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Pinegrove Cemetery
(Old Hymers Cemetery)
Pinegrove Cemetery is located on Lot 6., Con 5 Hymers, Township of Gillies, Ontario
Cemetery is no longer in use. It is not maintained and is barely visible from the road.
There are some headstones, but some are hard to read. Earliest burial appears
to be in 1900 of Wesley Newberry and the last in 1933 of Fred Yurick.

From the Weekly Herald and Algoma Miner Friday October 12, 1900
A cemetery has been organized in Gillies Township, a company being formed for that purpose.
The ground was chosen on Mr. Hahn's farm and was named "Pine Grove Cemetery.
This morbid exigency was necessitated by the untimely demise of Mr. Navberry (Newberry)
who arrived recently to settle, and whose remains were laid away in the above ground.
Thus the living must make provison for the dead.
The sad necessities, alas, too early arise and call for our dutiful attention."

On Sept 25, 2010, a handful of volunteers were on hand to start cleaning up the old cemetery.
Some of the brush was cleared and some trees were cut & removed to make the stones visible.
This is a major undertaking and hopefully there will be another cleanup date later this fall or in the spring.
Thanks to Aria, Nigel, Linda, Lyle, Jeff, Gordie & myself for volunteering ~a job well done~

Updated Jan 4, 2017

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Names marked with a * indicate another source for birth/death date such as an
obituary,etc...when no specific date of death is available or given.

Bishop, Baby Boy Sept 17, 1901 (possible) s/o Archie Bishop
Bishop, Harvey Aug 21, 1907 age 10 mos s/o Archie Bishop

Brady, Mary Joy *Apr 1915-Aug 29, 1916

Brown, c/o Rex Brown

Earl, Thomas 1847-Jan 23, 1904
Earl, Mary Ann *1859-Nov 20, 1906 age 47 years

Erickson, John Sept 22, 1908 age 35 years, 9 months *gassed in a well

Fader, Florence Ethel *Jan 6, 1908 - 1908?? d/o Rev. Christopher & Mary Fader

Fraaback, Hannah Housa *1880-Aug 18,1922 (Death Reg suggests Riverside, PA)

Gallenger, Pearl Aug 4, 1905 age 11 yrs

Gerlack, Anthony *Oct 10, 1920-Oct 8, 1921

Hahn, Grace *Oct 20, 1904 age 2 mos, 4 dys d/o Nate Hahn

Hill, Baby c/o Silas Hill

Holmes, Queenie Adele *Mar 19, 1907 d/o James Holmes
Holmes, c/o David Holmes

Jones (Turk), Baby 1914 d/o Mabel Turk & D.J. Jones

Kotelmaki, Emil Sept 22, 1908 *gassed in a well

Kozy, Mike *Jan 22, 1926-Aug 23, 1929 age 3 s/o Harry Kozy
Kozy, Baby c/o Harry Kozy

Landversitch, Annie 1906 Mother of Dolph Landversitch
Landversitch, Matilda (Biggs) *Feb 24, 1878-Aug 18, 1911 w/o Dolph Landversitch
Landversitch, Children of Dolph Landversitch
Landversitch, George *Sept 8, 1905 age 3
Landversitch, Child

Liddicoat, Bertha Jane *Oct 31, 1906 age 2 mos, 12 dys d/o Thomas Liddicoat

Mayo, Olive May *July 14-Aug 16, 1909 d/o James Mayo, Sr.
Mayo, Clayton Henry *Jan 27, 1908-Mar 22, 1909 s/o James Mayo, Sr.

Newberry, John Wesley 1868-*Sept 8, 1900

Parker, Albert Franklin *Jan 11, 1910-Jan 24, 1911 s/o Albert Parker
Parker, Anna Margaret *Dec 26, 1911-Sept 13, 1913 d/o Albert Parker
Parker, Ira *May 31, 1914-June 16, 1914 s/o Albert Parker

Sitch, Annie Mar 18, 1904 age 2 months d/o Ernest Sitch, Sr.
Sitch, Grace Feb 24, 1902 age 1 month d/o Ernest Sitch, Sr.

Swalwell, Mary Jane (Sweeney) *15 Apr 1845-Apr 3, 1909 w/o Thomas Swalwell

Thatcher, John Sept 22, 1908 *gassed in a well

Turk, Anna *Mar 14, 1907 age 81 years Mother
Turk, Isaac *Oct 22, 1918 age 69

Williams, Elizabeth (Rooke) Mother *Aug 5, 1844-Mar 5, 1915 w/o William
Williams, Catherine Eva *Mar 11, 1895-Aug 14, 1910 d/o George Williams & Eliza Jane Swartman

Williams, Frederick Dec 31, 1875-*Oct 15, 1904
Williams, William Henry Father *Apr 8, 1849-Aug 14, 1929

Woodbeck, Russell *Jan 6, 1907 age 17 dys s/o Manford Woodbeck
Woodbeck, Wallace Aug 14, 1907 age 8 mths s/o Manford Woodbeck

Yurick, Fred *May 16, 1917-Feb 25, 1933 s/o John Yurick

**Given dates & location it is possible that these infants are also buried here
Brown, Harold Garret Sept 15, 1905 ˝hr old, born Pearson Twsp
Hill, William John Sept 19, 1908 s/o Silas Hill & Maggie Ethel Donovan

If you have any information on the people buried here, we would be pleased to hear from you!!

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