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WADDLE Cecil Ray Brumfield
WADDLE Christina Sunnyside
WADDLE Don J. Unknown
WADDLE Donald C. Sunnyside
WADDLE Donna Gail Munice
WADDLE Ezra Munice
WADDLE Floyd Munice
WADDLE Infant Brumfield
WADDLE Jessie Munice
WADDLE John W. Evergreen/Oakwood
WADDLE Lee W. Sunnyside
WADDLE Mary Evergreen/Oakwood
WADDLE Milard G. Munice
WADDLE Myrtle Munice
WADDLE Nellotho Munice
WADDLE Thomas W. Brumfield
WADSWORTH Carrie E. Mound
WADSWORTH Melvin C. Mound
WADSWORTH Samuel H. Mound
WAGNER Earnest New Hermon
WAGNER Leroy J. New Hermon
WAGNER Lulu Mount Hope
WAGNER Nell New Hermon
WAGONER Infant Oakley
WAKEMAN George E. Raymond
WAKEMAN Lottie L. Raymond
WALKER Aaron Brumfield
WALKER Arthur Riley
WALKER Arthur L. Brumfield
WALKER Dicie Raymond
WALKER Donna Jeanne Center Point
WALKER Dr George T. New Hermon
WALKER Ebert Prairie Bell
WALKER Elna L. Prairie Bell
WALKER Ernest N. Center Point
WALKER Etta Viola Prairie Bell
WALKER Flossie M. Center Point
WALKER J. W. Raymond
WALKER Jerry L. Mound
WALKER Jimmie Mound
WALKER John E. Evergreen/Oakwood
WALKER Josie Alma Evergreen/Leedy
WALKER Laura E. Brumfield
WALKER Martha A. New Hermon
WALKER Mary Evergreen/Leedy
WALKER Milo E. Brumfield
WALKER Omer Lloyd Brumfield
WALKER Rebecca J. Brumfield
WALKER Sae Evergreen/Oakwood
WALKER Sarah E. Brumfield
WALKUP Anita Verma New Hermon
WALKUP Joseph Marion New Hermon
WALKUP Roxey E. New Hermon
WALLACE Belle Evergreen/Leedy
WALLACE Delbert C. Mound
WALLACE Infant Mound
WALLACE Infant Evergreen/Leedy
WALLACE Infant Son Mound
WALLACE Infant Son Mound
WALLACE Lillie A. Mound
WALLACE Olive G. Mount Hope
WALLACE Robert Evergreen/Leedy
WALLACE Robert A. Mound
WALLIS J. P. Fairview
WALLS Colonel E. Mount Hope
WALTER Charley Brumfield
WALTER Dora C. Unknown
WALTER Leona L. Sunnyside
WALTERS Alvey Unknown
WALTERS Annie Fountain
WALTERS Duane Ray Fountain
WALTERS Gwen Unknown
WALTERS Infant Fountain
WALTERS Infant Fountain
WALTERS James Willis Munice
WALTERS John H. Fountain
WALTERS Seth E. Fountain
WALTMAN Harry Lewis Riley
WALTON Buel Leon New Hermon
WALTON Catherine Evergreen/Leedy
WALTON David H. III Sunnyside
WALTON Dorothy A. New Hermon
WALTON Everett L. New Hermon
WALTON H. Everett New Hermon
WALTON Jennie M. New Hermon
WALTON Louran New Hermon
WALTON Roy Evergreen/Leedy
WALTON Ruth Evergreen/Leedy
WALTON Vena May Evergreen/Leedy
WALTON Wallace W. Evergreen/Leedy
WANDER Edwin H. Oakwood Memorial
WANZER Arthur D. Oakwood Memorial
WANZER Earl L. Oakwood Memorial
WANZER Ephram Oakwood Memorial
WANZER Irena Oakwood
WANZER James M. Oakwood Memorial
WANZER Malinda F. Oakwood Memorial
WANZER Mary Oakwood Memorial
WANZER Mildred E. Oakwood Memorial
WANZER Robert A. Oakwood Memorial
WANZER Roy Galisba Oakwood Memorial
WARD Bessie L. Brumfield
WARD Buena V. Brumfield
WARD Calvin W. Unknown
WARD Charles M. "Bill" Brumfield
WARD Charley H. Oakwood
