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Johnston County, North Carolina

Probate Records

Sill Johnson, 13 Sept. 1763; Probated October Court 1763
Wife: Elizabeth Johnson - Manor plantation, real & personal property during her life
Son: Benjamin Johnson - Manor plantation after death of wife
Son: Absolom Johnson - Tract of land
Remainder of estate after death of wife to be equally divided between all children
Signed: Henry Johnson
Exec: Henry Johnson
Wit: John McCullers

Henry Johnson, Sr., 11 Oct. 1807; Prob. Nov. Ct. 1807
Wife: Patsy Johnson 300 acres on Marsh Br.; negro Penny
Son: Drury Johnson Negroes Andrew, Patience & Wenny
Daughter: Jerusha Busbee Negroes Skipper, Fillis & Handy
Daughter: Drucilla Pate Negroes Tempy, Davie & Green
Remainder of estate to be divided equal among surviving children and wife
Henry (x) Johnson
Exec: Drury Johnson

Sale of Est. of Henry Johnson, dec., 15 Dec. 1807.
Buyers Widow Johnson, Drury Johnson, Edmund Busbee, Sterling Johnson, Benjamin Pate, Henry Johnson, Matthew Jones, Penuel Penny, John Ferrell, John Carroll, Thos. Ethridge, Johnathan Smith, Alexander Smith, Richard A. Smith, William A. Smith, Bryan Ferrell, Isaac Penny, Wm. Bryan, Esq., Plyer Barber, Philip Johnson, Barbabas Busby, Wm. Phillips, Reaves Ivey, James Turner, Rigdon Johnson, Isham Stevens, William Turner, Hardy Lewis, Bryan Ferrell, William Canady, Jonathan Smith, James Stevens, Jonathan Smith 1 large Bible, Edmund Busbee, Willie Johnson, Samuel A. Smith, Cullen Johnson, Willie Jones, Tobias Page, Jesse Morgan, Needham Gower.