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"Somewhere out West"

#1406, Ohio, Knox County

(Italy), World War II, North Africa Area


Alabama, Birmingham

Alabama, Chambers County

Alabama, Eight Mile

Alabama, Hartselle

Alabama, Madison County, Huntsville

Alabama, Mobile

Alabama, Morgan County, Decatur

Alabama, Pickens County

Alabama, Talladega

Alabama, Tuscaloosa County

Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Arizona National Cemetery

Arizona, Coconino County, Flagstaff

Arizona, Douglas

Arizona, Maricopa County, Mesa

Arizona, Maricopa County, Phoenix

Arizona, Maricopa County, Scottsdale

Arizona, Sun City West

Arizona, Tempe

Arizona, Tucson


Arkansas (?)

Arkansas (probably), Boone County, Bellefonte

Arkansas (Probably), Harrison

Arkansas or Oklahoma

Arkansas, Ayers Cemetery

Arkansas, Bellefonte, Bellefonte Cemetery

Arkansas, Bellefonte, Holmes Cemetery

Arkansas, Bellefonte

Arkansas, Benton County, Rogers Township

Arkansas, Benton County, Rogers

Arkansas, Benton County, Siloam Springs, Oak Hill Cemetery

Arkansas, Bentonville

Arkansas, Boone Coount, Bellefonte, Holmes Cemetery

Arkansas, Boone County, Bear Creek Spring

Arkansas, Boone County, Bellefonte, Bellefonte Cemetery

Arkansas, Boone County, Bellefonte, Holmes Cemetery

Arkansas, Boone County, Bellefonte

Arkansas, Boone County, Bellfonte

Arkansas, Boone County, Elma

Arkansas, Boone County, Eoff Cemetery

Arkansas, Boone County, Everton

Arkansas, Boone County, Harrison Township

Arkansas, Boone County, Harrison, Maplewood Cemetery

Arkansas, Boone County, Harrison, Rose Hill Cemetery

Arkansas, Boone County, Harrison, Summers Cemetery

Arkansas, Boone County, Harrison

Arkansas, Boone County, Jefferson Township

Arkansas, Boone County, Lead Hill, New Milum Cemetery

Arkansas, Boone County, Lead Hill

Arkansas, Boone County, New Milum Cemetery

Arkansas, Boone County, Tyson

Arkansas, Boone County, Valley Springs

Arkansas, Boone County, Warner Cemetery

Arkansas, Boone County, Whiteoak Cemetery

Arkansas, Boone County

Arkansas, Boone Countyt, Bellefonte, Bellefonte Cemetery

Arkansas, Carroll County

Arkansas, Carroll County, Berryville

Arkansas, Carroll County, Dubuque

Arkansas, Clinton

Arkansas, Crawford County, Chester

Arkansas, Cross County, McElroy Cemetery

Arkansas, Cross County, Wynne, McElroy Cemetery

Arkansas, Cross County

Arkansas, Dogwood, Moores Cemetery

Arkansas, Du Vall's Bluff

Arkansas, Garland County, Hot Springs

Arkansas, Grant County, Dogwood

Arkansas, Grant County, Pratsville

Arkansas, Grant County, Sheridan

Arkansas, Grant County, Turin

Arkansas, Grant County

Arkansas, Harrison, Maplewood Cemetery

Arkansas, Hempstead County, Emmett

Arkansas, Hempstead County, Washington

Arkansas, Howard County

Arkansas, Independence County, Batesville

Arkansas, Independence County, Oil Trough Bottoms

Arkansas, Independence County

Arkansas, Jasper County

Arkansas, Jasper

Arkansas, Lead Hill, New Milum Cemetery

Arkansas, Little Rock, Oakland Cemetery

Arkansas, Little Rock

Arkansas, Madison County, Combs

Arkansas, Newton County, Jasper

Arkansas, Newton County, Sand Gap

Arkansas, Newton County, Wilcockson

Arkansas, Newton County

Arkansas, North Little Rock

Arkansas, Prarie County, De Valls Buff

Arkansas, Pulaski County, Little Rock

Arkansas, Saline County

Arkansas, Scott County

Arkansas, Siloam Spring

Arkansas, Siloam Springs

Arkansas, St. Francis County, Forest City

Arkansas, Valley Springs

Arkansas, Waldron

Arkansas, Washington County, Fayetteville

Arkansas, Washington County


Austria, Moravia, Dittersdorf

Austria, Moravia, Schoenwald

Boone County Arkansas

Burlington Junction

CA, Los Angeles Co., Long Beach

California, Alameda County, Berkeley

California, Alemeda County, Oakland

California, Anaheim

California, Artesia

California, Fresno County, Sanger

California, Glendale

California, Hamilton AFB

California, Harbor City

California, Inglewood

California, Lake County, Cobb

California, Long Beach

California, Los Angeles County, Artesia

California, Los Angeles County, Bellflower

California, Los Angeles County, Lakewood

California, Los Angeles, Lexington

California, Los Angeles, Montovia City

California, Los Angeles

California, Orange County, Anaheim General Hospital

California, Orange County, Costa Mesa

California, Orange County, Fullerton

California, Palo Alto, Alta Mesa Memorial Park

California, Redondo Beach, Pacific Crest Cemetery

California, Redondo Beach

California, Richmond

California, Sacramento County, Sacramento

California, San Bernardino County, Hemet

California, San Bernardino, Ontario

California, San Bruno, Golden Gate Nat'l Cemetery

California, San Diego County, San Diego

California, San Diego

California, San Jose

California, Santa Barbara

California, Santa Clara County, Palo Alto

California, Santa Clara, Los Altos

California, Santa Clara, San Jose

California, Solano County, Vallejo, Abby Memorial Gardens

California, Solano County, Vallejo

California, Southgate

California, Stanislaus County, Empire

California, Sun City

California, Torrence

California, Tulare County, Ivanhoe

California, Tulare County, Tulare

California, Tulare County, Visalia

