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Canadian Forestry Corps
Information supplied by Robert Briggs with contributions by Jude Mitchell

I wish to thank everyone who has made contributions of photos, stories and other info of their
family members of the Canadian Forestry Corps to this website.

If anyone has additional photos or stories they would like us to add here – we would be pleased to do so

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Canadian Forestry Corps [CFC]- Canadian Active Service Forces [CASF]

The Canadian Active Service Force (CASF) was the field force raised by the Canadian Army in the Second World War. Legally, it was distinct from the Permanent Active Militia and the Non-Permanent Active Militia, and a soldier had to be attested for service. The CASF had its own standards for enlistment and began recruiting on 1 Sep 1939.

The term CASF was deleted in late 1940, and the term Canadian Army (Active) was used to represent full-time military units.

The Canadian Active Service Force was officially mobilized on 1 Sep 1939. The Canadian government had decided not to place the emphasis on military involvement in the Second World War on ground forces, and instead of committing to a 60,000 man Army corps, instead authorized a single division for overseas service, with a second division to be raised and kept in Canada, only to be used "if necessary."

Canadian Active Service Force

My first order of business is to thank Jude again not only for her assistance on putting all my work on her website (which has taken a considerable amount of her time) but also in researching for extra information of which there has been a great contribution.

A lot of times we have photos, info and etc on a Canadian Forestry Corps soldier and the company that he was taken on strength by is unknown and if even if he got taken on strength by a company during the war or before the war ended. He could have been still at the recruiting centre or the training camp at Valcartier, Quebec in the reinforcement section. Some of the men were assigned to CFC recruitment centres as well. This section allows us an opportunity to post the information on this soldier so that it is made available to family searching for information on him.

This is done in ABC order so everything we have on this soldier is kept together.

If you have any information as to what company these soldiers were with I would be glad to hear from. In addition if you have family members and would like to add any photos and information or stories to this site please contact me.

Also if there are any errors or omissions, please contact me.

Robert J Briggs

CFC/CASF Soldiers
List of Abbreviations - Library and Archives Canada
ABBREVIATIONS and ACRONYMS of WW2 and service records

