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JACKSON Alfred M. Oakwood Memorial
JACKSON Bessie Marie Riley
JACKSON Carl T. Unknown
JACKSON Charles Oakwood Memorial
JACKSON Charles T. Brumfield
JACKSON Claude Oakwood Memorial
JACKSON Daisy V. Sunnyside
JACKSON Eddie M. Sunnyside
JACKSON Edward David Riley
JACKSON Elmer Unknown
JACKSON Everett Bernard Riley
JACKSON Flora R. "Blackie" Munice
JACKSON Harold E. or F. Munice
JACKSON Hattie May Oakwood Memorial
JACKSON Hazel E. Oakwood Memorial
JACKSON Ira A. Vassar
JACKSON James Vestal Brumfield
JACKSON John L. Vassar
JACKSON John L. Vassar
JACKSON Lavena Louise Center Point
JACKSON Leland Max Vassar
JACKSON LemuE1 Ira Vassar
JACKSON Mabel M. Riley
JACKSON Mary Lee Brumfield
JACKSON Monroe M. Oakwood Memorial
JACKSON Myrtle Grace Riley
JACKSON Opal Leona Vassar
JACKSON Robert Wayne Center Point
JACKSON Roger A. Vassar
JACKSON Roy Roland Brumfield
JACKSON Ruth Marie Vassar
JACKSON Sarah F. Vassar
JACKSON Stella P. Brumfield
JACOBS Curtis H. Unknown
JACOBS Fred Brumfield
JACOBS Sarah Brumfield
JAGGER Josephine Munice
JAGGER Roy Munice
JAGGER Sophie I. Brumfield
JAGGER Winifield Munice
JAMES Benjamin Trail
JAMES Blanche Trail
JAMES Elsie P. Trail
JAMES Francis Mound
JAMES Hartwell Trail
JAMES Infant Son Trail
JAMES Ivy V. Trail
JAMES Luther H. Trail
JAMES Mary Alice Sunnyside
JAMES Opal Castor Sunnyside
JAMES Robert E. Trail
JAMES Ruben Thomas Prairie Bell
JAMES Wilber Trail
JAMES William Sunnyside
JAMES Winnie D. Mound
JAMESON Reese Rhea
JANNSON Eliza Evergreen/Oakwood
JAQUITH Beth Ellen Brumfield
JAQUITH Charles E. Brumfield
JAQUITH Clide M. Brumfield
JAQUITH Eithel Brumfield
JAQUITH Eithel Unknown
JAQUITH Eugene E. Brumfield
JAQUITH Fay Brumfield
JAQUITH Minnie C. Brumfield
JAQUITH Nancy Brumfield
JAQUITH Nel L. Mound
JAQUITH R. Belmer "Bob" Brumfield
JAQUITH W. H. Brumfield
JAQUITH W. Ray Brumfield
JAQUITH William E. Brumfield
JARNAGIN Avo Prairie Bell
JARNAGIN Carl Prairie Bell
JARNAGIN Mathew Prairie Bell
JARNAGIN Ortto Prairie Bell
JARRED Carmine Fern Brumfield
JARVIS Aubrey New Hermon
JEFFCOAT Faye Unknown
JEFFERS George G. Vassar
JEFFERS John Vassar
JELLISON Floyd Ray Brumfield
JELLISON Ivan R. Brumfield
JENKINS Franklin Trail
JENKINS Glaribel Riley
JENKINS lola Mount Hope
JENNINGS Alice Brace Sunnyside
JENNINGS Glenn W. Vassar
JENNINGS Mary Vassar
JENNINGS May Parks Vassar
JENNINGS Vernon H. Sunnyside
JEWELL Mable Mount Hope
JEWETT Anna F. Mount Hope
JEWETT Asbury C. Mount Hope
JEWETT Carrie E. Mount Hope
JEWETT Catherine Mount Hope
JEWETT John A. Mount Hope
JEWETT Mary A. Mount Hope
JOHNS Ameil J. Unknown
JOHNS Barnie A. Mound
JOHNS Elisha Cedarvale/Cedarvalley
JOHNS Ella Unknown
JOHNS Grace Camargo
JOHNS Larance Cedarvale/Cedarvalley
JOHNS Minerva Cedarvale/Cedarvalley
JOHNS William H. Cedarvale/Cedarvalley
JOHNS E1la F. Vassar
JOHNSON A. B. Camargo
JOHNSON Amos Unknown
JOHNSON Arthur B. Camargo
JOHNSON Belle Mound
JOHNSON Benjamin Ray Oakwood Memorial
JOHNSON Bernice Munice
JOHNSON Bernice Unknown
JOHNSON Charles A. Mound
JOHNSON Clarence N. Sunnyside
JOHNSON Delivan Bishop Mount Hope
JOHNSON Earl Hyer Munice
JOHNSON Elzira Mound
JOHNSON Emma M. Mound
JOHNSON Eva N Unknown
JOHNSON Evelyn Sunnyside
JOHNSON Eythel G. Sunnyside
