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Lybster Township
Leeper, Nolalu, Hillside

Nolalu - Check out the local history section!!

Some Early Pioneers

Christopher aka Crispianus Phillpott was born in Orpington Kent in 1875, his brother Hubert in Farnborough in 1888. Chris was a gardener and a florist he moved to Dumfries Scotland prior to 1901. He married Mary Baxter b 1877 in 1902. The following year they emigrated to Canada, along with Hubert on the SS Manitoba. By 1904 they were homesteading in Silver Mountain. Montague Phillpott was born there in 1904, there were other children but none survived. Sometime before the first World War Hubert moved to 153 Oliver Road. He was killed at Vimy Ridge in 1917. Chris and Mary lived in Silver Mountain until at least 1910.

Courtesy of Dick Phillpott

Henry Pelto was one of the first settlers in the Nolalu area. A native of Finland, he came to Canada 64 years ago, and 50 years ago went to Nolalu. He and his wife resided in a tent during the time they were building their home on their new farm land. Gradually they cut their homestead from the forest area, developed a successful farm and reared their family. Henry died May 3, 1945 at the age of 74 years.

Jacob Pelto - One of the early pioneers of Nolalu. He was born in Finland & came to Fort William about 1899 & then came to Nolalu about 1902 and took up farming. Jacob died in 1942 at age 64 and his wife Johanna died in 1922. He is survived by 4 sons and eight daughters.

Julius Kaukanen Born at Ahtari, Finland, he came to Canada in 1903 & was a Pioneer resident in the Nolalu area since 1913, Julius Kaukkanen, age 81 years of Nolau, died in Hospital on April 17, 1962 after a lengthy illness. He established his farm in 1913 and worked the land until retirement several years ago.

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