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Our Family Genealogy - A Glance At The Past

Family Tree Names

(unknown), Edith E (-UNKNOWN)
(unknown), Jane (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
, Alice M. (15 DEC 1894-14 DEC 1968)
, Armanda (1882-UNKNOWN)
3rd, Mevile Robert Walker (2 APR 1899-5 MAR 1977)
Aceves, Yolanda (10 MAY 1920-11 APR 1999)
Adams, Alwilda E (DEC 1894-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Charles Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Edith G (1901-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Helen J (Private-)
Adams, Mr. (Private-)
Adams, Presley J (28 APR 1868-BET 1910 AND 1930)
Adams, Roy Clark (20 JUL 1893-DEC 1969)
Aden, Joan (Private-)
Aden, Wilma (Private-)
Aiken, Eleanor (Private-)
Alecock, Flora Jane (Private-)
Alecock, James Baker (29 JUN 1891-1961)
Alecock, James Charles (2 APR 1921-11 AUG 1972)
Alecock, Madelyn Elizabeth (Private-)
Alecock, Michael Vern (Private-)
Alecock, Nancy Rae (Private-)
Alecock, Peggy Rachel (Private-)
Alecock, Tina Lou (Private-)
Alecock, Vern Edward (Private-)
Alitz, Christopher James (Private-)
Alitz, Dana La Verne (Private-)
Alitz, Jenna Marie (Private-)
Allen, Eleanor (27 SEP 1800-SEP 1873)
Allen, Elizabeth (16 APR 1794-16 OCT 1837)
Allen, Jane (22 JUL 1795-3 MAY 1803)
Allen, Jane (20 JUL 1812-UNKNOWN)
Allen, John (5 MAR 1797-1874)
Allen, Joseph (10 NOV 1798-18 JAN 1879)
Allen, Joseph (25 JAN 1768-1 OCT 1834)
Allen, Leo (Private-)
Allen, Lucille (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Margaret (24 JUN 1809-1881)
Allen, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Mary Elizabeth (5 NOV 1805-5 NOV 1805)
Allen, Mary Elizabeth (6 OCT 1814-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Robert (7 MAY 1803-29 JUL 1872)
Allen, Robert (Private-)
Allen, Shyanna (Private-)
Allen, Siobhann (Private-)
Allen, Stephannie (Private-)
Allen, Susan Bucher (21 MAY 1832-9 JUN 1889)
Allison, Eleanor (1806-1885)
Alsop, Mary E. (Private-)
Anama, Hunter Noel (Private-)
Anama, Madelynne Grace (Private-)
Anama, Noel Angelo Menguito (Private-)
Anderson, Bertha May (15 NOV 1883-17 MAR 1969)
Anderson, Betty Lambert (Private-)
Anderson, Carl (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Charles S (12 NOV 1861-1926)
Anderson, David (Private-)
Anderson, Hazel Gertrude (23 SEP 1910-21 APR 1985)
Anderson, Ingrid (-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Kathleen (7 SEP 1948-NOV 1977)
Anderson, Merwin L. (Private-)
Anderson, Patricia (Private-)
Anderson, Sarah Esther (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ann, Peisis (26 JUL 1877-13 JAN 1971)
Annspaugh, Eleanor (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Apple, Shirley Jean (Private-)
Armor, Thomas (2 MAR 1811-25 JUN 1887)
Arndt, Dianna (Private-)
Arnold, Stewart (Private-)
Aspeslet, Deborah Kay (Private-)
Aten, Bird (1875-UNKNOWN)
Aten, Della J (-UNKNOWN)
Aten, Ernest J (-UNKNOWN)
Aten, Henry (25 SEP 1813-5 JAN 1895)
Aten, Henry Albert (1848-UNKNOWN)
Aten, Henry S (-UNKNOWN)
Aten, John Eugene (1923-1987)
Aten, John Eugene (20 JUN 1896-20 JAN 1970)
Aten, John Zobieski (10 JUL 1844-9 MAY 1909)
Aten, Joseph H (-UNKNOWN)
Aten, Mary H (-UNKNOWN)
Aten, Miss (Private-)
Aten, Richard J. (1846-UNKNOWN)
Aten, Roger Wilson (12 NOV 1924-2 FEB 1976)
Aubrecht, Adolph (-UNKNOWN)
Aubrecht, Cecil (-UNKNOWN)
Aubrecht, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Aubrecht, James (-UNKNOWN)
Aubrecht, Lloyd (-UNKNOWN)
Austin, Edith Hazel (7 OCT 1904-25 JAN 1957)
Austin, Harlan Cornelius (17 JUN 1912-13 DEC 1978)
Bahar, Rosemary Therese (Private-)
Bailey, Alexandra Devon (Private-)
Bailey, Blair A (Private-)
Bailey, Brain Shield (Private-)
Bailey, Bruce Aron (Private-)
Bailey, Bruce Aron Jr. (Private-)
Bailey, Eugene (Private-)
Bailey, Eugene Robert(Buddy) (Private-)
Bailey, Kimley Jo (Private-)
Bailey, Myrtle Anna (11 JUL 1904-1 FEB 1986)
Bailey, Stephanie Sue (Private-)
Bailey, Suzanne Asenth (Private-)
Baker, (Private-)
Baker, Amber (Private-)
Baker, Christopher Andrew (Private-)
Baker, Dawyna (Private-)
Baker, Holly Michelle (Private-)
Baker, Jeffrey Wayne (Private-)
Baker, Jill Annette (Private-)
Baker, Kimberly Ann (Private-)
Baker, Tanya Lynette (Private-)
Baker, Terry Auld (Private-)
Baker, Jr., Wayne H. (Private-)
Balch, Alec Vere (6 JUL 1881-4 DEC 1977)
Balch, George Heman (27 NOV 1909-UNKNOWN)
Balch, Robert Vere (Private-)
Bare, Beatrice Eleanor (28 FEB 1917-9 JAN 2002)
Barnett, Abner (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Arthur Livingood (15 JAN 1886-1 JAN 1962)
Barnett, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Clarence Jacob (8 JUL 1872-26 NOV 1951)
Barnett, Clarissa (-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Claude (-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, David (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Edwin (-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Ehnoch (1839-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Eleanor (21 AUG 1787-19 FEB 1822)
Barnett, Eleanor (15 SEP 1824-18 SEP 1827)
Barnett, Eliza (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Eliza (1851-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Elizabeth (1843-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Elizabeth (15 OCT 1795-7 SEP 1862)
Barnett, Elizabeth (13 NOV 1761-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Elizabeth Sherer (14 MAR 1817-23 FEB 1831)
Barnett, Emily (14 FEB 1827-2 NOV 1853)
Barnett, Ezekiel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Fannie Belle (26 MAR 1883-4 MAR 1885)
Barnett, Fred (-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Grace Catherine (17 DEC 1870-20 JAN 1956)
Barnett, Hamilton (-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Howard Enoch (28 AUG 1875-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, James (1756-1 MAY 1805)
Barnett, James (UNKNOWN-23 MAY 1828)
Barnett, James E (28 MAY 1845-25 JAN 1906)
Barnett, James Snodgrass (25 NOV 1798-1845)
Barnett, Jean (22 AUG 1803-23 MAY 1804)
Barnett, John (7 JUN 1813-1 AUG 1884)
Barnett, John (18 AUG 1752-12 MAY 1823)
Barnett, John Joseph (2 JUL 1822-21 MAY 1853)
Barnett, John McEwen (7 SEP 1791-11 JUL 1846)
Barnett, Joseph (27 AUG 1784-27 JUN 1833)
Barnett, Joseph (1726-1808)
Barnett, Joseph (1754-3 JUN 1812)
Barnett, Joseph (1 OCT 1789-2 JAN 1858)
Barnett, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Juliet (23 AUG 1797-1 JAN 1882)
Barnett, Juliet Paulina (5 FEB 1834-NOV 1912)
Barnett, Lewis Wesley (2 JUN 1837-23 AUG 1922)
Barnett, Louis (6 JAN 1817-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Margarel (28 JUN 1835-21 JUL 1835)
Barnett, Margaret (1752-17 NOV 1831)
Barnett, Margaret (7 DEC 1800-24 JUN 1844)
Barnett, Margart (1802-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Marian (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Mary (2 JUN 1785-7 JUN 1840)
Barnett, Mary (1766-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Mary (11 MAY 1782-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Mary Helen (22 MAY 1890-10 FEB 1980)
Barnett, Mary Jane (7 MAR 1820-30 AUG 1841)
Barnett, Maude (-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Moses (NOV 1764-19 NOV 1848)
Barnett, Nancy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Polly (1786-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Richard (1790-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Samuel Smith (16 AUG 1836-21 FEB 1838)
Barnett, Sarah (1788-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Sarah J (1848-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Thomas (13 NOV 1761-28 MAR 1836)
Barnett, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, William (22 SEP 1793-31 MAR 1831)
Barnett, William (1750-1786)
Barnett, William (-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, William (1816-1851)
Barnett, William Apollos (28 NOV 1832-UNKNOWN)
Bates, Clara Belle (11 JUN 1923-3 MAR 1994)
Beal, Ella (7 JUN 1864-UNKNOWN)
Beavil, Frances (12 DEC 1732-UNKNOWN)
Beitlich, Bobbie Jo Marie (Private-)
Beitlich, David LeRoy (Private-)
Beitlich, Matthew David (Private-)
Beitlich, Tanya Lee (Private-)
Bell, David (-UNKNOWN)
Bell, Donald (Private-)
Bell, Ellen (15 FEB 1848-UNKNOWN)
Bell, Ester (Private-)
Bell, John (-UNKNOWN)
Bell, John (Private-)
Bell, Martin (30 SEP 1849-UNKNOWN)
Bell, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Bell, Robert (Private-)
Bell, Robert Allen (-UNKNOWN)
Belt, Byron R (27 DEC 1918-24 FEB 1945)
Belt, Frances (Private-)
Belt, Imogene (Private-)
Belt, Roy M (18 MAR 1893-2 APR 1959)
Belt, William B (17 JUL 1920-28 MAR 1945)
Benson, Bernt Emil (9 APR 1881-8 MAY 1946)
Benson, Frederick (-UNKNOWN)
Benson, Jarda Emilie (Private-)
Benson, Karen (Private-)
Benson, Linnea Lou (Private-)
Benson, Max (10 JUL 1933-30 OCT 1979)
Benson, Nelda Jane (Private-)
Benson, Roma Dell (16 NOV 1931-14 SEP 1997)
Bentley, Dorothy Helen (Private-)
Bentley, Kenneth Ross (17 OCT 1921-8 NOV 1994)
Bentley, Lewis William (Private-)
Bentley, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Bentley, Ralph Caroll (Private-)
Bentley, Ross Elisha (15 JUL 1890-25 FEB 1940)
Bergum, Drew Anthony (Private-)
Bergum, Katie Loren (Private-)
Bergum, Troy (Private-)
Bichsel, Amanda Nicole (Private-)
Bichsel, Eric Gregory (Private-)
Bichsel, Frederick Gregory (Private-)
Bichsel, Jacqueline Michelle (Private-)
Bichsel, John Josiah (Private-)
Bichsel, Pamela Marie (Private-)
Bilderback, Charles Elmer (20 OCT 1864-4 FEB 1942)
Bilderback, Gerald (-UNKNOWN)
Billingsley, Fern (28 JAN 1914-11 JUL 1999)
Billingsley, Florence Isabel (Private-)
