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Class of 1945 Students

Maud, Bowie County, Texas


Kenneth Carl Fomby, Morris Womack, Kathryn Morrow, Edd Morris Dickens, Marcile Barlow, Bobby Mac Fomby, Kenneth Neil Rachel, Edna Carol Hardage, Bob Robinson, Murva Marcum, Leroy Cowley, Louise Baggett, Jamie Gay, Maurine Warrington, Betty Higginbotham


Bobby Dickens, Johnnie Helen Burgess, Allen Foster, Thelma Lou Hardage, James Capps, Goldie Dickens, Luther Caudle, Johnnie Faye Brewer, La Vern Shaver, Forrest Kiker, Madge Couch, Jack Richarson, Muralee Marcum, Melba Fowler, Dorothy Dean Gibson, Ellen Cowley, Charles Hill, Doris Shaver, Martin Cowley, Norma Lee Helms


Bobbie Joe Rumbo, Lenora Ragland, Anita Fomby, Louise Barlow, Billie Paul Black, Carrol Wayne Black, Mildred Breed, Benjamin White, Don Kirkendoll, Jimmie Dickens, Ruby Dale Walker, Perry Neil Brown, Ross Dale Higginbotham, Billie Jo Rutherford, Betty Jean Foster, Maxine Cowley, Billy Glenn Robinson, Gwendolyn Smith, Lelon Griffen, Jerry Dingus


Johnnie Faye Vandygriff - Most Beautiful

John Murphy - Most Handsome and Best All Around Boy

Virginia Lee Stone - Most Popular and Best All Around Girl

Morris Womack - Most Popular Boy

John Murphy and Johnnie Fay Vandygriff - Carnival King and Queen


Mrs. Reed Beasley, Mrs Tom Dickens, Mrs. Alta Rogers, Mr. Hal M. Simpson, Miss Velma Stout, Mrs. Alvin Foster, Mrs. Lelia Fomby


Miss Velma Stout (Teacher) Mell Marie Rachel, Hoyt Ray Jones, Joyce Stanton, Roy Woodruff, Dorothy Sue Smith, J. V. Husley, Mary Ann Arnold, Roy Smith, Dearl Caudle, Helen Mathews, Mathew Batey, Franz Ellis Burgess, Bobby Nell Cox, Jack Foster, Mary Nell Smith, James Arthur Banks, Allen Pardue, Elizabeth Carol Hilton, Joe Edd Anderson, Pauline Harden, Norma Jean Stone, Helen Marie Stanton, Jimmy Lee, Don Baggett, Lena Mae Bert, Edward Higginbotham, Beverly Hairston, David Rachel, Albert Glenn Powell, Billy Ruth Stone, Charles Russel Howard, Jack Smith, Dorothy Lynn Lamb, Don Liles, James Smith, Sammy Dickens


Mrs. Leila Fomby (Teacher), Myrel Jean Rogers, Linda Ragland, Dan Paul Fomby, Dewayne Hardage, James Earl Anderson, Mona Waters, Robert Rachel, Larry Higginbotham, Fay Mathis, Charles Marion Foster, Dane Autrey, Clarence Ray Burgess, Billy Harold Baggett, Mareclene Pippen, Ida Lue Carter, Nelda Dalton, Nancy Anne Smith, Lurlene Foster, Len Caudle, Shirley Hulsey, Donald Seals, Rosella Autrey, Pansy Nell Payne, Murrell Foster, Nathan Caudle, Hubert Mathews, Alene Baggett


Mrs. Reed Beasley (Teacher), Hugh Caudle, Lynn Fautherce, Wayne Griffin, Bobbie Jean Gibson, Jonell Brown, Glenda Jean Burgess, Betty Nelle Arnold, Jackie Foster, Ramona Morrow, Jerry Dickens, Dwayne Jones, James Fowler, Roy Stone, Minnie Ann Kirkendoll, Sheila McClurg, Betty Ann Dodd, Harvey Mathews, Doyle Chandler, Lewis Gerald White, Luseal Stanton, Charles Liles, Lura Jean Alexander, Clara Mae Smith


Mrs. Alta Rogers (Teacher), Brandon Womack, Francis Foster, Shirley Jean Yates, Alice Marie Yates, Betty Jean Pippens, Helen Irene Fischer, Carl D. Walker, Derward Holley, Eugene Barlow, Preston Crofford, Nadine Turner, Mable Jean Carter, Thomas Hulsey, Claud Pardue, Charlotte Joan Holley, Yvonne Gay, Glenda Jean Payne, Eugene Knight, Bellye June Fowler, Lawanna Rogers, Ramona Lou Foster