California, Westlake Village

California, Whittier


Callifornia, Whittier, Rose Hill Cemetery

Camp Hardee

Canada, Ft. George

Canada, Gaspe New Brunswick

Canada, New Brunswick, , Northampton

Canada, New Brunswick, , Saint John

Canada, New Brunswick, , St John

Canada, New Brunswick, Carleton, St John

Canada, New Brunswick, Point Royal, Pangburn

Canada, New Brunswick, St John, Carleton

Canada, New Brunswick, St John, Portland

Canada, New Brunswick

Canada, Nova Scotia, , Acadia

Canada, Nova Scotia, , Digby

Canada, Nova Scotia, , Halifax

Canada, Nova Scotia, , Kentville

Canada, Nova Scotia, , Windsor

Canada, Nova Scotia, Annapolis Co, Granville

Canada, Nova Scotia, Annapolis, Clements

Canada, Nova Scotia, Annapolis, Clementsport

Canada, Nova Scotia, Annapolis, Clementsvale

Canada, Nova Scotia, Annapolis, Granville

Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Gaspe

Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Saint John

Canada, Nova Scotia, Queens, Northfield

Canada, Nova Scotia

Canada, NS, Annapolis, Granville, All Saints Anglican

Canada, probably New Brunswick

Canada, Quebec, , Gasp�

Canada, Quebec, , St Johns

Canada, Quebec


Carroll Co VA, prob buried Wilkinson-Fanning Cem, VA, Carroll Co

Charles and Margaret are listed as living with Wiliam and Mary

China, Chongqing, Chongqing Shiqu, Chongqing

Civil War, Battle of Chicamauga

Colonies of Great Britain in America, Pa, Bucks County

Colonies of Great Britain in America, VA, Prince Edward County

Colorado, Denver

Colorado, Englewood


Connecticut, New London County, Norwich

D.C, Washington

DC, Washington

Ebenezer Cem

Ebenezer Cemetery, VA, DeKalb Co, Washington Twp

Eng, Norfolk, Harleston, Redenhall

Eng, Norfolk, Redenhall, Of

Eng, Norfolk, Redenhall

England, , , Colchester

England, , Essex, Colchester

England, , Hampshire, Titchfield

England, , London, London

England, , Norfolk, Of Redenhall

England, , Norfolk, Redenhall

England, , Suffolk, Elmham

England, Co. Norfolk, Redenhall

England, England, Norfolk, Redenhall

England, England, Norfolk, Starston

England, Essex, , Colchester

England, Essex, Colchester, St Nicholas

England, Norfolk, , Of Redenhall

England, Norfolk, Haleston, Redenhall

England, Norfolk, Harleston, Redenhall

England, Norfolk, Harleston, Redenhill

England, Norfolk, Harlston, Redenhall

England, Norfolk, N, Of Redenhall

England, Norfolk, Of Redenhall

England, Norfolk, Of Starston

England, Norfolk, Redenhall, Of

England, Norfolk, Redenhall, Starston

England, Norfolk, Redenhall

England, Oxford

England...Saint Nicholas, Essex, Colchester


Flordia, Gainsville

Flordia, Winter Park

Florida, Bradenton

Florida, Gainsville

Florida, Jacksonville

Florida, Levy County, Pine Grove Cemetery

Florida, Levy County

Florida, Orange County, Orlando

Florida, Sarasota, Sarasota Memorial Park

Florida, Sarasota


France, Rochelle, Ile de Re, St. Martin


GA, DeKalb Co., Decatur

Georgia, Atlanta

Georgia, Banks County, Alto

Georgia, Barrow County, Winder

Georgia, Batesville

Georgia, Catoosa County

Georgia, Cherokee County, Lumpkin

Georgia, Clark County, Athens

Georgia, Clarkesville, Bethleham Baptist Church Cemetery

Georgia, Clay County

Georgia, Covington

Georgia, Curtusia County

Georgia, Dalton, West Hill Cemetery

Georgia, DeKalb County

Georgia, East Point, Hill Crest Cemetery

Georgia, Elbert County

Georgia, Fannin County, Morganton

Georgia, Fannin County

Georgia, Forsyth County, Cumming

Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta

Georgia, Gainsville

Georgia, Gilmer County, Elija

Georgia, Gilmore County, Elija

Georgia, Gilmore County

Georgia, Gordon County, Bethesda Cemetery

Georgia, Gordon County, Red Bud

Georgia, Gordon County

Georgia, Gwinnett County, Duluth

Georgia, Habersham County, Clarksville

Georgia, Jasper County

Georgia, Lumpkin County

Georgia, Murray County

Georgia, Newnan

Georgia, Pike County

Georgia, Rabun County

Georgia, Rome

Georgia, Stewart County

Georgia, Towns County, Hiwassee

Georgia, Union County

Georgia, Walker County, Peavine Cemetery

Georgia, Webster County

Georgia, White County, Cleveland Cemetery

Georgia, White County, Cleveland

Georgia, White County

Georgia, Whitesburg

Georgia, Whitfield County

Georgia, Whitfield

Georgia, Winder, Winder Barrow Cemetery


Ger, PR., Hessen-Nassau, Westernohe

Germany, , , Wurtenberg

Germany, , Alsace, Goersdorf

Germany, , Alsace, Mitschdorf

Germany, Alsace Lorraine, , Mitschdorf

Germany, Alsace, , Mitschdorf

Germany, Alsace, , Preuschdorf

Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Lorrach, Feldberg

Germany, Bavaria, Theisdorf

Germany, Bavaria

Germany, Bayern, Deggendorf, Nassau

Germany, Bayern, Stadt Ansbach, Ansbach

Germany, Birkenau

Germany, Contwig

Germany, Darmstadt, Hesse, Allendorf

Germany, Darmstadt

Germany, Hesse, Darmstadt

Germany, Hesse, Hersfeld-Rotenburg, Allendorf

Germany, Hesse, Marburg

Germany, Hesse, Steinberg

Germany, Hesse-Darmstadt, Mehrenberg

Germany, Ittingen

Germany, Mehrenberg

Germany, Oberdorf

Germany, Odenwald, Steinbach

Germany, Palatinate, Daudenzell

Germany, Palatinate, Dauderzell

Germany, PR, Hessen-Nassau, Westernohe

Germany, Steinberg


