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Lars Lofquist
Courtesy of Bertil Lindstrom, Great Grandson of Lars Lofquist

Lars Adolph Lofquist was born in Sweden on June 23, 1865. He was a shoemaker when he
met his wife Anna Martha Kjellstrom and they were married on June 21, 1892. They settled in
Ostersund, Jamtland, Sweden, where they had three girls, Theresia, Evelina and Ingaborg.
They all came to Fort William on June 6, 1904, where they settled into a home on
Ford Street, Fort William.

Lars Adolph Lofquist
Anna Martha LarsDotter Kjellstrom-Lofquist

1920 Wedding
Olof Anshelm Paulsson &
Anna Evelina Lofquist

The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway (GTPR) was constructing a railway from Fort William
to meet up with the Canadian Northern Railway east of Sioux Lookout. The Ontario Government
was offering Free Land Grants in order that Northern Ontario would be settled. Lars took the
opportunity to go to a location on the GTPR called Ellis, where a station was constructed
in 1912. The authority of The Public Lands Act recognized Lars as living on Lot 20,
Concession one, Dawson Road Lots on April 26, 1910. He was the first settler in that area.

Johan Lindstrom settled lot 23 & 24, concession one in 1911. Also in 1911 the Nordquist
family settled lot 22, concession one. In 1912, Nordquist brother-in-law, who latter became
Lars son-in-law settled lot 21, concession one. In 1913, Lars convinced his sister Emma
Tillberg to come to Canada and they settled on lot 19, concession one. Tillberg also settled
Lot 19, concession two.

In 1917 Lars daughter, Theresia married Walter Bengtson. They had a daughter, Ivy, who
was born in the Ellis Station in 1918 and another daughter, Fern, born in 1920 in Anstice a
station on the railway north of Sudbury. They returned to live on Lars property and settled on
Lot 23, concession two. They had two more daughters, Palmie and Ruby. Johan Lindstrom's
son George married Ivy in 1940. In the 1920's & 30's, the families who settled near the
Ellis Station were all related.

Lars also obtained Lot 18, on which he donated a parcel to use for a cemetery in December
1917. Two of Lars daughters, a son-in-law & two grandchildren are buried there.

Lars had been a shoemaker in Sweden and Fort William, but he owned a store in Ellis, which
was the Ellis Post Office and was active in local road boards and such. Lars died March 11,
1946 and was buried at Riverside Cemetery. His widow, Anna Martha lived on the Lot 20
property and her youngest daughter Inga lived there, eventually passing the property on to
her niece Palmie Waisanen and her husband. Palmie's son Rodney eventually built a new
house on the property at the approximate location where Lars and Anna Martha had their
house. All the other properties have been sold again and again.


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