Acheson, Hugh Pte
Ackewance, Leslie Pte
Adshead, Cecil Pte K66858
Allen, Ernest R. Major
Allies, Wilson F. Pte
Alto, John William Pte
Anderson, Henning W. Pte K41566
Atkins, Earl Stewart Pte
Ayles, Alfred G. (Hop) Pte K74967
Bacon, William H. Pte
Bailey, Harold Pte A117596
Baird, Clarence Marvin Pte D110150
Barber, Arthur Pte Transferred from 49th Edmonton Regiment
Barlow, Edgar G. L/Cpl B21487
Barnwell, Fred W. Lt. Transferred to RCOC
Bartch, A. Pte
Bartlett, Archibald Pte
Barton, Norman O. Pte
Bates, G.W. Pte F65569
Baylis, Thomas R. Pte K41582
Beebe, Reginald Pte E62637
Bell, Jimmie Capt
Belmore, Tom
Bennett, Charles Morton Sgt B144623
Berg, Pte
Black, Elwood Thomas Pte
Blackham, Allan R. Pte
Blake, George Pte
Bond, J.S. Pte H94675 driver IC
Botos, Stephen Pte
Boudreau, Victor Cpl G908
Bowman, W. Joseph Pte C63323
Bradbury, Alec Pte
Bradford, Kenneth W. Pte G56749
Bragg, Volney E. L/Cpl B131650
Breckon, V.E. Pte
Bredeson, Harry L. Pte M105073
Breen, Eugene Xavier Pte
Brodie, James C. Pte
Bronson, John E. L100583
Brook, James S. Pte H60023 Transferred from RCA
Brosky, Peter Pte
Brown, Thomas B. Cpl
Brown, William Pte
Bulloch, Leonard D. Cpl Transferred from Winnipeg Rifles transferred to CPC
Bullock, Kenneth Pte D136549
Burbidge, Charlie George Pte
Burnett, Arthur R. Pte K72967
Burpee, A. Pte G48605
Burton, Gerald Pte L123468
Cairney, Hugh Pte K57488
Caldwell, G. Roscoe Pte G24134
Cameron, Alex L. Pte
Campbell, A.H. Capt
Campbell, Ivan Pte
Campbell, Ralph Pte
Cantin, Maurice F. Pte L65561
Carnigan, Stanley Morrell
Cascagnette, Lionel Pte B27458
Chassie, Ernest Pte Transferred to RCA
Cheeseman, James M. Pte
Chesterman, William George Pte H94683
Chevier, G.J. Pte
Christensen, Inguar Pte M103873
Chute, Gerald Otis “Jay” Pte
Clapp, Phillip Clifford Pte H94626 LSR transferred to CFC Wing Valcartier, Quebec - Discharged
Clark, QMS
Clarke, William Pte K41461
Clearwater, James Edgar Sgt H102490
Clutterbuck, William Pte K57566
Colussi, Michael Pte K41024
Connolly, W. Pte H53467
Conroy, Robert Fitzgerald (Gerald) Pte Transferred to RCAF
Cook, Frank W. Pte
Copp, James H. Pte G52764
Coristine, Hillis O. Pte M102568
Cote, A. Pte
Cote, Stanley Pte
Coughlan, Leo Pte
Coughlan, William Pte
County, Albert E. Pte
Courtney, Everett LCpl M100188
Couture, Fern Pte B65867
Cox, Alden, B. Pte F95350
Crabbe, R.H. Pte C70011
Cram, W.E. Pte C70026
Crawford, G. Pte
Creemer, Milton Leroy Pte F95945
Critch, Joseph Pte
Crozier, David Sgt
Csoma, J. Pte
Cummings, R.H. RQMS C96311
Currie, Elwood R. Pte
Dahlin, Rene E. Pte
Dale, Norman Gordon Pte
Danberger, A.J. Cpl
Deadmarsh, Wilfred Pte K41068
Decourcey, Harry C. Pte
Delong, George Reginald Pte Transferred to RCAF
Demeau, John Wesley
Dennique, Frederick Pte G34169
Densmore, Robert Bob Pte
Deschamps, Rene Pte B114173
Desmeules, Marcel Marc Pte
Desrosiers, Joseph Pte B145539
Dick, George Frank Pte Transferred to QOCH
Docken, Eugene O. Pte M103917
Dolan, Andrew Pte M104430
Dove, Robert W. Sgt 429659170
Driver, Joseph Basil "Pat" Pte B110019
Du Monte, Robert Sgt
Duncan, William Pte
Dustak, Fred Pte H204714
Dwyer, John S. Pte F65544
Earlls, Ernest Pte C76089
Eccleston, Leslie J. Pte
Element, George Pte
Elser, William Pte Transferred to RCOC
Emond, Gilbert Pte G416568
Erickson, Toivo Richard Pte
Eugene, Joe Pte
Everett, Geoffrey Sgt
Everett, Gordon L. Pte
Fanning, Edward Pte
Ferguson, John William Pte C34215
Finan, Elvin Melvin Sgt H94473 - See CFC Casualties
Fisher, Charles A. Pte B18426
Fisher, Leonard Weldon Pte
Fisher, Stanley Pte
Ford, David E. Pte B111494
Ford, Henry K.Pte B111065
Forrest, James C. Pte H195076
Forsythe, Ray Pte
Frances, Gordon Stuart Pte
Francoeur, Calixte Pte
