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Old Baptist Cemetery

Located at the corner of John Street Road and Townline Road,
N1/2 Lot 1 Con 3 Oliver Township

We have been to this cemetery, it is abandoned & is located in the corner of a farmers field. There appeared to be no road in or out of this cemetery
so were only able to see from the roadside. The names of the buried were obtained from the book "History of Oliver Township 1879-1979"
& from the cemetery records at the Brodie Resource Library, Thunder Bay, Ont by the Thunder Bay District Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.
From the Oliver Township book in brief it says "The land was originally owned by Mr. and Mrs. Ryde and they buried 2 of their young children there
and eventually allowed the Baptist Church to bury other people there and it was then called a cemetery. It is understood that there may be at least
30-40 people buried there.

There are only 2 headstones visible and what appears to be the base of one of them but it is a short distance from the spire headstone belonging to the Hoskins.
It appears that the stone had been moved at some time. It lies next to the stone for Peter Beveridge. We talked to a very nice gentleman who lives near the cemetery
and he indicated at one time there were wooden crosses but a search turned up none due to all the over growth.

If you have any information about this cemetery, please contact me.

Names marked with a * indicate another source for death such as an obituary/death registration, etc...

Thunder Bay Public Library - Newspaper References:
(CJ) - Chronicle Journal - (FWDTJ) Fort William Daily Times Journal - (PANC) Port Arthur News Chronicle

1998 - 2017 - JFLH

Updated Jan 4, 2017

Ryde - 2 children

Same Side of Headstone
Top to Bottom

Mary Hoskins
w/o Leonard Hiller
June 14, 1853
Died Sept 18, 1897

Martha Hoskins
Born Dec 8, 1859
Oct 10, 1877

Right Side of the above stone

Jno Hoskins
May 22, 1818
June 6, 1899

Grace (Allen) Hoskins
Aug 16?, 1819
Sept 8, 1900

From Newspaper account dated Oct 2, 1900

Hoskins, Mrs.
On Monday last the funeral of one
of the oldest residents of the Township
of Oliver took place, that of the late
Mrs. Hoskins. The aged lady has been
suffering for some time with a tumor
which ultimately caused her death at
the advanced age of 75.

Peter Beveridge
June 10, 1882

John Wright
Jan 20, 1815-Jan 2, 1892

Elizabeth Wright
Aug 4, 1818-May 15, 1891


From death registrations & burial of family members,
this is the most likely place of burial for the following

Christina Wright Hoskins
Jan 22, 1846-12 Sept 1909

John Hoskins
May 1848-May 8, 1916

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