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Caughron Photos

John W. Caughron, c1880 
John W. Caughron c. 1860

Photo courtesy Joyce Caughron Rhodes
John L. Caughron as a young man, c1880
John Lafayette Caughron
c. 1880
Photo courtesy Joyce Caughron Rhodes
John L. Caughron, TA Malone, II, c1920
John L. Caughron &
Thomas A. Malone, III
Poscard photo courtesy Joyce Caughron Rhodes.
Caughron couple, Leona and Ernest?
Caughron couple
Dyersburg, TN
possibly Leona and Ernest Caughron
Ernistine Caughron, Dyersburg, TN "Ernistine Caughron, 
Dyersburg, Route 3, Tenn", original picture has the same border as Caughron couple to left
Jackie, Richard Caughron and Mickie "Jackie, Richard Caughron & 
Mickie at the Fairfiled Pool in Fairfield, Ala 1947.
Richard is Grover's son. He is the one in the middle"
Russell J. Pepper, Sr. c1930 Russell J. Pepper, Sr.
c. 1930
Russell J. Pepper, Sr. c1955 Russell J. Pepper, Sr.
c. 1955
Russell J. Pepper, Sr. holding
his grandson, John Pepper
Pepper/Malone at Russell Jr.'s House Russell J. Pepper, Sr., Bertha Pepper, Rae Pepper, Jessie Caughron Malone, Thomas A. Malone, II, Douglas Pepper, Russell J. Pepper, III Pepper's Maplewood NJ home Maplewood, New Jersey home of Bertha Caughron Pepper, 1959 John L. Malone, Sr., Mary Sue Malone, Jimmy Malone, Pat Malone, T.A. Malone, II, T.A. Malone, IV, John L. Malone, Jr., Jessie Caughron Malone, Sue Joyce Malone, Bertha Caughron Pepper
Russell J. Pepper, Jr. as baby
Russell J. Pepper, Jr.

Painting of Russell J. Pepper, Jr. painted by Russell J. Pepper, Sr.
Douglas Pepper as child
Douglas Pepper

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