Billingsley, Miss (Private-)
Billingsley, Nathan Wesley (24 MAR 1882-1 MAR 1970)
Billinsley, Eva Blanche (7 DEC 1908-24 JUL 1990)
Bingham, Margaret (1806-BET 1831 AND 1835)
Blackwell, Mary (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Blake, Julia (Private-)
Boal, Frances (-AFT 1830)
Boder, Linda Lee (Private-)
Boder, Richard Dale (Private-)
Boder, Susan Ann (Private-)
Boder, William (Private-)
Bodwell, Rosa (-UNKNOWN)
Bokan, Margaret Louise (Private-)
Bokan, Robert (Private-)
Bollow, Nancy Marie (Private-)
Boscough, Mary J (-UNKNOWN)
Bowen, Finis Richard (Private-)
Bower, Holly Carol (Private-)
Bower, Howard George (Private-)
Bower, Lynn Catherine (Private-)
Bower, Margaret Jane (Private-)
Bower, Philip Raymond (Private-)
Bower, Raymond Roy (Private-)
Bower, Roy Masse (Private-)
Bower, Susan Margaret (Private-)
Bower, W. Roy (BET 1880 AND 1900-BET 1915 AND 1986)
Bowman, Carl (Private-)
Boyd, Mary (1784-16 MAY 1856)
Bracknell, Linda Diane (Private-)
Bradley, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Bradley, Margaret (Peggy) (1776-11 NOV 1854)
Brasel, Jim (Private-)
Brasel, Living (Private-)
Brawdy, Dale William (Private-)
Brawdy, Mark Robert (Private-)
Brawdy, Robert William (BET 1928 AND 1951-BET 1953 AND 1996)
Brawdy, William J. (BET 1893 AND 1913-BET 1928 AND 1996)
Brevig, Bertha Galena (6 NOV 1891-8 JUN 1975)
Briggs, Evelyn (Private-)
Brinker, Smith (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Anna Irene (Private-)
Brown, Charles W (Private-)
Brown, Darren Jeffrey (Private-)
Brown, David Edward (Private-)
Brown, Frances Wise (16 SEP 1929-8 JUN 1993)
Brown, Martha Jane (6 SEP 1838-17 JUN 1925)
Brown, Robert (1789-21 APR 1858)
Brown, Stephen Edward (Private-)
Browning, Anna Katherine (Private-)
Browning, Daniel Mark (Private-)
Browning, Gerald Lee (Private-)
Browning, James David (Private-)
Browning, Otis James (4 APR 1905-29 SEP 1993)
Browning, Rachel Dawn (Private-)
Bruce, Courtney Lyn (Private-)
Bruce, John William (Private-)
Bruce, Nicolette Paige (Private-)
Bslsley, Msry Corrine (22 NOV 1900-23 NOV 1957)
Bucher, Eleanor (1807-UNKNOWN)
Bull, Carrie Ada (1866-UNKNOWN)
Bull, Frank W. (21 MAY 1878-AFT 1900)
Bull, Gertrude (MAY 1875-AFT 1920)
Bull, Ida F Ella (1868-UNKNOWN)
Bull, Nelson W (8 FEB 1836-11 MAY 1915)
Bullock, Alexa (Private-)
Bullock, Andrew (Private-)
Bullock, Benjamin (Private-)
Bullock, Emily (Private-)
Bullock, Madeline (Private-)
Bullock, Michael (Private-)
Bundy, Bill (Private-)
Bundy, Eric (Private-)
Bundy, Heath (Private-)
Bundy, Tyler (Private-)
Bunnell, Campfield (1879-UNKNOWN)
Bunnell, Horace I (1848-AFT 1880)
Bunnell, Sevron (1877-UNKNOWN)
Bunnell, Walter Frederick (21 MAY 1875-UNKNOWN)
Burchfield, Edein Ruthven (-UNKNOWN)
Burchfield, Henritta (-UNKNOWN)
Burchfield, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Burchfield, Margaret D (-UNKNOWN)
Burchfield, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Burchfield, Samuel C (-UNKNOWN)
Burchfield, Sarah Elize (-UNKNOWN)
Burchfield, William B (-UNKNOWN)
Cadieux, Elevyn (6 FEB 1907-29 MAR 1993)
Caldwell, James Allen (Private-)
Caldwell, William (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Andrew David Charles (Private-)
Campbell, Brandon Andrew (Private-)
Campbell, Charlotte Bell (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Ciarra Mechelle (Private-)
Campbell, David Raymond (Private-)
Campbell, Diane (Private-)
Campbell, Elisha (16 MAR 1843-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Elisha A (1814-AFT 1880)
Campbell, Emily (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Esther (5 JAN 1841-9 JUN 1925)
Campbell, Frank E (ABT 1876-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Heather Diane (Private-)
Campbell, Jacob C (28 MAR 1808-AFT 1880)
Campbell, John (1843-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, John (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, John B (3 MAY 1785-28 JUN 1858)
Campbell, Josephine (1856-1924)
Campbell, Luinda (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Maria (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Mary E (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Mary E (1848-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Nelly L (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Raymond Austin (2 NOV 1914-31 JUL 1996)
Campbell, Robert C (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Sarah A (1838-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Sarah Ann (5 SEP 1810-AFT 1880)
Campbell, Sarah J (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Sarah Marie (Private-)
Campbell, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, William (5 AUG 1847-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, William C (ABT 1878-UNKNOWN)
Cannon, Lilly (-UNKNOWN)
Carlson, Evelyn Elizabeth (3 DEC 1912-21 JUL 2000)
Carpenter, Alice June (Private-)
Carpenter, Christopher (-UNKNOWN)
Carpenter, Idabelle (16 OCT 1888-28 OCT 1980)
Carr, Katherine (Private-)
Carroll, Kathleen (Private-)
Carter, Glen (Private-)
Caughey, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)
Chapman, Roy (24 MAY 1940-31 AUG 1996)
Cherry, Nancy (21 APR 1932-JUN 1986)
Child, Abbie Fessenden (7 APR 1841-UNKNOWN)
Chinn, Carl Thomas (Private-)
Cindy, (Private-)
Clarkson, Pamela Ann (Private-)
Clarkson, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Cline, Henrietta (27 MAY 1879-13 MAR 1945)
Cognan, Melissa (Private-)
Cook, Millia Dyer (11 FEB 1827-13 APR 1898)
Cooksey, Mary (BET 1610 AND 1615-UNKNOWN)
Coon, Susan (Private-)
Cooper, Angel Christin (Private-)
Cooper, Ashley Renee (Private-)
Cooper, BreeAnna Michelle (Private-)
Cooper, Christopher Scott (Private-)
Cooper, Kenneth Kyle (Private-)
Cooper, Sandra James (Private-)
Corbett, Sarah (5 DEC 1877-18 JUL 1938)
Couch, Prudence Ann (1850-1873)
Cowden, Fredrick Hatton (-UNKNOWN)
Cowden, John Wallace (-UNKNOWN)
Cowden, Matthew Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Cox, Kevin Dale (Private-)
Cox, Kevin Tyler (Private-)
Crandall, Jacob Matthew (Private-)
Crandall, Linnea Rose (Private-)
Crandall, Michael Phillip (Private-)
Crandall, Morris Phillip (29 OCT 1911-APR 1979)
Crandall, Morris Phillip (Private-)
Crawford, Harriet (1820-12 FEB 1898)
Crawford, Mary (10 JUL 1913-20 JAN 1975)
Creason, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Crooks, Nancy (23 JUL 1806-UNKNOWN)
Crouch, Ludin (-UNKNOWN)
Crumm, Franklin Edwin (UNKNOWN-BET 1892 AND 1896)
Crumm, Lily (BEF 1897-UNKNOWN)
Crumm, Opal (AFT 1891-UNKNOWN)
Crumm, Ora (AFT 1891-1968)
Cubbage, Euretta M (SEP 1871-1959)
Culpepper, Tracy L (12 AUG 1970-6 JUN 2001)
Cummings, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Cunningham, Kelly Ann (Private-)
Curl, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Curry, Alice Jane (9 SEP 1865-9 MAR 1924)
Curry, Arletta Ann (24 SEP 1872-3 MAR 1957)
Curry, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Curry, Charles Wesley (26 APR 1850-20 JUN 1929)
Curry, Charley A (1906-14 AUG 1929)
Curry, Charlotta (3 MAR 1856-BET 1876 AND 1880)
Curry, Clarence (1903-UNKNOWN)
Curry, Earl Raymond (SEP 1889-UNKNOWN)
Curry, Ellen (1897-UNKNOWN)
Curry, George H. (22 APR 1859-3 OCT 1935)
Curry, Guy (-UNKNOWN)
Curry, Isaac (JAN 1825-19 SEP 1897)
Curry, Kenneth (-UNKNOWN)
Curry, Margaret Ann (1849-25 JUL 1853)
Curry, Nancy Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Curry, Nirma (Private-)
Curry, Norah (1899-AFT 1930)
Curry, Robert E (1910-AFT 1930)
Curry, Sylvester H (17 OCT 1861-6 AUG 1920)
Curry, Thomas (1799-UNKNOWN)
Curry, Thomas B. (7 OCT 1867-17 DEC 1923)
Curry, Willard J (DEC 1894-UNKNOWN)
Curry, William Robert (20 OCT 1852-25 OCT 1873)
Curtis, Evelyn (26 MAY 1913-4 DEC 1964)
D'Atri, Kathleen Ann (Private-)
Dahlke, Phyllis (Private-)
Daily, Margaret Lourine (1 OCT-1 OCT 1990)
Davidson, Clarence (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Davidson, Eldon LeRoy (Private-)
Davidson, Marjory (Private-)
Davidson, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Nat (10 JUL 1907-17 DEC 1969)
Davis, Stanna (Private-)
DeWein, William G. (1 JUL 1897-AUG 1971)
Desque, Brandon Kurt (Private-)
Desque, Claude Franklin (Private-)
Desque, Frankie Garden (Private-)
Desque, Kurt Eugene (Private-)
Desque, Samantha Kewochgron (Private-)
Dickenson, Sarah Dickson (1760-28 SEP 1838)
Dilling, Acquilla F (1819-AFT 1880)
Dilling, Jacob A (31 JAN 1849-30 JUL 1912)
Dilling, Mary Ann (1815-AFT 1880)
Dilling, Mary Hester (13 SEP 1844-14 MAY 1920)
Dilling, Nellie (SEP 1879-UNKNOWN)
Dillon, Daniel (1789-AFT 1870)
Dillon, Joshua (1720-1 AUG 1824)
Dillon, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Dinwiddie, Jacob Louis (Private-)
Dinwiddie, Jule Joann (Private-)
Dinwiddie, Junelle Alisa (Private-)
Dinwiddie, Scott (Private-)
Dobbs, Hannah Nicole (Private-)
Dobbs, Randall Paul (Private-)
Dobbs, Zachery Randall (Private-)
Doellman, Angela (Private-)
Doellman, Danielle A (Private-)
Doellman, Joshua W (Private-)
Doellman, Luke A (Private-)
Doellman, Mark (Private-)
Doellman, Matthew RJ (Private-)
Doellman, Robert J. (4 JAN 1926-5 APR 1987)
Doellman, Ryan J (Private-)
Doering, Mabel (-UNKNOWN)
Douglas, Lou Ann (Private-)
Douglass, Mr. (Private-)
Doyle, Bryan Charles (Private-)
Doyle, Cheraimee Autumn (Private-)
Doyle, Gregory Joseph (Private-)
Doyle, Travis Joseph (Private-)
Dryer, John Edward (Private-)
Dryer, Mark Anthony (Private-)
Dryer, Sara Jane (Private-)
Dvorak, Albia (10 FEB 1901-UNKNOWN)
E, Daisy (ABT 1881-AFT 1930)
Easton, Laura Theresa (24 JUN 1834-15 MAY 1881)
Eckland, Bud (Private-)
Elder, Robert R. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Elheny, David Arthur (Private-)
