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CAFER Lois F. Mound
CAFFEY Thomas Oran Raymond
CAFFEY Thomas R. Raymond
CAGG Leanor J. Brumfield
CAGG Samuel E. Brumfield
CAGLE Alice R. Oakwood Memorial
CAGLE James Jackson Oakwood Memorial
CAGLE Willis Harrison Oakwood Memorial
CAGSWELL Dara Brumfield
CAHOON Albert F. Mount Hope
CAIN Abigail Oakley
CAIN Andrew J. Oakwood Memorial
CAIN Belle Riley
CAIN Carmen Carrol Sunnyside
CAIN Cile R. Sunnyside
CAIN Colvern Peter Oakwood Memorial
CAIN Edward Mount Hope
CAIN Everett Oakley
CAIN Flora M. Oakley
CAIN Foster F. Oakley
CAIN Frank D. Oakwood Memorial
CAIN George B. "Burt" Oakley
CAIN George W. Oakley
CAIN Harriett E. Oakley
CAIN Isaac A. Mount Hope
CAIN Jacob Oakley
CAIN James Gordon Sunnyside
CAIN Lessie E. Sunnyside
CAIN Mary Cathrin Oakwood Memorial
CAIN Mary E. Oakley
CAIN Mary E. Sunnyside
CAIN Noble Riley
CAIN Purl L. Sunnyside
CAIN Ralph E. Sunnyside
CAIN Ralph Emmerson Jr. Sunnyside
CAIN Ralph Emmerson Jr. Sunnyside
CAIN Robert Earl Oakley
CAIN Robert F. Oakley
CAIN Rosie B. Mount Hope
CAIN Ruby Sunnyside
CAIN Sarah A. Oakwood Memorial
CAIRL Amanda J. Center Point
CAIRL William B. Center Point
CALDWELL Ada Gertrude Oakley
CALDWELL Albert C. Oakley
CALDWELL Clarence Oakley
CALDWELL Clarence L. Oakley
CALDWELL Farris Clark Oakley
CALDWELL Guy E. Unknown
CALDWELL John W. Oakley
CALDWELL Leona A. Oakley
CALDWELL Melvina Brumfield
CALDWELL Oral Bruce Oakley
CALDWELL Sylvester Paul Oakley
CALDWELL Walter E. "Cobb" Oakley
CALHOON Bessie L. Brumfield
CALHOON DoNovan P. "Don' Riley
CALHOON Gladys M. Riley
CALKINS Clifford Brumfield
CALKINS Infant Oakley
CALLEN Margaret E. Trail
CALLOWAY Infant Evergreen/Leedy
CALLOWAY Jennie May Violet Evergreen/Leedy
CAMMERER Albert Unknown
CAMPBELL Albert C. Brumfield
CAMPBELL Annie C. Brumfield
CAMPBELL Bert L. Brumfield
CAMPBELL Cole Lee Brumfield
CAMPBELL Edward A. Brumfield
CAMPBELL Edwin R. Brumfield
CAMPBELL Emma May Vassar
CAMPBELL Grace Brumfield
CAMPBELL Grace Vassar
CAMPBELL Jearld Neil Fairview
CAMPBELL Joseph A. Vassar
CAMPBELL Lewis A. Brumfield
CAMPBELL Lotta B. R. Prairie Bell
CAMPBELL Martha M. Evergreen/Leedy
CAMPBELL Maud Brumfield
CAMPBELL Maude M. Brumfield
CAMPBELL Nora Brumfield
CAMPBELL Ramona Mae Brumfield
CAMPBELL Sylvia E. Brumfield
CAMPBELL W. M. Brumfield
CAMPION Belle Mount Hope
CAMPION Edward C. Mount Hope
CANADAY Clarence E. Sunnyside
CANADAY Florence Sunnyside
CANADAY Harry D. Sunnyside
CANADAY Thayne Brumfield
CANARY Edward M. Trail
CANFIELD A. M. Evergreen/Leedy
CANFIELD Oliver Evergreen/Leedy
CANFIELD Center Point
CANTRELL Clara E. Brumfield
CANTRELL Eli A. Brumfield
CANTRELL F. Roberta Brumfield
CANTRELL Irene Prairie Bell
CANTRELL J. H. Prairie Bell
CANTRELL James H. "Jirrrnie" Prairie Bell
CANTRELL Lora B. Prairie Bell
CANTRELL Nancy Brumfield
CANTU Doris Jane Brumfield
CARDIFF Cecil Bertha Sunnyside
CARDIFF Etta B. Sunnyside
CARDIFF Thomas A. Bloomfield
CARDIFF William Lee Sunnyside
CARE Alma E. Vassar
CARE Orval McDonald Vassar
CAREY Alpharetta J. Oakwood Memorial
CAREY Annie M. Oakwood Memorial
CAREY Ellen Oakwood Memorial
CAREY Marion G. Oakwood Memorial