Mrs. Tom Dichens (Teacher), Dollie Fay Brown, Miriam Foster, Dorothy Stone, Billy Carter, Mack Smith, Joe Warrington, Myra Dell Gibson, Helen Taylor, David Mathew, Walter Woodruff, Jack Clemons, Nancy Howard, Alma Jo Foster, Barbara Jo Walker


Teacher not identified, Edward Holley, Charles Minton, Charles Holley, Gene Long, Bonnie Burgess, Chlotelle Ford, Nelda McDonald, Dewey Alexander, Roy J. Baird, Dorothy Bradford, Quincy Burgess, Hough Powell, Maxine Bratton, Melbern Smith, James Griffen, Bobbie Brewer, Harley Mathews, Don Higginbotham, Parnell Waters, Robert Hardage, Helen Foster, Dean Kilker, George Courtney, Leamon Reynolds, Charles Dickens, Jeanelle Floyd, Nevildeene Crawford, Bonnie Stone, Thomas Fomby, Anita Hicks, Kathryn Taylor


Mrs. Chance (Teacher), Virginia Lee Pardue, Nelda Rachel, Johnnie Warrington, Barbara Ruth McMillian, Dorothy Lee Foster, Jill Murphy, Vennie Nell Braley, Dora Helen Mathis, Rosa Lee Allan, Mrs. Bruton (Teacher), Billy Harold Sharp, Roy Foster, John Walter Walker, T. C. Brown, Harold Payne, Woodrow Carter, Donald Dingus, Lavoys Hillis, Mary Fern White, Barbara Ann Murphy, Myrlene Lewis, Ramon Rachel, Charles Hicks, William Stanton, Jesse Dickens, Edsel Hicks


Hal M. Simpson (Teacher), Dale Morrow, Wilber Baggett, Stanley Brown, George C. Fomby, Kenneth Waters, Bobby Neil McDonald, Ivan Foster, Mary Ann Womack, Dorothy Lee Courtney, Juanita Reves, Nancy White, Doris Lanell Foster, Margie Fischer, Avery Pain, Margaret Parr, Marjean Rogers, Maurice Richardson, Melrose Moser, Carrie Burgess, Billy Jo Carter, Dorothy Lee Woodruff, Clarence Stone, Kenneth Anthony, James Marcus, Fanny Kate Yates, Lola Mill Rogers, Eleose Turner, Everett Powell, Garland Cummings, Jack Giles


Groups or teams are not identified. If you can identify these groups or teams, please contact Becky. Thanks to anyone who can help with this.

Ed Morris Dickens, Capt., Bob Whatly Robinson, Kenneth Neil Rachel, Morris Womack,

Leroy Cowley, Bobby Mac Fomby

Mrs. Reed Beasley, Murle Jean Fomby, Madge Couch, Lavern Caudle, Marie Baggett, Melba Rogers, Johnnie Fay Vandygriff, Capt., Margaret Brown

James Capps, Allen Foster, Martin Cowley, Bobby Dickens, Jack Richardson, Charles Hill

Benjamin White, Don Kirkindoll, Ross Dale Higginbotham, Carol Wayne Black, Jimmie Dickens, Perry Neil Brown