Elheny, Donald Adam (Private-)
Elheny, Ralph Arthur (Private-)
Elheny, Susan Anne (Private-)
Ellis, Mary Jane (1814-28 JUL 1907)
England, Gladys Griffith (Private-)
England, Harry (-UNKNOWN)
England, Jane Buckley (Private-)
Enterline, Carrie Esta (8 SEP 1884-UNKNOWN)
Epperson, Brittney Renee (Private-)
Epperson, David Michael (Private-)
Epperson, Kaitlyn Lee (Private-)
Epperson, Taylor Marie (Private-)
Eshercombe, Mary (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Fawcett, Anita Jean (Private-)
Fehl, Harry R (Private-)
Fehl, Harry R (Private-)
Fehl, Kathy Jane (Private-)
Fehl, Patricia Diane (Private-)
Fehl, Robert Dean (Private-)
Ferguson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Ferguson, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Ferry, Lloyd (Private-)
Ferry, Lloyd (Private-)
Finney, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Fisher, Etta Crane (18 SEP 1880-10 FEB 1953)
Forbes, Abraham (12 MAR 1765-1802)
Forbes, Alfred (15 JUN 1890-3 JUL 1972)
Forbes, Alice (27 NOV 1858-13 AUG 1913)
Forbes, Arthur W. (17 NOV 1885-24 AUG 1887)
Forbes, Asa (27 FEB 1851-28 JUN 1916)
Forbes, Bertie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Forbes, Bessie (1886-1945)
Forbes, Buelah (Private-)
Forbes, Burton (12 APR 1916-27 JAN 1964)
Forbes, Charles Louis (1897-2 JUL 1898)
Forbes, Charley (1876-1952)
Forbes, Clarence (1880-20 APR 1963)
Forbes, Collin (2 JAN 1857-11 JAN 1940)
Forbes, Daris (12 APR 1911-4 MAY 1967)
Forbes, Donald (Private-)
Forbes, Elizabeth (5 NOV 1834-1901)
Forbes, Elmer Wilson (13 JAN 1906-UNKNOWN)
Forbes, Evalena (9 MAR 1873-18 JUL 1875)
Forbes, Florence (Private-)
Forbes, Francis Asbury (24 SEP 1862-12 JUL 1917)
Forbes, Francis Asbury (7 MAY 1817-27 FEB 1864)
Forbes, Fred (21 DEC 1876-2 MAY 1928)
Forbes, Gerald (Private-)
Forbes, Gertrude (17 DEC 1898-21 NOV 1967)
Forbes, Goldie (1904-1906)
Forbes, Guy (26 JUL 1892-10 JAN 1972)
Forbes, Hancy (20 JUL 1878-25 JUN 1948)
Forbes, Hannah Jane (24 OCT 1860-27 OCT 1929)
Forbes, Hazel (17 DEC 1901-UNKNOWN)
Forbes, Helen (Private-)
Forbes, Henry L (19 FEB 1904-UNKNOWN)
Forbes, James (Private-)
Forbes, Jerry Wayne (Private-)
Forbes, John Gilbert (9 JUN 1791-9 NOV 1855)
Forbes, Keith (Private-)
Forbes, Lawrence (Private-)
Forbes, Lawrence (1882-1892)
Forbes, Lawrence (11 JUN 1911-2 NOV 1964)
Forbes, Lawrence Glenn (1894-1897)
Forbes, Layton (1903-1906)
Forbes, Leroy (Private-)
Forbes, Lester (Private-)
Forbes, Linda (Private-)
Forbes, Lloyd L. (Private-)
Forbes, Lois (Private-)
Forbes, Loren (Private-)
Forbes, Lowell (Private-)
Forbes, Lulu (7 JUN 1885-14 FEB 1912)
Forbes, Lyle (Private-)
Forbes, Mary Melissa (5 OCT 1842-2 MAY 1913)
Forbes, Matilda Jane (15 FEB 1855-30 AUG 1933)
Forbes, Maude (1884-UNKNOWN)
Forbes, Maynard (Private-)
Forbes, Melvin Ira (25 SEP 1887-23 JAN 1951)
Forbes, Michael David (Private-)
Forbes, Minnie M. (17 JUL 1874-7 DEC 1934)
Forbes, Opal Irene (Private-)
Forbes, Patricia (Private-)
Forbes, Paulina A. (22 APR 1853-20 FEB 1863)
Forbes, Ray Ellis (17 FEB 1900-21 FEB 1965)
Forbes, Reva (Private-)
Forbes, Robert Lawrence (Private-)
Forbes, Roberta E. (Private-)
Forbes, Roy (11 APR 1909-UNKNOWN)
Forbes, Sheldon (28 MAR 1904-19 SEP 1934)
Forbes, Vernie (4 MAR 1889-15 OCT 1947)
Forbes, Warren (Private-)
Forbes, Wayne (Private-)
Forbes, William Clark (30 SEP 1848-18 DEC 1917)
Forbes, Zelda (Private-)
Forbes, Zimriah (1 MAR 1847-20 MAR 1876)
Forrest, Margaret E. (Private-)
Fortner, Barbara Rae (Private-)
Fountain, Shirley Ann (Private-)
Francey, David James (Private-)
Francey, Deirdrea D (Private-)
Francey, Erma Josephine (26 FEB 1925-18 OCT 1993)
Francey, James A. (7 DEC 1894-23 AUG 1977)
Franke, Mr. (Private-)
Franks, Mr. (-UNKNOWN)
Freiburg, Hildegard (11 FEB 1909-17 MAY 1967)
French, Donald Dean (17 NOV 1941-29 DEC 1941)
French, Gina M (Private-)
French, Howard (31 OCT 1909-1 DEC 1984)
French, Larry D. (Private-)
French, Larry Glenn (Private-)
French, Ronald Gene (17 NOV 1941-9 FEB 1942)
Frew, Helen Jane (13 OCT 1922-8 JAN 2002)
Fulker, Wayne (Private-)
Furman, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Gaddes, Johnia Lee (Private-)
Galvano, Joan (Private-)
Garrison, Kimberly Donna (Private-)
Gay, Raegan Savannah (Private-)
Gay, William (Private-)
Gaylord, Catherine Lee (Private-)
Gaylord, Clarence Albert (1879-1971)
Gaylord, David Russell (Private-)
Gaylord, Marion (Private-)
Gaylord, Phillip Gordon (Private-)
Gaylord, Russell Elroy (19 MAR 1921-2002)
Geige, Maria Victoria (16 DEC 1802-9 FEB 1843)
Gerber, Margaret (Private-)
Gertrude, (28 JAN 1915-20 JAN 2003)
Giannico, Tin Michele (Private-)
Gibbs, Brad (Private-)
Gieger, Adelheid (1 APR 1835-12 APR 1895)
Gilchrist, John (-UNKNOWN)
Gilchrist, John (1761-14 OCT 1833)
Gilchrist, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Gilmore, (first nameunknown) (Private-)
Gilmore, Lizzie (10 AUG 1874-11 OCT 1957)
Gilster, Margery Faye (Private-)
Glass, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-19 OCT 1869)
Goad, William (5 FEB 1916-30 JUL 1971)
Gooden, Margaret Elizabeth (1854-UNKNOWN)
Goodman, Donald Noah (Private-)
Goodman, Donald Wayne (Private-)
Graham, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Graham, Elizabeth (1728-UNKNOWN)
Graham, John (-UNKNOWN)
Graham, Mary Elizabeth (15 FEB 1847-3 JAN 1927)
Graham, Sandra (Private-)
Graham, Shearin Theresa (Private-)
Granter, Marina Alene (Private-)
Gray, Bonnie (Private-)
Greeling, (first name unknown) (Private-)
Green, Alexander Scott (Private-)
Green, Ashton James (Private-)
Green, Nathan Tyler (Private-)
Green, Tiffany Dawn (Private-)
Greenwood, Penelope Starre (Private-)
Gregg, Rebecca Watkins (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Gresh, H R (Private-)
Griffee, Ermine (29 JUN 1864-12 JUL 1897)
Grimsled, Jan Arlen (Private-)
Grimsled, Jason Phillip (Private-)
Grimsled, Sara Nicole (Private-)
Grynol, Amy Elizabeth (Private-)
Grynol, Benjamin Andrew Richard (Private-)
Grynol, Matthew Thomas (Private-)
Grynol, Raymond Andrew Nicholas (Private-)
Gunderson, Anne Eileen (Private-)
Guy, Josiah (1786-UNKNOWN)
Guy, Josiah (1829-UNKNOWN)
Guy, Mary (1834-UNKNOWN)
Haas, Elizabeth (Private-)
Hammon, Thelma (Private-)
Hammond, Rose (-UNKNOWN)
Hancock, Brett Benson (Private-)
Hancock, Donald (Private-)
Hancock, Jill Diana (Private-)
Harper, Mary (Private-)
Harrison, Jean Prestone (UNKNOWN-19 MAR 1980)
Hartz, Patricia Ann (Private-)
Hastings, Kelly (Private-)
Hatton, Frederick (MAY 1774-3 JUN 1835)
Hatton, Mary Elizabeth (24 FEB 1821-UNKNOWN)
Hawker, Lottie N. (1867-1892)
Hawkins, James Michael (Private-)
Heath, Bernetta Elizabeth (14 JUL 1896-4 DEC 1949)
Heath, Ida (9 MAR 1892-1978)
Heathcote, Miss (ABT 1575-UNKNOWN)
Heaton, Hanna Grace (Private-)
Heaton, Makenzie Lee (Private-)
Heaton, Michael Todd (Private-)
Heaton, Shelby Ryann (Private-)
Heins, George Henry (11 OCT 1900-5 FEB 1993)
Heins, Hazel Lucille (27 OCT 1934-29 OCT 1934)
Heins, Paul Robert (12 DEC 1935-22 DEC 1935)
Helen, (Private-)
Hengel, Daniel Phillip (Private-)
Hengel, Elaine Marie (Private-)
Hengel, Heidi Marie (Private-)
Hengel, Phillip Raymond (Private-)
Hengel, Phillip Raymond (Private-)
Hensel, Ferdinand (8 AUG 1908-MAY 1979)
Hensel, John Harvey (17 NOV 1939-APR 1984)
Herriott, Ephraim (8 MAY 1763-11 DEC 1817)
Herriott, Sarah (4 JAN 1803-25 MAY 1879)
Hetrick, Brenda Ellen (Private-)
Heymer, Mr. (-UNKNOWN)
Hill, Henry (1855-1935)
Hill, Sarah (30 APR 1853-29 MAR 1941)
Himli, Heather Lee (Private-)
Himli, Howard Joseph (19 MAR 1921-2 MAY 2000)
Himli, Larry Dennis (Private-)
Himli, Marissa Elizabeth (Private-)
Himli, Robert Alan (Private-)
Hippen, Elizabeth Anne (Private-)
Hippen, John Jarrod (Private-)
Hippen, Troy Stuart (Private-)
Hobson, Ina Mae (Private-)
Hoeben, Theresa (Private-)
Hoffman, Albert Douglas (1854-1924)
Hoffman, Floyd Elvin (16 FEB 1908-12 FEB 2001)
Hoffman, Gladys (1906-APR 1907)
Hoffman, James Henry (29 AUG 1948-2 SEP 1948)
Hoffman, Robert Floyd (17 MAR 1882-13 AUG 1976)
Holland, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Hopper, (first name unknown) (-UNKNOWN)
Hopper, (first name unknown) (Private-)
Horn, Susan (22 MAY 1803-UNKNOWN)
Hostyn, Peter (Private-)
Houghton, Eliza Mae (10 DEC 1873-18 SEP 1944)
Houghton, James (-UNKNOWN)
Howes, John T (-UNKNOWN)
Howes, Lue Ellen (19 FEB 1875-8 APR 1945)
Howlett, Charles (Private-)
Howlett, Sandra Sue (Private-)
Hoyer, Eric Scott (Private-)
Hoyer, Scott (Private-)
Hudleston, Shirley Ann (Private-)
Hughes, Margaret (Private-)
Hulett, Anthony Wayne (Private-)
Hume, John (-UNKNOWN)
Hummel, Gen (Private-)
Hundertmark, Lois (Private-)
Hunson, Mary Polly (1779-28 MAR 1871)
Hutton, James (-UNKNOWN)
Hutton, Laura Jean (Private-)
Hymer, Bartel (-UNKNOWN)
Hynes, Agnes (-UNKNOWN)
Ireland, Katie (18 MAY 1866-UNKNOWN)
Irens, Virginia B. (Private-)
Isaacson, Arthur (-UNKNOWN)
Isaacson, Margret Isabelle (21 AUG 1918-10 APR 1988)
Jackson, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Patricia Joyce (Private-)
Jackson, Stanley Jay (1908-1986)
Jarboe, Andrea Lynn (Private-)
Jarvis, Frances (Private-)
Jawhar, Habbib Hassan Ali Al (24 SEP 1999-24 SEP 1999)
Jawhar, Hassan Al (Private-)
Jawhar, Sausann Hassan Ali Al (Private-)
Jensen, Neva (Private-)
Joblin, Andrew Philip (Private-)
Joblin, Christopher Nicholas (Private-)
Joblin, Mitchell Thomas (Private-)
Joblin, Nicholas (Private-)
Johnson, Beverly Ann (27 MAR 1936-30 DEC 2001)
Johnson, Everett Henry (Private-)
Johnson, Flora (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Homer (23 JUN 1908-14 OCT 1948)
Johnson, Katherine Augusta (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Robert L. (Private-)