CARISLE Geneva Unknown
CARLTON Gerva Lee Evergreen/Leedy
CARLTON Lilly Colleen Evergreen/Leedy
CARLTON William L. Evergreen/Leedy
CARMACHIAL Bullard Cletus Mound
CARMACHIAL Charles B. Mound
CARMACHIAL Elizabeth M. Mound
CARMACHIAL William H. Mound
CARMAN Arthur F. Unknown
CARMAN Earl H. Camargo
CARMAN Estella Camargo
CARMAN Harry E. Camargo
CARMAN Marion Camargo
CARMAN Marion Arthur Camargo
CARMAN Wallace M. Camargo
CARMICHAEL Clayton Mound
CARMONY James H. Brumfield
CARMONY Phoebe A. Brumfield
CARNAHAN Bert Mount Hope
CARNAHAN Blanche E. Mount Hope
CARNAHAN Christina Belle Mount Hope
CARNAHAN Edith Mount Hope
CARNAHAN Grant Mount Hope
CARNAHAN William Boyd Mount Hope
CARNEY Charles Vassar
CARNEY Elva N. Unknown
CARNEY Emma Vassar
CARNEY Infant Son Oakley
CARNEY Jesse Malvin Brumfield
CARNEY Leland Stanford Vassar
CARNEY Sarah A. Oakwood
CARNEY Walter H. Vassar
CARNEY Weeden H. Oakwood
CARNEY William "Bill" Evergreen/Leedy
CARNEY Willie Marlett Brumfield
CARPENTER Henry C. Trail
CARPINETTI Joseph Fountain
CARPINETTI Rosine Fountain
CARROLL Howard Fairview
Carroll Iris E. Fairview
Carroll Jessie Munice
CARSE Darroll "Jack" Sunnyside
CARSE Etta F. DAVIS Sunnyside
CARSON David Leo Trail
CARTER Altha Berneice Brumfield
CARTER Bernice Fountain
CARTER Cecile B. Camargo
CARTER Charlie L. Fountain
CARTER Delbert Russell Brumfield
CARTER E. F. Fountain
CARTER Elda Mound
CARTER Elva L. Fountain
CARTER Eva B. Fountain
CARTER Georgie Fountain
CARTER Harry Fountain
CARTER Harvey Mound
CARTER Howard Rhea
CARTER Isaac W. Rhea
CARTER J. M. New Hermon
CARTER James Polk New Hermon
CARTER Jannie M. Fountain
CARTER John W. Fountain
CARTER Joseph W. Fountain
CARTER M. F. New Hermon
CARTER Marshall F. Rhea
CARTER Martha E. Rhea
CARTER Mary Blanche Rhea
CARTER Mary E. Rhea
CARTER Mary H. Fountain
CARTER Oakley P. Mound
CARTER Orma O. Mound
CARTER Violet M. Mound
CARTER W. Leon New Hermon
CARTER William A. Brumfield
CARTMILL Clara E. Riley
CARVER Edith Mound
CARY Charles C. Riley
CASE Anna M. Center Point
CASE Berneice I. Brumfield
CASE Charles H. Brumfield
CASE Gloria Jane Brumfield
CASE Lois L. Center Point
CASE Minnie M. Brumfield
CASE Robert Henry Brumfield
CASE Timothy J. Center Point
CASH Ollie Union View
CASH Rollie Union View
CASTOR Ada Sunnyside
CASTOR Alfred B. "Spud" Sunnyside
CASTOR Amos "Jib" Vassar
CASTOR Blanche Sunnyside
CASTOR Dan Sunnyside
CASTOR Dod Sunnyside
CASTOR Donald Lee Sunnyside
CASTOR Ella M. Burk Sunnyside
CASTOR Erma M. Sunnyside
CASTOR Esta Sunnyside
CASTOR Fay Sunnyside
CASTOR Francis Julia Sunnyside
CASTOR Glen "Kike" Sunnyside
CASTOR Grant W. Unknown
CASTOR J. W. D. Sunnyside
CASTOR James M. Sunnyside
CASTOR James W. Sunnyside
CASTOR Lillie L. Unknown
CASTOR Lorraine W. Sunnyside
CASTOR Mack Sunnyside
CASTOR Mack Sunnyside
CASTOR Margarette Kirkendall Sunnyside
CASTOR Paul D. Sunnyside
CASTOR Paul Leon "Hoot" Sunnyside
CASTOR Paul T. Sunnyside
CASTOR S. E. Sunnyside
CASTOR S. E. Unknown
CASTOR Vesta V. Sunnyside
CASTOR Von Lorraine Jr. Sunnyside
CASTOR William Grant Sunnyside
CASTOR William H. Sunnyside
CASTOR William T. Sunnyside
CASTRO Angie Evergreen/Leedy
