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Hi my name is Bob Briggs
You might say, my early boyhood marked the beginning of my interest in the military.
My maternal great grandfather Thomas Josephus Haycock was in the Boer War with the 2nd Battalion South Staffordshire.
He came to Canada and in WW1 was with the 222nd Southern Manitoba Overseas Battalion in the Canadian Forestry Corps
He served in Canada, England and France
My maternal grandfather Perle ‘Bruce’ Tucker signed up in 1942 with the No. 28 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps
He served in Canada and Scotland
My paternal grandfather Percy James Briggs served in WW1 with the 90th Winnipeg Rifles (Little Black Devils) as a stretcher bearer
He served in Canada, England, France, Belgium and Germany
He also served with the Veteran’s Guard of Canada in WW2
I served in the RCHA from 1961 – 1966, first with the RCA Apprentice Battery in Shilo, Manitoba and then with the 2nd RCHA in Winnipeg and then in Fort Prince of Wales, Deilinghofen, Germany
I served in Canada and Germany
I always thought that one should be willing to protect their country with pride and we should always remember

I started out researching my grandfather Tucker, Perle Bruce Pte H94781 who was with No. 28 Coy CFC. I invite you to have a peek.
My objective here is to provide any information regarding the Canadian Forestry Corps, the camps and the CFC soldiers.
I have in so many SO MANY TIMES hear a story was not told, a story that the soldier himself didn’t think he wanted to tell for whatever reason or the family didn’t ask of for whatever reason. That story is of why he signed up, what was going on prior to the war for him and his family, his time in the forces, his contact through letters back home, his coming home etc.
To me for my grandfather it wasn’t good enough for me what his name was and his service number.
He was a man, a husband, a father, he worked, he lived and he served. The children or grandchildren or other members of the family do want to hear how their family members served and be proud regardless of what his story, but he served his country.
As I have shared my grandfather with you, I invite you to share your family member that was in the Canadian Forestry Corps through stories, photos etc.
I invite you to go through the different sections that I have posted here to learn about the CFC.
In the beginning of WW2 only the Air Force had more priority than the CFC.
I am in the process of getting the war diaries. This gives a list of the men who served in the CFC with service number so if you need the service number to get the soldiers records. My work includes facts and stories which is my passion. Each artist has their technique
I can only hope you will find this work of value.
I do thank Jude for giving me this opportunity to help folks looking for info on their family members who was in the CFC along with the camps etc. She has been invaluable for helping me putting this together, doing addition research and putting it all on the website.

Thank you
Robert J Briggs
My e-mail address is

Soldiers of the Forest Overview of the work of the Soldiers of the Forest Who Were these Soldiers of the Forest
A Soldier Signed Up Life In Scotland Soldiers Kit, Uniforms, etc..
Soldier's Records Letters Photos Parcels Injuries & Hospitals
Medals & Awards CFC War Brides CFC Casualties
CFC Soldiers & Scottish Folks No.1 Canadian Forestry Group CFC Reports
Unknown Photo's Can you help? CFC CAFS & Strays No 1 Company
No 2 Company No 3 Company No 4 Company
No 5 Company No 6 Company No 7 Company
No 8 Company No 9 Company No 10 Company
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No 20 Company No 21 Company No 22 Company
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No 26 Company No 27 Company No 28 Company
No 29 Company No 30 Company CFC HQ
CFC District HQ CFC General Workshop Fuelwood Cutting Units
No 1 Canadian Special Forestry Section No.7 Canadian Forestry District No.8 Canadian Forestry District
Chaplains of the CFC

Special Thanks to:
*Danny Bouchard at Canadian Genealogy and Research who I have hired to access the Library Archives of Canada for the War Diaries
*Paul Keenleyside for his excellent Map Work
*Bea for her volunteer efforts on the CFC in finding additional personal information on the CFC soldiers
* Michel Boily who sent me the original photos of No.10, 12, 15, 18, 19, 21, 27 and 28 Coy CFC for my keeping who received them from
Donald Ferguson son of Lt Col Neil Cameron Ferguson Commanding Officer of of HQ No 8 Canadian Forestry District of the CFC plus
scanned the photos and made pdf of each company photo to make available to share with the families of these CFC soldiers
*Jean-Francois Chicoine for photographing thousands of sheets of the War Diaries and making them available to post in the War Diary sections
of the various company sections & through his research making numerous photos available
* David Ryan for Timeline of Canadian Forestry Corps & Trains and Ships of CFC in Canada

Also Thank you to the following folks who have used some of our research and included in their research in their websites and have linked it to this
website of the Canadian Forestry Corps
*Canadian Forestry Corps Persons Recruited from the Ottawa, Canada Area
*Maurice Horsburgh, Ardersier - Scotland From Music to Missiles has an excellent section on the Canadian Forestry Corps
*Canadian Forestry Corps in the Local Woods
* Raking Leaves
* Springwater Park Citizens' Coalition
* Kim Simmonds’ Family Genealogy
* Glebe Collegiate - Lest We Foget

General Links of Interest - Thank you to the following:
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Maud Mary & The Titianic link courtesy of Beverley C. daughter of Sgt John James Price
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Research Sources:
Canadian Roots UK War children looking for fathers
Library and Archives Canada
Soldiers of the First World War - CEF
Scarlet Finders Locations of British General Hospitals during WW2
Canadian Virtual War Memorial
Legion Magazine
The War Graves Photographic Project
Canada at War
CWGC - Commonwealth War Graves Commission - The Calgary Military Historical Society
Military Districts of Canada 1939
The War Service Grants Act, 1944
Access to Information (ATI) Online Request

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