Grave 14, Row 21, Plot: Section 7, Kansas, Wichita, Calvary Cemetery


Hiwaii, Kauai, Lehui

Holland or Germany

IA, Wapello Co

Idaho, Boise

Idaho, Lincoln county, Shoshone

Ile St. Jean, Ance Au Comte St. Pierre

Illinois, Adams County, Liberty

Illinois, Aurora

Illinois, Carroll County, Elkhorn Grove

Illinois, Carroll County

Illinois, Chicago

Illinois, Decatur

Illinois, Great Lakes Naval Station, U.S. Navy Hospital

Illinois, Jefferson County, Mt. Vernon

Illinois, Jo Daviess, Hanover Township

Illinois, Jo Daviess, Hanover

Illinois, Knox County, Galesburg

Illinois, Logan County

Illinois, Madison Co

Illinois, Morgan City

Illinois, Morgan County

Illinois, Pope, Logan

Illinois, Rock Island

Illinois, Sangmon County, Island Grove

Illinois, Sangmon County

Illinois, Schuyler County

Illinois, Springfield

Illinois, Stevens County


In defense of Richmond in Civil War

Indian Territory, Okfuskee County, Morse

Indian Territory, Wagoner County, Porter

Indian Territory, Wagoner County, Wagoner

Indiana, Angola

Indiana, Daviess, Madison

Indiana, Greene, District 40

Indiana, Indianapolis

Indiana, Jefferson County

Indiana, Marshall County, Culver

Indiana, Martin, Mitcheltree

Indiana, Miami County

Indiana, Newburg, Greene

Indiana, Ohio, Randolph

Indiana, Orange County, Vincent

Indiana, Orange County

Indiana, Porter County, Valparaiso

Indiana, Randolph County

Indiana, Wabash County



Iowa, Cedar Rapids

Iowa, Eola

Iowa, Farragut

Iowa, Greene County, Jefferson

Iowa, Hardin County, Iowa Falls

Iowa, Kirkville, Westview Cemetery

Iowa, Kirkville

Iowa, Kirkwood

Iowa, Kossuth County, Wesley

Iowa, Lee County, Croton

Iowa, Lee, Van Buren Township

Iowa, Linn County, Cedar Rapids

Iowa, Montgomery County, Villisca

Iowa, O'Brien County, Sheldon

Iowa, Page County, Braddyville

Iowa, Page County, Butler Cemetery

Iowa, Page County

Iowa, Page, Essex Town

Iowa, Richland Township, Westview Cemetery

Iowa, Sioux City

Iowa, Taylor County, Corning

Iowa, Wapello County, Kirkville

Iowa, Wapello County, Richland Township

Iowa, Wapello County

Iowa, Wayne County, Seymore

Iowa, Webster County, Ft. Dodge


Iran, Tehran

Ireland, , Armagh, Armagh

Ireland, County Antrim, Larne

Ireland, County Down

Ireland, Meath County, Dunshaugh Castle


Japan, Kobi

Japan, Sendia


Joplin Jasper Cty Missouri


Kansas, Allen County, Iola

Kansas, Allen, Elm

Kansas, Allen, La Harpe

Kansas, Atchison

Kansas, Barton County, Beaver

Kansas, Barton County, Great Bend

Kansas, Barton County, Heizer

Kansas, Barton County, Hoisington

Kansas, Barton County, Odin

Kansas, Barton County, Olmitz

Kansas, Barton, Great Bend

Kansas, Bucyrus

Kansas, Cherokee County, West Mineral

Kansas, Chetopa, Oak Hill Cemetery

Kansas, Chetopa

Kansas, Commanche County, Coldwater

Kansas, Council Grove

Kansas, Cowley County, Maple City

Kansas, Cowley County, Oxford

Kansas, Douglas, Grant

Kansas, Drexel

Kansas, Fort Leavenworth

Kansas, Great Bend, Great Bend Cemetery

Kansas, Great Bend

Kansas, Greenwood County, Madison

Kansas, Hamilton, Syracuse

Kansas, Hays

Kansas, Johnson County, Olathe

Kansas, Johnson County, Overland Park

Kansas, Johnson County, Shawnee Mission

Kansas, Johnson, Olathe

Kansas, Kansas City, Rosedale

Kansas, Kansas City

Kansas, Labette County, Parsons

Kansas, Manhatten

Kansas, Miami County, Paola

Kansas, Montgomery County, Coffeyville

Kansas, Morris County, Parkerville

Kansas, Osage County, Osage City

Kansas, Paola

Kansas, Pawnee County, Larned

Kansas, Rice County, Lyons

Kansas, Rice County, Raymond

Kansas, Rush County, Otis

Kansas, Sedgwick County, Wichita

Kansas, Segwick County, Wichita

Kansas, Wathena

Kansas, Wichita, 1504 Greenwood

Kansas, Wichita, White Memorial Chapel

Kansas, Wilson, Clifton

Kansas, Witchita

Kansas, Woods County, Alva

Kansas, Wyandotte County, Kansas City

Kansas, Wyandotte County


Kentucky, Allen County, Scottsville

Kentucky, Allen County, Trammel

Kentucky, Allen County

Kentucky, Bowling Green

Kentucky, Boyle County, Danville

Kentucky, Boyle County, Perryville

Kentucky, Bradfordsville

Kentucky, Bullitt County

Kentucky, Caldwell County

Kentucky, Fleming County

Kentucky, Green County

Kentucky, Hardin County

Kentucky, Hopkins County

Kentucky, Jackson County

Kentucky, Kenton, Ludlow

Kentucky, Laurel County, Camp Ground Cemetery

Kentucky, Laurel County

Kentucky, Lebanon

Kentucky, Lexington

Kentucky, Lincoln County

Kentucky, Livingston County

Kentucky, Louisville

Kentucky, Marion County, Lebanon

Kentucky, Marion County

Kentucky, Mason

Kentucky, Mercer County

Kentucky, Nelson County

Kentucky, Perryville

Kentucky, Springfield

Kentucky, Taylor, Division 1

Kentucky, Taylor

Kentucky, Todd County

Kentucky, Union County

Kentucky, Warren County

Kentucky, Washington County, Mattingly

Kentucky, Washington County, Springfield

Kentucky, Washington County

Kentucky, Whitley County


Killed in Mexican War

KS, Near Leavenworth


Louisiana, Acadia Parish, Crowley

Louisiana, Columbia

Lousiana, Parides Parish, Alexandria

Luxemburg, Niederanven

Ma Bridge

MA, Middlesex Co., Sudbury

MA, Plymouth Co, Marshfield

MA, Plymouth, Plymouth

MA, Suffolk, Boston


Macon County Missouri, Macon

Madison Twp Grundy Cty Mo Roll 777 Page 325

