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Isaac William Wall Jr.

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Isaac Wall, Jr. was always a mystery. A lot of his life was never found before. Here are the facts that we were able to uncover lately because of records being made available to view. His parents were Isaac Wall, Sr. and Sarah Tiffin. There were five children in this family: James, Ann, Ephraim, William, and Isaac Jr. There have been histories published on these families in two books; The Wall family of Canada and Iowa by Wayne and Bonnie (Wall) Kinion 1991 and The Book of Wall's by Randy Calvin Wall 2002, with an update to this material in 2007 by Randy and Bonnie. Isaac's story here was done in February 2010, with help from Annabelle Holley and Ron Johnson; both are Wall descendants.
- Isaac Wall, Jr. August 1st, 1861 - October 12th, 1930- Found death certificate of Isaac and he died at Trout Creek (Perry Sound Dist.) burial at Union Cemetery, Trout Creek, Ontario. Trout Creek is a small town located on Highway 11 in Northern Ontario, 8 miles south of Powassan, Ontario. The town is in the eastern end of the District of Parry Sound. His grave is marked with a headstone.
Actual death record: WALL. Isaac, married, when: Oct. 12, 1930, age 68 years, Born ROSEDALE, Montague Township (Lanark County, Ontario), cause: cerebral hemorrhage-3 days in hospital, occupation: labourer, burial at Union Cemetery, Trout Creek, Parry Sound District, Ontario, son of Isaac Wall, & Sarah Tiffin, father born Beckwith Township, (Lanark Co, Ontario), mother. Ireland. Informant is Mrs. Catherine Wall, wife, Trout Creek (Parry Sound Dist) # 028425-30.
In the original death registration it states that Isaac was born at Rosedale. Rosedale? An Ontario Librarian found this: there is a Rosedale between Smith Falls, Ontario, and Merrickville, Ontario. That is the area where the Wall family was from and lived.

Isaac stated in the 1900 Iowa census, that his mother Sarah (Tiffin) Wall, was "born at sea" when the family was traveling from Ireland to Canada in 1834. Isaac was born at Montague Township, Lanark County. He was the foreman at an aerated water factory at Port Arthur. Port Arthur was a city in Northern Ontario which amalgamated with Fort William and the townships of Neebing and McIntyre to form the city of Thunder Bay in January 1970. Port Arthur was the district seat of Thunder Bay District.

Isaac was married four times:

1. Prudence Johnson, born on Nov. 5th, 1860 and died on April 5th, 1893. Married on Feb. 12th, 1886 at Iroquois, Dundas Co, Ontario. He had two children with Prudence (Ray and Sarah). Isaac and Prudence moved from Ontario, Canada to Iowa, where the rest of the Wall family was living, after their marriage in 1886 and before their first child was born in 1888. Her grave is well marked with a tall stone. Her parents were Aaron and Margaret Johnson who are buried at Shanly Cemetery at Edwardsburgh Twp in Grenville Co, Ontario and both graves are marked. Local newspapers for Calhoun Co, IA were checked and there was no obituary there for Prudence. Also the Calhoun Co court house had no listing for Prudence in their death records. The family was living in Clare Town (Clare) Webster Co, IA in the 1900 census: Isaac, two children; Sarah and Ray, and his second wife, Mary. The Webster County death index and the newspaper index for obituaries in Fort Dodge newspapers were both checked for Prudence Wall death notice or obituary. There was nothing found.

2. Mary Louise Jones, born on Oct. 3rd, 1853 New York. She was first married to a Mr. Henry. Isaac married Mary Henry on Dec 20th, 1893, Calhoun Co, Iowa. Mary died on July 13, 1910, Thunder Bay, Ontario. Her parents were Alfred Jones and Belinda Wait. Her obituary tells us that she had one married daughter that survived her (no name mentioned). This daughter must be from her other marriage.

3. Isaac married the widow, Clara Elizabeth Jane (Boys) Sanderson on Aug 7th, 1911 in Wellington Co., Ontario. She was born July 20th, 1864 at Garafraxa Twp, Wellington Co and died Feb 10th, 1926 in Nichol Twp, Wellington Co and is buried at the Elora Municipal Cemetery, at Elora, in Nichol Twp. She has a grave marker and it says, "Wife of Isaac Wall." Clara had several children from her first marriage to John Sanderson, who she is buried with.

4. Catherine May Sloman, born Nov. 3rd, 1892 at Trout Creek. She was the sister to Isaac's Son-in-Law, John Wright Sloman (Isaac's buried with her parents at Trout Creek). They were married perhaps in 1926 and before December 1928. After Isaac died in 1930, Catherine remarried John Brockie on July 4th, 1931 and died on May 13th, 1968. She is also buried at Union Cemetery, Trout Creek with John and the grave is well marked.

