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Fort William Daily Times Journal

- Mon Apr 1, 1912 ~Hymers~ Mr. John Groves of Silver Mountain returned home today after a prolonged visit in the west.....Mr. Westdyke, of Toronto, originally from England, visited his farm in Gillies Township, which he purchased from A. Austin recently. He intends moving here in the spring, soon enough to put in his crops.

- Jan 6, 1913 ~Hymers~ B. Sutherland moved today to the Beaver Mines where he will operated an extensive lumber camp...The petition to the railroad commission for a new station and a permanent agent at Hymers, will be at M. Couch's store, South Gillies, after today. Call and sign...W.H. Jordan, local agent for the International Harvesting Company of America recently received a large consignment of sleighs, etc---.

- Dec 28, 1916 ~Hymers~ Word has recently been received by friends here that Private J. Hadfield, an old resident of the township has just been decorated with the military medal for conspicuous bravery upon the battlefield....The first ever car owned in the township was recently purchased by J.J. Welsh and Sons, who are engaged in storekeeping, blacksmithing and the lumber business.

- May 3, 1922 ~Hymers~ Moved by Mitchell and Withenshaw that there be finger boards or signs put up in the proper places on the main roads in the township and that Mr. Sisson look after the matter. Carried.

- Apr 23, 1923 ~Hymers~ Moved by Jordan-Mitchell, that this council legalize the building of a road from Silver Mountain to Sellars, back of the Sellars School as near the line as possible.

- Apr 23, 1924 ~South Gillies~ A large number of residents attended the auction sale at Hymers on Saturday....W. Couch, F. Mitchell and J. Couch junior were at the hall on Saturday evening getting it in readiness for the dance Monday evening....The roads are drying up nicely after the heavy stormes of last week.

- June 4, 1925 ~Hymers~ The electrical storm of Saturday evening was quite wicked. The only damage known was of R. McKechnie's horse "Topsy." She was found dead having been struck. This is quite a loss as she was known for her speed. She will be sadly missed next winter when the car is laid up.

- Jan 8, 1929 ~Hymers~ The flu epidemic has the Village of Hymers in its grip. Young folks and old folks, and infants in arms have fallen victims. Dr. Bussey, a kind friend in sickness, was unable to help the sufferers as he was confined to his bed with the flu also. The Women's Institute has postponed their meeting for a while because of the epidemic.....The cold snap at Hymers has added another worry over the speed in which the wood pile disappears.

- Jan 15, 1929 ~Hymers~ It will not be necessary any longer to go to the city to get wolf bounty as George N. Johnson has been appointed to issue trapping and fishing licenses and to take affidavits for wolf bounty in this district.

- Jan 31, 1929 ~Hymers~ The first Sunday train of the rush season passed through the village on schedule time Sunday

- Thur Feb 21, 1929 ~Hymers~ Monday was the coldest day of the year, a high wind was blowing which made it bitterly cold.

- Apr 2, 1929 ~Hymers~ The date for the lecture to be given by Dr. Bussy on first Aid has been changed from April 3 to April 6. This will give an opportunity for more people to get out, and the men are especially invited. A social hour will follow.

- Apr 10, 1929 ~Hymers~ The first gasoline truck of the season visited Hymers on Friday...Hymers was visited on Friday night by a severe electrical storm. Vivid flashes of lighning turned night into day and rain fell in torrents. A couple of hours after midnight a hailstorm set in which lasted for sometime....Belive it or not-The Pee Dee was ahead of time on Saturday. The shock was terrible to those who were too late for the train.

- Apr 20, 1929 ~Hymers~ The Women's Institute met in the hall on Tuesday to quilt their comforter, and also to complete plans for the luncheon to be given on Friday.

- Aug 6, 1932 ~Hymers~ The phone line has now been extended to Round Lake, being installed in McKechnie's office on Saturday....Work has commenced on the new school here. Nelson and Anderson have the contract for the building.

- Thur Oct 8, 1931 ~South Gillies~ The road gang has four men out cutting brush on the side of the road from James Couch's corner as far as the one mile hill, with Joe Holmes Jr., as foreman....A dance will be held in the South Gillies Community Hall on Saturday night, October 10.

- Sat Aug 12, 1933 ~Hymers~ Word has been received by a local resident from Western Canada that the district lying between Weyburn and Arcola has been devasted by grasshoppers, 90 percent of the wheat being destroyed and the other grains are being destroyed in like manner.

- Mon Mar 15, 1943 ~Hymers~ A son, born on March 5 at McKellar Hospital to Mr. amd Mrs. Alfred Digby. Alex Johnson of Owen Sound who has spent the last six months in Alberta and and B.C. visitng his brother G.N. Johnston for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. G.N. Johnston, Mrs. O.B. Turk and Alex Johnston visited at Round Lake on Wednesday. Crows made their first appearance in this district on Wednesday. Mrs. M. Lysack was a visitor to the city on Friday.

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