Maine, Brunswick

Marion County Tennessee

Marion Twp Grundy Cty Mo Roll 777 Page 353

Married in a buggy

Maryland, Baltimore

Maryland, Frederick County, Hagerstown

Maryland, Frederick County, Middletown

Maryland, Frederick County

Maryland, Middletown

Maryland, Suitland, Andrews AFB


Massachusetts, Barnstable, Provincetown Harbor, The Mayflower

Massachusetts, Marshfield

Massachusetts, Middlesex, Sudbury

Massachusetts, Plymouth, Marshfield

Massachusetts, Plymouth, Plymouth

Massachusetts, Suffolk County, Boston

Massachusetts, Watertown



MD, Snow Hill Or Baltimore

MD, Snowville

Michigan, Battle Creek

Michigan, Detroit

Michigan, Wayne County, Highland Park


Minnesota, Ramsey

Minnesota, Thief River Falls

Mississippi, Chickasaw County

Mississippi, Chicksaw

Mississippi, DeSoto County, Hernando

Mississippi, Grenada

Mississippi, Lauderdale County

Mississippi, Marion

Mississippi, Tippah County

Mississippi, Vicksburg

Mississippi, Webster County, Walthall

Mississippi, Webster County


Missouri or Mississippi

Missouri, , Joplin

Missouri, Andrew County, St. Joseph

Missouri, Atchison, Colfax Township

Missouri, Barry County, Golden

Missouri, Bates County, Butler, Oak Hill Cemetery

Missouri, Bates County

Missouri, Blue Springs

Missouri, Boone County, Columbia

Missouri, Brookfield

Missouri, Buchana County, Saxton

Missouri, Buchanan County, St. Joseph, Ebenezer Cemetery

Missouri, Buchanan County, St. Joseph, State Hospital #2

Missouri, Buchanan County, St. Joseph, Williams Nursing Home

Missouri, Buchanan County, St. Joseph

Missouri, Buchanan County, Tremont Township

Missouri, Buchanan County, Washington Township

Missouri, Buchanan County

Missouri, Buchanan, , Washington Tp

Missouri, Buchanan, Frazier

Missouri, Buchanan, Saint Joseph

Missouri, Buchanan, St Joseph Ward 10

Missouri, Buchanan, St Joseph Ward 8

Missouri, Buchanan, St Joseph

Missouri, Buchanan, St. Joseph

Missouri, Buchanan, Tremont

Missouri, Buchanan, Washington

Missouri, Buchannan County, Center Township

Missouri, Caldwell County, Hamilton, Highland Cemeter

Missouri, California

Missouri, Cardwell

Missouri, Cass County, Drexel

Missouri, Chillicothe, Resthaven Cemetery

Missouri, Clark, District 19

Missouri, Clay, Smithville

Missouri, Clinton County, Plattsburg

Missouri, County, Grundy, Tindall, Martin Cemetery

Missouri, Crawford County, Steelville, Steelville Cemetery

Missouri, Crawford County, Steelville

Missouri, Crawford County

Missouri, Crawford, Coday Creek

Missouri, Crawford, Meremac

Missouri, Crawford

Missouri, Daviess County, Gallatin

Missouri, Daviess County, Jamesport

Missouri, Daviess County

Missouri, De Kalb, Washington Tp

Missouri, DeKalb County

Missouri, Edinburg

Missouri, Franklin County, Sullivan

Missouri, Gallatin

Missouri, Gentry County, Jackson Township

Missouri, Greene County, Springfield

Missouri, Grundy County, Brimson

Missouri, Grundy County, Coon Creek Cemetary

Missouri, Grundy County, Edinburg, Odd Fellow's Cemetary

Missouri, Grundy County, Edinburg

Missouri, Grundy County, Jackson Township

Missouri, Grundy County, Jefferson Township

Missouri, Grundy County, Madison Township

Missouri, Grundy County, Marion Township

Missouri, Grundy County, Marion Twp

Missouri, Grundy County, Martin Cemetery

Missouri, Grundy County, Resthaven Cemetery

Missouri, Grundy County, Salem Cemetery

Missouri, Grundy County, Tindall

Missouri, Grundy County, Trenton, Resthaven Memorial Gardens

Missouri, Grundy County, Trenton

Missouri, Grundy County

Missouri, Grundy, Alpha

Missouri, Grundy, District 35

Missouri, Grundy, Marion

Missouri, Grundy, Trenton Ward 4

Missouri, Grundy, Trenton

Missouri, Grundy, Washington

Missouri, Harrison County, Melbourne, Mitchell Cemetary

Missouri, Harrison County, Melbourne

Missouri, Harrison County

Missouri, Harrison, Madison

Missouri, Harrison, Sugar Creek

Missouri, Holt County

Missouri, Independence

Missouri, Jackson County, Blue Springs, Blue Springs Cemetery

Missouri, Jackson County, Blue Springs

Missouri, Jackson County, Independence

Missouri, Jackson County, Kansas City, Mt. Moriah Cemetery

Missouri, Jackson County, Kansas City

Missouri, Jackson County, Lee's Summit

Missouri, Jackson County, Oak Grove

Missouri, Jackson County, Raytown

Missouri, Jackson County

Missouri, Jackson, Kansas City

Missouri, Jasper County, Joplin

Missouri, Jasper, Joplin City

Missouri, Jasper, Joplin Ward 2

Missouri, Jasper, Joplin Ward 4

Missouri, Jasper, Joplin

Missouri, Jasper, McDonald

Missouri, Jasper, Webb City Ward 2

Missouri, Jefferson, House Springs

Missouri, Johnson County, Warrensburg

Missouri, Joplin, Fairview Cemeteery

Missouri, Joplin, Fairview Cemetery

Missouri, Joplin

Missouri, Kansas City, Union Cemetery

Missouri, Kansas City

Missouri, Kirksville

Missouri, Laclede County

Missouri, Laclede

Missouri, Lafayette County

Missouri, Lee's Summit

Missouri, Linn County, Brookfield

Missouri, Livingston County, Chillicothe, Mount Pleasant Cemetary

Missouri, Livingston County, Chillicothe

Missouri, Livingston County, Mt. Pleasant Cemetary

Missouri, Livingston County, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Missouri, Livingston County

