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Oliver Township History & Pioneers
Kakabeka, Murillo, Intola, Miller, Baird

Postcard about 1920 courtesy of Roger Lopez *** Postcard circa 1930 courtesy of Derk Sherren

Oliver Township was surveyed in 1873 & because of the good agricultural land for farming,
free grant land in the township was offered & the settlement of Oliver Township began. It was incorporated 1 January 1879.

Oliver Township & Oliver Road were named after Adam Oliver, M.P.P. born 11 December 1823 Queensbury, NS.

Kakabeka Falls Hydro Cemetery

Old Baptist Cemetery

St. James Church & Cemetery

Oliver Township-The First Century Unfolding

1894 Voters List Oliver Township

1901 Oliver Township Census is found under Algoma District

The Murillo Hotel opened its Doors in January 1958.
It was owned by Port Arthur Merchants Jack Stitt & Saul Laskin.
Saul Laskin became Mayor of Port Arthur 1962-1969
& Thunder Bay's 1rst Mayor 1970-1972

Kaminsitiquia Power Company
William C. Robinson Thurs 14 Oct 1926 Fort William Daily Times Journal
Those people in Fort William who were here during the construction of the pipeline for the Kaminsitiquia Power Company will learn with regret of the death of William C. Robinson, news of which has just been received by W.L. Bird. It was in 1907 that William C. Robinson was the "Big Boss" at Kakabeka Falls and was not only a magnificent organizer and worker but through it all managed to gain the confidence and affection of every man who worked for him. After leaving the work here, he made his reputation as a railroad builder in Alaska where he overcame what were apparently insurmountable obstacles. He was a man who wieghed 225 pounds with a heart big in proportion. For many years he has retired from active work and has devoted his time to his main hobby, apple culture, in North Anson, Maine, where his death occurred on Sept 30, 1926

Some Early Pioneers

John Bingham One of the original pioneers of Oliver Township and a resident of this district for 49 years, John Bingham, came to the Murillo area in 1881 and farmed for a number of years. With his family he eventually moved to Port Arthur and has resided there ever since. Mr. Bingham died October 6, 1933.

William Francis Duross - was born in Adjala, Ont and came to the district 60 years ago. One of the first settlers of Oliver Township, he first worked for the CPR. He moved to St. Joseph's Manor, Port Arthur about 6 years & died there Feb 20, 1942. He was not married & is buried in St. Andrew's Cemetery.

Thomas G. Lawrence - Thomas G. Lawrence, came to Murillo about 57 years ago, from Toronto where he had lived for 7 years after coming from Southampton, England when he was 17 years old. . He was one of the first pioneer residents of the district, A member of the Murillo United Church, he also has the distinction of having been the first Sunday School Superintendent there, taking on these duties soon after the church was built. Mr. Lawrence died July 31, 1936 and is buried in the Stanley Hill Cemetery.

Leonard Hiller was born July 18, 1849 in Germany. He was one of the first settlers in Oliver Township, married to Mary, the daughter of John & Grace Hoskins. Mary died in 1897 and is buried in the Old Baptist Cemetery. Leonard died Feb 21, 1926 and is buried in Riverside Cemetery. Three daughters & three sons were born to this union, they are: Sophia, Martha, Leonora, John, Edward & Frederick.

Isaac Ryde was born in Derbyshire, England in the year 1839. At the age of sixteen, he moved with his parents, brothers and sisters to Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Here he grew to manhood and married Miss Harriet Fallowfield. In the year 1874 they came to Port Arthur where he was employed for a number of years by Smith & Mitchell, butchers. He finally settled on a homestead in Oliver Township where he resided until his wife died in 1899 & in 1901 he married Mrs. Margaret Struble of Mercer, Pa., eventually moving to Port Arthur. Isaac Ryde died No 2, 1917 at age 78 years

Arthur Todd was born in Kingston, Ont. and moved to Port Arthur about 1880. He was a water boy on the Canadian Pacific Railway construction gang and later was employed by the late D.F. Burke. In 1900 he formed a partnership with the late William Aitkens at Bonheur, to freight supplies to mines near Ignace. In 1905 he settled on a homestead in Oliver and carried on lumbering and later farming operations. He retired about three years ago. Mr. Todd died Apr 14, 1940 and besides his wife he leaves two sons, Henry & Earl; and four daughters, Hazel, Mrs. L. James; Frances, Mrs. George Ellett; Mary, Mrs. George Hinchey; and Edith, a nurse at the Ontario Paper Co. A private service will be held at the home, Oliver Township at 3:15 o'clock will be followed by a service in St. James Church, Murillo at 3:30 o'clock. Rev. C. Pete will officiate. Interment will be made in St. James Cemetery.

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