WARD Corbin F. Brumfield
WARD David Karl Brumfield
WARD Delbert Mound
WARD Della A. Brumfield
WARD Dorothy Brumfield
WARD Drucilla Evergreen/Leedy
WARD Edgar Unknown
WARD Elizabeth Brumfield
WARD Fannie Mound
WARD Fines M. Evergreen/Leedy
WARD Florence Edna Riley
WARD Gladys Brumfield
WARD Gregory Ryne Camargo
WARD Guy Benjamin Brumfield
WARD H. A. C. Brumfield
WARD H. Fenton Brumfield
WARD Harriet Mount Hope
WARD Henry Unknown
WARD Inez Mound
WARD Ivan Burr Brumfield
WARD Ivonia W. Brumfield
WARD John W. Mound
WARD Jonathan Craig Brumfield
WARD Joseph B. Brumfield
WARD Joseph E. Brumfield
WARD Joseph W. Brumfield
WARD L. O. Brumfield
WARD Lyle Brumfield
WARD Mazie E. Brumfield
WARD Melissa Jo Riley
WARD Melville O. Mound
WARD Minnie Velma Brumfield
WARD Morgan W. Brumfield
WARD N. M. Brumfield
WARD Neva Pearl Riley
WARD Olin S. Brumfield
WARD Pearl Brumfield
WARD Rachell A. Mound
WARD Reva L. Brumfield
WARD Sadie L. Brumfield
WARD Samuel Edgar "Sam" Riley
WARD Sara Mound
WARD Sarah Brumfield
WARD Sheila Hope Mound
WARD Stella J. Brumfield
WARD Sue Camargo
WARD Thomas Mound
WARD Tommy Mound
WARD Virginia Brumfield
WARD William Henderson Riley
WARFFELI Anna Fairview
WARFFELI Anna Marie Fairview
WARFFELI Dale Fairview
WARFFELI Dale Fairview
WARFFELI John W. Fairview
WARFFELI Lucy E. Fairview
WARFFELI R. L. Fairview
WARFFELI Rosa Fairview
WARFFELI Rudolph "Mandy" Fairview
WARFFELI Rudolph R. Fairview
WARNER Dolly E. Brumfield
WARNER Ersel Brumfield
WARNER James Cecil Brumfield
WARREN Alice Camargo
WARREN Amber H. Munice
WARREN Cecil Camargo
WARREN Flora E. Munice
WARREN James W. Evergreen/Leedy
WARREN Lourena J. Evergreen/Leedy
WARREN Roy L. Camargo
WARREN Todd A. Brumfield
WARREN William Elvy Fairview
WARREN Raymond
WATERS Clarence F. Brumfield
WATERS Nellie J. Brumfield
WATKINS Brock Allen Sunnyside
WATKINS Elsie Pearl Webb
WATSON Clarence A. Center Point
WATSON Cyril Dahl Brumfield
WATSON Doris B. Unknown
WATSON Elizabeth E. Brumfield
WATSON Elmer Center Point
WATSON Grace Q. Evergreen/Leedy
WATSON Guy Center Point
WATSON James H. Fairview
WATSON James Lee Brumfield
WATSON James T. Brumfield
WATSON Mary J. Fairview
WATSON Thomas Nihart Sunnyside
WATSON Troy Evergreen/Leedy
WATSON Wallace H. Brumfield
WATSON Willie Mae Center Point
WATT Carrie Prairie Bell
WATT John Prairie Bell
WATT Richard Prairie Bell
WATTS Erma M. Unknown
WATTS Harry M. Sunnyside
WATTS Harvey M. Sunnyside
WATTS Henry L. Sunnyside
WATTS Henry L. Jr. Sunnyside
WATTS Ola Eugene Sunnyside
WATTS Oma C. Sunnyside
WAYLAND Clarence A. "Chuck" Riley
WEASEL Rena M. Riley
WEAVER A. D. Brumfield
WEAVER Carol Lou Sunnyside
WEAVER Johnnie Brumfield
WEAVER Mearl A. Brumfield
WEAVER Ona Mae Sunnyside
WEAVER Terrell C. Brumfield
WEAVER Urban C. Sunnyside
WEBB Charles Willis Evergreen/Leedy
WEBB Dorothy Mae Sunnyside
WEBB Gretchen Evergreen/Leedy
WEBB Jack D. Evergreen/Leedy
WEBB Mary Evergreen/Leedy