CATES E. H. Evergreen/Leedy
CATES Jesse E. Evergreen/Leedy
CATES Jesse Lee Evergreen/Leedy
CATES John D. Evergreen/Leedy
CATES Lila J. Evergreen/Leedy
CATES Sarah F. Evergreen/Leedy
CATES Sudie A. Evergreen/Leedy
CATES William N. Evergreen/Leedy
CATHEY Cecil C. Unknown
CATHEY Emily J. Sunnyside
CATHEY Grover C. Sunnyside
CATHEY J. B. Unknown
CATHEY Josie Riley
CATHEY Lillie M. Sunnyside
CAVANAUGH Ada Fairview
CAVASOS Annie New Hermon
CAVASOS Clement New Hermon
CAVASOS Lawrence A. New Hermon
CAVASOS Tina Vioma Evergreen/Leedy
CAWLEY Charles "Slim" Sunnyside
CAWLEY Florence Sunnyside
CENDA Frank E. Mound
CESSNA Dale Vassar
CHABINO Henry Brumfield
CHAIN Alfred Wayne Oakwood
CHAIN Bessie Oakwood
CHAIN Beverly Sue Oakwood
CHAIN Ella I. Oakwood
CHAIN Florence H. Oakwood
CHAIN G. Frank Oakwood
CHAIN George Evergreen/Oakwood
CHAIN George F. Oakwood
CHAIN George F. Oakwood
CHAIN Georgia L. Unknown
CHAIN Grace D. Chain Family
CHAIN Infant Evergreen/Oakwood
CHAIN J. N. Oakwood
CHAIN Jay Homer Evergreen/Oakwood
CHAIN John H. Oakwood
CHAIN Laura Munice
CHAIN Lenard Nelson Chain Family
CHAIN Mary L. Evergreen/Oakwood
CHAIN Orville Oakwood
CHAIN Oscar Munice
CHAIN Viola Grace Munice
CHALOUPEK Allen Unknown
CHALOUPEK Ethel Munice
CHALOUPEK James Munice
CHALOUPEK Raymond D. Munice
CHANCE Bertha Sunnyside
CHANCE John Z. Oakley
CHANCE Lizzie (or Pope) Oakley
CHANCE Mary E. Camargo
CHANCE Nancy A. Sunnyside
CHANCE Roy O. Sunnyside
CHANDLER Julious Harrison/Little Robe
CHANDLER Lydia A. Harrison/Little Robe
CHANEY Mother Rhea
CHAPMAN Alonzo Chapman
CHAPMAN Amos Brumfield
CHAPMAN Amos Jr. Brumfield
CHAPMAN Ben Chapman
CHAPMAN Byron W. "Barney" Brumfield
CHAPMAN Cora Mae Brumfield
CHAPMAN Eddie Chapman
CHAPMAN Frank Brumfield
CHAPMAN George Chapman
CHAPMAN Glessie Brumfield
CHAPMAN H. J. Evergreen/Leedy
CHAPMAN Hattie H. Brumfield
CHAPMAN Infant Chapman
CHAPMAN Infant Chapman
CHAPMAN Lee A. Brumfield
CHAPMAN Mae Brumfield
CHAPMAN Mary Brumfield
CHAPMAN Merle F. Brumfield
CHAPMAN Onia V. Brumfield
CHAPMAN Richard R. Brumfield
CHAPMAN Sam Brumfield
CHAPMAN Samuel Houston Brumfield
CHAPMAN Steve Chapman
CHAPMAN Temple Brumfield
CHAPMAN Vinus May Brumfield
CHAPMAN Willa R. Brumfield
CHAPMAN William Chapman
CHARBONEAU Dottie DeWayne Brumfield
CHARBONEAU Francis W. Riley
CHARBONEAU Goldie Inez Riley
CHARBONEAU James Newton Riley
CHARBONEAU Melvin M. Riley
CHARBONEAU Merle James Riley
CHARLOTT Christene Riley
CHARLOTT William Riley
CHARTER Babe M. Sunnyside
CHARTER Robert B. Sunnyside
CHEDESTER Mary Matilda Riley
CHENEY Chester Mound
CHENEY Chester Riley
CHENEY Louisa Mound
CHENEY Max Riley
CHERRY Earl G. Brumfield
CHERRY Helen J. Brumfield
CHERRY Lloyd G. Brumfield
CHERRY Norman Rhea
CHERRY Velma Rhea
CHILDRESS Jeanne M. Sunnyside
CHILDS Lula Fern Mount Hope
CHILDS Milo Brumfield
CHILDS Shirley A. Brumfield
CHILDS Velma Marie Brumfield
CHILL Roy Camargo
CHIPMAN Alven Brumfield
CHIPMAN Sarah Brumfield
CHRISTIAN Anna M. Fountain
CHRISTIAN Jess L. Sunnyside
CHRISTIAN Lawrence A. Fountain
CHRISTIAN Lois A. Unknown
CHRISTIAN Rayford William Unknown
CHRISTIANS Infant Fairview
CHRISTIE Elizabeth Brumfield
