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Mary, wife of Thomas Dilliplane -- Brick Wall Resolved

Mary, wife of Thomas Dilliplane (aka Delaplaine) of Berks County, PA, was my 3x's great grandmother. Here's what is known:

  • Based on early census data, she was born bet 1794 and 1800, probably closer to 1794 based on the ages of the children
  • Probably died prior to 1850
  • married Thomas Delaplaine/Dilliplane
  • probable/possible children:
    • James S. (1813 - 1884), married Catherine Heffner
    • Joshua (1817 - 1853), married Judith Ann Imbody
    • Samuel (1819 - bef 1870), married Veronica Persing
    • William (abt 1821 - 1897), married Rachel Weidner
    • Caroline (abt 1828 - ? ), married Daniel Nein
    • Daughter (est 1825 - ?), married Jacob Derr

I would like to find the names of her parents and siblings (if any). I would also like confirmation that I have her children correct. I know that the Delaplaines of America book attributes more children to her and Thomas, but if her date of birth is correct, then some of the children in the Delaplaine book were born too early for her to have been the mother. So that prompts another question - did her husband Thomas have a previous marriage? Any thoughts who the potential first wife may be?

UPDATE (9 June 2012) - By analyzing the known facts and the family associations, I have recently identified possible parents for Mary. She might be Maria Swavely, daughter of Adam Swavely Jr. and Esther Mauty or Moody. Among their children was a daughter Maria who was born 8 October 1793, baptized 5 November 1793 at St. Paul's Reformed Church in Amityville, Berks County, PA. (She was recorded as Mary, daughter of Adam and Esther Schweffle, sponsors Hermanus Brumbach and Catharine.)

There is considerable association between the Swavely family and the Dilliplanes. Two of Thomas's siblings married Swavelys: Eleanora married John Swavely and Joshua married Margaret (aka Rebecca) Swavely - both John and Margaret being possible children of Adam. Early census data (from 1800 - 1840) consistently has the family of Adam Swavely enumerated within a couple of families of the Dilliplanes. And the baptismal sponsors for Samuel Dilliplane, the only child of Thomas and Mary for which a baptism record has been found at this time, were Samuel Schwabely and Maria Ritchard. (Samuel and Maria married about a week after their godchild was baptized.)

So, yes, the evidence that Mary is a Swavely is a little thin. But at this point, it is the best possibility I have been able to find. I would love to hear from other researchers regarding this. There may be answers in the estate file of Adam Swavely, who died in 1842. My next step is to try to get a look at that file.

UPADATE (2 July 2012) - Based on the information contained in the estate file of Adam Swavely (Berks, PA 1842) the parents and children of Mary Dilliplane can be confirmed. Adam Swavely, of Earl Township, died intestate and among his estate papers was a petition to sell land written by his son John. In this document John states that Adam was survived by no widow, but by nine children and the twelve grandchildren of his deceased daughter Mary, who was intermarried with Thomas Dilliplane.

Adam Swavely's nine surviving children were: John, Samuel, Daniel, William, Rebecca (wife of Joshua Dilliplane), Ellen (wife of Jacob Sanger), Esther (wife of Reuben Trout), Susanna Swavely and Hannah (wife of Andrew Derr). Mary Swavely Dilliplane's twelve surviving children were: James, Ezekiel, Joshua, Samuel, William, Charles, Susanna, Esther, Angaline, Hannah, Amely and Caroline. Of these Hannah, Esther and Amely Dilliplane were minors under 14; and Charles, Angaline and Caroline Dilliplane were minors over 14.

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