Missouri, Livingston, Cream Ridge

Missouri, Macon County, Macon

Missouri, Mercer County, Princeton

Missouri, Mercer, Madison

Missouri, Mercer, Morgan

Missouri, Morgan County, Versailles

Missouri, Near Richmond

Missouri, Newton County, Neosho

Missouri, Nodaway County, Clearmont

Missouri, Nodaway County, Hopkins Cemetery

Missouri, Nodaway County, Hopkins

Missouri, Nodaway County, Maryville

Missouri, Nodaway County, Pickering, Taylor Cemetery

Missouri, Nodaway County, Pickering

Missouri, Nodaway County

Missouri, Norborne

Missouri, Odessa

Missouri, Paclering, Colman Cemetery

Missouri, Pettis County, Sedalia, Crown Hill Cemetery

Missouri, Pettis County, Sedalia

Missouri, Platte City

Missouri, Platte County, Kansas City

Missouri, Platte County, Weston

Missouri, Polk County, Fair Play

Missouri, Pulaski County

Missouri, Randolph County, Moberly

Missouri, Ray County, Richmond

Missouri, Ray County, Sunshine

Missouri, Ray County

Missouri, Saint Joseph

Missouri, St Joseph

MIssouri, St. Joseph, Ebenezer Cemetery

Missouri, St. Louis

Missouri, Steeleville

Missouri, Steelville

Missouri, Taney County, Branson

Missouri, Taney County

Missouri, Texas County, Tyrone

Missouri, Tindall, Martin Cemetary

Missouri, Trenton, Resthaven Cemetery

Missouri, Union

Missouri, Versailles

Missouri, Washington County

Missouri, Wayne County


Mo, Buch., Washington Tp

MO, Buchanan Co., Garrets Burge

MO, Buchanan, Saint Joseph

Mo, Buchanan, Washington Tp

MO, Caldwell, Kidder

Mo, Crawford County, Berryman Cemetary

MO, Harrison Co., Melbourne, Mitchell Cem

Montana, Eureka

Montana, Kalispell

Montana, Lincoln, Trego

MS, Walthall Co

N.C, Graham Cty., Robbinsville Cemetery


NC, Leicester, Old Brick Methodist Church

NC, Madison County, Pritchard Cemetery

NC, Mars Hill, McElroy Cemetery

NC, McElroy Cem. Mars Hill

NC, Stocksville, Blackstock Cemetery

NC, Weaverville, New Stock Road, Family Cemetery

NC, Weaverville, Old Weaveville Cemetery

NC, Weaverville, W. Memorial Park

NC, Weaverville, Weaverville Cemetery

NC, Weaverville, West Memorial Park

Nebraska, Afton

Nebraska, Doge County

Nebraska, Douglass County, Omaha

Nebraska, Plattsmouth


Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Reusel-de Mierden

Netherlands, Zuid-Holland, Leiden, Of

Netherlands, Zuid-Holland, Leiden

Nevada, Clark County, Las Vegas

Nevada, Las Vegas

Nevada, Reno

New Brunswick Canada, Gaspe

New England

New Hampshire, Hillsboro, Antrim

New Jersey, Jersey City

New Jersey, Mercer County, Princeton

New Jersey, Passaic

New Jersey, Perth Amboy

New Jersey, Princeton

New Mexico, Don Ana County, Las Cruces

New Mexico, Dona Ana County, Las Cruces

New Mexico, Eddy County, Artesia

New Mexico, Gallup

New York, Broome County, Vestal

New York, Warwick

New York

New Zealand, Wellington, Wanganus

North Carolina (Probably), Mecklenberg County

North Carolina, "The Waxhaws" Mecklenburg County

North Carolina, Academy Cemetery

North Carolina, Allison County

North Carolina, Asheville, Riverside Cemetery

North Carolina, Asheville

North Carolina, Ashville, Riverside Cemetery

North Carolina, Blackstock Cemetery

North Carolina, Buncombe County, Asheville

North Carolina, Buncombe County, Flat Creek

North Carolina, Buncombe County, Ivy Bend

North Carolina, Buncombe County, Reems Creek

North Carolina, Buncombe County, Stocksville, Blackstock Cemetery

North Carolina, Buncombe County, Stocksville

North Carolina, Buncombe County, Swannanoa

North Carolina, Buncombe County, Turkey Creek

North Carolina, Buncombe County

North Carolina, Franklin

North Carolina, Guilford County

North Carolina, Guilford or Rockingham County

North Carolina, Haywood County

North Carolina, Henderson County

North Carolina, Irdell County

North Carolina, Macon County, Franklin Methodist Churchyard

North Carolina, Macon County, Franklin

North Carolina, Macon County, Pendelton

North Carolina, Macon County

North Carolina, Madison County, Ivy

North Carolina, Madison County, Marshall

North Carolina, Madison County

North Carolina, Mecklenberg, Waxhaw District

North Carolina, Mecklenburg County

North Carolina, Mitchell County, Bakersville

North Carolina, Orange County, Hillsborough District

North Carolina, Orange County

North Carolina, Reems Creek, Jacob Weaver Graveyard

North Carolina, Reems Creek

North Carolina, Rockingham County

North Carolina, Rowan County, Parish of Saint Luke

North Carolina, Rowan County

North Carolina, Siler City

North Carolina, Surry County, Rockford

North Carolina, Surry, Mount Airy

North Carolina, Weaverville, Lake Louise

North Carolina, Weaverville

North Carolina, Weeaverville

North Carolina, Yancey County, Burnsville

North Carolina, Yancey County

North Carolina, Yancy County

North Carolina

Northern Ireland (Ulster), County Longford, Londenderry

Northern Ireland (Ulster), Londonderry

Northern Ireland (Ulster), Londonderry

Northern Ireland (Ulster)

Northern Ireland, County Derry

Northern Ireland, County Down

Northern Ireland

Nova Scotia CANADA, Annapolis County, Granville

Nova Scotia CANADA, Annapolis

Nova Scotia, Ile St. Jean, Ance Au Comte St. Pierre

Nova Scotia, Minas Basin

Nova Scotia, probably Granville

Nova Scotia

NS, Anna., Granville, All Saints Anglican

NS, Annapolis, Maitland Bridge Cemetery

NS, Granville, All Saints Anglican Ch


Oh, , Richland Co

Oh, Knox Co., N. Liberty Cem

OH, Miami County

OH, Miami, Brown Twp., Fletcher Cemetery

Ohio, Canton

Ohio, Clark County

Ohio, Clatsop County, Astoria

Ohio, Dayton

Ohio, Hamilton County, Cincinnati

Ohio, Hocking County

Ohio, Knox Co., North Liberty

Ohio, Knox County, Mt. Vernon

Ohio, Knox County, Pike Township

Ohio, Knox County, Pike Twp, N. Liberty

Ohio, Knox County

Ohio, Knox, Pike

Ohio, Mansfield

Ohio, Meigs, Olive

Ohio, Miami County, Fry

Ohio, Miami County

Ohio, Miami, Brown

Ohio, Miami, Fletcher, Fletcher Cemetery

Ohio, Sidney

Ohio, Williams County, Byron


OK, 6 miles N of Okemah, Morse Cemetary

OK, 6 miles N of Okemah, Morse Cemetery

Oklahoma (Probably)

Oklahoma or Arkansas

Oklahoma, Adair County, Bunch

Oklahoma, Adair

Oklahoma, Blaine, Longdale

Oklahoma, Boise City

Oklahoma, Carter County, Ardmore

Oklahoma, Cherokee County, Gideon, Blue Springs Cemetery

Oklahoma, Cherokee County, Peggs

Oklahoma, Cherokee County, Rocky Ford, Osburn Cemetery

Oklahoma, Cherokee County, Rocky Ford

Oklahoma, Cherokee County, Tahlequah

Oklahoma, Cherokee County, Teresita

Oklahoma, Cherokee County

Oklahoma, Cherokee Coutny, Tahlequah

Oklahoma, Claremore

Oklahoma, Cleveland County, Norman

Oklahoma, Cleveland County

Oklahoma, County, Okfuskee, Rock Creek Cemetery

Oklahoma, Cushing

Oklahoma, Fairfax

Oklahoma, Gideon, Blue Springs Cemetery

Oklahoma, Hobart

Oklahoma, Hughes County, Holdenville

Oklahoma, Kansas, Kansas Cemetery

Oklahoma, Kay County, Blackwell

Oklahoma, Kay County, Newkirk

Oklahoma, LeFlore County, Poteau, Oakland Cemetery

Oklahoma, Lincoln County, Kendrick

Oklahoma, Locust Grove, Hogan Cemetery

Oklahoma, Mayes County, Chouteau

Oklahoma, Mayes County, Hogan Cemetery

Oklahoma, Mayes County, Locust Grove

Oklahoma, Mayes County, Pryor, Fairview Cemetery

Oklahoma, Mayes County, Pryor, Fairvoew Cemetery

Oklahoma, Mayes County, Pryor

Oklahoma, Mayes County, Pyror

Oklahoma, Mayes County, Rose

Oklahoma, Mayes County, Salina

Oklahoma, Mayes County

Oklahoma, Morris

Oklahoma, Murray County, Sulphur

Oklahoma, Muskogee County, Fort Gibson

Oklahoma, Muskogee Cty., Muskogee, Greenhill Cemetery

Oklahoma, Nobel, Nobel

Oklahoma, Okemah, Highland Cemetery

Oklahoma, Okfuskee County, Last Chance (Morse)

