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As of 27 Nov 2008 there are approximately 5,120 Eichelbergers in genealogical records on this site


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T - V includes "Unknown"

If the person you are seeking was born after 1917 and is not known to be deceased, his/her name will not appear in the index. Search "Female" or "Male"

NOTE: The symbol ~ A-A next to a person's name in the index denotes "African - American"









Aaron thru Althea D.
Alva Lantz thru Azeriah


C. B. thru Charles Emery
Charles F. thru Cyrus Shober (includes "Charley/Charlie")


E. thru Eliza Jane
Elizabeth thru Elwood Ketring
Emanuel thru Ezra


Halford E. thru Henrietta Virginia
Henry thru Hugh Lee


J. thru James Willis
Jane thru Johannes
John thru John Franklin
John G. thru Junior Albert


Ladema thru Lily M.
Linda thru Lynford


M. H. - Margaret V. (includes "Male," given name unknown)
Margaretha thru Marvin M.
Mary - Mary V.
Matalena thru Myrtle Grace


W. Gustave thru William
William A. thru Wyatt