CHRISTIE George W. Brumfield
CHRISTOPHER Infant Son Mound
CHURCH Clarence H. Brumfield
CHURCH Florence L. Brumfield
CHURCH Henry Brumfield
CHURCH Ralph Raymond Brumfield
CINNAMON Addie Camargo
CINNAMON Gordon N. Camargo
CINNAMON Infant Camargo
CINNAMON Silas Camargo
CLAPHAM Minnie A. Brumfield
CLAPHAM Patsy Joan Brumfield
CLAPHAM Royce D. Brumfield
CLARK Bertha Fountain
CLARK Bonnie Mae Fairview
CLARK Carl H. Raymond
CLARK Charley Prairie Bell
CLARK Cora B. Munice
CLARK Corinne Trail
CLARK David S. Prairie Bell
CLARK Dean Mound
CLARK Dean Jr. Mound
CLARK Ezra Raymond
CLARK Hale C. Prairie Bell
CLARK Henry W. Prairie Bell
CLARK Homer A. Munice
CLARK Ira Hugh Riley
CLARK Iva M. Mount Hope
CLARK Ivan J. Munice
CLARK J. Jimmie Munice
CLARK Jessie Mound
CLARK Jessie J. Munice
CLARK John F. Munice
CLARK John R. Munice
CLARK John T. Munice
CLARK Kelly Anita Sunnyside
CLARK Kenneth Lee Prairie Bell
CLARK Lee Riley
CLARK Lillie Mae Trail
CLARK Maggie Raymond
CLARK Marie Riley
CLARK Mary Riley
CLARK Nellie Prairie Bell
CLARK Orville Leon Riley
CLARK Pauline Webb
CLARK Phoebe Melissa Riley
CLARK Ronnie Mound
CLARK Sonja M. Oakwood Memorial
CLARK Susie Raymond
CLARK Tina K. Prairie Bell
CLARK Verdia M. Prairie Bell
CLARK Verla Jean Sunnyside
CLARK Viola Prairie Bell
CLARK Walter (E. or F.) Mound
CLARK Wayne Jess Munice
CLARK William Calvin Riley
CLARK William L. Munice
CLARK William L. Trail
CLARK Winnie V. Munice
CLARKSON Della M. Brumfield
CLARKSON W. Edward Brumfield
CLARY William F. Rhea
CLARY Willie B. Rhea
CLAY Hattie L. Prairie Bell
CLAYTON Ambrose Sr. Prairie Bell
CLAYTON Farras H. Prairie Bell
CLAYTON Florence Prairie Bell
CLAYTON Francis H. Prairie Bell
CLAYTON Infant Prairie Bell
CLAYTON Lynn Prairie Bell
CLAYTON Mary M. Prairie Bell
CLAYTON Viola Prairie Bell
CLEM Beatrice Riverview
CLEM Claude Eugene Sunnyside
CLEM Columbus Sunnyside
CLEM Enoch Sunnyside
CLEM Esther Rebecca Sunnyside
CLEM Floyd E. Sunnyside
CLEM Frank A. Sunnyside
CLEM Glen David Jr. New Hermon
CLEM Glen Henry New Hermon
CLEM Grete Sunnyside
CLEM Homer Sunnyside
CLEM John Harvey Mound
CLEM John R. Sunnyside
CLEM Lee Sunnyside
CLEM Leona Blanche Sunnyside
CLEM Lucy R. Sunnyside
CLEM Mary Sunnyside
CLEM Mary Ellen Sunnyside
CLEM Nancy Naomi Sunnyside
CLEM Ora Blanch Sunnyside
CLEM Ranson Lewis "Buster" Sunnyside
CLEM Wynona Fay New Hermon
CLENDENEN Louise E. Riley
CLEURY Thomas Riley
CLEVELAND Chester L. Camargo
CLEVELAND Elvin Buel Webb
CLEVELAND Infant Camargo
CLEVELAND Lanny G. Mound
CLEVELAND Louisa Jane Webb
CLEVELAND Myrtle Sunnyside
CLEVELAND Norman R. Mound
CLEVELAND O. C. "Aub" Webb
CLEVELAND Orville Sunnyside
CLEVELAND William Mound
CLINE Arvilla L. Mount Hope
CLINE Bob Fairview
CLINE Edith L. New Hermon
CLINE Eulalia N. New Hermon
CLINE Gladys Fairview
CLINE Harry L. Mount Hope
CLINE Hattie Evergreen/Oakwood
CLINE Hercile L. Mount Hope
CLINE Hersil Herbert Munice
CLINE Infant Fairview
CLINE Infant Prairie Bell
CLINE Jacob S. Fairview
CLINE Kenneth Prairie Bell
CLINE Mable Munice
CLINE Mable V. Munice
CLINE Missouri B. Fairview
CLINE Richard S. Fairview
CLINE Ruby L. New Hermon
CLINE Sarah A. Fairview