Johnson, Shirley (Private-)
Johnson, Thayne Iden (Private-)
Johnston, David (30 JAN 1771-27 NOV 1828)
Johnston, David (1809-UNKNOWN)
Johnston, Elizabeth (1819-UNKNOWN)
Johnston, Isabella (1813-UNKNOWN)
Johnston, John (2 DEC 1807-27 NOV 1828)
Johnston, Joseph Barnett (1821-1 JUL 1842)
Johnston, Mary (1811-27 JUL 1863)
Johnston, William (1815-5 APR 1849)
Jones, James Blake (Private-)
Jones, James Sanford (Private-)
Jope, Mary (1799-1872)
Jr, James Robert Green (Private-)
Jr, John McEwen (22 DEC 1771-5 JUL 1852)
Jr, John Wibert McEwen (Private-)
Jr, Winfield Scott Sturgeon (1 OCT 1877-25 OCT 1919)
Kahler, Mary Effie (7 SEP 1862-26 FEB 1945)
Kalush, Breanna Mae (Private-)
Kappner, Anita Ellen (Private-)
Keaucharon, Samichit(Ki) (Private-)
Kelley, Mary (Private-)
Kelso, Anna Claretta (Private-)
Kelso, Wallace (-UNKNOWN)
Kelso, Wilma Evelyn (Private-)
Kennedy, Annetta (-UNKNOWN)
Kennedy, David (-UNKNOWN)
Kennedy, George B. (-UNKNOWN)
Kennedy, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Kennedy, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Kennedy, William McEwen (-UNKNOWN)
Kerr, Mary (10 FEB 1773-22 FEB 1854)
Kieth, J. Brooks (Private-)
Killen, Andrew Ross (Private-)
Killen, Anna Marie (Private-)
Killen, Charlotte Ann (Private-)
Killen, Jeanette Marie (Private-)
Killen, Keith Allen (Private-)
Killen, Michael Lynn (Private-)
Killen, Norman Wayne (12 OCT 1913-19 MAR 1997)
Killen, Tabitha Nicole (Private-)
Killen, Tony Leon (Private-)
Killen, Tyler Scott (Private-)
Killinger, Adder (-UNKNOWN)
Kincaid, Henrietta Roena (1858-UNKNOWN)
King, Anna R (Private-)
Kirchherr, Emma Marie (30 MAR 1876-18 MAR 1967)
Kirtley, Dale Wayne (Private-)
Kirtley, Jessica(Jessie) Lynn (Private-)
Kirtley, Jim Dale (Private-)
Kirtley, Kaden Wayne (Private-)
Kirtley, Katie Nicole (Private-)
Kirtley, Kevin Wayne (Private-)
Kirtley, Starr Marie (Private-)
Kirtley, Tony Allen (Private-)
Klepper, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Klocke, Amy Marie (Private-)
Klocke, Anita Blanche (Private-)
Klocke, Brian Lee (7 JAN 1975-13 NOV 1999)
Klocke, Connie Lynn (Private-)
Klocke, Eldon Kenward (Private-)
Klocke, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)
Klocke, Glen Everett (Private-)
Klocke, Glenda Grace (13 MAY 1938-13 MAY 1938)
Klocke, JoAnna Lee (Private-)
Klocke, Karla Kay (Private-)
Klocke, Paul Robert (11 APR 1910-28 NOV 1991)
Klocke, Rhonda Ann (Private-)
Klocke, Robert Glen (Private-)
Knipe, Bertha McEwen (12 AUG 1873-10 JAN 1937)
Knipe, Edwin Elliot (8 FEB 1871-20 MAR 1891)
Knipe, Leighton Green (13 AUG 1878-DEC 1941)
Knipe, Samuel Worman (9 APR 1840-20 FEB 1913)
Knutson, Margaret Burr Dreghorn (Private-)
Koons, Albert S. (3 SEP 1871-25 AUG 1948)
Koons, Alva M. (16 MAR 1867-UNKNOWN)
Koons, Carl R. (DEC 1896-UNKNOWN)
Koons, Charles A. (23 NOV 1887-MAR 1949)
Koons, Earl Troy (8 JAN 1897-21 OCT 1918)
Koons, Emma May (18 JAN 1893-5 FEB 1894)
Koons, Ethel Mae (Private-)
Koons, Fay Grace (4 MAR 1904-19 JUN 1987)
Koons, Frank A. (FEB 1891-APR 1913)
Koons, Hattie Ada (1 AUG 1900-UNKNOWN)
Koons, James Andrew (26 AUG 1889-13 JUN 1968)
Koons, Jane (NOV 1876-16 MAR 1895)
Koons, Leatha Louise (25 JUL 1895-7 JAN 1970)
Koons, Lewis Henry (23 DEC 1863-AFT 1915)
Koons, Liddie Adda (11 AUG 1905-5 OCT 1905)
Koons, Lillian B. (MAY 1894-UNKNOWN)
Koons, Lois (Private-)
Koons, Matilda A. (ABT 1873-UNKNOWN)
Koons, May Melissa (4 MAR 1904-30 MAR 1904)
Koons, Micah Isaiah (5 FEB 1899-9 FEB 1899)
Koons, Minnie A. (JUN 1874-UNKNOWN)
Koons, Oliver (19 NOV 1919-25 NOV 1979)
Koons, Perry (DEC 1878-UNKNOWN)
Koons, Ralph P. (20 DEC 1903-19 OCT 1971)
Koons, Ray Theodore (4 MAR 1904-1 APR 1904)
Koons, Ruby Ruth (8 NOV 1932-MAR 1977)
Koons, Thomas Alfred (13 SEP 1865-14 JUL 1933)
Koons, Thomas Alfred Jr. (21 JUL 1899-24 AUG 1968)
Koons, Wesley A. (12 AUG 1886-JUL 1969)
Koons, William M. (21 NOV 1841-7 NOV 1912)
Koons, William S. (13 OCT 1869-4 AUG 1899)
Koons, William Sherman (13 SEP 1899-FEB 1986)
Kozelka, Gary Daniel (Private-)
Kozelka, Jossie Alice-Briane (Private-)
Kozelka, Lila Rose-Kathryn (Private-)
Kraft, Maria Franziska (31 AUG 1773-3 JAN 1842)
Krauth, Crist D (-UNKNOWN)
Kretzer, Emma Ida Sophie (5 NOV 1904-8 OCT 1975)
Kretzer, William (-UNKNOWN)
Krider, Mary (1808-UNKNOWN)
Kuhlmeier, Anna M. (17 JAN 1912-13 AUG 2003)
Kuyon, Rrgina G. (Private-)
Lampton, Malcena (1834-UNKNOWN)
Landridge, (first name unknown) (-UNKNOWN)
Lane, Angela Sue (Private-)
Lane, George (8 APR 1926-JUL 1962)
Larkin, Laurie Jean (Private-)
Larkin, William (Private-)
Latimer, Hanner Marier (-UNKNOWN)
Lawrence, Amelia (1804-UNKNOWN)
Leftridge, Joyce Oleen (Private-)
Leland, Henrietta Florence (Private-)
Lemon, Irene (-UNKNOWN)
Lenker, Gladys Erma (Private-)
Leonard, William (Private-)
Lewis, Jacob Richard (Private-)
Lewis, Mary Isabelle (7 JUL 1874-30 MAR 1962)
Lewis, Zachariah O (-UNKNOWN)
Line, Margaret Lucille (4 JAN 1913-16 JUL 1994)
Lines, Frances Ann (UNKNOWN-AFT 1880)
Lloyd, Blanche (-UNKNOWN)
Loft, Ann F (31 DEC 1858-31 DEC 1893)
Loft, Antone (1834-AFT 1880)
Lowary, Betty Jean (Private-)
Lowary, Charles (20 OCT 1893-7 APR 1959)
Lowary, Christopher Tate (Private-)
Lowary, Cindy Beth (Private-)
Lowary, Diane Marie (Private-)
Lowary, Earl Charles (Private-)
Lowary, Earl Wesley (Private-)
Lowary, Harvey Arnold (Private-)
Lowary, Helena (28 NOV 1921-5 DEC 1921)
Lowary, Jennifer Kristine (Private-)
Lowary, John Wesley (Private-)
Lowary, Karen Sue (Private-)
Lowary, LeRoy (Private-)
Lowary, Lee Edward (Private-)
Lowary, Lee Edward (5 APR 1929-5 APR 1929)
Lowary, Patrick Shawn (Private-)
Lowary, Steven (Private-)
Lowary, Thomas Edward (Private-)
Lowe, Billy June (JUN 1942-8 JUN 1975)
Lox, Beverlye (Private-)
Lutz, Charles (1877-UNKNOWN)
Lutz, Emma (27 FEB 1885-29 JUL 1975)
Lutz, Fred (JAN 1873-UNKNOWN)
Lutz, Frederick (1844-8 APR 1885)
Lutz, Henry (1874-19 AUG 1953)
Lutz, Herman (1884-26 MAY 1960)
Lutz, Lena (10 MAR 1872-15 APR 1947)
Lutz, Louisa N (SEP 1875-31 MAY 1949)
Lutz, William J (1879-10 OCT 1952)
Lyon, Mary Etta (-UNKNOWN)
MClain, Donald (Private-)
Maharah, Elizabeth (12 FEB 1818-18 AUG 1895)
Mandylaras, Demetrius John (6 APR 1894-UNKNOWN)
Manuel, George Warren (14 DEC 1917-27 FEB 1999)
Manuel, Orval "Pete" (-UNKNOWN)
Manuel, Ronald Warren (Private-)
Manuel, Sandra (Private-)
Markland, Helen Fern (15 JAN 1910-21 JAN 1991)
Markland, Willard Earl (31 OCT 1885-1 JUN 1945)
Markland, William L. (30 JUL 1916-20 OCT 1982)
Marshall, Cindy (Private-)
Martin, Harold (Private-)
Martin, James Peter (25 DEC 1884-7 OCT 1976)
Martin, Kevyn Lloyd (Private-)
Martin, Randall Lloyd (Private-)
Masse, Doris (Private-)
May, Baby (4 NOV 1907-6 NOV 1907)
May, Bobby (Private-)
May, Colette Nichole (Private-)
May, Corky (Private-)
May, Dale Edward (Private-)
May, Darren Dale (Private-)
May, David (Private-)
May, Gloria Jean (Private-)
May, John W. (3 AUG 1883-1933)
May, Kathleen Ann (Private-)
May, Larry Lee (Private-)
May, Leo V (11 OCT 1908-DEC 1965)
May, Otho M (9 SEP 1914-25 DEC 2003)
May, Roy E (25 AUG 1910-15 JUL 1995)
May, Troy Michae (Private-)
Mc Elheny, Gilbert Earl (23 SEP 1906-1991)
Mc Elheny, Howard Ralph (13 MAY 1904-17 DEC 1904)
McCabe, Florence (Private-)
McClure, Alexander (1799-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Alexander (-1854)
McClure, Alexander (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Alice (25 DEC 1806-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Andrew (1807-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Andrew (1756-3 FEB 1799)
McClure, Eliza Jane (-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Elizabeth (1793-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Jane (21 JUN 1788-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Jonathon (1773-1860)
McClure, Joseph (20 JUN 1777-1831)
McClure, Margarel (1798-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Mary (3 FEB 1786-3 AUG 1862)
McClure, Richard (25 DEC 1780-1834)
McClure, Rowen (1811-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Sparks (1805-UNKNOWN)
McClure, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McClure, William B (14 MAR 1779-UNKNOWN)
McCoy, James Stewart (18 MAR 1809-UNKNOWN)
McCoy, John Rea (11 JAN 1819-14 JUN 1822)
McCoy, Margaret J (28 NOV 1820-UNKNOWN)
McCoy, Matthew (14 APR 1815-27 MAR 1889)
McCoy, Matthew (8 AUG 1783-10 OCT 1855)
McCoy, Thomas (13 MAY 1812-UNKNOWN)
McCoy, William Means (19 MAR 1811-UNKNOWN)
McCreary, Andrew Johnson (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McCullough, Clara Fern (1 AUG 1893-5 MAY 1973)
McCullough, Eleanor Jane (1738-BET 1779 AND 1800)
McCully, Ora (30 DEC 1903-28 JAN 1980)
McCune, Alvin Harry (8 MAY 1870-14 APR 1938)
McCune, Andrew Jackson (27 MAR 1857-10 NOV 1916)
McCune, Anthony Michael (Private-)
McCune, Aria Vivian (28 MAY 1896-24 AUG 1960)
McCune, Arletta (Private-)
McCune, Betty Jean (Private-)
McCune, Bradley Curtis (Private-)
McCune, Brannan Scott (Private-)
McCune, Charles Arthur (Private-)
McCune, Charles Elder (Private-)
McCune, Charles Taylor (1 MAR 1904-2 SEP 1993)
McCune, Charles Wesley (2 NOV 1866-25 SEP 1956)
McCune, Christopher (Private-)
McCune, Clarence Henry (Private-)
McCune, Connor Clarkson (Private-)
McCune, Curtis Leroy (Private-)
McCune, Curtis Shelby (26 NOV 1914-14 JUN 1988)
McCune, Daisy (8 MAR 1882-11 NOV 1952)
McCune, Danny (Private-)
McCune, Daphne K. (Private-)
McCune, David Curtis (16 JUL 1976-20 JUL 1976)
McCune, David R (Private-)
McCune, Dawn (Private-)
McCune, Debbie (Private-)
McCune, Delia Ruth (7 AUG 1894-5 OCT 1894)
McCune, Dominick (Private-)
McCune, Donald Jay (11 MAY 1950-4 JUL 2006)
McCune, Donald Jay (Private-)