Oklahoma, Okfuskee County, Morse Cemetery

Oklahoma, Okfuskee County, Okemah, Highland Cemetery

Oklahoma, Okfuskee County, Okemah

Oklahoma, Okfuskee County, Weleetka

Oklahoma, Okfuskee County

Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Memorial Park Cemetery

Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma, Okmulgee County, Henryetta

Oklahoma, Okmulgee County, Okmulgee

Oklahoma, Ottawa County, Miami, G.A.R. Cemetery

Oklahoma, Ottawa County, Miami

Oklahoma, Ottawa County

Oklahoma, Ottawa, Quapaw

Oklahoma, Payne County, Yale

Oklahoma, Picher

Oklahoma, Pottawatomie County, Shawnee

Oklahoma, Pottawattomie County, Shawnee

Oklahoma, Pushmataha County, Antlers

Oklahoma, Roger Mills County

Oklahoma, Rogers County, Claremore

Oklahoma, Roosevelt

Oklahoma, Seminole County, Schoolton Cemetery

Oklahoma, Seminole County, Seminole

Oklahoma, Tulsa County, Broken Arrow, Floral Haven Cemetery

Oklahoma, Tulsa County, Broken Arrow

Oklahoma, Tulsa County, Glenpool

Oklahoma, Tulsa County, Kellyville

Oklahoma, Tulsa County, Tulsa, Airport Baptist Church

Oklahoma, Tulsa County, Tulsa, Oak Lawn Cemetery

Oklahoma, Tulsa County, Tulsa

Oklahoma, Tulsa, Memorial Park Cemetery

Oklahoma, Tulsa, Rose Hill Cemetery

Oklahoma, Tulsa

Oklahoma, Wagoner County, Porter

Oklahoma, Wagoner County, Wagoner, Elmwood Cemetery

Oklahoma, Wagoner County, Wagoner

Oklahoma, Wagoner, Elmwood Cemetery

Oklahoma, Walters

Oklahoma, Woods, Fritzlen


Old Stone Church Cemetery

Oregon, Dallas

Oregon, Dayton

Oregon, Jackson County, Medford

Oregon, Klamath Falls

Oregon, Polk County, Dallas

Oregon, Portland

PA, Bedford co

PA, Germantown, St. Michaels Lutheran Church

Pennsylvania, Altoona

Pennsylvania, Bedford County, Roaring Spring

Pennsylvania, Bedford County

Pennsylvania, Bedford, Dublin and Air

Pennsylvania, Bedford, South Woodbury

Pennsylvania, Berks County, Reading

Pennsylvania, Brair (?) County

Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Upper Milford Township

Pennsylvania, Bucks County

Pennsylvania, Carlisle

Pennsylvania, Center County, Boalsburg Cemetery

Pennsylvania, Crawford County

Pennsylvania, Cumberland County, Frankford Township

Pennsylvania, Cumberland County, Newville

Pennsylvania, Cumberland County

Pennsylvania, Ferguson Valley, Assumed: Snyder Family Plot

Pennsylvania, Germantown

Pennsylvania, Juniata County, Miffli

Pennsylvania, Juniata County, Mifflin

Pennsylvania, Juniata County

Pennsylvania, Lancaster County

Pennsylvania, Lehigh County, Heidelberg Township

Pennsylvania, Lehigh County, Schnecksville

Pennsylvania, Lehigh County

Pennsylvania, Lewiston, St. Marks Cemetery

Pennsylvania, Lewiston

Pennsylvania, Mifflin County, Armagh Township, Locke Mills

Pennsylvania, Mifflin County, Ferguson Valley, Ruble Farm

Pennsylvania, Mifflin County, Ferguson Valley

Pennsylvania, Mifflin County, Spring Run Cemetery

Pennsylvania, Mifflin County

Pennsylvania, Milroy, Old Salem Cemetery

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania, Porter Township

Pennsylvania, Snyder County

Pennsylvania, Union City

Pennsylvania, York County, Cordorus Township

Pennsylvania, York County


Pennsylvaniaq, Cumberland County, Newville

Pennsyvania, Lehigh County, N. Whitehall Twp

Pensylvania, Bedford County, New Enterprise Cemetery

Philadelphia Cemetery

Philippines, Iloilo

Pike Cemetery

Presby. Cemetery, Old Stone Curch

Preu�en, , Westernohe Hassen Nassau

Rader Creek, Wyatt Cemetery

Reems Creek Churchyard

Reqested exemption: Belong to Church of the Brethren (Middle name spelled "Ray")


Saint Joseph Missouri

Scotland, Balaird

Scotland, Broxburn

Scotland, Galloway, Wigtown, Kirkinner

Scotland, Highlands near Edinburgh


South Carolina, A Fort in Union District

South Carolina, Anderson County, Pendleton District

South Carolina, Anderson County, Sandy Springs

South Carolina, Anderson County

South Carolina, Chatham County, Cape Fear Township

South Carolina, Cherokee County, Spartanburg

South Carolina, Greenville County

South Carolina, Greenville or Spartanburg

South Carolina, Greenville

South Carolina, Kings Mountain

South Carolina, Laurens

South Carolina, Pendleton District

South Carolina, Pickens County

South Carolina, Spartanburg County

South Carolina

South Dakota

South Korea, Punan


Switzerland, , Luzern, Kottwil

Switzerland, Benwil

Switzerland, Palatine, Alsace, Mitschdorf


Taylor County Iowa, Siam

Tennessee #6975, Nashville, National Cemetery

Tennessee (?)