WEBB Ronald Gene Evergreen/Leedy
WEBB Negro
WEBB Riley
WEBBER Benny Jr. Brumfield
WEBBER Howard Brumfield
WEBER Edward Brumfield
WEBER Ervin A. Brumfield
WEBER Ira W. Oakwood
WEBER Larry Gene Oakwood
WEBER Leona C. Oakwood
WEBER Vada Brumfield
WEBER Vernon Oakwood
WEBER Violet G. Brumfield
WEBER Wilbur W. Oakwood
WEBSTER Dewey S. Brumfield
WEBSTER Donnie L. Unknown
WEBSTER Irene L. Brumfield
WEBSTER John Cleveland Vassar
WEBSTER John Hubert Vassar
WEDGE Zelma Raymond
WEEDON Francis M. Sunnyside
WEEDON Hazel A. Sunnyside
WEEDON J. L. "Deck" Sunnyside
WEEDON Jacqueline Jean Sunnyside
WEEDON Naida Beth Irwin Unknown
WEEDON Randal Lawton Unknown
WEEDON Susan J. Unknown
WEEKS Abraham Brumfield
WEEKS Alice Louella Fountain
WEEKS Bertha M. Fairview
WEEKS Frank W. Fairview
WEEKS Fredrico Fairview
WEEKS Harold Brumfield
WEEKS James S. Cedarvale/Cedarvalley
WEEKS Ralph Fountain
WEEMS Alonzo J. Brumfield
WEEMS Chester J. Unknown
WEEMS Cora Viola Brumfield
WEIL Ferdinard Mound
WEIL Hazel Mound
WEIL Henry Mound
WEIL Mary Mound
WEIL Wilbur Mound
WEINS John J. Mound
WEIR Clemons B. Evergreen/Leedy
WEIR Edward E. New Hermon
WEIR Ezra C. Evergreen/Leedy
WEIR George H. Evergreen/Leedy
WEIR H. Lenora Evergreen/Leedy
WEIR Ila Merl Evergreen/Leedy
WEIR James T. New Hermon
WEIR John H. Evergreen/Leedy
WEIR Mary A. Evergreen/Leedy
WEIR Melinda New Hermon
WEIR Thomas T. New Hermon
WEIR Wilber Eugene Trail
WELCH Alfred J. Sunnyside
WELCH Carrie E. Brumfield
WELCH Clara Evergreen/Leedy
WELCH John Vassar
WELCH Juliet Fountain
WELCH Lola G. Sunnyside
WELCH Nettie B. Sunnyside
WELCH Ruben Fountain
WELCH William Arthur "Bill" Brumfield
WELDON Arthur Lee Rhea
WELDON Raymond
WELLBORN Lois Brumfield
WELLS Carrie Brumfield
WELLS Corp J. C. Unknown
WELLS Dora Mound
WELLS Etta L. Mound
WELLS Fred W. Camargo
WELLS G. W. Mount Hope
WELLS Geo W. Camargo
WELLS Glaudious Ambrous Mount Hope
WELLS Golden Unknown
WELLS Kate Vassar
WELLS P. R. "Riz" Brumfield
WELLS Ruth M. Mound
WELLS Samuel H. Vassar
WELLS Sarah Ellen Mount Hope
WELLS Stella Vassar
WELLS Warren L. Vassar
WELLS William E. "Ed" Mound
WELLS William L. Mound
WELSH Henry E. Oakwood Memorial
WELSH Minnie E. Oakwood Memorial
WELSH Moses G. Oakwood Memorial
WELTY Alice Unknown
WELTY Edna Unknown
WENE Myrna K. Brumfield
WENZLER Anna M. Riley
WENZLER Chris Riley
WENZLER Virgil R. Riley
WEST Claudie Unknown
WEST Earl Evergreen/Oakwood
WEST Elizabeth Vassar
WEST Elizabeth E. Mount Hope
WEST Fay Oakwood Memorial
WEST Harvey Leroy Vassar
WEST Ida Evergreen/Oakwood
WEST John William Oakwood Memorial
WEST Julia Etta Oakwood Memorial
WEST Lemuel L. Oakwood Memorial
WEST Mary Margert Oakwood Memorial
WEST Minnie Vassar
WESTENHAVER Donald D. Jr Riley
WESTENHAVER Floyd Sunnyside
WESTENHAVER George H. Unknown
WESTENHAVER Marilyn Faye Riley
WESTENHAVER Nolan Sunnyside
WESTOVER Claude Unknown
WHEELER Bluford Unknown
WHEELER Carmen Fountain