CLINE Virgil L. Munice
CLINE Virgil L. Jr. Munice
CLINE Volney Evergreen/Oakwood
CLINEPEEL John Prairie Bell
CLINTON Clyde Unknown
CLOSS Roy Fairview
CLOUD Andrew H. Vassar
CLOUD Frank J. Fountain
CLOUD J. C. Mount Hope
CLOUD Mable Mount Hope
CLOUD Oral John Vassar
CLOUD Pearl B. Vassar
CLOUD Raymond Earl Fountain
CLOW Charles Walter Riley
CLOW Dora E. Riley
CLOW Gilbert M. Brumfield
CLOW M. G. Brumfield
CLOW M. I. Riley
CLOW Mary M. Brumfield
CLOW Ninnie V. Riley
CLOW Nona Carrie Viola Riley
CLOW Ruth Riley
CLOW Vernon W. Riley
CLOW Walter J. Riley
CLOW Willa Dean Brumfield
CLOW Willis H. "Bill" Riley
CLYMER Calla M. Brumfield
CLYMER Louis G. Brumfield
COBB Bessie New Hermon
COBB C. B. New Hermon
COCHRAN Isabel Riley
COCHRAN Mabel Leone Sunnyside
COCKEY Minnie M. Evergreen/Oakwood
COCKEY Thomas R. Evergreen/Oakwood
COE Jessie Frank Riverview
COEN Carl E. New Hermon
COEN Clyde Leroy New Hermon
COEN Isaac Elmer New Hermon
COEN Mellie New Hermon
COEN Rosa Viola New Hermon
COFER Belva Brumfield
COFER Carlie R. Mount Hope
COFER Charles H. Sunnyside
COFER Charles H. Jr. Sunnyside
COFER Duard M. Brumfield
COFER Edna Brumfield
COFER Effie N. Brumfield
COFER Glen L. Mount Hope
COFER Paul D. Brumfield
COFER Sallie E. Sunnyside
COFER Thea Vera Brumfield
COFER Thelma A. Sunnyside
COFER Walter L. Brumfield
COFER Wilsan Brumfield
COFFELT Everett Unknown
COFFELT Hattie Riley
COFFMAN Don (or Dan) Riley
COFFMAN G. M. Munice
COFFMAN Sarah A. Munice
COINER Alfred J. Mount Hope
COINER Violet L. Mount Hope
COLE Alice Mae Sunnyside
COLE Bertha Young Sunnyside
COLE Bessie Raymond
COLE Bobbie Dewayne infant Sunnyside
COLE Carl Martin Sunnyside
COLE Charles Edward Sunnyside
COLE Dale Unknown
COLE Edna Prairie Bell
COLE Edward J. Unknown
COLE Florence A. Mount Hope
COLE Gertrude L. Sunnyside
COLE Holbert Mound
COLE Irene Sunnyside
COLE Jackie Sunnyside
COLE James W. Raymond
COLE James William "Bill" Raymond
COLE Jess L. Prairie Bell
COLE Lee Roy Raymond
COLE Mattie J. Sunnyside
COLE Minnie E. Mound
COLE Murl N. "Mugs Sunnyside
COLE Nell Melvina Fairview
COLE Peter Irvine Sunnyside
COLE Peter Irvine Sunnyside
COLE Vein Sunnyside
COLEMAN Albert R. Oakwood Memorial
COLEMAN Clyde G. Sunnyside
COLEMAN Dolly L. Sunnyside
COLEMAN Fleety Thurman Sunnyside
COLEMAN Gaska Oakwood Memorial
COLEMAN George Sunnyside
COLEMAN H. A. Sunnyside
COLEMAN Harold H. "Hub" Sunnyside
COLES Edna C. Sunnyside
COLES Effie May Sunnyside
COLES Fred B. Sunnyside
COLES Ira Dee Sunnyside
COLES J. Sunnyside
COLES John William Sunnyside
COLES Laura Melinda Sunnyside
COLES Lee R. Unknown
COLES M. E. Unknown
COLES Mabel M. Unknown
COLES Win. Ross Sunnyside
COLLIER Eddie S. Mound
COLLIER Iranda Lyn Mound
COLLIER Pauline Mound
COLLIER Robert W. Mound
COLLIER Ruth Mound
COLLIER Shirley Mound
COLLIER William Clark Mound
COLLINS Infant Brumfield
COLLINS Milton Camargo
COLVARD Alfred L. Unknown
COLVARD Austin Duane Sunnyside
COLVARD Ernest Clifford Fountain
COLVIN Mabel Colleen Riley
COLVIN Russell Wayne Riley
COMBS Charles W. Prairie Bell
COMBS Erma Eunice Prairie Bell
COMBS Erma Eunice Prairie Bell
COMBS Ethel D. New Hermon
COMBS Haskell New Hermon