McCune, Dorothy Loline (Private-)
McCune, Dovie A (19 SEP 1907-2 JUN 1988)
McCune, Earl Kenneth (24 MAR 1921-APR 1987)
McCune, Edith (20 AUG 1894-13 FEB 1989)
McCune, Edith Marie (Private-)
McCune, Elmyra Ruth (Private-)
McCune, Eva Laveine (1 MAR 1912-30 JUL 2000)
McCune, Gabyl Liana (Private-)
McCune, George Lee (30 JUL 1864-12 MAY 1934)
McCune, Gerald Lynn (Private-)
McCune, Gerald Lynn Jr. (Private-)
McCune, Gertrude (18 SEP 1898-23 AUG 1984)
McCune, Gladys (29 JUN 1902-FEB 1978)
McCune, Glenn Earle (Private-)
McCune, Glenn Earle (26 AUG 1931-16 JUL 1972)
McCune, Grover C. (25 JUN 1892-25 JUL 1947)
McCune, Heather May (Private-)
McCune, Helene Irene (Private-)
McCune, Henry Wilfred (17 FEB 1909-3 AUG 2000)
McCune, Hilda May (4 FEB 1910-17 FEB 2000)
McCune, Ida B. (24 MAY 1886-8 MAR 1970)
McCune, Ilyana Rae (Private-)
McCune, Jacob Lee (Jake) (12 APR 1892-7 NOV 1940)
McCune, James Lee (Private-)
McCune, James Stover (26 DEC 1876-15 JUN 1948)
McCune, Jefferson Bryan (10 AUG 1908-15 MAY 2000)
McCune, Jeffrey Lee (Private-)
McCune, Jeffrey Leonard (Private-)
McCune, Jeffrey Michael (Private-)
McCune, Jenna Abigail (Private-)
McCune, Jennifer (Private-)
McCune, Jesse Dean (Private-)
McCune, Jesse Dean (Private-)
McCune, Jillian Jean (Private-)
McCune, John Dilling (19 MAY 1860-5 NOV 1917)
McCune, John Fitzhugh (14 MAY 1898-2 JAN 1918)
McCune, John Harvey (Private-)
McCune, John Harvey (16 JUN 1892-9 JUL 1970)
McCune, Joseph Eugene (Private-)
McCune, Kelly Sue (Private-)
McCune, Kenneth (Private-)
McCune, Kevin (Private-)
McCune, Lonnie Dean (Private-)
McCune, Loren Wayne (Private-)
McCune, Lou Elizabeth (Lula) (8 JUN 1901-28 DEC 1983)
McCune, Luella Mae (Private-)
McCune, Lynn Herman (12 AUG 1907-6 NOV 1981)
McCune, Madeline E. (30 SEP 1941-30 APR 1991)
McCune, Madison Shea (Private-)
McCune, Maggie Marie (18 FEB 1906-UNKNOWN)
McCune, Margo Ann (Private-)
McCune, Martin Krith (19 FEB 1912-4 JUN 1974)
McCune, Mary (Lizzie) Elizabeth (28 NOV 1900-21 MAR 1997)
McCune, Mary Le-Adda (Private-)
McCune, Matthew Allen (Private-)
McCune, Matthew Robert (Private-)
McCune, Maude Ethel (17 MAR 1888-5 DEC 1979)
McCune, Maura Lou (Private-)
McCune, Megan Lee (Private-)
McCune, Meta (5 AUG 1883-3 JAN 1930)
McCune, Michael (Private-)
McCune, Michael Lee (Private-)
McCune, Michael Merle (Private-)
McCune, Michelle Lea (Private-)
McCune, Minnie Erma (22 MAY 1903-7 AUG 1909)
McCune, Miranda Kara (Private-)
McCune, Nadine Julia (28 AUG 1901-5 JUL 1987)
McCune, Nancy (Private-)
McCune, Norma Louise (Private-)
McCune, Pearl Elizabeth (16 JUN 1892-23 MAR 1982)
McCune, Philip Eldon (17 SEP 1914-17 DEC 1988)
McCune, Philip Eldon Jr. (Private-)
McCune, Ralph J. (5 NOV 1898-FEB 1980)
McCune, Raymond Douglas (Private-)
McCune, Regina Irene (Private-)
McCune, Robert (1 MAY 1874-2 DEC 1936)
McCune, Robert (Private-)
McCune, Robert (5 OCT 1830-9 APR 1905)
McCune, Robert Curtis (14 JAN 1966-26 FEB 1995)
McCune, Robert James (26 JUN 1918-4 DEC 1999)
McCune, Ronald Ray (Private-)
McCune, Ruby Esther (12 OCT 1903-27 DEC 1974)
McCune, Sandy (Private-)
McCune, Sandy (Private-)
McCune, Sharon (Private-)
McCune, Sharon Elizabeth (Private-)
McCune, Sheri (Private-)
McCune, Sherry Lynn (Private-)
McCune, Shirley Jean (1959-1973)
McCune, Stephanie L. (Private-)
McCune, Tony Duane (Private-)
McCune, Tonya M. (Private-)
McCune, Verna (31 MAY 1886-SEP 1975)
McCune, Walter C. (Private-)
McCune, Walter Clarencer (2 JAN 1911-3 FEB 1913)
McCune, William Pierce (24 MAY 1908-OCT 1926)
McCune, William Thomas (16 JUL 1862-19 JAN 1921)
McCune, William Thomas (Private-)
McCune, William Thomas (Private-)
McCurdy, Marisa (Private-)
McElheny, John H. (UNKNOWN-8 AUG 1908)
McEwen, Agnes Elizaberth (Private-)
McEwen, Alexander M (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Alice J. (1856-28 APR 1858)
McEwen, Allen (6 NOV 1810-11 OCT 1895)
McEwen, Allen A. (5 NOV 1839-AFT 18 SEP 1937)
McEwen, Alma Blanche (Private-)
McEwen, Anna Elizabeth (26 OCT 1915-28 MAR 1998)
McEwen, Anna Jane (11 APR 1907-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Anna Mae (14 JUL 1872-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Annette Louise (Private-)
McEwen, Annie Ruth (Private-)
McEwen, Antone (28 JUL 1889-17 SEP 1948)
McEwen, Arlene (Private-)
McEwen, Arthur (11 JUN 1897-BET 1920 AND 1930)
McEwen, Arthur Wallace (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Barbara Porter (Private-)
McEwen, Bessie (20 OCT 1882-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Blanche Irene (10 OCT 1870-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Brady Lew (Private-)
McEwen, Bruce Francis (Private-)
McEwen, Carl Edward (Private-)
McEwen, Carl Everett (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Carol Ann (Private-)
McEwen, Carol Roberta (Private-)
McEwen, Cephas Allen (11 AUG 1867-1924)
McEwen, Charles S (ABT 1836-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Chester Glenn (Private-)
McEwen, Christopher (Private-)
McEwen, Claire (Private-)
McEwen, Clarissa Clara (ABT 1869-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Conrad Winsall (Private-)
McEwen, Constance Marie (Private-)
McEwen, Craig Douglas (Private-)
McEwen, Cynthia Anne (Private-)
McEwen, Dalissa Lee (Private-)
McEwen, Danny Lynn (Private-)
McEwen, David Aiken (Private-)
McEwen, David Wendell (16 JUN 1950-29 MAY 1995)
McEwen, Diana Wendellin (Private-)
McEwen, Donald Craig (Private-)
McEwen, Doris (Private-)
McEwen, Doris Lucile (16 DEC 1918-4 DEC 2003)
McEwen, Dorothy LaRue (25 JUN 1917-20 APR 1979)
McEwen, Dorthy Mae (18 NOV 1908-1911)
McEwen, Douglass (Private-)
McEwen, Dusty Laine (Private-)
McEwen, Earl Scott (Private-)
McEwen, Edgar H. (1868-BET 1868 AND 1880)
McEwen, Edna Alice (28 NOV 1901-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Edward (1868-AFT 1930)
McEwen, Eleanor (26 DEC 1828-6 FEB 1892)
McEwen, Eleanor (12 SEP 1769-1 FEB 1834)
McEwen, Eleanor M (13 OCT 1814-4 MAY 1829)
McEwen, Elisha (1836-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Elizabeth (1765-16 DEC 1805)
McEwen, Ella Marie (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Elmer B. (1861-24 SEP 1865)
McEwen, Ephraim H. (1832-AFT 1880)
McEwen, Esther Jane (28 APR 1910-1994)
McEwen, Ethel Virginia (22 MAY 1904-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Fannie L (ABT 1903-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Fanny (1873-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Frank Murray Victor (18 JAN 1880-1954)
McEwen, George Allen (2 MAR 1882-25 JUN 1957)
McEwen, George F (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, George Miller (22 DEC 1904-1992)
McEwen, George Smith (21 DEC 1867-1937)
McEwen, George Washington (1802-1888)
McEwen, Gertrude Lenna (16 MAY 1910-9 DEC 1998)
McEwen, Glen (14 MAR 1881-31 MAR 1943)
McEwen, Glenna Kay (Private-)
McEwen, Grace Marie (Private-)
McEwen, Guy (14 MAR 1881-12 OCT 1881)
McEwen, Harriet B (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Harriett Carole (Private-)
McEwen, Harry Calvin (1904-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Harry Calvin (FEB 1866-1949)
McEwen, Harry M (ABT 1901-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Helen (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Helen Elizabeth (13 AUG 1919-22 AUG 1971)
McEwen, Hellen M (Private-)
McEwen, Henry Crooks (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Hester J (1859-AFT 1870)
McEwen, Homer (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Homer Lee (30 JUN 1895-9 JUN 1980)
McEwen, Horace (7 MAR 1840-AFT 1900)
McEwen, Horase R (ABT 1908-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Ian Russell (Private-)
McEwen, Ida Estella (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Jacellyn (17 OCT 1913-2 SEP 1919)
McEwen, Jack C. (5 MAR 1932-4 AUG 1965)
McEwen, Jack C. (Private-)
McEwen, Jacob (ABT 1847-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Jacob H (1809-23 MAR 1867)
McEwen, James (20 MAR 1802-23 AUG 1864)
McEwen, James (1773-AFT 1830)
McEwen, James Arthur (Private-)
McEwen, James B (1876-AFT 1930)
McEwen, James Curl (Jack) (17 JAN 1879-4 AUG 1965)
McEwen, James Edward (Private-)
McEwen, James H (1875-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, James Henry (8 OCT 1840-18 SEP 1937)
McEwen, James Meredith (7 MAR 1917-27 MAR 1984)
McEwen, James R (ABT 1838-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, James Victor (1909-1909)
McEwen, James W. (1905-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Jane E (1845-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Janet Sue (Private-)
McEwen, Jasmine Neomi (Private-)
McEwen, Jean (Private-)
McEwen, Jean Anne (Private-)
McEwen, Jean Jane (1 AUG 1767-5 DEC 1818)
McEwen, Jeanne (Private-)
McEwen, Jeremy David (Private-)
McEwen, Jerona Sue (29 JAN 1935-18 SEP 2002)
McEwen, Jessie Bell (1870-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Jessie Lea (Private-)
McEwen, Joel Mathwe (Private-)
McEwen, John (1734-BET APR 1788 AND 1791)
McEwen, John (26 DEC 1795-27 SEP 1882)
McEwen, John 3rd (3 OCT 1797-22 OCT 1862)
McEwen, John Allen (6 JUL 1869-MAY 1966)
McEwen, John B (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, John Calvin (23 MAY 1885-28 MAR 1967)
McEwen, John Calvin (Private-)
McEwen, 2nd, John Dale (Private-)
McEwen, John Dale (Private-)
McEwen, John Donald (2 MAR 1898-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, John E 4th (8 APR 1840-26 JUL 1895)
McEwen, John Homer (28 NOV 1861-23 NOV 1913)
McEwen, John Josiah (Private-)