WHEELER Chester R. Fountain
WHEELER Daniel Vassar
WHEELER Frank M. Fountain
WHEELER Hellen L. Fountain
WHEELER John W. Riley
WHEELER Lena F. Vassar
WHEELER Tracy Fountain
WHERRITT Allen Unknown
WHERRITT Annie A. Trail
WHERRITT Barton Trail
WHERRITT George Thornton Trail
WHERRITT Henry A. Trail
WHERRITT Lucy F. Trail
WHETSTONE Atha L. Brumfield
WHETSTONE Bertha May Brumfield
WHETSTONE Donald G. Brumfield
WHETSTONE Gary Dene Brumfield
WHETSTONE Infant Brumfield
WHETSTONE James Earl Brumfield
WHETSTONE Zola B. Brumfield
WHETZELL Lillie R. Brumfield
WHETZELL Martin Brumfield
WHITACRE Edna Prairie Bell
WHITACRE Golda Prairie Bell
WHITACRE Margaret Prairie Bell
WHITACRE Oscar Prairie Bell
WHITACRE Thomas "Tom" Prairie Bell
WHITACRE William "Bill" Prairie Bell
WHITAKER Melenda S. Brumfield
WHITE Alson Prairie Bell
WHITE Arlo Unknown
WHITE C. H. Sunnyside
WHITE Cecil C. Sunnyside
WHITE Charles W. Sunnyside
WHITE Charles Willis Unknown
WHITE Clarence H. Prairie Bell
WHITE Claude Sunnyside
WHITE Cora A. Sunnyside
WHITE Dozier T. Fairview
WHITE Earl Martin Evergreen/Leedy
WHITE Eddie L. Unknown
WHITE Emily M. Sunnyside
WHITE Emma Unknown
WHITE Frank Unknown
WHITE Genareo Unknown
WHITE Hattie Zola Unknown
WHITE Hazel E. Unknown
WHITE Hazel Jeneva Sunnyside
WHITE Infant Sunnyside
WHITE Infant Sunnyside
WHITE John l. Fountain
WHITE Leo L. Sunnyside
WHITE Levy Jesse Munice
WHITE Lewis Sunnyside
WHITE Lindel A. Sunnyside
WHITE Lindel A. Sunnyside
WHITE Lois L. Sunnyside
WHITE Marjorie A. Sunnyside
WHITE May Bell New Hermon
WHITE Mendall Trent Sunnyside
WHITE Minnie W. Fairview
WHITE Neil David D.D.S. Sunnyside
WHITE Ollie Prairie Bell
WHITE Ora Alvin Unknown
WHITE Ronald L. Sunnyside
WHITE Samuel A. Prairie Bell
WHITE Samuel F. Evergreen/Leedy
WHITE Susan J. Fountain
WHITE Twila L. Sunnyside
WHITE Verna A. Sunnyside
WHITE Vivian Sunnyside
WHITE Wesley Prairie Bell
WHITE Willard W. Sunnyside
WHITE William A. Fountain
WHITE William Arthur Prairie Bell
WHITE Willie Trail
WHITE Zelma Evergreen/Leedy
WHITE Ada G. Brumfield
WHITE Allen L. Riley
WHITE Alma O. Riley
WHITE Arlo Riley
WHITE Arthur W. Riley
WHITE Bert Brumfield
WHITE Bessie A. Brumfield
WHITE Calvin Riley
WHITE Earl L. Riley
WHITE Elta A. Riley
WHITE Emily V. Riley
WHITE Emma J. Riley
WHITE Ethel C. Riley
WHITE Eva Mae Brumfield
WHITE Frank Brumfield
WHITE Frank L. Riley
WHITE George Riley
WHITE Harry L. Brumfield
WHITE Ida Riley
WHITE Infant Rhea
WHITE Infant Daughter Riley
WHITE James Francis "Shorty" Riley
WHITE James W. Riley
WHITE Jim Brumfield
WHITE Jimmie Lee Riley
WHITE John Clarke Riley
WHITE John W. Brumfield
WHITE Lewis C. Riley
WHITE Mary Riley
WHITE Nancy J. Brumfield
WHITE Roy Riley
WHITE Stella Rhea
WHITE Wildred E. Riley
WHITE William Brumfield
WHITE EAGLE Ella Unknown
WHITE HORSE Henry Brumfield
WHITE HORSE Mary Brumfield
WHITEHEAD Charles N. Riley
WHITEHEAD Chester Melvin Riley
WHITEHEAD Clara E. Riley