Children of Isaac Wall and Prudence Johnson (Isaac's first marriage):
-Ray Wall was born on Dec. 14th, 1888, Calhoun Co, Iowa and died on Dec. 9th, 1914, Thunder Bay. He is buried at Riverside Cemetery in Thunder Bay and has a marker. Ray died from a rare kidney disease, age 25. He never married.
-Sarah Margaret Wall was born on August 2nd, 1891 Calhoun Co, Iowa and died on Dec. 16th, 1949 Thunder Bay. She is buried at Riverside Cemetery in Thunder Bay, Ontario and has a marker. Sarah married on Dec. 18th, 1907 at Thunder Bay to John (Jack) Wright Sloman (born Sept. 16th, 1882 at Trout Creek to Alfred Sloman and Annie Brown. Alfred and Annie are buried with Isaac Wall, Jr). John fought in World War I. He moved to Edmonton and lived out his life there. Died in May 1957 and is buried with his son William. Children:
1. William Edward Sloman-Edmonton, Alberta. Died on May 26th, 1961 and buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Edmonton. No marker. We have been in contact with his children, David and Dale. 2. Alfred Ray Sloman-Thunder Bay, 1912-Aug. 30th, 1974, buried at Riverside Cemetery. Grave is marked.
3. Cecil Sloman-Thunder Bay, died Feb 20th, 1935, age 18 buried at Riverside Cemetery. Grave is marked.
4. Dorothy Prudence (Jackie) Sloman-born June 3rd, 1924-alive March 2010, married to Joseph Edson Felton of Camlachie, Lambton Co, Ontario and buried at Blackwell Cemetery, Sarnia Township, Lambton Co. Grave is marked. We have been in contact with their son John Felton.

After his wife Prudence died in 1893 at Calhoun Co, Iowa, Isaac and family moved to Winnipeg after the 1900 Iowa census, and in 1905 on to Thunder Bay. In Thunder Bay his second wife Mary died in 1910. After which he moved to Wellington Co, Ontario and married Clara in 1911. She died there in 1926 and Isaac moved on to Trout Creek and married again to Katherine and he died there in 1930. It is most likely he was transferred by the company he worked for in the water aerated business, since they had branches at these locations in Wellington Co and Trout Creek, Parry Sound District areas.
A brother to Prudence, William John Johnson, married a sister of Isaac Wall, Jr, Prudence husband, Ann Elizabeth Wall. Also in this same family, (stay with me now), Prudence and Williams' older sister, Mary Ann Johnson, married Isaac Wall, Sr, the father of Isaac Wall, Jr. and Ann Elizabeth (Wall) Johnson. Follow me?? So Isaac Sr. became a brother-in-law as well as the father-in-law to William and a daughter-in law and sister-in-law to Prudence. Mary Ann was not only the step mother but also the sister-in-law to both Isaac Jr. and Ann Elizabeth.
WAIT…Mary Ann's brother, William, now was her son-in-law as well as a real brother. Crazy! I'm sure this "circle of relatives" confused folks to say the least. So three siblings of one family (the Johnson's), married two siblings and their father of another family (the Wall's). Guess who's coming to dinner! Good Grief!

-A little on the TIFFIN's-
From The Record News Newspaper in Smiths Falls, Ontario--November 3rd, 1887.
-There died on Monday (Oct 31st) at the home of her grandson, Mr. Ephraim Wall, Mrs. Ann Tiffin, aged 99 years and seven months (she was born 1788 Ireland).
Ann's husband was Ephraim Tiffin, who was born in 1799 Ireland and died on July 31st, 1865, age 66 years, at Montague Twp, Lanark Co, Ontario and buried at VanDusen Cemetery, Montague Twp. and has a gravestone. We are quite sure Ann is buried with Ephraim at VanDusen Cemetery without a grave marker.
Ephraim Tiffin's will in the land registry copybook for Montague Township (Book 2C - Instrument 22). The will was written on July 2, 1863 and registered at the land registry office on Dec 30, 1865. "In the name of God amen, I, Ephraim Tiffin of the Township of Montague….do make and publish my last will…First, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Ann Tiffin my farm…being a part of lot 4 in the first concession of the said township of Montague…and I also further give and devise unto my two grandsons James Wall and Ephraim Wall to them their heirs and assigns forever share and share alike of the above mentioned lands being a part of lot 4 in first concession of Montague…I ordain that my two grandsons above named shall come into possession of the above mentioned lands at the demise of my said wife…and I further ordain should either of the above named grandson die in non-age or without issue then the deceased share of the above mentioned lands shall revert to my grandson Isaac Wall as soon as he shall be of full age. And lastly as to all the rest residue and remainder of my goods and chattels of whatsoever name or nature after my debts are paid, I give and bequeath unto her my said wife, Ann Tiffin, whom I hereby appoint executrix and my affectionate friends Silas Andrews and Francis Hall."

Apparently Sarah (Tiffin) Wall was their only child. Sarah, born at sea, 1834 and died on Sept. 17th, 1861, about a month after giving birth to her son Isaac, Jr. She is buried at VanDusen Cemetery, with her parents and has a grave marker.

Special Thanks to Randy Wall of Mounds View, in the "Twin Cities" of Minnesota, USA. for supplying the above information
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