McEwen, John MIlton (18 SEP 1892-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, John Riddle (ABT 1803-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, John Robb (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, John Stephen (Private-)
McEwen, John Wesley (AUG 1831-4 AUG 1905)
McEwen, John Wilbert (4 JUL 1906-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Joseph Allen (22 DEC 1905-BET 1922 AND 1995)
McEwen, Joseph Mickey (Private-)
McEwen, Joshua (Private-)
McEwen, Josiah S (7 SEP 1858-9 JAN 1934)
McEwen, Joyce Ann (Private-)
McEwen, Julia A. (1850-23 OCT 1865)
McEwen, Julia Nicole (Private-)
McEwen, Kathy Gail (Private-)
McEwen, Kennety Eugene (Private-)
McEwen, Kyle Brian (Private-)
McEwen, Laura Opal (1911-25 DEC 1979)
McEwen, Leslie Allen (15 FEB 1904-23 MAY 1988)
McEwen, Margaret (1834-10 JUN 1887)
McEwen, Margaret (19 FEB 1759-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Margaret Ann (26 JAN 1913-16 NOV 1988)
McEwen, Margaret Elizabeth (17 MAR 1897-BET 1915 AND 1991)
McEwen, Margaret Jane (ABT 1835-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Mark Matthew (Private-)
McEwen, Marta Michelle (Private-)
McEwen, Martha (1830-22 SEP 1896)
McEwen, Martha Fae (Private-)
McEwen, Mary (9 SEP 1762-10 MAR 1806)
McEwen, Mary Amelia (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Mary Ann (21 DEC 1893-17 AUG 1989)
McEwen, Mary E (1839-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Mary Elizabeth (1855-AFT 1880)
McEwen, Mary Frances (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Mary Jean (Private-)
McEwen, Mary Sue (8 APR 1942-APR 1995)
McEwen, Mary W. (10 APR 1876-28 JUN 1953)
McEwen, Megan Frances (Private-)
McEwen, Morris V (1884-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Myca Marie (Private-)
McEwen, Nancy Ann (1838-30 JUL 1857)
McEwen, Nancy Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Nellie May (Private-)
McEwen, Nelson Taylor (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Nettie (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Patricia Gaylord (Private-)
McEwen, Paul Eugen (1912-4 JUL 1930)
McEwen, Paula Margaret (Private-)
McEwen, Pinkre Ethel (12 FEB 1900-NOV 1979)
McEwen, Prudence Ann (FEB 1898-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Ralph (Private-)
McEwen, Randal Perry (Private-)
McEwen, Ray Ann (Private-)
McEwen, Raymond S (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Richard (10 OCT 1777-18 FEB 1829)
McEwen, Richard L. (30 AUG 1924-29 DEC 1950)
McEwen, Richard Wiley (Private-)
McEwen, Rickard (Private-)
McEwen, Robert (Private-)
McEwen, Robert B (1800-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Robert G (1871-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Robert G. (25 JAN 1806-3 SEP 1877)
McEwen, Robert Keifer (27 JUN 1874-1961)
McEwen, Robert Keifer (20 SEP 1922-12 JAN 1992)
McEwen, Robert Luke (Private-)
McEwen, Robert Patterson (Private-)
McEwen, Rose M (Private-)
McEwen, Roy S. Jr. (Private-)
McEwen, Roy Stanley (20 APR 1891-SEP 1979)
McEwen, Russell (ABT 1905-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Ruth Olive (7 JUN 1899-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Sarah (10 NOV 1804-7 FEB 1855)
McEwen, Sarah Amelia (14 OCT 1846-12 SEP 1913)
McEwen, Sarah Ann (Sadie) (15 JUL 1869-30 MAY 1899)
McEwen, Sarah E (1857-AFT 1882)
McEwen, Sarah Frances (23 APR 1878-AUG 1970)
McEwen, Shawn Anthony (Private-)
McEwen, Susannah (1838-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Theodore (1872-1937)
McEwen, Thomas (1779-23 APR 1863)
McEwen, Thomas Albert (31 AUG 1871-30 SEP 1942)
McEwen, Unknown (Private-)
McEwen, Viola (1869-AFT 1880)
McEwen, Wallace (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Walter (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, Warren Edward (Private-)
McEwen, Wilbur (1 NOV 1892-12 JUL 1962)
McEwen, Wiley Crane (19 MAY 1899-1 MAR 1975)
McEwen, Willa Emiko (Private-)
McEwen, William (1835-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, William (1866-BET 1880 AND 1900)
McEwen, William (1846-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, William (-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, William (15 SEP 1810-14 AUG 1831)
McEwen, William B. (1831-1889)
McEwen, William J (1833-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, William Jacob (Private-)
McEwen, William James (Private-)
McEwen, William James (12 MAR 1896-UNKNOWN)
McEwen, William Jason (NOV 1841-1913)
McEwen, William Jeffrey (23 OCT 1876-1928)
McEwen, William Lindsey (26 NOV 1873-18 MAY 1945)
McEwen, Wilson (1843-UNKNOWN)
McGraw, Owen (Private-)
McIlmoil, Maggie Mae (4 MAY 1876-28 FEB 1945)
McIntire, Margaret E. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
McIntire, Mary Elizabeth (22 MAY 1852-4 AUG 1919)
McKee, Vernie Rebecca (Private-)
McLaren, Helen Christine (Private-)
McLaren, John (Private-)
McSpaddin, Thelma (1889-UNKNOWN)
Mcewen, Jeanne (Private-)
Mcewen, Margaret L (Private-)
Mcewen, Pauline E (Private-)
Mcllmoil, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Mekley, Bruce C. (Private-)
Mekley, Bruce C. (Private-)
Merritt, Ada M (7 SEP 1864-UNKNOWN)
Merritt, Mary Susan (7 SEP 1864-26 SEP 1938)
Merritt, Patterson Hamilton (4 DEC 1838-3 MAR 1926)
Mikkelson, Brian Douglas (Private-)
Mikkelson, Douglas Elling (Private-)
Mikkelson, Jennifer Marie (Private-)
Millar, Bertha (-UNKNOWN)
Millar, Kristi Ann (Private-)
Millar, Robert Kenneth (Private-)
Millar, Robert Richard (Private-)
Millard, Sarah Margart (13 AUG 1922-24 NOV 1988)
Miller, Charles (1895-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Eric Steven (Private-)
Miller, Howard Eugene (Private-)
Miller, John Clauson (Private-)
Miller, John Paul (Private-)
Miller, Leigh Annette (Private-)
Miller, Lisa Anne (Private-)
Miller, Mary Blanche (1869-1948)
Miller, Megan Aleksa (Private-)
Miller, Merle (Private-)
Miller, Sarah Isabel (Private-)
Mills, Richard (Private-)
Mincer, Irene (Private-)
Molina, Isabel M. (Private-)
Moncrief, Shelly Marie (Private-)
Montag, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Clarence (MAY 1896-UNKNOWN)
Moore, David A. (MAR 1900-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Ella B. (AUG 1891-UNKNOWN)
Moore, James (JUL 1895-UNKNOWN)
Moore, James L. (SEP 1862-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Mary (Private-)
Moore, Melissa M. (APR 1898-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Nathon (Private-)
Moore, Stella Belle Voyles (26 JUN 1873-30 APR 1944)
Morris, Denice Kay (16 FEB 1957-5 AUG 1988)
Morris, Elizabeth (1809-1899)
Morris, Melissa (Private-)
Morse, Alta (1 JUN 1891-UNKNOWN)
Morse, Elmer (1881-1881)
Morse, Essie (19 APR 1885-NOV 1964)
Morse, Harry (JAN 1882-DEC 1955)
Morse, John Gilbert (21 AUG 1853-25 SEP 1901)
Morse, Margaret (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Moudy, Frank Edward (Private-)
Mueller, Richard Lewis (2 APR 1932-MAR 1977)
Muffly, Mary (Private-)
Muller, Edith Sophia (Private-)
Muller, Mina Rosina (Private-)
Muller, Modestus (8 JAN 1885-2 DEC 1943)
Muller, Robert Oscar (13 DEC 1921-2 DEC 1944)
Munson, Elizabeth Jean Bette (Private-)
Murray, Madia Marijane (Private-)
Mutchler, Jeffrey Jack (Private-)
Mutchler, Jeffrey Steven (Private-)
Mutchler, Lauren Rebecca (Private-)
Myers, Lisa Diane (Private-)
Nall, Cynthia (Private-)
Neibling, Belinda Erin (Private-)
Neibling, Dwight Lymon (Private-)
Neibling, Paul Kenneth (Private-)
Neibling, Sara Jane (Private-)
Nelson, Bobbie Lee (Private-)
Nelson, Effie M. (16 JAN 1903-30 MAR 1985)
Nelson, Marjorie Elgene (Private-)
Neroulias, William (Private-)
Netting, Mary (Private-)
Nevius, Carl (Private-)
Nevius, Carl (Private-)
Nevius, Charles (Private-)
Nevius, Howard W (30 MAY 1965-26 JUN 2005)
Nevius, Kathy (Private-)
Newell, Frank Carr (11 AUG 1906-21 SEP 1988)
Nickerson, J. B. (-UNKNOWN)
Noil, Lillian Edna (24 NOV 1896-21 APR 1964)
Norgaard, Doug (Private-)
Norris, Elizabeth E. (14 FEB 1848-AFT 1900)
O'Neil, George (1888-UNKNOWN)
Ogden, Jason Michael (Private-)
Oman, Dale (27 JUN 1898-22 JUL 1899)
Oman, Edward C (Reffle) (1870-Deceased)
Oman, Ralph Wiley (5 JUN 1897-APR 1984)
Order, Susan A (1835-AFT 1880)
Orr, Betsy Ann (Private-)
Orr, Clifford (-UNKNOWN)
Orr, Howard Smith (-UNKNOWN)
Orr, Ivy Mabel (27 SEP 1917-15 FEB 2005)
Orr, James Albert (Private-)
Orr, James Albert (UNKNOWN-1953)
Orr, James Curtis (-UNKNOWN)
Orr, Judy Ellen (Private-)
Orr, Leighton E. (-UNKNOWN)
Orr, Louise (Private-)
Orr, Nancy Louise (Private-)
Orr, Norman L (-UNKNOWN)
Orr, Richard Elliot (Private-)
Orr, Thomas L (Private-)
Osborn, Judy (Private-)
Osborne, David Paul (Private-)
Oty, Alan James (Private-)
Oty, Alexander James (Private-)
Overman, Frances Wilhelmina (Private-)
Palmer, Carol Sue (Private-)
Parrish, Alan (Private-)
Parrish, Dave Alan (Private-)
Parrish, Harley Ann (Private-)
Parrish, Jack (Private-)
Parrish, Jack Anthony (Private-)
Parrish, Jerry Arnold (Private-)
Parrish, Jessica Marie (Private-)
Parrish, Julie Ann (Private-)
Parrish, Lesley (Private-)
Parrish, Lisa Paulette (Private-)
Parrish, Melvin (Private-)
Parrish, Rosemarie Joan (Private-)
Parrish, Shannon (Private-)
Parrish, Susanna Lynn (Private-)
Partlow, Nelle (1879-20 FEB 1958)
Pascoe, John (Private-)
Patterson, Alice M. (1868-UNKNOWN)
Patterson, Bert (-UNKNOWN)
Patterson, Lillian A. (Private-)
Patterson, Marietta (Private-)
Paxton, Nancy Ann (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pearson, Paul William (31 JAN 1911-UNKNOWN)
Pearson, Richard (Private-)
Peck, Colin Bailey (Private-)
Peck, Diane Louise (Private-)
Peck, Jon Mitchell (Private-)
Peck, Kenneth W. (Private-)
Peck, Michaella Marie (Private-)
Peck, Roger Kenneth (Private-)
Perry, James William (19 JUL 1942-NOV 1943)