WHITEHEAD Gerald M. Sunnyside
WHITEHEAD Lester M. 1895 Riley
WHITEHEAD Lorenzo D. Riley
WHITEHEAD Myrtle A. Riley
WHITEHEAD Nancy E. Riley
WHITEMAN Bobby Ray Brumfield
WHITEMAN Funston "Bill" Brumfield
WHITEMAN George Unknown
WHITEMAN Gladys A. Brumfield
WHITEMAN Jessie L. Vassar
WHITEMAN Lee Brumfield
WHITMARSH Byron Joseph Sunnyside
WHITMARSH Byron R. Sunnyside
WHITMARSH Lucile Sunnyside
WHITNEY Ransom Munice
WHITSON Harry O. Mount Hope
WHITSON Mattie E. Mount Hope
WHITTENBERG Mary Ethel Mound
WHITTENBERG Opal Wende Mound
WICKHAM Thomas Sunnyside
WIDENER Alice Prairie Bell
WIDENER Arthur Eyman Bloomfield
WIDENER Charles R. Prairie Bell
WIDENER Charles R. Prairie Bell
WIDENER Dave Prairie Bell
WIDENER Glen Prairie Bell
WIDENER Hasting Sr. Prairie Bell
WIDENER Infant Prairie Bell
WIDENER James Bloomfield
WIDENER Leon Prairie Bell
WIDENER Matilda Prairie Bell
WIDENER Otha Iman Prairie Bell
WIDENER Sylva Jessie Bloomfield
WIDENER Ula L. Prairie Bell
WIDENER Viola Bloomfield
WIDENER Virginia May Prairie Bell
WIDENER Walter Prairie Bell
WIDENER Walter Jr. Prairie Bell
WIDNEY Anna Mae Mount Hope
WIDNEY Carl A. Mount Hope
WIDNEY Darlene L. Mount Hope
WIDNEY Edith E. Mount Hope
WIDNEY Elsie H. Mount Hope
WIDNEY Emma Mount Hope
WIDNEY Fleda H. Mount Hope
WIDNEY Glen W. Harrison/Little Robe
WIDNEY Josephine H. Mount Hope
WIDNEY Kelli K. Mount Hope
WIDNEY Wilford L. Mount Hope
WIDNEY William F. Mount Hope
WIDNEY Wm Linn Mount Hope
WIESE Infant Fountain
WIESER Henry Mount Hope
WIESER Sadie Mount Hope
WILCOX Ada M. Sunnyside
WILCOX Grover B. Sunnyside
WILCOX H. F. Unknown
WILCOX Hollis Camargo
WILCOX J. W. Camargo
WILCOX Jackson W. Unknown
WILCOX John William Camargo
WILCOX Lennie O. Sunnyside
WILCOX Anna Brumfield
WILCOX John W. Brumfield
WILCOX Paul F. Brumfield
WILCOX Paul R. Brumfield
WILDMAN Alveta Kay Sunnyside
WILDMAN Bessie Sunnyside
WILDMAN Charles H. Sunnyside
WILDMAN Earl Sunnyside
WILDMAN Edith M. Riley
WILDMAN Eura A. Sunnyside
WILDMAN Ilean C. Sunnyside
WILDMAN J. E. "Ted" Sunnyside
WILDMAN Kenneth C. Riley
WILDMAN Marmaduke "Duke' Riley
WILDMAN Merl Eldon Riley
WILDMAN Myrtle Riley
WILDMAN Norman R. Sunnyside
WILDMAN Pearl M. Sunnyside
WILDMAN Sarah Elsie Riley
WILDMAN Verl Sunnyside
WILDMAN 37377 Sunnyside
WILE Anthony Andrew Oakwood
WILE Harry P. Mount Hope
WILE Sadie L. Mount Hope
WILEY Julia K. Rhea
WILKINSON George H. Fountain
WILLARD Henry Prairie Bell
WILLARD Viola Pearl Prairie Bell
WILLARD Prairie Bell
WILLETT Minerva Riley
WILLEY Lucretia Mound
WILLIAMS Ben J. Prairie Bell
WILLIAMS Bessie E. Munice
WILLIAMS Billy Carl Oakwood Memorial
WILLIAMS Birdie S. Center Point
WILLIAMS Buster Center Point
WILLIAMS Charles W. New Hermon
WILLIAMS Charlie Center Point
WILLIAMS Clara Oakley
WILLIAMS Clarinda Center Point
WILLIAMS Delane "Beezy' Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS Dennie Unknown
WILLIAMS Dolly Prairie Bell
