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Jo and Joe Autrey

Isn’t Joe great? I’m so lucky and blessed to have him in my life. Our little JJ is truly a blessing to both of us.

My full name is JJ Ralph Autrey, and my registered name is "Jo's Defender".  I was born in Elmo, Texas at Honeycutt's Little Darlings Kennel on July 24, 1996.

I had brothers and sisters, all but my sister and I were already with families. I sure hoped I got a good family, it really made me nervous to think about it, and you know how badly we shake when we get nervous!

In September, 1996 a human lady and a human girl came to see me.  They picked me up immediately and it seems they have never put me down!  They took me home with them and I had to ride in a box until we returned to Dallas as they didn't know how I would react to traveling in a car. So many strange sights and sounds, such a busy place full of more humans.

I call my human owners Mom and Dad, they seem to answer rather obediently, so I think I'll stay a while. Mom and Dad have other family members living close to us, so I get to do a lot of things with all of them.

Every day that is a school day, I get to ride to school and visit the kids there when Granddad Lyon (Mom's Dad) takes Julia to school. (I call Julia "Sissy") I get to ride the lawn mower with Granddad Lyon, and even sometimes with Dad.  It is so loud and makes me sneeze! They can't find an allergy mask to fit me, my shades barely fit! Just kidding, but if Mom could find shades that would fit, I'd probably be wearing them!

I get to go visiting when Julia is home, I have 3 houses I can visit and they all hold me a lot. I give them that "look" and they usually give me a snack. People food is so much better than what I have to eat. Dad feeds me his homemade pancakes if Mom doesn't see him: pancakes, sausage, bacon, pizza,, anything he eats. I even get the last drops of
ice cream, but Mom really doesn't like that. She just gives another "look" but doesn't say anything.

I have a busy job taking care of Mom and Dad. I let them know when Granddad or some of the family is coming, even when a cat roamed onto our porch! Mom won't let me outside without her as she's afraid some buzzard or hawk will think I'm their meal of the day! I also can squeeze between the fence posts and get in the road. I only got to the middle of the driveway and Mom was really acting strange, yelling and jumping up and down. Don't know what the fuss was about, I was just exploring for a while.

I'm on full alert when a stranger or some family members comes to visit. I bark at them until they go away. I bark until Mom and Dad come to see what I am barking about. At night I bark and when they don't see what I'm barking at, they close the blind so I can't see out.

Mom told Dad something about me barking at my reflection
in the door. What's a reflection? I know I saw a dog, a very good looking one, but still a dog! I didn't want him to come into the house.

I must go now, have a lot to do as Mom is on the computer and Dad is either at work or in the yard. Mom did some laundry and I got into the basket just enough to remove some things that look interesting to play with. I found something strange looking on the floor and let them know about it until they came to check it out. Dad said someone had dropped a piece of paper, it looked strange to me. You never know what shape these humans come in! Life is so exciting!

Thanks for dropping by. Please let Mom and Dad know you have visited with me, I know they'd like to hear from you. Hope you enjoy my pictures and all the exciting things I do.

Please come back anytime, I'll have more pictures to show you as soon as I can get them to my Manager.


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