COMBS Janice Fay Trail
COMBS Joe L. New Hermon
COMBS Melisa E. New Hermon
COMBS Norma New Hermon
COMBS Tilla May Trail
COMBS William Frank New Hermon
COMER Harold A. Unknown
COMPTON Clarence E. Riley
COMPTON Cleo Raymond
COMPTON Clifford E. Riley
COMPTON Cyntha Alzena Riley
COMPTON Evan S. Riley
COMPTON Harriet l. Riley
COMPTON Homer Riley
COMPTON Infant Son Riley
COMPTON Marvin Raymond
COMPTON Nellie G. Riley
COMPTON Stella Raymond
COMPTON Willa Dean Riley
COMPTON William H. Riley
CONAWAY Mrs. M. H. G. Trail
CONDREAY Daryl G. Brumfield
CONDREAY Doris E. Brumfield
CONDREAY Gail D. Brumfield
CONINE Calvin C. Sunnyside
CONINE Dortha L. Sunnyside
CONINE Dwane W. Sunnyside
CONINE Everett C. Sunnyside
CONINE George P. Raymond
CONINE Mabel S. Sunnyside
CONINE Ople Raymond
CONINE Pat Sunnyside
CONINE Roy Unknown
CONKEY David Unknown
CONKEY Ivan Munice
CONKEY Mary F. Munice
CONKEY Spencer J. Munice
CONN Elsie Holmes Evergreen/Leedy
CONNER Bessie Oakwood Memorial
CONNER Betty R. Sunnyside
CONNER George Riley Oakwood Memorial
CONNER Millard Therman Oakwood Memorial
CONOWAY George W. New Hermon
CONOWAY Sarah E. New Hermon
CONSTANT Amos W. Sunnyside
CONSTANT Iva E. Sunnyside
COOK A. D. Brumfield
COOK Alma R. Brumfield
COOK Beulah S. Unknown
COOK Blair D. Camargo
COOK Brannie Lee Brumfield
COOK C. E. Unknown
COOK Clara Pearl Brumfield
COOK Clyde Leland Brumfield
COOK Easter Oneta Fairview
COOK Elizabeth C. Brumfield
COOK Fannie T. Camargo
COOK Farrest L. Brumfield
COOK Garrett Sunnyside
COOK Hazel Fairview
COOK Infant Fairview
COOK Infant Fairview
COOK Jane Mound
COOK John Vassar
COOK Katherine Oakwood Memorial
COOK Lillie Sunnyside
COOK Margaret M. Munice
COOK Noma L. Brumfield
COOK Pearl Brumfield
COOK Porter Harrisan 'Port" Brumfield
COOK Stella Brumfield
COOK T. J. Brumfield
COOK Warren J. Oakwood Memorial
COON Esther Brumfield
COON Infant Brumfield
COON John Brumfield
COON Nancy A. Brumfield
COON William O. Brumfield
COONS C. E. Munice
COONS Henry Munice
COONS Henry Ernest Fountain
COONS Infant Munice
COONS Infants Fountain
COONS Lottie Munice
COONS Mary Alice Munice
COONS Melvin Munice
COONS Ralph Munice
COOPER Amanda A. Rhea
COPE Annabelle Brumfield
COPE Charles P. Brumfield
COPE George L. Brumfield
COPE Joseph L. Brumfield
COPE Minnie M. Brumfield
CORAM Alma Tuck Camargo
CORAM Beatrice Unknown
CORAM Everett Ray "Buddy" Sunnyside
CORAM Rusty Elmer Camargo
CORAM William Perry Sunnyside
CORDELL Otis Trail
COREY Lottie Riley
COREY Mart Riley
COREY Nora B. Trail
CORN Infant Mound
CORNFORTH MartE1 L. Vassar
CORNISH Gladys Unknown
CORNISH Gladys E. Brumfield
CORNWELL Hattie May Brumfield
CORY M. J. Cory
CORY R. Cory
COTTON Charley Fairview
COUCH Gladys V. Brumfield
COUCH Hanson T. Brumfield
COUDLE Infant Son Trail
COULSON Dan H. Fountain
COULSON Eulene June Riley
COULSON Floyd E. Riley
COULSON Gladys Marie Fountain
COULSON Grover Alan Riley
COULSON Infant Son Riley
COULSON Louella L. Riley
COULSON Maud Ethel Fountain
COULSON Robert W. Fountain
COUNSIL Delbert W. Unknown
COUNSIL Loren A. Mount Hope
COURSEY Clyde Sunnyside
COURSEY Elzie Unknown
COURSEY John R. Riverview
COURSEY Leland Riverview