JOHNSON Florence E. Sunnyside
JOHNSON Frank J. Mound
JOHNSON George F. Mount Hope
JOHNSON George R. Unknown
JOHNSON Glen Sunnyside
JOHNSON Glen Sunnyside
JOHNSON Guy and Family Munice
JOHNSON Hannah D. Oakley
JOHNSON Heskett Unknown
JOHNSON Homer D. Mound
JOHNSON Howard A. Oakley
JOHNSON Hugh M. Sunnyside
JOHNSON Ida May Oakwood Memorial
JOHNSON Irma A. Sunnyside
JOHNSON Iva Mae Oakwood
JOHNSON James E. Oakwood
JOHNSON Jay Lee Munice
JOHNSON Jennie Bell Mount Hope
JOHNSON John Oakwood
JOHNSON Joseph D. Mound
JOHNSON Lee B. Sunnyside
JOHNSON Leland Sunnyside
JOHNSON Leland Sunnyside
JOHNSON Leo Oakley
JOHNSON Lettitia C. Munice
JOHNSON Levi Oakwood
JOHNSON Lizzie Lee Camargo
JOHNSON Luney Mound
JOHNSON Lydia L. Munice
JOHNSON Marietta Oakwood
JOHNSON May A. Munice
JOHNSON Myrtle Mound
JOHNSON Myrtle Eula Evergreen/Oakwood
JOHNSON Nina M. Sunnyside
JOHNSON Noah M. Munice
JOHNSON Pamelia Oakwood
JOHNSON Rev Mike B. Munice
JOHNSON Richard D. Sunnyside
JOHNSON Rodney Dean Mount Hope
JOHNSON Roy Dee Oakwood Memorial
JOHNSON Roy Hermon "Sprout" Munice
JOHNSON Samuel T. Mound
JOHNSON Vera Mae Munice
JOHNSON W. C. "Bill" Munice
JOHNSON William Conley Munice
JOHNSON Elizabeth Brumfield
JOHNSON Orville C. Riley
JOHNSON Stella Riley
JOHNSTON Albert W. Prairie Bell
JOHNSTON Anna Prairie Bell
JOHNSTON Cecilia Sunnyside
JOHNSTON Clara May Unknown
JOHNSTON Clarence Marvin Prairie Bell
JOHNSTON Daniel Prairie Bell
JOHNSTON Debris Alice Sunnyside
JOHNSTON Edward L. Sunnyside
JOHNSTON Effie Prairie Bell
JOHNSTON Essie Sunnyside
JOHNSTON F. D. "Pay" Prairie Bell
JOHNSTON G. W. Prairie Bell
JOHNSTON G. Wilbur Brumfield
JOHNSTON James C. Brumfield
JOHNSTON James H. Sunnyside
JOHNSTON Jennettie B. Brumfield
JOHNSTON Jessie Marie Sunnyside
JOHNSTON John M. Brumfield
JOHNSTON Laura E. Prairie Bell
JOHNSTON Lawrence K. Prairie Bell
JOHNSTON Loyd Sunnyside
JOHNSTON Lucy Sunnyside
JOHNSTON Mi/oJ. Sunnyside
JOHNSTON Mi/oM. Sunnyside
JOHNSTON Mrs. A. H. Mound
JOHNSTON Pearl M. Brumfield
JOHNSTON Robert M. Brumfield
JONES Alber A. New Hermon
JONES Alice Mound
JONES Alice Camargo
JONES Amanda E. Rhea
JONES Andrew T. Trail
JONES Archie M. Trail
JONES Arthur Oakwood Memorial
JONES Bessie Unknown
JONES Bird O. Camargo
JONES Birdie Mound
JONES Britt A. Rhea
JONES Buel P. Mount Hope
JONES Burdick M. Trail
JONES Burleigh Cebern Evergreen/Leedy
JONES Cadie Mount Hope
JONES Carl Unknown
JONES Carl D. Riley
JONES Cary E. Mount Hope
JONES Cassius C. Riley
JONES Cecil Unknown
JONES Charles A. Mount Hope
JONES Charles A. Trail
JONES Charles R. Sunnyside
JONES Clara Fountain
JONES Clarence C. Mound
JONES Clarence C. Jr Mound
JONES David J. Unknown
JONES David Keith Sunnyside
JONES David William Fountain
JONES Delila Evergreen/Leedy
JONES Donald D. Sunnyside
JONES E. Lucile Sunnyside
JONES Edna Camargo
JONES Edna H. Mount Hope
JONES Edna M. Evergreen/Oakwood
JONES Edward E. Riley
JONES Edward E. Trail
JONES Elmer Prairie Bell
JONES Emma Evergreen/Oakwood
JONES Emma Lee Fairview
JONES Enola Camargo
JONES Ethel Riley
JONES Etta Unknown
JONES F. M. Brumfield
JONES Flossie Bell Prairie Bell
JONES Floyd Brooker-Meek
JONES Floyd Unknown
JONES Floyd V. Mount Hope
JONES Francis F. Brumfield
JONES Fred A. Unknown