Tennessee, Blount County, Maryville

Tennessee, Bolivar

Tennessee, Bradley County

Tennessee, Bradley County, Cleveland

Tennessee, Bradley County, Lebanon Church Cemetery

Tennessee, Bradley County

Tennessee, Carter County

Tennessee, Chattanooga

Tennessee, Gibson County

Tennessee, Green County

Tennessee, Greeneville

Tennessee, Hamilton County, Chattanooga

Tennessee, Hamilton County

Tennessee, Hancock County

Tennessee, Henrietta, Mt. Herman Cemetery

Tennessee, Jefferson County

Tennessee, Jonesboro

Tennessee, Knonville

Tennessee, Knoxville

Tennessee, Lawrenceburg

Tennessee, Lincoln County

Tennessee, Lominic Cemetery

Tennessee, Marion County, Pickett Cemetery

Tennessee, Marion County

Tennessee, Murfreesboro

Tennessee, Nashville

Tennessee, Near Lake Bedford

Tennessee, Overton County

Tennessee, Rhea County, Sulphur Springs

Tennessee, Rural Hills

Tennessee, Rutherford County, Smyrna

Tennessee, Sequachtee County

Tennessee, Sequatchie County

Tennessee, Stewart County

Tennessee, Sullivan County

Tennessee, Washington County, Cherokee Creek

Tennessee, Washington County, Johnson City

Tennessee, Washington County, Jonesborough

Tennessee, Washington County, Old Cherokee Cemetery

Tennessee, Washington County

Tennessee, Weakley

Tennessee, Whitwell, New Hope Cemetery


Texas or Oklahoma

Texas, Bell County, Rogers

Texas, Bell County, Stringtown

Texas, Bell County, Temple

Texas, Bell County

Texas, Bosque County, Iradell

Texas, Bristol

Texas, Brownsville

Texas, Caddo

Texas, Chilicothie

Texas, Chillicothie, Chillicothie Cemetery

Texas, Coleman County, Santa Ana

Texas, Coleman County

Texas, Cooke County

Texas, Crosby County, Crosbyton

Texas, Crosby County

Texas, Dallas County, Dallas

Texas, Dallas County, Irving

Texas, Dallas County, Wilmer

Texas, Denison

Texas, Denton County, Denton, Roselawn Cemetery

Texas, Eastland County

Texas, Erath County, Huckaby

Texas, Erath County

Texas, Fort Worth, Greenwood Cemetery

Texas, Gordon

Texas, Harris County, Baytown

Texas, Harris County, Houston

Texas, Heidenheimer, Dyess Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

Texas, Henderson County

Texas, Hopkins County, Sulphur Springs

Texas, Jefferson County, Port Arthur

Texas, Lamar County, Paris

Texas, Leonard

Texas, Longview

Texas, Luling

Texas, McClennan County, Waco

Texas, McLennan County, Waco

Texas, Midland County, Midland

Texas, Milum County, Rockdale

Texas, Mineral Wells

Texas, Mingus

Texas, Navarro County, Frost

Texas, Navarro County

Texas, Palo Pinto County, Gordon

Texas, Palo Pinto County, Lakecreek

Texas, Palo Pinto County, Mount Zion

Texas, Palo Pinto County

Texas, Palo Pinto, Gordon

Texas, Parker County

Texas, Port Lavaca

Texas, Runnels County, Rowena

Texas, San Antonio

Texas, Snyder

Texas, Stepensville

Texas, Stephens County, Breckenridge

Texas, Stephens County, Parks Camp

Texas, Stringtown, Dyess Cemetery

Texas, Sugarland

Texas, Tarrant County, Aledo, Aledo Cemetery

Texas, Tarrant County, Arlington

Texas, Tarrant County, Fort Worth

Texas, Temple

Texas, Texarkana

Texas, Thurber

Texas, Tom Green County, San Angelo

Texas, Travis County, Austin

Texas, Vernon

Texas, Waco

Texas, Waxahachie

Texas, Wichita County, Burkburnett

Texas, Wichita County, Wichita Falls


The census lists her name as "Millie T"