COURSEY Matilda Riverview
COURSEY Nora Sunnyside
COVEY Elijah Mount Hope
COVEY Elizebeth Mount Hope
COVEY Elyal C. Mount Hope
COVEY Katherine F. Mount Hope
COVEY Rex Mount Hope
COVEY Susie Ann Mount Hope
COVINGTON Susan A. Evergreen/Oakwood
COWAN Adam Irvin Sunnyside
COWAN Bennett M. Riley
COWAN Essie Edith Sunnyside
COWAN George William Sunnyside
COWAN Grace M. Sunnyside
COWAN Hannah E. Unknown
COWAN Henry F. Unknown
COWAN Infant Unknown
COWAN Nannie F. Sunnyside
COWAN Roy Sunnyside
COWENS Mabel Mound
COWGER Helen N. Unknown
COX Annie M. Cox
COX Bulah M. Vassar
COX C. C. Vassar
COX Carrie J. Mound
COX Cecil Mound
COX Chuck Mound
COX Dovie Electa Center Point
COX Edith M. Mound
COX Ella Unknown
COX Ernestine Evergreen/Leedy
COX Esther Mound
COX Ethel Mound
COX Gail Fontella Brumfield
COX Gertrude Marie Oakwood Memorial
COX Harold R. Mound
COX Herb Mound
COX Inabel V. Mound
COX Infant Son Mound
COX James G. Brumfield
COX Lawrence Jay Vassar
COX Lee K. Mound
COX Lillie M. Vassar
COX Lula B. Mound
COX Marion L. Vassar
COX Minerva M. Mound
COX Minnie Ester Cox
COX Myron F. Mound
COX Nash Brumfield
COX Nina Mae Mound
COX Oscar "Jake" Vassar
COX Reuben A. Mound
COX Rosa L. Mound
COX Rosella Dora Oakwood Memorial
COX Samuel W. Mound
COX Samuel W. Mound
COX Ted Vassar
COX Thelma Rae Mound
COX w. w. Mound
COX William "Bill" Vassar
COX Willis W. Mound
COYER Beulah Vassar
COYLE Clyde Mound
COYLE Curtis Mound
COYLE Ora S. Mound
COYLE Raymond
COZINE Albert Everett Munice
COZINE Infant Mound
CRABB Albert R. Center Point
CRABB Bessie Center Point
CRABB Hazel Irene Center Point
CRABB Louisa M. Rhea
CRABB Reuben Rhea
CRABTREE Lela Tyra New Hermon
CRAIG Betty Jean Rhea
CRAIG Bob Jr. Rhea
CRAIG Carl G. Unknown
CRAIG Emma Unknown
CRAIG Ernest Unknown
CRAIG Florence New Hermon
CRAIG George W. Evergreen/Leedy
CRAIG H. A. Unknown
CRAIG Hazel Unknown
CRAIG Helen J. Trail
CRAIG Leonard C. Trail
CRAIG N. Juanita Trail
CRAIG Nancy J. Evergreen/Leedy
CRAIG Paul Evergreen/Leedy
CRAIG Paul Jr. Evergreen/Leedy
CRAIG Pearl H. Trail
CRAIG Rosa J. Fountain
CRAIG Rose Evergreen/Leedy
CRAIG Roy Evergreen/Leedy
CRAIG Timothy Evergreen/Leedy
CRAIG Walter W. Trail
CRAIGHEAD Bessie C. Brumfield
CRAIGHEAD Georgia Brumfield
CRAIGHEAD Roberta Brumfield
CRAIGHEAD Ruffus C. Brumfield
CRAIL Dorothy Mae DeBolt
CRAM Cratin C. Mount Hope
CRAM Floyd Mount Hope
CRAM Harlen F. Mount Hope
CRAM Hazel M. Mount Hope
CRAM Lula Mount Hope
CRAM Margaret Mount Hope
CRAM Marvin Mount Hope
CRAM Udee Mount Hope
CRAMER Ralph Sunnyside
CRAMER Theda l. Sunnyside
CRANSTON Infant Riley
CRANSTON Mary B. Riley
CRANSTON Sheroka Riley
CRANSTON William R. Riley
CRAVEN Gulford Mount Hope
CRAVENS Frances Unknown
CRAVENS George W. Sunnyside
CRAVENS Loronza Arnold Oakwood Memorial
CRAVENS May Bell Oakwood Memorial
CRAVENS Russell Fairview
CRAWFORD Joseph A. Fountain
CRAWFORD Sarah L. New Hermon
CREACH Gladys Merle Evergreen/Leedy
CREAPS Ilene Fairview
CREECH Frankie Brumfield
CREECH Jesse B. Brumfield
CREECH Lawrance Brumfield
CREED B. Riley
CREED C. Riley
CREED E. G. Riley
CREED J. M. Riley
CREED M. W. Riley
CREED O. Riley
CREED S. C. Riley
