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Indiana Marriages

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Marriage Index: Indiana, 1790-1850

JOHN, Benjamin   NEELY, Hetty 29 March 1827 Fayette Co., IN
JOHN, David  FOSTER, Sarah 16-Mar-1826 Decatur Co., IN
JOHN, Eliza S. DUNBAR, John S. 03-Oct-1848 Union Co., IN
JOHN, Elizabeth PETTY, William 24-Oct-1824 Fayette Co., IN
JOHN, Emily STANLEY, Charles B. 29-Jul-1849 Ripley Co., IN
JOHN, John CULLUMS, Mary 10-Sep-1824 Orange Co., IN
JOHN, Jonathan PIPER, Sophia 03-Oct-1847 Boone Co., IN
JOHN, Lewis B. VANZANT, Eunice 07-Sep-1848 Henry Co., IN
JOHN, Lucy BAXTER, William 15-Aug-1850 Shelby Co., IN
JOHN, Martha DAVIS, Benjami D. 25-Dec-1849 Cass Co., IN
JOHN, Martha J. ALDRIDGE, William 09-Aug-1849 Carroll Co., IN
JOHN, Mary FOWLER, Brazilla 27-Aug-1848 Union Co., IN
JOHN, Mary K CURTIS, James B. 18-Jul-1840 Jennings Co., IN
JOHN, Morgan   HARRISON, Matilda 30 Aug. 1829 Fayette Co., IN
JOHN, N. N JOHNSTON, Hannah A. 07-May-1839 Clinton Co., IN
JOHN, Rachal A. HUNTSINGER, Jacob 23-Oct-1845 Carroll Co., IN
JOHN, Samuel Jr. BARTON, Elizabeth 23-Jul-1846 Boone Co., IN
JOHN, Sarah A. BUNKER, James 07-Jul-1849 Clinton Co., IN
JOHN, Washington D. QUINN, Sophia 07-Apr-1840 Union Co., IN
JOHN, William MONTGOMERY, Annis 30-Dec-1828 Shelby Co., IN
JOHN, William COBLER, Margaret 03-Nov-1830 Marion Co., IN
JOHN, William F. BARNETT, Elizabeth 30-Mar-1841 Johnson Co., IN
JOHNS, Anna ANDREW, Jacob 01-Jun-1837 Boone Co., IN
JOHNS, Benjamin FOWLER, Mary Malinda 24-Jan-1833 Hendricks Co., IN
JOHNS, Charity DUNKIN, Freborn 18-Sep-1825 Owen Co., IN
JOHNS, Edmond McMILLAN, Juliann 17-Nov-1831 Ripley Co., IN
JOHNS, Edmond McMILLAN, Juliann 17-Nov-1831 Ripley Co., IN
JOHNS, Elizabeth JAMES, Thomas 14-Apr-1825 Jefferson Co., IN
JOHNS, Elizabeth John O.G. Collins 30, Aug. 1849 Hancock Co., IN
JOHNS, Ezra OVERMAN, Sally Ann 12-Oct-1837 Henry Co., IN
JOHNS, Greenup   HYNES, Jenetta 3 Jan. 1836 Fayette Co., IN
JOHNS, Harris COLE, Marcessa 22-Mar-1838 Ripley Co., IN
JOHNS, Henry JOHNS, Polly Ann 04-Dec-1831 Boone Co., IN
JOHNS, J. David MUNSON, Matilda 15-Oct-1841 Pulaski Co., IN
JOHNS, Jacob SCONCE, Sarah 27-Feb-1822 Jefferson Co., IN
JOHNS, James DENIS, Catharine 01-Jan-1846 Hancock Co., IN
JOHNS, John WILSON, Polly 01-Jan-1824 Jefferson Co., IN
JOHNS, Joseph VOWEL, Nancy 07-Oct-1838 Hendricks Co., IN
JOHNS, Joshua V. DEMMON, Caroline M. 16-Aug-1845 Lake Co., IN
JOHNS, Julian GREEN, John W. 15-Aug-1839 Ripley Co., IN
JOHNS, Levine PITMAN, John 25-Apr-1839 Boone Co., IN
JOHNS, Lucy ALLOWAY, Alfred 02-Sep-1836 Owen Co., IN
JOHNS, Lydia JAMES, Enoch D 13-Mar-1842 Boone Co., IN
JOHNS, Martha MICHAEL, Sylvester 27-Nov-1845 Hancock Co., IN
JOHNS, Mary STEPHENS, Joseph 27-Mar-1823 Harrison Co., IN
JOHNS, Mary SEAMEN, Nicholas 23-Nov-1843 Ripley Co., IN
JOHNS, Mary FOSTER, Henry D 21-Apr-1844 Jefferson Co., IN
JOHNS, Matthew MAGGART, Ellen 26-Apr-1843 Hancock Co., IN
JOHNS, Nancy Ellen MARPLE, William 17-Oct-1848 Carroll Co., IN
JOHNS, Narcepa BERGEN, Simon 22-Aug-1848 Ripley Co., IN
JOHNS, Polly CHASE, Madison 21-Apr-1822 Switzerland Co., IN
JOHNS, Polly VEST, John 23-Sep-1835 Owen Co., IN
JOHNS, Polly Ann JOHNS, Henry 04-Dec-1831 Boone Co., IN
JOHNS, Rachael GROVES, Uriah 18-Jul-1837 Boone Co., IN
JOHNS, Rachel HOAGE, Samuel 04-Jul-1841 Ripley Co., IN
JOHNS, Robert BURSENBERICK, Elizabeth 15-Dec-1829 Marion Co., IN
JOHNS, Robinson BLACK, Lovenia 15-Feb-1842 Hancock Co., IN
JOHNS, Sarah STEPHENSON, George 11-Sep-1845 Boone Co., IN
JOHNS, Shadrack B. WHEELER, Nancy 14-Nov-1844 Owen Co., IN

