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Subj: Criswell/Creswell  Will/Estate Records, Abbeville, SC

>From the book   "Abstracts of Old  Ninety-Six and Abbeville District,
SC  Wills and Bonds"   by P. Young  1950  (as on file at the Abbeville
County, SC  courthouse)

Joseph Criswell - -  Estate administered  Dec 3, 1832  by Dr. Samuel,
George W. Pressly,  Patrick Gibson bound to Moses Taggart (of Ordin.
Court) in Abbeville District the sum of $5000.   Cit. pub.  at Long Cane
Church.  Inventory made Dec 13, 1832  by John C. Covey,  Samuel Young,
Robert McCaslan.  Sale: Dec 14, 1832.  Buyers:  John and Thomas
Criswell,  Mathew Shanks,  Jane Criswell,  Caleb Cain, etc.    ( Filed
in Box 16, Pack 325)

Dr. Samuel Perryman - -  Will dated May 7, 1838.  Proved Aug 17, 1838.
Executors:  Wife, Sarah A. Perryman,  Zebulon Rudolph Jr.,  Dr. John P.
Barratt,  Richard Watson.  Wits: Edna Caldwell,  Margaret A. Holloway,
Simon Patterson.  Children:  Wm., Saml., Richard Mumford Perryman.
"Plantation in Lounds County, Alabama owned by Dr. J.P. Barratt and
myself be sold and divided between my wife and children.  THat the
amount owe me by Jas. Hagood of Lounds Co., Alabama  (formerly of
Edgefield District, SC)   be given back to said Hagood.  Unto Hardy
White my colt."   Brothers and sisters:  Alexander and Milton T.
Perryman,  Martha Gallaugher,  Nancy Medlock.  "My business in the hands
of Beckham Vaughan of Lounds County, Alabama be closed by him at least
by January 1841."
Feb. 1841 paid Edna Caldwell gdn  of Ann Caldwell $1,139.52.     H.H.
CRESWELL and wife's  part of settlement was a child's part, there being
three children.  (Box  75   Pack  1843)

James Spence - - Will dated  April 26, 1834  in Abbeville Dist.  Proven
Oct 20, 1834.  Exrs.:  Sons: Jas. and John Spence.  Wits:  Patrick
Gibson, Rice Mills, Saml.
Zimmerman.  Wife: Ann Spence.  Children:  Jas., John.,  Wm.  Nelly,
Sarah, Ann Spence,.  Jane, widow of George Young;  Peggy;  Mary CRESWELL
and her sons
Joseph and Thomas CRISWELL.  Gr. Dtr:  Sarah Young.  Inventory made Dec
19, 1834 by Rice Mills, Saml. Zimmerman,  John Robinson.  (Box 88   Pack

George Young - -  Estate administered May 2, 1823 by Jane Young,  Jas.
Young Sr., Jas. Spence Jr., Joseph CRESWELL;  unto Moses Taggart (Ordin.
of Court)
Abbeville Dist. sum of $500.    Inventory made May 16, 1823 by Rice
Mills,  Ms;  Wm. Robinson Sr., Elias Gibson.  Buyers:  Jas. Young Jr.,
Jas. Spence Sr., Jane Young,  Thomas Young Jr., Joseph CRESWELL Jr.,
Rebecca McComb, Rice Mills, John Young.       (Box 104  Pack  2560)

Samuel Young Sr.  - -  Will dated Nov 28, 1822 in Abbeville District.
Proven Mar 3, 1823.  Exrs:  Robt. McBride,  John Covey.   Wits:  Saml.
Young, Joseph CRESWELL,  Douglas Robinson.  Children:  Saml and John
Young.  "Bequeath to Jane my daughter, Geo's widow, also his child
Sally."  Dtrs. mentioned with no names given.  (Name Covey written Coway
on other papers?)   (Box 110  Pack 3262)

John McBryde - - Will dated  Nov 12, 1852 in Abbeville Dist.  Filed Dec
28, 1853.  Exr: Andrew J. Wood.  Wits:  Geo. W. Pressly,  Simpson
Evans,  Geo. McYoung.  Children:  Jane;  Josiah;  Thos.,   Joseph;
Jas;.  Saml  McBryde.
Gr. Sons:  John;   John Andrew McBride.  Settlement made April 12,
1856.  Present:  Andrew Weed, Thos and Joseph McBride;  Joseph CRESWELL
in rights of his dec'd wife Jane.  Absent:  Joseph McBride in Texas;
Saml. McBride in Mississippi;  Jas. McBride.  Thos. CRESWELL received a
share of $55.25 from  Power of Attorney, Cherokee County, Texas.  Know
that I, Saml. MCBride of said County do appont Wm. Bradley who resides
at Indian HIll, Abbeville District, SC
my attorney to receive what is coming to me from my father's estate.
John McBride who resides at his death at Indian Hill, Abbville Dist.,
SC.  Dated Oct 13, 1854.
(Box 132  Pack 3823)

John McBryde  - - On Feb 3, 1854  Andrew J. Weed,  Joseph CRISWELL,
Thos. C. McBryde bound to Wm. Hill (Ordin. of Court) Abbeville Dist. the
sum of
$700.  Andrew J. Weed made guardian of John McBryde a minor about 16 yrs
old;  John McBryde was his gr. father.    (Box 132  Pack 3822)

John Bickett - - Estate administered  Feb 20, 1803  by Nancy Bickett,
Joseph CRESWELL.   Jno. Stewart bound to Andrew Hamilton (Ordin. of
Court) Abbeville Dist. sum of $5000.   Sale:  Mar 14, 1803.  In 1806
Nancy Bicket was dead.      ( Box 11,  Pack 211)

>From the book  "Abbeville District, South Carolina Newspaper Notices of
Land Cases and Sales  1836 - 1872"  by Lowry Ware :

Abbeville Press and Banner  Nov 18, 1870  - - Sheriff's Sales.  Court of
Common Pleas.  Petition for Account.   Margaret CRESWELL, Hannah
CRESWELL and others.  Plaintiff  vs. James CRESWELL,  Joseph McBryde and
others, defendents.  I will sell on Sale day in Dec next  130 acres on
Linkley Creek, waters of Long Cane, bound by W. K. Bradley, Matthew
Goodwin, Dr. A.T. Wickman and others...the real estate of Joseph
CRESWELL, deceased.    H.S. Carson, S.A.C.

Abbeville Press and Banner - - Dec 9, 1870 - - Sale Day.  The following
property was sold by the Sheriff:  Real estate of Joseph CRESWELL,  130
acres for $610.  M.W.  Bradley, purchaser.