WILLIAMS Dr. Valentine Camargo
WILLIAMS E. A. "Pet" Center Point
WILLIAMS Edford L. Riley
WILLIAMS Elizabeth "Lizzie" Center Point
WILLIAMS Ethel Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS Florence Camargo
WILLIAMS Flossie Unknown
WILLIAMS Frank New Hermon
WILLIAMS Frank E. New Hermon
WILLIAMS Frank M. Center Point
WILLIAMS Fredrick Camargo
WILLIAMS Gene Unknown
WILLIAMS George L. Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS George W. Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS George W. Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS Gracie Yake
WILLIAMS Hartford P. Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS Infant Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS Infant Girl Raymond
WILLIAMS Irene B. Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS Isaac Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS Isaac Oakley
WILLIAMS James Munice
WILLIAMS James H. Center Point
WILLIAMS James S. Center Point
WILLIAMS Jessie R. Center Point
WILLIAMS Jimmie Lee Rhea
WILLIAMS Joe A. Center Point
WILLIAMS John J. Riley
WILLIAMS John W. Oakwood
WILLIAMS Johnnie F. Rev Center Point
WILLIAMS Joseph H. Mound
WILLIAMS Kate Belle New Hermon
WILLIAMS Lee J. "Pete" Center Point
WILLIAMS Lena M. Center Point
WILLIAMS Leonard Center Point
WILLIAMS Leown Oakley
WILLIAMS Leveta Mae Center Point
WILLIAMS Lillie M. New Hermon
WILLIAMS Lizzie E. Center Point
WILLIAMS Mabel Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS Maggie New Hermon
WILLIAMS Marvin E. Center Point
WILLIAMS Mary E. Center Point
WILLIAMS Mattie Center Point
WILLIAMS Maude Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS Monroe Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS Neeley S. Center Point
WILLIAMS Nellie Munice
WILLIAMS Neva E. Riley
WILLIAMS Nita Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS Octavia A. Raymond
WILLIAMS Orlindia B. Riley
WILLIAMS Pearl Prairie Bell
WILLIAMS Rebecca J. Riley
WILLIAMS Roger New Hermon
WILLIAMS Sarah J. Oakwood
WILLIAMS Sheridan Munice
WILLIAMS Virgil Roosevelt Camargo
WILLIAMS W. Seaton Raymond
WILLIAMS Walter E. New Hermon
WILLIAMS Warner Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS William Everett Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMS William M. Riley
WILLIAMS William W. Riley
WILLIAMS Wilma Prairie Bell
WILLIAMS Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMSON Alma R. Unknown
WILLIAMSON Claude Unknown
WILLIAMSON Cleo C. Evergreen/Leedy
WILLIAMSON Doris Nadine Sunnyside
WILLIAMSON Edith G. "Kindy" Sunnyside
WILLIAMSON Edmund S. Vassar
WILLIAMSON Ethyl Sunnyside
WILLIAMSON George W. Sunnyside
WILLIAMSON Hazel L. Unknown
WILLIAMSON John Fairview
WILLIAMSON Nannie M. Vassar
WILLIAMSON Oscar Sunnyside
WILLIAMSON Oscar Sunnyside
WILLIAMSON Robert W. "Bob" Brumfield
WILLIAMSON Roy Edward Unknown
WILLINGHAM Filbean Brumfield
WILLINGHAM John H. Brumfield