Perry, Josiah (1837-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Sarah H (1844-UNKNOWN)
Perry, Susan Alma (24 JAN 1885-29 SEP 1977)
Perry, William Jasper (16 MAY 1913-27 DEC 1977)
Peterson, Shiela (Private-)
Pflum, Matilda "Tilla" (8 SEP 1877-12 MAR 1972)
Phillips, Anne Gertrude (9 AUG 1895-18 FEB 1972)
Pinkerton, Carrie Mae (13 AUG 1876-UNKNOWN)
Pittinger, Mahala (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Place, (Private-)
Poelsma, Andy (Private-)
Poelsma, Deanna (Private-)
Poelsma, Herman (Private-)
Points, Abigail (1793-1850)
Points, Edward (-ABT 1824)
Points, Martha (1789-BET 1838 AND 1850)
Points, Mary Polly (UNKNOWN-13 DEC 1876)
Poling, Floyd Luscious (8 OCT 1866-6 MAR 1959)
Porter, Barbara Grace (Private-)
Poster, Rose Maria Nicloe (Private-)
Potter, Betty (Private-)
Pottinger, Anna (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pottinger, John (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pryor, Mary Ann (27 JUN 1817-AFT 1880)
Pryor, Nicholas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Pullman, Ella (1879-3 MAR 1905)
Pullman, Joe (-UNKNOWN)
Quintella, Daniel Christof (Private-)
Quintella, Edmundo (Private-)
Quintella, Ganriella (Private-)
Ragsdale, Benjamin (1698-UNKNOWN)
Ragsdale, Drury (1720-UNKNOWN)
Ragsdale, Drury (1825-UNKNOWN)
Ragsdale, Drury R. (1766-1824)
Ragsdale, Fidella Sylvia (9 APR 1876-23 JUL 1925)
Ragsdale, Godfrey (BET 1610 AND 1615-15 APR 1644)
Ragsdale, Godfrey (1644-5 MAY 1703)
Ragsdale, James (1803-UNKNOWN)
Ragsdale, John (1575-UNKNOWN)
Ragsdale, Joseph (17 JAN 1724/25-DEC 1799)
Ragsdale, Joseph A (1799-13 JAN 1874)
Ragsdale, Joseph R (3 JUN 1853-2 MAR 1880)
Ragsdale, Peter (1689-1747)
Ragsdale, William (BET 1545 AND 1550-BET 1614 AND 1615)
Rainey, Mary Margaret (Private-)
Ralls, Audrey Elaine (Private-)
Ralls, Carl Clifford (6 JUN 1914-18 MAR 1943)
Ralls, Carl Kenneth (Private-)
Ralls, Minnie Lee (11 DEC 1873-4 SEP 1923)
Ralls, Morgan (19 JUN 1849-9 AUG 1934)
Range, John Nelson (27 MAR 1823-4 SEP 1897)
Range, Noah (-UNKNOWN)
Range, Sarah Levisa (14 MAY 1866-14 DEC 1947)
Rauch, Nellie (-UNKNOWN)
Raver, Mary Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Reddick, Dorothy G (Private-)
Redman, Lesa Ann (Private-)
Reeder, Chaya Lee (Private-)
Reeder, Elijah Lee (Private-)
Reeder, Eve Shalom Lee (Private-)
Reeder, Jeffrey Joseph (Private-)
Reeder, Jonah Lee (Private-)
Reeder, Josaih Lee (Private-)
Reese, Emily (Private-)
Reese, Jordan (Private-)
Reese, Montgomery Todd (Private-)
Repp, Minnie Bertha (1871-AFT 1930)
Reyna, Laura (Private-)
Richards, Kathy (Private-)
Riddle, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Riedel, Toni Lynn (Private-)
Rien, Caroline (20 OCT 1850-22 NOV 1929)
Rife, Arthur (-UNKNOWN)
Rife, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Rife, Cynil (-UNKNOWN)
Rife, Earl (-UNKNOWN)
Rife, Ethel (-UNKNOWN)
Rife, Fay (-UNKNOWN)
Rife, Ines (-UNKNOWN)
Rife, John (21 DEC 1856-2 AUG 1912)
Rife, Sarah Alice (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Robb, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Robinson, Frank (Private-)
Robinson, Frank Arthur (Private-)
Robinson, Wiulliam George (Private-)
Rodgers, Wall (Private-)
Rodgrs, Mary (2 SEP 1901-6 SEP 1992)
Rodi, Antoinette Sophia (Private-)
Rogers, Jane Carr (27 FEB 1813-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Margaret (1754-2 MAR 1780)
Roller, M.D., Calvin (-UNKNOWN)
Rourke, Harold Hugh (29 AUG 1913-4 OCT 1987)
Rouse, Floyd Ralph (13 DEC 1896-13 MAR 1986)
Rowin, Melissa Moss (Private-)
Rowlett, Rachel (ABT 1644-UNKNOWN)
Sager, JoAnn (Private-)
Sally, Sarah (MAY 1780-3 MAY 1835)
Salter, Ellen (Private-)
Salter, Gerald (-UNKNOWN)
Salter, Geraldine (Private-)
Salter, Harriett (Private-)
Sanders, Brennan Christopher (Private-)
Sanders, David (Private-)
Sanders, Kirsten DeAnn (Private-)
Savitski, John (Private-)
Sayers, Ernest E (1878-AFT 1920)
Schaedler, Maria Anna (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Schaefer, Katherine Elizabeth (28 NOV 1847-UNKNOWN)
Schafer, Barbara Lois (Private-)
Schafer, Betsy Ann (Private-)
Schafer, Joseph Henry (Private-)
Schafer, Louise (Private-)
Schafer, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Schafer, Robert Glenn (Private-)
Schafer, William H. (-UNKNOWN)
Schauer, Melissa (Private-)
Schieche, Robert Dan (Private-)
Schlopkohl, Louise Margeretta (8 MAR 1895-UNKNOWN)
Schmidt, Getrude Anne (Private-)
Schnell, Diane Ruth (Private-)
Schoate, Mr. (-UNKNOWN)
Schroeder, Aurelia (20 APR 1912-20 SEP 1990)
Scott, Archie (Private-)
Scott, Archie (-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Brenda Sue (Private-)
Scott, Gladys Mae (Private-)
Scott, Hazel M (29 MAY 1918-MAY 1984)
Scott, James (Private-)
Scott, Jerry (Private-)
Scott, John (8 APR 1889-DEC 1970)
Scott, Joy (Private-)
Scott, Laverne (Private-)
Scott, Marie (Private-)
Scott, Mary (Private-)
Scott, Robert (Private-)
Scott, Virginia (Private-)
Serio, David (Private-)
Shaw, Hannah (UNKNOWN-1865)
Shear, Melinda S. (Private-)
Sherer, Eleanor W (1803-2 APR 1837)
Sherer, Elizabeth (19 JUL 1794-26 FEB 1860)
Sherer, Jane (22 FEB 1792-30 AUG 1829)
Sherer, Joseph (26 SEP 1785-5 MAR 1825)
Sherer, Juliana (23 MAY 1799-7 MAR 1879)
Sherer, Margaret (8 SEP 1787-17 JUL 1822)
Sherer, Martha Montgomery (5 NOV 1789-30 JAN 1824)
Sherer, Mary (29 SEP 1782-21 OCT 1807)
Sherer, Samual (1755-26 DEC 1821)
Sherer, Samuel B (13 JAN 1804-6 SEP 1866)
Sherer, Sarah (14 MAR 1797-25 NOV 1836)
Shinault, Cathie Marie (Private-)
Shinault, Charles Faron (13 SEP 1954-24 DEC 1976)
Shinault, Charles Thomas (12 APR 1931-30 JUN 1995)
Shipman, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-AFT 1858)
Shofstall, George Owen (1873-1 MAR 1943)
Shofstall, Hazel LaRue (18 AUG 1898-15 NOV 1985)
Short, Frances (Private-)
Shovar, Erin Rachel (Private-)
Shovar, James Patrick (Private-)
Shovar, James Ryan (Private-)
Shovar, Travis William (Private-)
Shroll, Loren (13 JAN 1918-10 OCT 1993)
Sibel, Jennie E (30 SEP 1846-UNKNOWN)
Siewert, Marie Mary (1907-UNKNOWN)
Simmons, Chester Thomas (MAY 1895-2 JUN 1964)
Simmons, Mary Grace (29 DEC 1897-10 JUN 1936)
Simpson, James (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sisk, Majorie Ann (Private-)
Slater, Harry C. (Private-)
Slater, Jeffrey Clayton (Private-)
Slater, Pamela Jane (Private-)
Sliter, Rose Celia Adelaide (1855-1946)
Sloan, Carolyn (-UNKNOWN)
Slothouber, Patricia (Private-)
Smith, Anna B. (3 NOV 1892-OCT 1987)
Smith, Bertha Chadbourne (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Charles P. (1866-1929)
Smith, Evelyn Mary (3 MAY 1915-24 DEC 1996)
Smith, Junior M (18 MAR 1918-31 MAR 2000)
Smith, Kimberly (Private-)
Smith, Lawrence (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Margaret Ann (23 AUG 1845-1927)
Smith, Michelle Lynn (Private-)
Smith, Wilma Alice (12 JAN 1913-19 MAY 1975)
Snodgrass, Martha (1773-1 JUN 1802)
Snodgrass, Mary (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Snow, Cleo Ernest (29 SEP 1915-17 JAN 1999)
Snyder, Phyllis (1919-22 SEP 1959)
Sparks, Catherine (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Spears, James Alecock (Private-)
Spears, Jeffrey David (Private-)
Spears, Julie Ann (Private-)
Spears, Kenneth (1 DEC 1927-14 AUG 2000)
Spears, Nicholas (Private-)
Spears, Olivia (Private-)
Spears, Scott (Private-)
Sprankle, Bertha Irene (Private-)
Sprankle, Jack William (Private-)
Sprankle, James Richard (Private-)
Sprankle, John Calvin (Private-)
Sprankle, Marion Isabel (Private-)
Sprankle, Nancy Joanne (Private-)
Sprankle, Robert Calvin (Private-)
Sprankle, Robert John (Private-)
Sprankle, Wayne (Private-)
Spurgeon, Donald Robert (Private-)
Spurgeon, Robert L. (-UNKNOWN)
Spurgeon, William Allen (Private-)
Stacey, Jessie (-UNKNOWN)
Stasko, Irene (Private-)
Stephenson, Ada (1877-1953)
Sterret, Eliza J. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Eleanor (19 SEP 1784-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Elizabeth (25 APR 1822-28 JUN 1890)
Stewart, James (11 FEB 1809-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, James (7 SEP 1759-1826)
Stewart, James (-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Jane (19 JUN 1782-17 SEP 1855)
Stewart, Jane Hollis (5 NOV 1818-5 JAN 1895)
Stewart, John (4 JUN 1780-9 NOV 1843)
Stewart, John M (20 MAY 1819-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Margaret (1789-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Margaret (31 MAY 1814-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Olivia (-UNKNOWN)
Stiefel, Clinton Keith (Private-)
Stiefel, Dennis Keith (Private-)
Stiefel, Marcy Gail (Private-)
Still, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Stone, Belle (-UNKNOWN)
Stoneking, Marie C. (UNKNOWN-27 NOV 1965)
Stratton, Laura (1892-1926)
Sturgeon, Allen (7 DEC 1840-19 SEP 1920)
Sturgeon, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Carlotta (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Dolloff (24 MAY 1831-27 JUL 1911)
Sturgeon, Edward (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Effie Jane (22 AUG 1835-31 OCT 1916)
Sturgeon, Eleanor (7 JUN 1797-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Elias (SEP 1830-27 FEB 1894)
Sturgeon, Eliz a Maria (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Ellen (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Etta (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, George Winston (Private-)
Sturgeon, Henry (FEB 1843-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Jane (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Jane Eliza (3 NOV 1810-NOV 1858)
Sturgeon, Jane Eliza (28 APR 1799-29 NOV 1799)