Submitted by Tom Nagy and Marty Fech

Index to Marriage Records, Hancock Co., IN 1828 to 1920

Name Born Spouse Married
John, Abraham Minerva Jane Hamilton 1, Sept. 1864
John, Martha James H. Kinder 24, Dec. 1871
John, Mary Ann George Romack 10, Sept. 1854
Johns, Maria Abraham Burris 20, May 1870
Johns, Mary Ann Elisha Burris 15, June 1865
Johns, Sarah E. Simeon Dennis 27, Mar. 1856
Johns, Louisa Wm. H. Slaughter 13, Apr. 1868
Johns, William T. Mary E. James 11, Sept. 1906
Johns, Ethel J. William P. Ware 14, Jan. 1899
Johns, Nancy J. Thomas C. Bicknell 13, Aug. 1898
Johns, Mary E. Alonzo C. Elsbury 14, Feb. 1884
Johns, William H. Florence Walker 30, May 1892
Johns, David A. Isabell J. Jacobs 23, Dec. 1877
Johns, Earl Vivian McCallister 16, Oct. 1918
Johns, Esther Walter Winn 25, Nov. 1914
Johns, Harriett A. William E. McKee 11, May 1878
Johns, Mary Andrew Stone 17, May 1885
Johns, Lattie Ira Simmerman 14, Dec. 1892
Johns, Cora William Gipe 17, Oct. 1892
Johns, John Elizabeth A. Collier 25, Sept. 1868
Johns, William F. Mary T. Davis 26, Dec. 1874
Johns, William F. Nancy J. Bunker 1, Dec. 1887
Johns, Rhinda E. Gabriel Abrams 14, Sept. 1889
Johns, Rosetta John W. Dudley 4, May 1890
Johns, Emma John Grass 25, Jan. 1899
Johns, Nancy Alexander Bridges 6, July 1881
Johns, Elizabeth Charles L. Nibarger 19, Aug. 1880
Johns, Elizabeth John O. G. Collins 30, Aug. 1849
Johns, Margaret I. Frederick G. Bockman 10, Oct. 1861
Johns, Henry Sarah J. Coon 16, May 1866
Johns, Daniel Z Francis O. Burris 23, Dec. 1869
Johns, Mary E. Charles B. Perkins 2, Aug. 1909
Johns, Lawrence Gladys Lucile Oldham 14, Apr. 1917
Johns, John W. Viola M. Hose 20, July 1902
Johns, Riley Ella Collingwood 16, Dec. 1896
Johns, Glen W. Beulah M. Collins 31, Dec. 1919
Johns, Nancy C. Wiley Jones 25, Nov, 1876
John, Frederick 16, Mar. 1898 Frances Lucille 27,Feb. 1920
John, Margt Ann 28, July 1891 Heber H. Harrold 5, Sept. 1912
John, Mary E. 15, Feb. 1899 Chas. G. Snyder 29, Nov. 1916
John, Ona 7, Nov. 1892 Andy Harless 20, June 1914
John, Sarah D. William J. Lemon 18, Dec. 1884
John, Susie 12, Sept. 1894 W.E. Thomas 18, Aug. 1917
John, Teresa H. 14, Oct. 1893 Ralph O. Gleason 28, Oct. 1911
John, Thomas H. Effie Beeson 1, Jan. 1895
John, Virgil 11, Aug. 1894 Ruby O. Ryan 4, Feb. 1914
John, William A. Hattie R. Davis 23, Sept. 1883
Johns, Arabella 8, July 1894 Earl J. Smith 1, Oct. 1913
Johns, Bella J. L. Donahoo 22, Dec. 1886
Johns, Carrie James Burke 30, Oct. 1897
Johns, Charles 27, Sept. 1879 o Branenberg 1, Jan. 1906
Johns, Daniel 25, Nov. 1876 Bessie M. Sisson 8, Nov. 1913
Johns, Daniel Lizzie Brough 9, Sept. 1890
Johns, Della Aspy Ernest 19, Apr. 1902
Johns, Della M. Geo. F. Frabue 21, July 1892
Johns, Ethel 24, Mar. 1887 George Greason 2, Apr. 1910
Johns, Frank 30, Dec. 1898 Anna Donovan 2, June 1919
Johns, Georgia 12, July 1897 24, June 1916 24, June 1916
Johns, Gidion Mary Broadbent 2, Mar. 1904
Johns, Hattie Washton Fervick 11, May 1902
Johns, John Margt. M. Jones 5, May 1900
Johns, Lizzie William Stiles 21, June 1899
Johns, Louie Joseph F. Sheets 12, Jan. 1896
Johns, Mary E. William Stitley 6, Mar. 1894
Johns, Mary Mrs. Pentost Joseph 27, Feb. 1894
Johns, Mathew Elizabeth Freels 18, May 1885
Johns, Netti A. Thomas Evans 7, Oct. 1893
Johns, Ora 3, May 1892 Arabella Willet 23, Nov. 1910
Johns, Ora G. 3, May 1892 Gladys Hoppes 2, May 1914
Johns, Sarah Ww H C Campbell 11, Nov. 1901
Johns, Sidney 8, Nov. 1891 Mary Newcomer 10, July 1914
Johns, T. H. 2, Apr. 1871 Fay Garrett 17, Oct. 1909
Johns, Thomas 22, June 1882 Ella Davis 27, July 1906
Johns, Williams Bertha Corbin 23, July 1896
Johns, Williams Mary J. Hanshaw 26, Apr. 1891
Johns, Zeb W 6, Aug. 1877 Cora Cranor 15, June 1915

