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His Descendants Who Settled in NJ and PA

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Jon K. Holcombe

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Jenifer (Holcombe) Soykan



Second Generation  

5.     John B. HOLCOMBE Jr. (1.John1) b. Mar 20 1682, England,[i] ref: B-4, occupation Farmer, m. Apr 28 1707, Elizabeth WOOLRICH , b. 1683, of Abington PA (presently Montgomery Co), (daughter of Thomas WOOLRICH JR. and Sarah COSSINET ) d. Jan 30 1761.  John died Aug    1743, buried: Friend's Burying Grd, Lahaska, Bucks PA.[ii]


            7.      i      John HOLCOMBE III. b. bef 1711, Lambertville, Hunterdon County NJ, ref: B-4-1, d. in infancy.

        +  8.      ii     Samuel b. 1711.

        +  9.      iii    Grace b. aft 1711.

            10.    iv    Mary HOLCOMBE b. Lambertville, Hunterdon County NJ, ref: B-4-4, m. 1750, in Certificate granted at Buckingham MM, Samuel FURMAN ,  of Morris County NJ.  Mary  many children, fl in Sussex Co NJ 1783.[iii]

        +  11.    v     Julia Ann b. bef 1726.

        +  12.    vi    Richard b. Mar 10 1726.


6.     Jacob HOLCOMBE (1.John1) b. Jul  3 1684, Tiverton, Devonshire, England,[iv] ref: B-5, m. 1712, in announced intention on Mar 6, 1712,[v]  at Falls's Meeting, Buckingham, Bucks Co,[vi] Mary WOOLRIDGE , (daughter of Thomas WOOLRICH JR. and Sarah COSSINET ) d. Jan 30 1761, Philadelphia County PA.[vii]  Jacob died Jun 30 1748, Bucks County PA,[viii] buried: Friend's Burying Grd, Lahaska, Bucks PA,  McPherson, pp. 287 ff.


        +  13.    i      Mary b. Feb 29 1719.

            14.    ii     Sarah HOLCOMBE ref: B-5-2, m. Jul  6 1736, Thomas LEWIS .

        +  15.    iii    Rebecca .

        +  16.    iv    Thomas b. 1720.

            17.    v     Elizabeth HOLCOMBE ref: B-5-5, m. Apr 13 1745, in at Philadelphia Mtg (Hinshaw Rec), Joseph HOLLOWELL II. , also known as: HALLOWELL (son of Joseph HOLLOWELL )  Hinshaw record says son of John.

            18.    vi    Susanna HOLCOMBE ref: B-5-6, m. John VanDUREN ,  of Gwynedd.

            19.    vii   Hannah HOLCOMBE ref: B-5-7.

            20.    viii   Sophia HOLCOMBE ref: B-5-8.


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