Francois, James Pte O62096
Frazer, A. Donald Pte
Frizelle, Vernon Pte
Frost, George Pte
Gardner, John Pte
Garfield, Frank Cpl K99059
Gayman, S.C. Staff Sgt
Gemmell, James Pte
Georgerat, Leo Pte
Gilker, Leonard Pte E102305
Gillard, Arthur Pte K3165610
Gordon, James Pte
Gratto, Francis R.Pte F65613
Gratton, Major
Gravelle, Louis L/Cpl C76054
Greaves, Joe Capt
Green, Wallace P. Pte F77653
Greenman, Lorne B. Pte B111144
Hamilton, William Capt
Harnum, William Civilian
Hartman, Harold Cpl
Hawkins, Francis Pelle Pte
Hebert, John William Joseph Francois Sgt H56216
Henke, Paul A. K73298
Henry, Charles E. Pte
Herchmer, Lawrence G. Major
Hickerson, Martin R. Pte
Hobin, West Pte
Hogg, Alexander Pte
Hoult, Carl Norman Pte B538771
Howard, A. CSM
Hubbard, Walter N. Pte F65553
Hudson, Reg Capt
Hughes, W. Sgt
Hunt, Willy Pte
Hyacinth, Arthur Pte
Hyacinth, Edward Pte
Irving, Fulton Ray F95340
Jamieson, Walter James Pte F77637
Jansson, Walter Stanley Pte
Jaques, William Pte
Jensen, Harda Ailaf Pte
Jensen, Ted Staff Sgt
Johnson, E. Cpl K41500
Johnson, John A. Pte K11435
Johnson, William Henry Pte
Jones, Gordon Pte
Jorgenson, John Pte
Kallio, Sidney Oliver Pte Transferred to RCASC
Kay, Thomas P. Capt
Kelly, Frank Capt
Kelly, James Sgt
Kelly, Tom Pte
Kelly, Walter Pte G19300
King, B. Pte
Kramp, Russel E. Pte
Kunchys, P. Pte
La Froy, Louis Pte
Lake, K.A. Pte
Larivee, Roger Pte
Larocque, Edmond C34253
Larocque, Emile H. Pte
Larsen, Henry O. Pte Transferred from RCA
Lavoie, Joseph Leo Pte B161158
Lavoie, Onesime Pte D140583
Lawrence, A. Pte
Lawrence, E. Pte
Lecuyer, Albert Pte
LeDrew, Reginald P. Pte
Leduc, Luc Feriol Pte
Lee, John Pte
Lewis, Albert E. Pte
Lewis, Herbert E. Pte G19817
Lloyd, George Pte
Lockhart, Burton Lloyd Pte F65575
Lowery, Harold Joseph Pte B146313 See CFC Casualties
Ludgate, Alwyn Sydney CQMS
Luomonen, Jaakko Pte
Lynn, Frank Pte M56849 Transferred to Calgary Highlanders
MacAlpine, Frank H. Pte F64689 Transferred to RCASC
MacAskill, Clyde Pte G56753
MacDonald, Cletus Lochlin Pte
MacDonald, Daniel Francis (Dan) Pte
MacDonald, George Thomas L/Cpl B128006
MacDonald, J.M. Pte K18092 Transferred from RCA
MacKenzie, Lester M. Pte K76146
MacLaurin, Dennis Barnard (Barney) Pte
MacLean, Thomas A. Pte
MacRae, John A. Pte
MacRae, Robert Cpl
Magoon, Gordon Pte
Maillet, Louis Pte G601148
Mallery, H.C. Pte
Mandarin, George Private
Manning, Elmer P. Pte
Manton, Arthur E. Pte
Martell, George Pte
Martin, Joseph Pte F96553
Martin, Joseph J.L.T. Pte
Martin, R.C. Pte C65049 Transferred from RCOC & Midland Regiment
Mason, S.R. QMS C30267
Maxwell, James S. Pte K72913
Mazeppe, Alec Pte
McAuley, Albert Pte D113234
Mcavoy, David Pte
McBride, George K. Pte C76027
McCallum, Charles D. Pte F95268
McCarthur, Arthur W. Pte
McCarty, Bruce Pte
McCrea Gordon Lt B23414
McDaid, Robert Jr Pte
McDonagh, Patrick Pte
McDougall, Walter J. Pte K72944
McEwen, Raymond J. Pte
McGee, William G. Pte G56671
McGowan, Guy Pte G56757
McIntyre, A.J. (Bud) Pte K47267 Transferred from Westminster Regt
McKay, Pete Lt
McKenzie, Willie Pte
McKinnon, Hugh James Pte
McLennan, A. Pte
McLeod, J.C. Lt
McLeod, William J. Pte H101981
McQuade, Harold Frederick Pte
Meilleur, Armand J. Pte
Melin, Frank Pte M101043
Mercier, Paul Pte
Mersereau, Gerald A. Pte G52906
Meservier, K.G. Pte
Michano, Gilbert Pte Transferred to No 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion
Michano, Raymond Pte
Michaud, Patrick Pte G52734
Michon, Henry Pte
Miller,Donald W. LCpl G51277
Mitchell, Kenneth C. Pte K41464
Modin, K.G. Pte
Monroe, Stanley James LCpl K41218 See CFC Casualties
Moore, John Vernon Pte G1856
Morriseau, George Pte
Morriseau, Sam Pte
Morrison, Angus Evander Cpl D138974
Morrison, George T. K70025