WILLIS Everett O. Riley
WILLIS Harold E. Riley
WILLIS Jessie C. Mound
WILLS Delbert Unknown
WILLS Dessie New Hermon
WILLS Earl H. Oakwood Memorial
WILLS Flossie Ann Oakwood Memorial
WILLS George Daniel Oakwood
WILLS George W. Oakwood
WILLS Harley Cade Oakwood Memorial
WILLS Horace E. Oakwood
WILLS Maggie Oakwood
WILLS Mark Oakwood
WILLS Sarah E. Oakwood
WILLSIE Lee J. Evergreen/Leedy
WILSEY Evah A. Mount Hope
WILSHUSEN Jennie O. Brumfield
WILSHUSEN Karl D. Brumfield
WILSON A. W. Bloomfield
WILSON Alice Alberta "Bert" Brumfield
WILSON Ann Brumfield
WILSON Ardilla Evergreen/Leedy
WILSON Arthur D. Fairview
WILSON C. B. Mound
WILSON Calvin A. Mound
WILSON Charles T. Unknown
WILSON Child Trail
WILSON Clarence Unknown
WILSON Daniel M. Trail
WILSON E. L. Sunnyside
WILSON E. O. Brumfield
WILSON Edward W. Brumfield
WILSON Eliza E. Mound
WILSON Ernest Unknown
WILSON Ernest P. Trail
WILSON Fannie E. Trail
WILSON Floyd Brumfield
WILSON Guy Mound
WILSON Helga A. Brumfield
WILSON Isaac H. Brumfield
WILSON James B. Evergreen/Leedy
WILSON John E. Evergreen/Leedy
WILSON Joseph B. Mound
WILSON Kathy New Hermon
WILSON Kenneth Evergreen/Leedy
WILSON Lloyd Harr Brumfield
WILSON Mable Woods New Hermon
WILSON Pearl Brumfield
WILSON Peston D. Mound
WILSON R. T. Sunnyside
WILSON Rev C. B. Mound
WILSON Russell "Hap" Brumfield
WILSON Sarah E. Bloomfield
WILSON W. G. Bloomfield
WILSON Warren Camargo
WILSON William Fillmore "Phil" Trail
WILSON William Marshall Mound
WILSON Prairie Bell
WINBURN Allice I. Mound
WINBURN Beatrice Riley
WINBURN Carl R. Mound
WINBURN George Mound
WINBURN Harlen A. Mound
WINBURN Infant Bloomfield
WINBURN Lizzie E. Mound
WINBURN Lovella Mound
WINBURN Paul l. Mound
WINBURN Richard A. Mound
WINDOLPH Augusta Viola Riley
WINDOLPH Infant Riley
WINDOLPH Jessie J. Sunnyside
WINDOLPH John F. Sunnyside
WINDOLPH Paul G. Sunnyside
WING Arminta B. Camargo
WING Dewayne Camargo
WING Edwin Riverview
WING Esther Unknown
WING Gail E. Camargo
WING Gail Edwin Camargo
WING Ralph Camargo
WING Werner Ashley Camargo
WINGO America J. Unknown
WINGO Donald Edwin Unknown
WINGO Earl L. Sunnyside
WINGO Eunice L. Sunnyside
WINGO lola Sunnyside
WINGO Lowell Sunnyside
WINGO Robo M. Sunnyside
WINGO Ward Sunnyside
WINGO Wayne C. Sunnyside
WINGO William C. Unknown
WINGO Wilma Gean Sunnyside
WINSOR George H. Bloomfield
WINSOR Nora Bloomfield
WINTERHALTER Ira Sanford Sunnyside
WINTERS Carroll Lavone Munice
WINTERS Fred V. Brumfield
WINTERS Herbert Brumfield
WINTERS Icie A. Brumfield
WINTERS James Brumfield
WINTERS Julia Mary Brumfield
WION Bertha G. Munice
Wion Fred J. Brumfield
WISE Ivan W. Brumfield
WISENBURG Isaac D. Unknown
WISENBURG Marguret Sunnyside
WITHERS Daniel Fairview
WITHERS Emma A. Fairview
WITHERS Walter W. Fairview
WITHERS Fairview
WITT Caroline D. New Hermon
WITT Herman C. New Hermon
WITT Ida Belle Rhea
WITT Lamar S. New Hermon
WITT Sunnyside
WIXON Mary A. Mound
WIXON William H. Mound