To Ulster

Ulster (Northern Ireland), County Down

United States of America, Missouri, Jasper, Joplin

United States of America, Oregon, Multnomah, Portland

United States, California, Los Angeles, El Monte

United States, Connecticut, Fairfield, New Canaan

United States, Connecticut, Hartford, Hartford

United States, Connecticut, Litchfield, New Milford

United States, Connecticut, New Haven, New Haven

United States, Illinois, Mason, Havana

United States, Illinois, Richland, Claremont

United States, Illinois, Sangamon, Springfield

United States, Indiana, Daviess

United States, Indiana, Knox, Vincennes

United States, Indiana, Lawrence, Bono

United States, Indiana, Orange, Orleans

United States, Indiana, Orange, Paoli

United States, Indiana, Orange, Paolia

United States, Indiana, Orange

United States, Indiana

United States, Iowa, Page

United States, Iowa, Wright, Iowa City

United States, Kansas, Graham, Pioneer

United States, Kentucky, Clay County, Garrard

United States, Kentucky, Clay, Garrard

United States, Kentucky, Garrard, Dix River Church

United States, Kentucky, Garrard, Lancaster

United States, Kentucky, Garrard

United States, Kentucky, Grant

United States, Kentucky, Laurel, Colony

United States, Kentucky, Pendleton

United States, Kentucky, Taylor, Campbellsville

United States, Kentucky, Woodford

United States, Kentucky

United States, Maine, York, Wells

United States, Maryland, Frederick, Frederick

United States, Massachusetts, Bernardson

United States, Massachusetts, Bernardstown

United States, Massachusetts, Essex, Salem

United States, Massachusetts, Falltown

United States, Massachusetts, Franklin, Bernardston

United States, Massachusetts, Franklin, Leyden

United States, Massachusetts, Franklin

United States, Massachusetts, Middlesex, Boston

United States, Massachusetts, Middlesex, Framingham

United States, Massachusetts, Middlesex, Watertown

United States, Massachusetts, Suffolk, Boston

United States, Massachusetts

United States, Michigan

United States, Missouri, Buchanan, St Joseph

United States, Missouri, Buchanan, Tremont

United States, Missouri, Buchanan, Washington

United States, Missouri, Crawford, Meramec

United States, Missouri, Crawford, Steelville

United States, Missouri, Daviess, Gallitin

United States, Missouri, Daviess, Jameson

United States, Missouri, Grundy, Franklin

United States, Missouri, Grundy, Jackson

United States, Missouri, Grundy, Laredo

United States, Missouri, Grundy, Marion

United States, Missouri, Grundy, Wilson

United States, Missouri, Grundy

United States, Missouri, Jasper, Alba

United States, Missouri, Jasper, Central City

United States, Missouri, Jasper, Joplin

United States, Missouri, Mt Grove

United States, Missouri

United States, Nebraska, Douglas, Omaha

United States, New York

United States, North Carolina, Stokes, Snow Creek

United States, North Carolina

United States, Ohio, Knox, Pike

United States, Ohio, Meigs, Olive

United States, Ohio, Miami, Brown

United States, Ohio, Miami, Fletcher

United States, Ohio, Miami

United States, Ohio, Shelby, Salem

United States, Ohio

United States, Oklahoma, Okmulgee, Beggs

United States, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Sand Springs

United States, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Tulsa

United States, PA

United States, Pennsylvania, Bedford, Air

United States, Pennsylvania, Bedford, Morrisons Cove

United States, Pennsylvania, Bedford, North Woodberry

United States, Pennsylvania, Bedford, North Woodbury

United States, Pennsylvania, Bedford, Woodbury

United States, Pennsylvania, Bedford

United States, Pennsylvania, Berks

United States, Pennsylvania, Blair, Blair

United States, Pennsylvania, Blair, Millerstown

United States, Pennsylvania, Blair, Woodbury

United States, Pennsylvania, Franklin, Montgomery

United States, Pennsylvania, Franklin

United States, Pennsylvania, Henrietta

United States, Pennsylvania, Northampton, Stockertown

United States, Pennsylvania, Northumberland, Ft Augusta

United States, Pennsylvania, Northumberland, Northumberland

United States, Pennsylvania, Northumberland

United States, Pennsylvania

United States, Texas, Fort Bend, Missouri City

United States, Virgin Islands (US), St John, Carleton

United States, Virginia, Amherst, Amherst

United States, Virginia, Amherst

United States, Virginia, Carroll, prob buried Wilkinson Fanning Cem

United States, Virginia, Grayson, Hillsville

United States, Virginia, Grayson

United States, Virginia, King George, King George

United States, Virginia, Stafford, Aquia Episcopal Church

United States, Virginia, Stafford, Stafford

United States, Virginia, Westmoreland, Stratford

United States, Virginia

United States, West Virginia, Wetzel, Church

United States


USA, Alabama

USA, California, Los Angeles, El Monte

USA, California, Los Angeles, Rosemead

USA, Georgia, Dougherty, Albany

USA, Indiana, , Washington

USA, Indiana, Bartholomew, Hartsville

USA, Indiana, Bartholomew, Hortville

USA, Indiana, Daviess

USA, Indiana, Howard, Alto

USA, Indiana, Jefferson County

USA, Indiana, Jefferson, Madison

USA, Indiana, Jefferson

USA, Indiana, Orange

USA, Iowa, Shenandoah, Grant

USA, Iowa

USA, Kansas, Allen, Laharp

USA, Kansas, Barton, Albert

USA, Kentucky, , Bryants Station

USA, Kentucky, , Estill

USA, Kentucky, Campbell

USA, Kentucky, Franklin

USA, Kentucky, Garrard, Dix River

USA, Kentucky, Garrard, Lancaster

USA, Kentucky, Garrard

USA, Kentucky, Green, Taylor

USA, Kentucky, Henry

USA, Kentucky, Washington, Gerrard

USA, Kentucky, Woodford County

USA, Kentucky, Woodford, Crab Orchard

USA, Kentucky, Woodford

USA, KY, Garrard

USA, Maine, Cumberland, Falmouth

USA, Maine, York, Wells

USA, Maryland, Frederick County

USA, Massachusetts, Essex, Newbury

USA, Massachusetts, Essex, Salem Village

USA, Massachusetts, Essex, Salem

USA, Massachusetts, Middlesex, Framingham

USA, Massachusetts, Middlesex, Sudbury

USA, Massachusetts, Middlesex, Watertown

USA, Massachusetts, Suffolk, Boston

USA, Massachusetts, Suffolk, Watertown

USA, Missouri, , Laredo

USA, Missouri, Andrew, St Joseph

USA, Missouri, Atchison, Tarkio

USA, Missouri, Bates, Drexel

USA, Missouri, Buchanan, Agency

USA, Missouri, Buchanan, Washington

USA, Missouri, Buchanan

USA, Missouri, Grundy County, Trenton

USA, Missouri, Grundy County

USA, Missouri, Grundy, Trenton

USA, Missouri, Grundy

USA, Missouri, Harrison, Cainsville

USA, Missouri, Mercer

USA, Missouri

USA, New Mexico, Otero, Alamogordo

USA, New York

USA, North Carolina, Chowan County

USA, North Carolina, Chowan

USA, North Carolina, Orange County

USA, North Carolina, Orange

USA, North Carolina, Stokes

USA, North Carolina, Surry

USA, North Carolina

USA, Ohio, Greene, Cedarville

USA, Ohio, Knox, Pike

USA, Ohio, Licking, Newark

USA, Ohio, Miami, Brown

USA, Ohio, Richland

USA, Ok, Tulsa, Sand Springs

USA, Oklahoma, Pontotoc, Ada

USA, Oregon, Portland

USA, Oregon

USA, Pennsylvania, , Bedford

USA, Pennsylvania, Bedford, Ayre Township

USA, Pennsylvania, Bedford, So Woodbury

USA, Pennsylvania, Bedford

USA, Pennsylvania, Berks, Hereford

USA, Pennsylvania, Berks

USA, Pennsylvania, Franklin

USA, Pennsylvania, Fulton, Ayr

USA, Pennsylvania, Northampton

USA, Pennsylvania

USA, Texas, Jones, Abilene

USA, Texas, Shackelford, Albany

USA, Texas, Tarrant

USA, Texas, Taylor, Abilene


USA, Virginia, Grayson

USA, Virginia, Montgomery

USA, Virginia

USA, Washington, Grays Harbor, Aberdeen

USA, Wyoming, Sheridan, Sheridan


VA, Carroll Co., Hillsville

Va, Carroll, Hillsville

VA, Grayson CO., Hillsville

Virginia (Petite Gap), Balcony Falls

Virginia, Arlington National Cemetery

Virginia, Augusta County, German Valley

Virginia, Augusta County, Rockridge

Virginia, Bedford County

Virginia, Campbell County

Virginia, Carroll, District 11

Virginia, Culpepper County

Virginia, Cumberland County

Virginia, Fairfax

Virginia, Falls Church

Virginia, Norfolk

Virginia, Prince Edward County

Virginia, Richmond County, Richmond

Virginia, Richmond County

Virginia, Richmond

Virginia, Rockbridge

Virginia, Shanandoah County

Virginia, Wyandor


Washington DC

Washington, Bremerton

Washington, Fort Lewis

Washington, Grays Harbor, Johns River

Washington, King County, Seattle

Washington, King, International

Washington, King, Seattle

Washington, Kittitas, Cle Elum

Washington, Lewis County, Chehelas

Washington, Markham

Washington, Mason County, Bremerton

Washington, Seattle

Washington, Vancouver

Washington, Walla Walla

Washington, Yak

Washington, Yakima County, Toppenish

Washington, Yakima County, Zillah, Zillah Cemetery

Washington, Yakima County, Zillah


Watauga Settlement (Happy Valley)Tennessee

West Virginia

Will Probated

Wisconsin, Milwaukee County, Milwaukee

World War II, Killed in Action

Wyoming, Sheridan, Sheridan Ward 4

Wyoming, Sheridan, Sheridan

Wyoming, Weston, Newcastle City



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