Maud Ice Co. M. B. Chandler, Prop., Crystal Clear Ice, Maud Maid Ice Cream
Charles H. Proetz Lumber Co., Post Office Box 869, Texarkana, Texas, "Manufacturers of Pine & Hardwood Lumber"
Maud Feed & Seed Store, "Where the best costs less", Maud Texas
H. S. Irby, Maud, Texas
Texas Ave. Shoe Shop, "We sole your shoes to save our soul", 307 Texas Ave., Texarkana, Texas
Rogers & Hairston Garage & Service Station, Pho. 45, Maud, Texas
Deluxe Studio, 215 ½ Main St,, Texarkana, Texas, "For Better Portraits"
Ben F. Smith Co., Dry Goods, General Merchandise, Texarkana, Texas
Womack’s Men’s & Boys’ Wear, Texarkana, Texas
McCoy’s Ladies Ready-To-Wear, 1193 Broad, Texarkana, Millinery
Royal Crown Cola, "Best by Tooth Test", Texarkana, Texas
Booths, 300 Olive St., Texarkana
D. E. Wright, New Boston, Texas
Lacy Hardware, Builders Hardware - Paint - Sporting Good, Guns & Ammunition, 203 East Broad Street, Texarkana, Ark.-Tex.
The First National Bank, New Boston, Texas
Gus Kennedy Shoe Store, Texarkana’s Largest", Pho. 2500, 123 East Broad St., Texarkana, Ark.
Timberlake Hdw. Co., 306-308 Main St., Texarkana, Tex.
Thirsty or not, you’ll enjoy Grapette soda
Borden Babblin Brook, Texarkana, Texas, "Fine Dairy Products"
New Boston Beauty Shop, "We serve to serve again" Pho. 177, Mrs. Marie Barfield & Mrs. Mable Barfield
Helms Bros Grocery & Market, Maud, Texas
Kidds Dairy, Texarkana, Texas
P. M. White, Maud, Texas
Clyde Brown Service Station, Maud, Texas
The Modern Shop, Maud, Texas
Seals’ Store, "We appreciate your business", Maud, Tex.
W. C. Courtney, Complete Car Service & Groceries, Maud, Texas
White Squirrel Café, Maud, Tex.
Clyde Brown Service Station, Maud, Texas
S & S Supply Co., Texarkana, Ark.
W. G. Birdwell, County Auditor, New Boston, Tex.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Howard Mason, Compliments of
W. N. McDuff, Tax Assessor & Collector, New Boston, Texas
W. H. (Bill) Presley, Sheriff, Bowie County, Texas
Texarkana Floral Co., Texarkana, Ark.
Cupp’s Service Sta., Maud, Tex.
H. C. Riley Groceries & Feeds, Maud, Tex.
Barfields’s Texaco Service Sta., New Boston, Texas
W. S. Chance, Chance - Moore Co., New Boston Road at Bowie, Texarkana, Tex.
Post Office Café, Texarkana, Tex., "Better food, popular prices", Jefferson Coffee Shop
Southwestern Gas & Electric Co., "Less than 100 years ago Thomas Edison was a boy in school. Today your electric co. which brings you low and efficient service is a monument to his work. Every boy & girl in America will have the same opportunity Edison had so long as we keep in America a system of enterprise where government is a referee & not one of the players in business & professions."
Mrs. J Covey, Good luck to seniors
Louise Bruton, Congratulations Seniors
Mrs. J. E. Ashford, compliments of
Mr. O. B. Floyd, Best of luck
Mrs. Alvin Foster, Congratulations Seniors
Maud Drug Store, The Rexall Store, W. N. Glass, Owner, Masterpiece School Supplies, Airmaid Hosiery, Airmate Ankies - Pittsburg Paint Products, Window Glass, Sporting Goods, Tobaccos, Gifts, Stationary, "Meet your friends at our fountain, you will welcome the pause that refreshes". We compound & dispense any doctor’s prescription. Quality-Courtesy-Service
Texarkana Seed House, Seed-Poultry Sup., 307 East Broad St., Fertilizer, Feed, Texarkana, Ark.
Miss Johne Murphy, Congratulations Seniors
Dear Seniors of ‘45, I’m very proud of you for finally making the grade. You are a great group, Leonard Whitington
Sampson’s, Inc., "The store for men", 201 W. Broad at Main
Dabney Jewelers, 210 Main Street, Texarkana, Texas
E. P. Reagan, Texarkana, Texas
Dr. Pepper, "Good for Life"
Mrs. James Chance, Compliments of
Mrs. Reed Beasley, Compliments of
Mrs. Tom Dickens, Compliments of
Leila Fomby, Compliments & Best Wishes
J. V. Stone, Maud, Texas, "U CALL I HAUL anything anywhere"
Travis Shelton, New Boston, Texas, Compliments of
Refreshment you go for Coca-Cola
T. P. Lord Lumber Co, Maud, Texas
The Board of Education, Maud, Texas, Compliments of
The Teachers & Students of Maud High from the Seniors of ‘45, Greetings & Best Wishes
Miss Velma Stout, Best Wishes
Hal M. Simpson, Happy Sailing, Seniors
Harley Arnold, Compliments of
Mr. & Mrs. H. D. Phillips, Compliments of
Miles H. Olive, Compliments of
John A. Stone’s Barber Shop, "You are always welcome", 204 Tex. Ave.
Compliments of: The Staff of ‘45: John Murphy, J. Decker White, Betty Kirkindoll, Johnny Faye Vandygriff, Dorothy Black, Margaret Brown, Virginia Lee Stone
Bill Humphrey, New Boston, Tex,, Compliments of
Seniors, meet your friends at the S & S Café, Maud, Texas
Hurbert Cottle, Congratulations Seniors
A. D. Morris & Son, "If it’s livestock you have to sell or if its live stock you want to buy, see us. Livestock Commission
Agnes Autrey, Compliments to Senior Class of ‘45
Black Cleaners, Compliments of, Maud, Texas
Max Scherer, 217 East Broad, Bill Sandberg, Mgr., "The Home of good clothes since 1903", Pho. 306, Texarkana, Ark.

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