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20 April 2003 Added will of Johns Johns, Wilkes Co. GA
13 April 2003 Started Arizona Tombstones page.
10 Feb 1999 Added:  New JOHNS Crest by Ben Johns.  1850 KY Census index, Cliff's new page link, Update reunion page and added link to new page with map to hotel, 1810 TN Census, totally rebuilt MO census and lost it again after 22 hours of work. Fixed Death and Obit page, Added Enslaved Johns page with intro and chapter one.
30 Jan 1999 ADDED:  CSA Roster page and information, Delaware Wills page, Civil War Pensions Page, TN Pensions CW, Lawrence Co., KY marriages, Dallas Co., AL census, Books for Sale page and info, What's New page,  MO Marriages, MO 1860 census info, more researchers.
17 Jan 1999 Fix Mortality schedules, ADDED:  MO Marriages, MO Census 1850, 1860, 1870, Idaho Census page & info, VA marriages, Mass Births page and info, NY Births page and info, NY Marriages, MA Marriages, PA Rev War Records.
7 Jan 1999 ADDED:  Mortality Index page and info 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, hit counters on 2 gen. pages, VA GENWEB search link to links page.
5 Jan 1999 ADDED:  email and timestamp to all pages, more researchers, reunion info, KY Births, MD Births, PA Births, put VA census into tables
3 Jan 1999 ADDED:  Will of Jesse Johns, Cambell Co., VA, MO Census 1830, 1840, 1850 full and index, 1860 index vol. 1 & 2, 1870 North and South, FL Deaths page and info.
2 Jan 1999 ADDED:  Archive link, Rev War Land Warrants link, Vital Records link, Indiana Tombstone page, MO Land Patent Page and info, MO Marriages page and info, AL Marriages, FL CW link to CW page, War of 1812 GA info, Will of John Johns, Amelia Co., VA, GA deeds page and info, Grant Co., IN marriages.
2 Dec 1998 ADDED:  LA Greenwood Cemetery info, Seminole Indian War page and info, Walter Yenne to WWII page, TN Marriages.
17 Nov 1998 ADDED:  GA Marriages,  Reunion change, NC Marriages, 1830 TN Census, 1840 MD Census, Hancock Co., IN Marriages.
17 Nov 1998 ADDED:  Gap Pond Cem. FL, Baker Co. Index, Vet Cem Baker Co FL info, Oak Ridge Cem Orlando info, Spruce Creek FL Cem info, WWI FL Draft registration info, Award on homepage, Will of John Johns, Columbia Co, GA, Land Patents Page, AL Marriage Page ad info, Ohio Marriage records, Ohio Death records, Link to Fed Land Patents 1820-1908, Henry LeRoy Johns WWII info, Rev. Henry LeRoy Johns WWI, 1850 TN census, SUBMITTED ged to GENDEX
16 Nov 1998 ADDED:  TN census page and info for 1820 1830, SSDI Links Page, Jay Dee Johns WWII info, Lester P. Johns WWI info, Wm. Smith Johns CW info, MD Marriage page and info, PA German Marriages, Lots of Military links,  Lee and Johns to CW page, Will of Samuel Williamson Johns Perry Co AL, Will of Anna Johns Thomas, FL Cem Oark Ridge Orlando FL, Link to Ohio War of 1812.
31 Oct 1998 ADDED:  AR Tombstones, Births for PA KY MD, Deaths catagory, PA Marriages.
29 Oct 1998 ADDED:  AR Marriages, Will of Roger Johns, Robert Johns AL, Thomas Johns Charlotte Co VA, William Johns AL, John Johns Charlotte Co, Thomas Johns Sr. Cumberland Co, Thomas Johns Heirs Agreement Lawrence Co KY, Richard Johns King William Co VA, LA Tombstones, Les Johns WWII info.
26 Oct 1998 ADDED:  Sherry Muller's links, Will of David Johns, GA Census, Amherst VA 1850 census link, Augusta Co VA 1850 census link, Charlton GA census link 1860, Shirley Akins CW info, Shirley Akins Rev War info
25 Oct 1998 ADDED:  IL & IN Marriages, Judith Johns will, AR Marriages & Tombstone link, Canada Tombstones page and info.
23 Oct 1998 Loaded New Web page to server.

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