Sturgeon, Jeremiah (13 FEB 1820-28 NOV 1848)
Sturgeon, John M (25 APR 1790-14 JUN 1866)
Sturgeon, John McEwen (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Joseph (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Judah Colt (19 APR 1808-16 MAY 1862)
Sturgeon, LaFayette (ABT 1825-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Living (Private-)
Sturgeon, Margaret (15 FEB 1801-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Margaret (30 OCT 1792-JUN 1866)
Sturgeon, Margaret (30 MAY 1827-11 JUN 1911)
Sturgeon, Maria (JUL 1802-1890)
Sturgeon, Martha (14 DEC 1843-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Martha Ann (14 DEC 1843-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Martha Ann (ABT 1823-24 FEB 1883)
Sturgeon, Mary (ABT 1829-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Mary Ann (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Mathew (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Milton (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Nancy (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Octuvus (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Paul Ellis (30 JUL 1909-2 JAN 1990)
Sturgeon, Perry (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Pierce Chamberlain (1842-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Rosanna (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Samuel (3 JAN 1794-10 AUG 1797)
Sturgeon, Samuel (23 APR 1800-1866)
Sturgeon, Samuel (1741-2 OCT 1801)
Sturgeon, Sophia (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Susan (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, Thomas J. (26 OCT 1806-21 FEB 1894)
Sturgeon, William (10 JUL 1768-12 APR 1838)
Sturgeon, William C (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Sturgeon, William Mark (Private-)
Sturgeon, William R. (11 APR 1804-11 SEP 1861)
Sturgeon, Winfield Scott (6 JUN 1847-UNKNOWN)
Summers, Mr. (-UNKNOWN)
Sunday, Robert Joseph (Private-)
Sutton, Alice (Private-)
Sutton, Charles Minton (12 SEP 1883-23 APR 1955)
Sutton, Clarence Leroy (12 JAN 1896-MAR 1976)
Sutton, Clora Bell (29 OCT 1892-6 APR 1958)
Sutton, David (Private-)
Sutton, Eathel (Private-)
Sutton, George (Private-)
Sutton, John Marion (21 APR 1863-10 DEC 1944)
Sutton, John Minton (-UNKNOWN)
Sutton, Luella (Private-)
Sutton, Marion Joh (25 OCT 1904-20 DEC 1977)
Sutton, Mary A (Private-)
Sutton, Milton (Private-)
Sutton, Stella Mae (21 SEP 1887-17 JUN 1939)
Sutton, Vera (Private-)
Sutton, Verda Olive (29 NOV 1899-28 JAN 1972)
Swearingen, Frances W. (11 FEB 1811-1 MAR 1885)
Sweeny, Esther (ABT 1788-1855)
Tami, (Private-)
Therelkeld, Sophia (1803-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Frank Arthur (20 AUG 1900-21 JUL 1981)
Thomas, George Arthur (Private-)
Thomas, Margaret B. (8 NOV 1863-2 DEC 1911)
Thomas, Romona Evelyn (Private-)
Thomas, Samuel Keith (Private-)
Thomas, Son (26 DEC 1977-26 DEC 1977)
Thomas, Theona May (Private-)
Thompson, Laura (Private-)
Thompson, Martha Ann (4 JUL 1868-24 AUG 1925)
Thompson, Mary (Private-)
Thompson, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Stephen (Private-)
Thompson, Susan (Private-)
Tise, Sandy (Private-)
Tomlinson, Homer Eugene (26 MAR 1917-19 NOV 1986)
Toole, Carole Sue (Private-)
Tooley, Jack Winford (13 MAY 1920-10 MAY 1997)
Tooley, Nell Nadean (Private-)
Tooley, Winford Jackson (3 JAN 1891-AFT 1930)
Tripp, Ira (13 AUG 1850-16 NOV 1943)
Tripp, William Penn (17 JUN 1814-12 OCT 1892)
Trippett, Donna Fay (Private-)
Tucker, Gilbert (Private-)
Tygard, Martha (Private-)
Unknown, (Private-)
Unknown, (-UNKNOWN)
Unknown, (Private-)
Unknown, (-UNKNOWN)
Unknown, (Private-)
Unknown, (Private-)
Unknown, Elsie (1906-UNKNOWN)
Upperman, Josephine (1836-1903)
Van Danacker, Ellen (Nelle) (12 APR 1888-22 MAY 1976)
Vanwinkle, Abraham (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Vanwinkle, Mary (1825-1918)
Veile, Adam (Private-)
Veile, Agnes C. (AUG 1895-UNKNOWN)
Veile, Albert (1901-UNKNOWN)
Veile, Albert F (2 OCT 1900-23 AUG 1994)
Veile, Andrew A (Private-)
Veile, Andrew E (18 NOV 1907-9 JAN 1992)
Veile, Anna Katharine (28 OCT 1867-UNKNOWN)
Veile, August Philipp (UNKNOWN-8 NOV 1932)
Veile, Carl A. (7 MAR 1895-25 MAR 1993)
Veile, Carl Vinzenz (17 DEC 1832-3 JUN 1902)
Veile, Chad (Private-)
Veile, Christopher (Private-)
Veile, Clara (11 DEC 1896-JAN 1986)
Veile, Clarence A (12 JAN 1907-21 OCT 1980)
Veile, Donald G (Private-)
Veile, Francisci Xaver (24 JUN 1767-11 MAY 1818)
Veile, Franz Sebastian (30 JAN 1873-30 OCT 1951)
Veile, Fred A. (19 SEP 1909-15 AUG 2004)
Veile, Helen M. (Private-)
Veile, Herbert (Private-)
Veile, Joseph (JAN 1898-UNKNOWN)
Veile, Joseph Sebastian (2 JAN 1802-29 JUL 1876)
Veile, Joseph V (Private-)
Veile, Karl Leopold (6 NOV 1858-UNKNOWN)
Veile, Kathleen E. (Private-)
Veile, Klara Helene (9 AUG 1866-UNKNOWN)
Veile, Lawrence Anthony (Private-)
Veile, Lawrence Harold (19 DEC 1944-MAR 1945)
Veile, Leanord M (Private-)
Veile, Leo (-UNKNOWN)
Veile, Leo A. (6 MAY 1897-12 NOV 1979)
Veile, Maria Agnes (12 SEP 1860-UNKNOWN)
Veile, Mary (SEP 1899-UNKNOWN)
Veile, Matilda (ABT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Veile, Rose A. (ABT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Veile, Walter (19 NOV 1902-19 JUN 1996)
Vittetoe, (Private-)
Walker, Campbell James (Private-)
Walker, Charkes Weir (11 FEB 1908-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Elizabeth Corrine (5 FEB 1897-4 AUG 1987)
Walker, Eugene McIntyre (7 MAY 1905-JUN 1981)
Walker, Iowa laura (4 MAY 1892-19 OCT 1982)
Walker, James Edward (Private-)
Walker, Lewis Charles (15 JAN 1902-19 FEB 1922)
Walker, Jr, Melville Robert (22 DEC 1870-4 OCT 1949)
Walker, Scott (Private-)
Wall, Jay (1887-1963)
Waller, Sophia (20 JAN 1777-UNKNOWN)
Walls, Nellie E (9 SEP 1900-19 OCT 1995)
Walton, Laura Mae (Private-)
Waltz, Lavinie (13 JUN 1865-5 JAN 1908)
Warren, Levi (-UNKNOWN)
Waterhouse, Charles (Private-)
Waters, Christopher (Private-)
Waters, Elizabeth (Private-)
Waters, Sarah Elizabeth (Private-)
Watherhouse, Jameson Charles (Private-)
Watherhouse, Jassica Faye (Private-)
Watson, Alvin Orr (Private-)
Weber, Adrinana Rose (Private-)
Weber, George Allen (Private-)
Weber, Jacqueline Ann (Private-)
Weber, Jacqueline Elizabeth (Private-)
Weber, James Robert (Private-)
Weber, Jennifer Lee (Private-)
Weber, Lee Nelson (Private-)
Weber, Marjorie Lee (23 SEP 1923-7 APR 1977)
Weber, Melinda Kay (Private-)
Weber, Michelle Elizabeth (Private-)
Weber, Philip Bernhardt (13 JUN 1847-3 DEC 1914)
Weber, Philip George (4 NOV 1881-22 FEB 1957)
Weber, Richard Philip (Private-)
Weber, Sarah (Private-)
Weber, Thomas Philip (Private-)
Weber, Timothy Richard (Private-)
Weber, William Martin (Private-)
Weeks, Marjorie (Private-)
Whalen, Catherine Marie (Private-)
Whalen, Catherine Marie (Private-)
Whalen, Catherine Marie (Private-)
Whalen, Lyman Anthony (Private-)
Whalen, Lyman Anthony (Private-)
Whalen, Lyman Anthony (-UNKNOWN)
Wheeler, Miles (ABT 1829-UNKNOWN)
Whitaker, Abraham (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Whitaker, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)
Whitaker, James (-UNKNOWN)
Whitaker, Louis Partee (-UNKNOWN)
Whitham, Alice Mae (22 AUG 1879-6 FEB 1957)
Wiley, George (-UNKNOWN)
Wiley, Susan A. (15 MAY 1845-21 JAN 1911)
Wilhelm, Christine (-UNKNOWN)
Wilhelm, George Phillips Frederick (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wilhite, Lucinda (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Wilkerson, Emma Ethel (JUN 1890-1954)
Wilkins, Mina Josephine (Private-)
Wilkins, Mr. (-UNKNOWN)
William, III Schafer, Charles (Private-)
William, II Schafer, Charles (Private-)
Williams, (first name unknown) (Private-)
Williams, Jody (Private-)
Williams, Smith (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, A (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Amy Dawn (Private-)
Wilson, Brenda Kay (Private-)
Wilson, Eleanor (17 MAY 1852-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, George Kimbel (Private-)
Wilson, James Weldon (Private-)
Wilson, Judith Ann (Private-)
Wilson, Mark Alan (Private-)
Wilson, Rapheal (1792-22 JAN 1872)
Wilson, Regina (Private-)
Woods, Laura Emma (1872-UNKNOWN)
Yang, Thai (Private-)
Yantz, Margaret L. (Maggie May) (9 MAY 1859-20 JUL 1943)
Yeates, Leroy George (26 AUG 1883-19 JUN 1953)
Yetter, Calverd (20 AUG 1873-8 JAN 1949)
Yetter, Jim (-UNKNOWN)
Yetter, Sadie Berice (Sadie) (19 NOV 1900-18 FEB 1984)
Yocum, Chester (UNKNOWN-APR 1950)
Yocum, Louis (20 FEB 1869-15 SEP 1928)
Yokio, Kazuya (Private-)
York, Lora Isabella (6 OCT 1849-16 DEC 1917)
York, Mary Francis (-UNKNOWN)
Young, Bernice Elizabeth (14 MAY 1899-10 FEB 1987)
Young, Joanie Deann (Private-)
Young, Juanita Myrzle (Private-)
Youngkin, Rhonda (Private-)
Youngman, Sarah "Sadie" (1878-UNKNOWN)
Zielke, Betty Rachel (Private-)
lJawhar, Habib Hassan Ali Robert A (Private-)
nameunknown), Mary (last (-UNKNOWN)
time, Unknown at this (Private-)
unknown), (name (Private-)
unknown), (name is (Private-)
unknown), Annie (last name (1801-UNKNOWN)
unknown), Armanda (last name (1882-UNKNOWN)
unknown), Bartie(last name (Private-)
unknown), Cindy (last name (Private-)
unknown), Elizabeth (name (Private-)
unknown), Emma (last name (-UNKNOWN)
unknown), Letitia (last name (1809-AFT 1860)
unknown), Linnea (last name (Private-)
unknown), Margie (last name (Private-)
unknown), Marie M (last name (23 JUL 1897-25 APR 1996)
unknown), Nancy (last name (Private-)
unknown), Patricia E (last name (Private-)
unknown), Tina(last name (Private-)
unknown)Archer, (first name (Private-)


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