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The following is taken from materials compiled by Martha Thompson of Eldorado, Ark. It is not known whether this first portion is a direct copy from a book or whether it is notes that Martha typed from pages of the book, but the following is a copied directly from her collection.
[IT:Edith Roof Doane, "Saxe-gotha and Dutch Fork Pioneers Genealogical, Vol. 2-- The Ruff--Clan of South Carolina--
Memorial Library, Luthern Seminary
(46 Fair Oaks Land, Atherton, Calif, USA
"First Caste" -- political and social level--and the "Second Caste"--nobility and political levels of existance, back in Europe, prior to their coming to America, even today, the elders among their descendants will tell you frankly, "Noble is as noble does."
"Third Caste" -- intellectuals and wealthy--and so on to the peasantry" and servants
Roof (from Rueff to Ruff, to Roof)
Johan Sebastian Ruff, Elder of Mt. Zion Luthern Church--his wife's name before her marriage is not known, but believed Melchoir)
Johann Melchoir Ruff (John Ruff who changed his name to John Roof I
Catherine Cromer, "A yung pioner woman when she married Johann"

Three brothers from Europe petitioned for grants in the spring of 1748. The Ruff and Roof clan of South Carolina, USA trace their ancestry back to three brothers who arrived in the USA from Europe petitioning for their land grants in the spring of 1748. One traditional Story says that [UL:Johann Rueff:UL], of Worth Hesse, in the German Empire, had seven son who came to America prior to the Revolutionary War, four going to the North, and three brothers settling in South Carolina.
Another tradition is that this man had three sons who settled in South Carolina.
[UL:George Ruff:UL], who built his home on the present Newberry--Lexington County line (at that time, Ninety Six and Northern Orangeburg Districts--(later the southern portion of George's land was included in Saxe-Gotha, District which was cut from Northern Orangeburg District, and became a district in its own right.) His house was set at the foot of the Little Mountain, set on the Lexington County side-- the Little Mountain was called "Ruff Mountain" during Colonial Days. The largest portion of his property lay in what is now Newberry County. George Ruff's descendants today are called the "Newberry County Ruff Clan."

[UL:Daniel Ruff,:UL] the youngest brother, built his first home in North Carolina moving to South Carolina sometime between 1790 and 1800. He got land built his second home in Fairfield District, Now Richland County. His descendants today are known as the "Richland County Ruff Clan."
The third brother, believed to have been the eldest of the three was the writer's ancestor. (Note! this is copied and is not the ancestor of Joe F. Grant). His name was Johann Sebastian Ruff. He was called Sebastian by his friends. This man settled near the branch waters of 12-mile creek, South Saluda River, in what is today Lexington County (This portion was originally a part of Northern Orangeburg District, and later was cut off and formed Saxe-Gotha District.) On maps of South carolina around 1750, hills on Sebastian's property were marked "Ruff Hills. This is the "Lexington County Roof Clan."
PROOF--Genealogist E. V. Campbell, River Heights, Md--the Colonial Research Bureau, Washington, DC--descendants of the Richland County Clan in South Carolina.
The Soth Carolina clan ancestors were of Teutonic blood descended from Drogo, son of Charlemagne, the Emporer of the Holy Roman Empire. English laws demanded that the settlers to America, coming to English Colonies, must take an English version of their names, when they swore an "Oath of Loyalty to the Crown of England." The English clerks, being ignorant, spelled the names of the three brothers variously as shown on legal records now available for veiwing. Earlier in Holland at the Port of Rotterdam, the name of "George Rueff" had been changed to "George Rough," attempting to arive at the English of the name, using the phonetic of the English. George, as been mentioned earlier, was the brother who settled at the foot of the Little Mountain, whose descendants are the "Newberry County Ruff Clan."

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