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John Kenneth Knights

John Kenneth Knights was born in 1900 in London, England and came to Canada in 1906. by steamboat along with his family 4 brothers and 4 sisters The family settled in Toronto at a place known as Hog's Hollow on Young Street. A few years later, the family moved to a farm near Queenville, Ontario where John (known as Jack) was raised and worked on their mixed diary farm. My grandfather had a market gardening business on the farm as well. My father Jack, lived on the farm until 1930 before going to the Ontario Agricultural College in Guelph. Graduating in 1935, as an agronomist, he went north and worked at the Kapuskasing Experimental Farm. In 1941, along with a wife and her two children he moved to Fort William to operate the Dominion of Canada, Experimental Substation situated on the farm of Campbell Hanna in Slate River, He was active in the Rotary Club, Wesley United Church choir and other church committees.

My mother, Pearl Roberts was born on a farm in Englehart, Ont. in 1910 and was the oldest of the family. She had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Her father, James Roberts moved the family to Kapuskasing about 1920 where he was employed as a carpenter in the construction of the mill. Pearl married a Mel Sisler of Cochrane in 1928 and had two children, a daughter in 1931 and son in 1934 . Mel Sisler, an electrician at the Kimberly Clarke Paper Mill in Kapuskasing, Ont. died about 1936 in a small air plane crash while landing just outside of Kapuskasing. In May of 1938, my mother married my father who adopted her children as well. In 1944, they had a son James. Jack lived until 1958. Pearl in 1964 became the adjuvant at the Fort William Nursing home located off Victoria St. Following her retirement in 1975, she moved to Duncan B.C. in 1977 and died there in 1978.

I am the son of my father Jack , and mother Pearl, who were married in 1938 in Kapuskasing. After attending F.W.C.I. and Selkirk High schools, I joined Ontario Hydro and worked in their Construction Cost Accounting departments all over the province retiring from the company after 38 years of service.

My brother and sister both grew up in Fort William and we all attended Isabella Public School and the Fort William Collegiate as we lived at 419 South Marks St. My sister went into nursing at McKellar hospital in 1948 while my brother entered Normal School (now Teachers' College) in 1953. Bob taught at Drew Street Public School for two years until starting his university training at Western University in 1956. Bob married in 1957, continued his education and graduated in 1964 with a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Minnesota, U.S.A. He taught as a professor at Western University, London, Ont. until approximately 1970 when he moved to Carleton University in Ottawa. While at Carleton, he lectured and did research on child behaviour sponsored by the Federal Government grants. He became renowned in his specialized field of study and spoke at many psychological meetings in North America and Europe. He co-authored two books in psychology. Bob died in 2007 in Ottawa leaving a wife and two daughters.

My sister Ann, following graduation as a registered nurse in 1951 from the McKeller Hospital in Fort William married Stan Turner of Thunder Bay and they moved to Duncan B.C. in 1964 where she still resides. Stan who became the Manager of the Crofton Paper Mill died in 2006. Information courtesy of Jim Knights

Information courtesy of Jim Knights


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