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Miscellaneous Montgomery County, PA Shaner Estate File Abstracts

The following are abstracts (read notes) that I have taken from estate documents that reference Shaners. The originals of these documents are located at the Montgomery County PA Archives building in Norristown, PA. If you need an explanation of the abbreviations and/or the different types of estate files, click here. Note that I have tried to group the files that appear to be related.

RW #3472, Henry Krebs of New Hanover
Surviving children:
Sarah m. Berned Weand
Hannah widow of Charles Pennypacker
Mary m. James R. Keeler
2 children of deceased daughter Elizabeth: Hannah Shaner, John Shaner
Great grand child: Mary Hoover

OC #10175, Henry Krebs, decedent
Contains an article published Dec 21 and 28, 1912 and Jan 4 and 11, 1913
Says: Henry died intestate on 21 Jan 1854, his wife Hannah died on 16 Apr 1857; Survived by 3 daughters: Mary Keeler, Sarah Weand, and Hannah Pennypacker; also 2 grandchildren: Hannah and John, children of deceased daughter Elizabeth Shaner; also, 1 great-grandchild: Mary Hoover, daughter of Mary Hoover, deceased, who was also a daughter of Elizabeth Shaner.
At the time of Henry’s death, Hannah and John were under 21, Philip Saylor was their guardian. Mary Hoover (great-grandchild) was also under 21, Michael Boyer was her guardian.
The birth dates of the minors were:
Hannah Shaner, b. 14 July 1833
John Shaner, b. 23 Nov 1836
Mary Ann Hoover b. 28 Jun 1850

OC #17749, John K. Shaner, minor
3 Feb 1855
Petition of John K. Shaner, minor over 14, son of Charles, dec., for guardian [this is odd because his father Charles was still alive and enumerated in the census in 1860]

RW #3761, will of Valentine Kurz of Limerick
Wr. 16 Aug 1818; pr. 6 Aug 1819
Wife: Sarah
Son: Valentine
Daughters: Susannah, Mary, Elinor, Elizabeth (wife of Thomas Shaner) Also mentions that Elizabeth has 4 sons with Thomas Shaner (does not give their names)

OC #17614, John Shaner, minor
16 Nov 1829
Petition of John Shaner for guardian. He is one of the sons of Thomas Shaner, deceased, of Limerick township. He is a minor over 14. Joseph Knauer was appointed guardian.

OC #17274, Jacob, Henry Shaner, minor
16 Aug 1825
Petition for guardian for Jacob and Henry Shaner, estate left to them by will of Valentine Kurz. Friend Henry Adams was appointed.

OC # 17574B, John Shaner of Pottsgrove
Wife is Magdalena
Issue: 5 children, all minors: Jonas, Isaac, Maria, Henrietta, Henry
Samuel Schnell is administrator of estate. Files petition to sell land 8 Aug 1823.

RW #18822 Josiah Schaner, of Douglas (Montgomery County)
Wr. 7 Apr 1885, pr. 15 Jan 1894
Wife: Mary
2 Children: Henry (wife is Susan), and Matilda
Exec: son Henry
Per other papers in file, daughter Matilda (married name Johnson) is deceased, and apparently son Henry is as well. The surviving children of Matilda are all minors except those living outside this state. (this paper is dated 5 Jan 1894) Elmer E. Stauffer was appointed administrator.
15 Jan 1894, Laura and Harvey Johnson file a petition. States they are the only grandchildren of age.
Also, in file: a paper states that Josiah died 11:30 am. On Sunday 17 Dec 1893.

RW #16306, John R. Shaner
File only contains account statements

OC #17863, John R. Shaner, decedent
Says that he had considerable debts. No mention of children. Admin was granted to Thomas Shaner [probably his father]

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