossroads.
The old Church also described as Bethsadia No. 1
John F is reported by cousins to be a Baptist Preacher Bethsadia no. 1
Crossroads Church established 1883
Also known as Bethsadia No. 2
 The first Pastor was B. J. Walker
 J. P. Walker preached from 1887 to 1893
 J. W. Walker called to pastor 1894
 W. J. Newborn 1894 to 1897
 J. W. Campbell 1897 to 1910
 J. W. Walker 1910 to 1911
 9/9/1911 called Tom Martin asked to be released 10/9/1911
 Church served 1911 to SEP 7,1912 J. W. Walker
 J. W. Campbell 1912 to Jul 12, 1913
Lost pages in the record at this point from Jul 1913 to 1915
Great Grandfather John F. Johnson could fit here
His age at that point is 58 to 62
 J. W. Walker to 1919
 Acee Willingham (3 to 4 months)
 R. S. Brooks (3 to 4 months)
 W. J. Newborn and A. M. Wilburn filled in until SEP 11, 1920
 1920 P. T. Layton to 1924
 C. E. Garner preached 3 months
 Rev. T. H. Denny 1924 to 1925
 Rev. M. H. Owens 1925 to 1927
 M. A. Gann 1927 to 1931
 W. T. Adams 1931 to 1932
 M. A. Gann 1932 to 1934
 J. A. Duke 1934 to 1937
 P Johnson 1937 to 1938
 DEC 1938 to May 1940 no Pastor
 R. E. Wiggins 1940 to 1941
 J. C. Day 1941 to 1947
 J. T. Marks 1947 to 1948
 ED Day 1948 to 1949
 O. D. Parker 1949 to 1952
 Lester Walker 1952 to 1954
 Alan Lawler 1954 to 1955
 R. L. Bates 1955 to 1959
 Chester Beason 1959 to 1961
 Harold Hunnett 1961 to 1962
 Lester Walker 1962 to 1964
 Fred Newborn 1964 to 1964
 Fornie Walker 1965 to 1966
 Fred Newborn 1966 to 1967
 Fornie Walker 1967 to 1977
 Grover Robinson 1977
 Roy Weathers 1981 to 1985

Visiting the Church of My Grandfather brings Joy and Happiness to your Heart.
Even though they may not be blood kin, you will feel they are your brothers and sisters
John Franklin Johnson is not on the list above
Family records of Miss Ollie Walker indicate he was once a minister there.
Some church records were burned in a fire
Lost pages in the record at this point from Jul 1913 to 1915
John would have been in his late 50's.
A document dated 1899 Cleburne Baptist Association indicates he was on the Orphan Home project along with A. A. Hurst and J. W. Walker J. W. Walker was the grandfather of the present minister Fonie Walker John Franklin Johnson may have preached on the floor HOME john franklin johnson Frances (Frankie) Lovenia Banister