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Sources I have found on the Internet on the Muffly Family History

    Spenader & Ryan Genealogy Page

    Mike Kern's Family Genealogy Database

    The Byam Family Home Page

    Madison County, Montana Family Information

    Family Histories & Genealogies at the Centre County Library & Historical Museum.

    Del Hamm Genealogy data

    Family Search Center type in Nicholas Muffly

    Ferguson/Martin/Knauss/Altic WorldConnection Data Base

    Jones, Giering, Meredith WorldConnection Data Base

    Heller & More: PA, NJ, New England, Cornwall, NW Europe WorldConnection Data Base

    Our Family Tree(Jerra Ferguson Kemper)WorldConnection Data Base

    Irish McCready Heritage WorldConnection Data Base

    Our Family Genealogy a Glance at the Past(Jerry McCune) WorldConnection Data Base

    Ginther Family Page WorldConnection Data Base

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