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If I can't be found anywhere, maybe I'm already "onboard" 

I am Jo Ellen Marie Lyon Autrey, and this section is for mine and Joe's immediate family. 

I love my husband, Joe E. Autrey, my family, friends, my special friend JJ, our toy Chihuahua. Most important, we love Jesus.  He has helped us through many ups and downs in our lives and gives our marriage a solid foundation on which to build and be anchored.

Joe has a large family, he is one of seven children, only one sibling is deceased; James Autrey was lost in the Vietnam "Conflict".  We are the only ones of his immediate family living in the Dallas area, one brother and his family live in Tarrant County, and the rest of his brothers and sisters live in the Kaufman County area.  His older family members live in Bowie County, Texas, cousins by the hundreds:) Joe's parents are deceased.

I have been blessed with a brother and a sister, and each of them have given me wonderful nieces and nephews and now a niece and nephew have started the next generations, I now have two great-nephews and one great-niece. My brother and his family  live in Tarrant County. My sister lives just east of my parents, and my parents live next door to me. My Mom's sister lives next door to my sister. You can't have better neighbors than that!

My interests include my family activities, church, reunions, my JJ, computers, genealogy, learning web pages, writings, flea markets, dusty antique shops, collecting cookbooks and family recipes, art, museums, photography, quilt making, embroidery, reading, various styles of music from classical to some jazz, but mostly Southern Gospel Quartet music. I love opera, especially Wagner's "Ring" series. I love early morning sunrises, thunderstorms, rainbows, a child's laughter, an elder's memories of a time long gone, visiting cemeteries, staying up late and getting to sleep in the next morning, and cable television.

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