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Welcome to my home away from home! Just as my front porch is the entrance to my home, so is this "front porch" the entrance to my web site. The complete site has been redesigned as well as reorganized, so please "refresh" or "reload" as you visit each section or page.

Until further notice, the future focus of this site will be concentrated on updating the family gedfile. I have begun a sister site, Autrey Connections, which will compliment Jo's Front Porch and hope you will visit soon. It will feature the same family gedfile but will have photographs to give a face to the names in it. You do not need a password to access the site. If you have any questions, please contact me. Our other web sites are listed on this site.

Please visit my sister's site, Betty's Place, for information on our side of the family: MATERNAL LINES: GADDIS: Barnes, Brawley, Chapman, Gardner, Green, Nix, Raper, Ray, Rogers, Sheppard, Taylor, Teel, Whalin
PATERNAL LINES: LYON: Alexander, Bowman, Carpenter, Deaskin, Donnell, Good, McDonald, Smoot, West, Wood

If you want a web site of your own, or a commercial site, please feel free to contact Kristy Williams of KD's Designs. She has rescued my Front Porch many times...and continues to do so.

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