JONES General Oscar Evergreen/Leedy
JONES George C. Brumfield
JONES George Jr. Evergreen/Leedy
JONES Gussie Mount Hope
JONES Hank Sunnyside
JONES Harry M. Unknown
JONES Henry Camargo
JONES Henry J. Evergreen/Leedy
JONES Hiram B. Trail
JONES Hubert Dale "Bert" Brumfield
JONES Infant Camargo
JONES Infant Cedarvale/Cedarvalley
JONES Infant Evergreen/Leedy
JONES Infant Mound
JONES Infant Webb
JONES Infant Girl Trail
JONES Isabell Prairie Bell
JONES Iwalona "Dixie" Prairie Bell
JONES J. Corena Sunnyside
JONES Jack M. Mount Hope
JONES Jacqueline D. Sunnyside
JONES James Albert Brumfield
JONES James J. Sunnyside
JONES John Evergreen/Oakwood
JONES John Rhea
JONES John E. Rev Raymond
JONES John H. Trail
JONES John R. "Johnny" Sunnyside
JONES John W. Brumfield
JONES Jonathan Trail
JONES Joseph Wesley Mount Hope
JONES Julia Brumfield
JONES Katie Sunnyside
JONES Kenneth W. Raymond
JONES LaMarr Bloomfield
JONES Libbie M. Mount Hope
JONES Lilly Ellen Bloomfield
JONES Linnie M. Mount Hope
JONES Lizzie Bell Mount Hope
JONES Lloyd "Brownie" Brumfield
JONES Lottie M. Brumfield
JONES Lydia M. Brumfield
JONES Maggie E. Trail
JONES Malinda Brumfield
JONES Marley Valera Mount Hope
JONES Martha J. Riley
JONES Mary Ann Trail
JONES Mary G. Mount Hope
JONES Mary J. Sunnyside
JONES Mary J. Trail
JONES Mary L. Trail
JONES Mary Lue Etta Bloomfield
JONES Mat Trail
JONES Mattie E. Trail
JONES Mattie Georgia Prairie Bell
JONES Maud Mound
JONES Maude Camargo
JONES Meriafti H. Brumfield
JONES Mildred Mound
JONES Milton Evergreen/Oakwood
JONES Milton New Hermon
JONES Minta Trail
JONES Mother Brumfield
JONES Mother Vassar
JONES Myrtle Elsie Camargo
JONES Nadine Sunnyside
JONES Nelson Prairie Bell
JONES Nettie B. Evergreen/Oakwood
JONES Neva H. Mount Hope
JONES Okley Kent Mount Hope
JONES Oral Vassar
JONES Oral Mary Evergreen/Oakwood
JONES Ovel L. Evergreen/Oakwood
JONES Parks D. Prairie Bell
JONES Paul C. Mound
JONES Ray E. Camargo
JONES Rev Cecil Rhea
JONES Rhoda I. Brumfield
JONES Richard Evergreen/Oakwood
JONES Riley Fountain
JONES Rosa M. Evergreen/Oakwood
JONES Rose Ella Mount Hope
JONES Ruby Brumfield
JONES Russel L. Sunnyside
JONES Russel L. Sunnyside
JONES Samuel M. Camargo
JONES Susie A. Brumfield
JONES Terresse Raymond
JONES Theordore Camargo
JONES Twin Infants Trail
JONES Vaniza F. Sunnyside
JONES Verla Camargo
JONES W. T. Oakwood Memorial
JONES Walter McKay Bloomfield
JONES Warren S. Brumfield
JONES Wendell Gail Sunnyside
JONES Wiley H. Rhea
JONES William New Hermon
JONES William Vassar
JONES William D. Mount Hope
JONES Zetta Marie Fountain
JONES Raymond
JORDAN Glen L. Oakwood Memorial
JOSLIN Terryl Phine Oakwood Memorial
JOY Alma Unknown
JOY Alvin Taylor Raymond
JOY Carlous Hilbert Raymond
JOY Charles I. Mound
JOY Edna Unknown
JOY Ezra L. Sunnyside
JOY Gladys Joy Riley
JOY Infant Mound
JOY Infant Girl Raymond
JOY Isaac E. Raymond
JOY John W. Riley
JOY Lanie M. Mound
JOY Lewis A. Raymond
JOY Mable F. Raymond
JOY Mary M. Mound
JOY Robert D. Mound
JOY Tina Mound
JOY Violet Sunnyside
JOY Virgie H. Raymond
JOY William Mound
JOY William T. Mound
JOYCE Raymond
JOYNER George P. Trail
JOYNER Johney G. Trail
JUDD Charlotte Mound
JUMPER Myrtle Mae Sunnyside
JUNKINS James Mound

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