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Municipality of Neebing
Surveyed by Thomas Wallrick Herrick P.L.S.
He called it "Neebing" the Indian name meaning Summer
Mines and Scenery, Algoma West 1887 by Roland Walpole

The first or orginal Municipality of Neebing was incorporated in March of 1881. It originally consisted of townships of Blake, Crooks, Pardee, Paipoonge, Neebing, & Neebing Additional which later became the Town of Fort William. Neebing Additional which was also known as McKellar Ward/Town of Fort William withdrew in 1892 as did some of Neebing township. In 1904, Paipoonge withdrew. Neebing township became a part of the City of Thunder Bay in 1970 when amalgamation between Port Arthur, Fort William, McIntyre & Neebing Township's took place.

Corporation of the Municipality of Neebing

Municipality of Neebing : Blake, Crooks & Pardee Twps. (Left half of map)

Neebing Township : District of Thunder Bay

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