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Take a "time out" from the hustle and bustle of life and relax.
I've received these via Email and I hope you take the time to read some. And hopefully they may give you a slightly different outlook on life.
(Updated December 21, 2002)

A Message from God

A Riddle for you!

Struggles of Life

Class of 2000

Don't Put off Today


For Parents


Friendship by Mari

God Lives Under the Bed

How Old is this Person ?

I Asked God

If I had My Life to Live Over Again

I Found a Penny

I Quit

Juggling The Game of Life


Moving Thoughts

My Special List

Pearls of Wisdom

Ray of Sunshine

Remember When..

Say a Prayer

Seize The Moment

Simple vs Real

Some Feel Good Things

Steps to Happiness

The Cleaning Lady

The Cross

The Fork

The Good Old Days

The Table Cloth

The Obstacle

The Senility Prayer

The Wooden Bowl

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Those Were The Days


The Reason People Come Into Your Life

We Are Survivors

What A Difference 30 Years Makes

The Passenger

What is God Like ?

What is it Like to be a Christian ?

What the Bible Means

Rules for Cats to Live By

 Anatomy of a True Friend!

 What is Love?

 Why Men can't Win

 Daily Comandment

The Clothesline

 Think About it !

 Thoughts to Ponder

 Tone of Your Voice

 What are Fathers Made Of ?

 The Son

 I Wish You Enough

 Importance of Women

 Just For Today

 Who Packs Your Parachute?

 Things I've Learned

 Safely Home

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