I have read several write-ups on the Johns that settled in Madison Co.  Most are mentioned being of English/Welsh descent and from PA. There are a few that came to Indiana from KY.  On this list Louie Johns is my Grandmother's sister; Mathew Johns is my 2 great grandfather (this was his 2nd marriage) and Williams Johns is Mathew's grandson.
Submitted by Marty Fech

Note: When I first started researching my Johns, I was incontact with the Hancock Co. Historian, who descends from the John family, that also lived in Hancock County. The John family settled in Blue River Twp. The Johns family settled in Brown Twp.  Beverly Montrose, the historian told me the following, "the John family were from South Carolina, comming to Indiana, by way of Scott Co., KY."

Marriage Record Books of Grant County, Indiana (1831 to 1882) & 1882 to 1898

John, David Emeline Stilwell 25, Oct. 1873 Book 5, page 108
John, Eleazer Mary Farmington* 26, Sept. 1877 Book 5, page 569
John, Henry C. Francena Leer 9, Oct. 1873 Book 5, page 101
John, Henry C. Josephine Collins 23, Apr. 1878 Book 6, page 67
John, John V. Ann Foster 12, Mar. 1873 Book 5, page 32
Johns, Joel B. Nellie Hill 23, Nov. 1878 Book 6, page 129
Johns, William Martha Westerfield 19, Oct. 1865 Book 3A, page 306
John, William Anna Nurse 18, Dec. 1895 Book 11, page 30

Note: The John's (David, Eleazer, Henry C. and John V.) in the earlier marriage record book are grandsons or great grandsons of John John who  migrated to Montgomery Co., VA from York Co., PA in 1815.
*(might be Fairington)

Submitted by Martha Ann Fech

Last updated 11/27/99

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