Morrison, M.K. Lt
Munro, John Henry Pte
Murdock, Vincent Ira Pte G23861
Murley, Ronald W. Pte F38864
Nabigon, Clem Pte
Nickell, Vernon F. Pte L109856
Nicol, John Pte
Nighswander, John F. Cpl
Nilsson, Earl Fabian Pte
Nixon, Dick G.R. Lt
Nolan, Edward A. Pte
Nordstrom, Emmanuel Pte M94371
Norman, William Cpl C34157
O'Beill. J.J. Pte
O’Brien, Charles Douglas Pte H62643 See CFC Casualties
O’Connor, Patrick James Pte
O'Hara, Paul Franklin Pte
O’Neill, Harry Pte See CFC War Brides
Ouellete, Alexandre Pte E14391
Patola, Michael Pte H510699
Pattenden, M.H.Pte L50082
Patterson, Richard David Pte B113800
Pattison, Levi Pte H191132
Payne, Lawrence C. Pte B111398
Paysh, Michael Pte M15615 Transferred from Loyal Edmonton Regiment transferred to RCOC
Pearman, Richard Cpl
Perrier, Napoleon Pte
Perry, E.H. Pte
Petch, Charles Pte Transferred to RCE
Peterson, Woodrow Pte K100178
Phillipson, Roland Major
Pierce, Grenville Pte
Pickering, Alonzo Pte K49792
Pilon, Leo Pte
Pleasants, Clarence Wynn Pte
Pleasants, Walter Gowan LCpl
Plummer, Walter Pte
Poole, Gordon C. Pte H46347
Poulin, Maurice Pte F39481
Power, Morton Pte
Prince, Soloman Pte K41367
Prince, W. Pte
Pullin, Jesse Victor Pte
Quesnelle, Peter Pte C34338
Quibell, George Albert Pte Transferred from Midland Regiment
Read, Thelbert A. Pte
Rediker, Earl Frederick Pte G23886
Reid, Arthur C. Pte
Reid, Davin LCpl K41337
Reid, Earl W. Pte F95329
Reid, Francis G. Pte F95328
Rice, Edward Melvine Pte
Ridley, Chris Cpl
Robbins, Cyril Pte
Roche, Michael J. Cpl K72972 Transferred from RCEME
Ropchan, Julius Cpl SH94640
Roy, Wilbrod Pte
Safruik, William “Bill” Pte
Sanderson, William Calvin (Bill) Pte M56334
Sands, Guy Pte
Sawchuk, Nick Pte
Scott, Lawrence D. Pte
Seargeant, Harold William Sgt
Sharp, Thomas Pte
Sherwood, Donald J. Pte G48272
Shields, Vincent M. Pte
Shore, Gordon LCpl
Sibley, Earle Pte G65552
Simard, Wilfred T. Pte K71959
Simmons, Roy Pte
Smith, James Hugh Pte Transferred from RCASC
Smith, John Edward Sgt
Smitheram, Earl Samuel Pte C65604 Transferred to RCIC - See CFC Casualties
Snow, George R. Pte
Spencer, Henry (Clarke) Pte
Spenchuk, James M. Pte
Stanley, Maynard Pte
Statton Robert Pte
Stayner, Charles Pte
Steadman, Eric Pte
Stewart, Ross Lt
Stiff, William J. Pte H103014
Stirling, Francis A. Pte K41517
St. Jacques, O. Pte
St Jean, Bruno Pte
Sullivan, Alfred J. Pte K72921
Sutherland, Victor Pte
Swan, Wilbert E. Pte F65834
Swartman, James S. Pte
Taggart, James M. Pte L110059
Tarnowski, Andrew Pte
Taylor, John A. Pte
Tekhonen, M. Pte
Terfry, Harold Andrew Pte
Therriault, Moses Pte
Thompson, Freeman Pte
Thomson, Albert Pte K41484
Thorne, Richard M. Pte G56715
Thornhill, Guy Pte
Timms, Fredrick M. Pte K10027
Timpany, John T. Pte
Tolton, Arthur A. Pte
Trecartin, Dean J. Pte G56729 Transferred to RCE
Trudel, Joseph Antoine Andre Pte Transferred to RCAPC
Turmel, R. Pte E36125
Vaarala, George William Pte
Van Volkenberg, Hank Pte M102772
Ward, Harley Jacob Pte G49796
Wardrope, George Major Port Arthur Recruitment Center
Weaver, Roy Pte Transfered from SDG Highlanders transferred to RCOC & RCME
Webster, Walter Fulton Pte
Wells, J. Pte
Williams, D. Ross Pte B63338
Williams, W.J. Pte
Wilson, G.A. Pte
Wilson, Henry H. Sgt K41564
Wilson, Lawrence Pte Clerk - Port Arthur Recruiting Center
Winn, J. Pte
Woodward, Michael E. Pte D46622
Woods, G.D. Sgt
Wooldridge, James Francis Pte Transferred from Hastings Prince Edward Regt & COC
Wortendyke, John O. Pte K57339 Transferred from Canadian Scottish
Wyman, Edward C. Pte T390
Wysoly, Daniel Pte
Young, F.R. Pte
Young, Joseph Francis Cpl G48141
Zak, John Pte
Zoost, Roy D. Cpl K41488

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