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In Appreciation


My most deserving appreciation goes to my dear husband who understands my obsession and addiction to family, friends, genealogy and web pages and allows me so much time on the computer.  May God bless you for being such an honorable man, husband and my best friend.  

Andrea, thanks for creating my first web site, and for making my idea of an Autrey web ring available so we can find each other faster.

Kristy, for taking my simple web site and expanding it, and for teaching me about web pages along the way.

Becky, you've become a part of our family.  Bowie County, Texas and Genealogy will never be the same, it's so much fun working with you.  Thanks for being there, you are the personification of "friend".

Family Tree Magazine, for featuring my site in your October, 1999 issue.

Mack, your web sites are  my MOST FAVORITE places on the Internet; I visit them often.  You amaze me with your creativity and talent for web design, offering so much to so many. Your web sites serve as an example of what a great web site can be. Thanks for making the Internet and the world a better place.  May God  bless you as you comfort, inspire and bring joy to the lives of everyone who visits your sites.

Thanks, Mack!

I especially want to thank so many who have shared your research  on various family surnames, or to share on my site, and have given so much support and encouragement.  It was your encouragement and support which has kept and continues to keep me here.  Some of us started as strangers with a common bond of genealogy only later discovering we were family, others became friends outside of genealogy; some of us were like ships in the sea of genealogy, docking long enough to compare notes and then continuing on our journey to search for our families.

Regardless if you were kin or friend, or just comparing notes, my life has been touched and often changed by each of you.

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