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The following pictures are the sole property of John Chapman and may not be copied, used or reproduced in any format.

Scenes of Nassau, NY

What follows are some pictures I've taken of the Nassau, NY area and I hope to add more in the near future.

This is a quiet area we live in. With almost no lights, you get a fantastic view of the sky at night, and when you take the time to relax from the rat race of life, you will find yourself in a contemplative frame of mind.

When the moon is full, you can literally sit outside and read a book by moonlight!!

The peace and quite is just exhilarating!!!


Entering Nassau

Antique Shop

Nassau Hotel

Nassau Hardware


Nassau Town Hall

Nassau Youth Center

United Methodist Church

St. Mary's Catholic Church

Dutch Reformed Church

Nassau Free Library

Nassau Lake - 1

Nassau Lake - 2

Nassau Lake - 3

Fall in Nassau

Albany, NY

Ye Old Swimming Hole

Covered Bridge

Charlie our Hummingbird


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