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21 April 2008: An apology: To all the regular visitors to this site as well as the new visitors here who subsequently emailed me with inquiries and/or additional data the past several months. I have not devoted any time to genealogy since last summer due to caring for my parents and the stress of both of their deaths within two and one-half months of each other. In addition: in the midst of all of that I have had to undergo extensive oral surgery and then unanticipated serious spinal surgery. The recovery - both physical and emotional - from all of these events has left me unable to predict when I will be able to once again devote time to this web site or to genealogy in general. My sincere thanks for your understanding of my current situation. JoAnn Eichelberger Bauer

04 Aug 2007: More information on a descendant of Philip Frederick Eichelberger. And a new theory regarding a "Missing Link" family of Eichelbergers. See Adam Eichelberger (ca. 1841 - 1906)

25 Jul 2007: The Eigelberners of Baltimore, Maryland

21 Jul 2007: An addition to the Michael Eichelberger (1774 - 1830) family tree: William Eichelberger (1860 - 1946) and family

19 Jul 2007: Another "Missing Link": Who was Franklin Eichelberger (b. 1835, PA) ?

29 Jun 2007: An addition to the Philip Frederick Eichelberger family tree: Charles R. Robinson (b. ca. 1889) and family

25 Jun 2007: Another immigrant? John Martin Eichelberger, b. ca. 1784, reportedly in Germany; resided Jefferson County, Missouri

21 Jun 2007: An Eichelberger who wasn't an Eichelberger! The death certificate of Virginia Ruth Eichelberger (a prematurely born infant who died the day after she was born) resulted in a search that finally led to the discovery that she was an Eichenberger.

20 Jun 2007: More Texas Eichelbergers: The family of William H. Eichelberger (descendants of Joseph Eichelberger (1747 - 1845))

18 June 2007: Death records of some Missouri Eichelbergers ~ Given Names A. thru I. ~ Given Names J. thru W.

14 Jun 2007: An addition to the Philip Frederick Eichelberger family line: the family of Ralph Gilman Eichelberger (1877 - 1945)

13 Jun 2007: Another Maryland Eichelberger whose ancestry is a mystery: Jacob Eichelberger - Eichelbarger - b. 1812, resided Licking County, OH before 1850

08 Jun 2007: Some Ecalbarger, Ecelbarger and Ecelberger burials:
Lakelawn Memorial Park, Reynoldsville, Jefferson Co, PA
McClure Cemetery, Big Run, Jefferson Co, PA
Mahaffey Cemetery, Mahaffey, Clearfield Co, PA
Enterprise Cemetery, Whatcom County, Washington

07 Jun 2007: A special section devoted to Joseph Eichelberger (1747 - 1845) and his descendants, with new surnames of Hacklebander, et al

03 June 2007: David Eckelberger/Eikleburger/Ackuburger ~ probable son of Johann Veltin (Valentine) Eckenberger/Eichelberger (b. 1764)

01 June 2007: An addition to the John George Eichelberger (b. 1704) line ~ Welcome the Fore family

31 May 2007: New information on the children of Frederick Benteen Eichelberger (1880 - 1962), descendants of the immigrant Daniel Eichelberner

30 May 2007: More information on one of our "Missing Links": The family of John Henry Eichelberger (b. 1842, s/o Levi)

29 May 2007: New information on the wife of Henry Eichelberger (b. 1835) ~ Welcome the Watsons!

25 May 2007: Eichelbergers in the York Co, PA Birth Index 1893 - 1906

24 May 2007: Another leaf on the Texas branch of the Philip Frederick Eichelberger family tree: Welcome Bessie May Derrick, second wife of Stephen C. Eichelberger (b. 1878)

24 May 2007: Major changes and additions to the family of John Newton Eichelberger (b. 1847)

23 May 2007: Probable descendants of Philip Frederick Eichelberger ~ Welcome Chester A. Eichelberger (b. ca. 1892) and family.

22 May 2007: Michigan Eckelbargers! Descendants of the immigrant Christian Echelbarger (b. 1789) ~ Welcome Orrin Eckelbarger (b. 1860) and family ~ and his probable brother, Edward Eckelbarger (b. ca. 1865)

21 May 2007: Texas Eckelbargers! Probable descendants of the immigrant, Joh. Adam Eckenbarger/Eckelbarger (b. ca. 1740) ~ Welcome William Taylor Eckelbarger (b. 1878) and family

19 May 2007: A probable descendant of a very early American Eichelberger mystery (Joseph, b. 1747) ~ Welcome Jeremiah Eickelberger - Eichelbarger (ca. 1847 - 1919) and family

17 May 2007: Who was Annie H. Grubb Eichelberger (1886 - 1940)? My guess is....granddaughter of John N. Grubb ( 1809)



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