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David Scott Johnson

From the father of Scott:
As I hand write the html pages today 21 Nov., 2013 a low volume voice says "Daddy".
Do we really understand death?
David Scott Johnson David Scott Johnson b. 26 Jan., 1972 d. 19 Oct., 2013
Father: The Johnson Webmaster
Mother: Living (Walker) Johnson
m1: Living Harper 1 Living (Johnson)Son
m2: Living (Witt) Johnson 1 Living (Johnson) Son
Scott also raised 1 son (Rader) from the 2nd. marriage.
Scott was delivered by Dr. Johnson at Tanner Hospital in Carrollton, GA..
His office was on the right coming from AL. highway 46 as it enters the State of Georgia.
Dr Johnson held him thru the night, he said he was the best looking baby he had ever delivered.
Go up the street, turn right near post office and you will find the grave of one Rev. James Barrow.
This is his connection thru the Barrow line from Mildred (Barrow) Smith. We brought him back home to the Macedonia community of Cleburne CO.,AL..
Scott knew Cleburne CO., AL. as home for about half his life. Often times he would mention about going back home.
Back home mostly he remembered living near his grandparents. We moved to Orlando FL. after leaving the Macedonia community. 
Then we moved next door to his grandparents.
dsj_baby1_sm More baby pictures of David Scott Johnson b. 26 Jan., 1972 d. 19 Oct., 2013.
Left picture was taken at the home of Rev. John Allen Walker his Walker Grandfather. He called him "Paw Paw". Later on when his hair got long John Allen Walker called him "Louise".
dsj_jdh_sm David Scott Scott
m1: maiden name Harper on 16 Jul., 1991
Left Picture taken in Calhoun CO., AL.

Trip to Milton, FL. Then a short Trip.
Left Picture beach near Milton, FL..
Left to Right:
Scott's 1st. wife.
Scott's Father. and The Rev Fred Newborn. The Newborn's close to family since Campbell, CO., GA.. 1850's Elias Earl Johnson
jdh_sm dsj_jcj_sm Left Scott's 1st. wife, mother of his first son.
Next picture Scott and his first born son. Picture taken before court appearence in Davidson CO.,TN.
Scott's parents were awarded custody of the child. That child is now the light of our lives. He is now 21 years old and 8 generations from our grandmother Pendergrass. Scott would frequently ask me about her. I would say "well" she smoked a corn cob pipe was re-baptised at 105 and died at the age of 107.
dsj_joe1_sm scott_joe_sm scott_dad_sm The first two pictures are Scott and his first born son.
Next picture is Scott and his father, click to enlarge this picture and see the page author.

Coming Soon the 2nd Marriage