WOFFORD Elizabeth Camargo
WOFFORD Frank L. Camargo
WOHL John R. Rhea
WOHL Rosa Rhea
WOHL William Rhea
WOLF Augustar Fountain
WOMAN Black Trail
WOOD A. G. Brumfield
WOOD Bessie Rhea
WOOD Coleman Rhea
WOOD Win J. Riley
WOODALL Carroll R. Rhea
WOODALL Dovie Page Rhea
WOODALL Eunice Rhea
WOODALL Royce Glen Rhea
WOODARD Betty L. Unknown
WOODARD Charles New Hermon
WOODARD Earnest Unknown
WOODARD Infant Dau New Hermon
WOODARD James Herbert New Hermon
WOODARD Jerldine New Hermon
WOODARD Johnnie New Hermon
WOODARD Jonnie Leon New Hermon
WOODARD Laura Bell New Hermon
WOODARD Melvin New Hermon
WOODARD Phoebe M. New Hermon
WOODARD Walter Sylvester New Hermon
WOODRING Louie Brumfield
WOODRING Nettie A. Brumfield
WOODRING Soloman J. Brumfield
WOODRUM Lois P. Sunnyside
WOODRUM Lon Sunnyside
WOODRUM Loren Worth Riverview
WOODRUM Ruby Sunnyside
WOODRUM Worth L. Sunnyside
WOODS Alonzo Hile Camargo
WOODS Bart Mound
WOODS Clint New Hermon
WOODS Francis Mound
WOODS Fred A. Mound
WOODS George W. Mound
WOODS Glen Mound
WOODS John Elmer Fairview
WOODS Lola Mound
WOODS Mart Mound
WOODS Matialda J. Mound
WOODS Maude M. Mound
WOODS Porter New Hermon
WOODS Ruth Mound
WOODS Thomas B. Mound
WOODS Andrew H. Vassar
WOODS Ted G. Brumfield
WOODSIDE William T. Sunnyside
WOODWARD Clyde E. Brumfield
WOODWARD Earnest S. New Hermon
WOODWARD Lonetta. Brumfield
WOOLLEY Bonnie M. Unknown
WOOLLEY Elmo Unknown
WOOSLEY Art Fairview
WOOSLEY Naomi Fairview
WOOTEN Alice Oakwood Memorial
WOOTEN Elda M. Oakwood Memorial
WOOTEN John W. Oakwood Memorial
WOOTEN John W. Oakwood Memorial
WOOTEN Rachel I. Oakwood Memorial
WORKMAN Florence Brumfield
WORKMAN Frank Brumfield
WORKMAN Jack D. Brumfield
WORKMAN JohnC. Brumfield
WORKMAN Robert G. Oakwood Memorial
WORKMAN Ruth Fern Brumfield
WORMAN Fairview
WORTHINGTON Infant Brumfield
WORTHINGTON Joseph C. Fountain
WRAY Bertie Lois Riverview
WRAY Bill Unknown
WRAY Golden M. New Hermon
WRAY John J. New Hermon
WRAY Laura May Riley
WRAY Mary Union View
WRAY Mrs John J. New Hermon
WRAY William P. Riverview
WRIGHT D. Marciel Raymond
WRIGHT Daniel R. Mound
WRIGHT Earl C. Sunnyside
WRIGHT Edna M. Unknown
WRIGHT Elizabeth A. Riverview
WRIGHT Elsie Raymond
WRIGHT Irene F. Coleman Unknown
WRIGHT J. V. Raymond
WRIGHT John Prairie Bell
WRIGHT John Ewing Oakwood Memorial
WRIGHT John H. Riley
WRIGHT John K. Oakwood Memorial
WRIGHT Josephine H. Riley
WRIGHT Julia E. Brumfield
WRIGHT Laura B. Brumfield
WRIGHT Lena E. Raymond
WRIGHT Lynn Earl Raymond
WRIGHT Maude Mound
WRIGHT Ozro W. M.D. Brumfield
WRIGHT Rosa Alice Oakwood Memorial
WRIGHT Ruth G. Oakwood Memorial
WRIGHT Thomas V. Oakwood Memorial
WRIGHT William "Bill" Evergreen/Leedy
WRINKLE Adrian A. Evergreen/Leedy
WRINKLE Nancy C. Evergreen/Leedy
WRINKLE Thomas E. Evergreen/Leedy
WRITER Louisa Fountain
WYNN Frank Sunnyside
WYNN Pearl F. Sunnyside
WYNN William J. Munice

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