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His Descendants Who Settled in NJ and PA

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Compiled by: 

Jon K. Holcombe

47206 Oak Place

Wellesley Island NY 13640-3129


Designed by: 

Jenifer (Holcombe) Soykan


  This section contains pictures of places where early members of the Holcombes either came from, or later settled.  In some cases, links are given to other sites where more information or pictures can be found.  Most are photographs taken by compiler while traveling.  If anyone has interesting pictures, contributions would be most welcome.  (click on photos for larger versions)

   The first stop on this graphic journey is in Dorchester on Thames, just 9 miles sourth of Oxford, England.  This is the location of the Dorchester Abbey where the tomb of Sir John de Holcombe is located.  While most Holcombes cannot prove a direct descendancy from Sir John, we like to think of him as our early ancestor who was knighted in an early crusade.

   A recent visitor to this website, whose father was Vicar of Dorchester Abbey, pointed out an error in the location.  It has now been corrected to being 9 miles south of Oxford.  He also pointed us to a website of the Abbey where the identity of the Knight is said to be other than Sir John de Holcombe.  We have asked for any additional information, but in the meantime leave the matter up to the reader.  Pictures of the Abbey, Sir John, and the Holcombe genealogy on the wall of the Abbey are below.  The Abbey website can be seen at:


                 DORCHESTER ON THAMES

Dorchester Abbey,Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire, England 1DorchCh.jpg (146861 bytes)
Rose path leading to side entrance  with Dorchester Abbey in distance 2DorchChRose.jpg (221800 bytes)
Sir John de Holcombe

According to literature at the Church, this effigy is an excellent example of medieval sculpture for its sense of movement and dynamic energy. 

3SirJohn.jpg (150187 bytes)
Compiler with Sir John 4SirJohnComp.jpg (186748 bytes)
Lion figure at Sir John's feet 5SirJohnLion.jpg (141422 bytes)
Genealogy on wall of Church entitled: Lineage of the Holcombes of Hole, Devon 6FamTree.jpg (200039 bytes)


Lambertville NJ RichHolcHse.JPG (134010 bytes) StgmbCtry.JPG (149850 bytes) Stogumber, England
world outline
Mt. Airy, NJ SamHolHse.JPG (179473 bytes) TivSt.JPG (174453 bytes) Tiverton, England


Stogumber countryside StgmbCtr2.JPG (200117 bytes)
Stogumber Church StgmbCh.JPG (214094 bytes)
Stogumber Church Altar StgmbChAl.JPG (238864 bytes)
Stogumber Church Cemetery StgmbChCem.JPG (248474 bytes)
Old Mill StgmbMill.JPG (214226 bytes)
Pub StgmbPub.JPG (182631 bytes)
Street StgmbSt.JPG (234027 bytes)



   Tiverton is the location of the last records of John Holcombe's children who emigrated to America in 1700.  It is a beautiful small city located southerly from Stogumber.  



Tiverton Museum

Click on above to go to the museum

TivMus.JPG (202915 bytes)

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