CREEL P. M. Trail
CRISPIN Blanche Velma Center Point
CRISPIN Carroll C. Unknown
CRISPIN Cecil W. Unknown
CRISPIN Faye Center Point
CRISPIN Wallace Edward Center Point
CRISSUP A. A. Brumfield
CRISSUP Minnie Brumfield
CRISWELL Daisy Unknown
CRISWELL Beverly J. Sunnyside
CRITES C. C. Evergreen/Oakwood
CRITES Charles W. Evergreen/Oakwood
CRITES Lester Leroy Evergreen/Oakwood
CRITES Lucy Evergreen/Oakwood
CRITES Olive Beatrice Evergreen/Oakwood
CRITES Victor H. Evergreen/Oakwood
CRONKHITE Helen Unknown
CROOK Mary A. Brumfield
CROOM Darlene Oakwood
CROSBY Clifford Evergreen/Oakwood
CROSBY Clyde D. Unknown
CROSBY Johnny Evergreen/Oakwood
CROSBY Lottie Evergreen/Oakwood
CROSS Eliza Fairview
CROSS Faye Rhoda Fairview
CROSS Francis O. Fairview
CROSS John R. Fairview
CROSS N. E. Fairview
CROSS Ursula B. Oakwood Memorial
CROVER J. W. Fairview
CROW Alexander Vassar
CROW Ardella Vassar
CROW Cecil Vassar
CROW Duane D. Unknown
CROW Euel W. Vassar
CROW Eules Vassar
CRUM Infant Son Fairview
CRUM Lulu May Fairview
CRUSHA Bert Unknown
CRUSHA C. D. Sweede Sunnyside
CRUSHA Caroline M. Sunnyside
CRUSHA Catalett Van Raymond
CRUSHA Elzora Sunnyside
CRUSHA Ethel M. Brumfield
CRUSHA Infant Brumfield
CRUSHA James Sunnyside
CRUSHA Linda Fay Brumfield
CRUSHA Mary Ann Raymond
CRUSHA Patricia Ann Sunnyside
CRYER Ruby Raymond
CRYER W. F. Raymond
CUBERLY Myrtle l. Sunnyside
CUBERLY Verner F. Sunnyside
CUBERLY Win. Frank Sunnyside
CUBY Carry James Trail
CULWELL Gertrude Mound
CULWELL Ruby Joy Mound
CUMMINGS Elder J. H. New Hermon
CUMMINGS Elmer E. New Hermon
CUMMINGS Harry L. "Pete" New Hermon
CUMMINGS Louise Sunnyside
CUMMINGS Nevella Hindman Clark Harrison/Little Robe
CUMMINGS Ruth New Hermon
CUMMINGS Sam Sunnyside
CUMMINGS Viola New Hermon
CUNNINGHAM Anna F. Camargo
CUNNINGHAM Effie M. Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM Elsie O. Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM Essie Unknown
CUNNINGHAM Faye Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM Helen Marvel Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM Henry S. Unknown
CUNNINGHAM Ida Charlease Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM Leonard "Troy" Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM Marjorie Olene Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM Marsha Ann Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM Rollin O. Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM Rollin Oro Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM Rollin Oro Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM Wayne Allen Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM Wayne Allen Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM Wilbur E. Sunnyside
CUNNINGHAM William Guy Sunnyside
CUPID Raymond
CURRY Lizzie J. Trail
CURTIS Ella S. Brumfield
CURTIS Infant Rhea
CURTIS P. H. Brumfield
CURZEN Amy B. Oakwood
CURZEN Benjamin H. Oakwood
CURZEN Frank Oakwood
CURZEN Frank H. Oakwood
CURZEN Mattie E. Oakwood
CUTSINGER Mary M. Sunnyside
CUTSINGER Roy Sunnyside
CUTSINGER Stella Sunnyside
CUTSINGER William Sunnyside
CYPHER Josephine Munice

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